Chapter 1115 Fury Off the Charts

Hua Shiyu did her best to dodge, while she also sent flower petals to knock aside the earth thorns. But there were too many, and one of them pierced straight through her arm.

Her sleeve was torn off as well, revealing her skin. Blood poured out, and frightened cries rang out from the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

More and more earth thorns continued to fly out. Hua Shiyu dodged as she summoned new flower petals.

But right now, ninety-nine percent of her flower petals were stuck with that vile glue, making them too slow. They were unable to return to defend her, and she was injured several times, blood dyeing her robes.

But she still refused to admit defeat. She did her best to throw off the damnable glue on her petals, and it would just take a bit longer to get rid of it.

“Little sister, take care down below!”

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple suddenly sneered and waved his staff. The thorns in the air now returned, shooting at Hua Shiyu from all directions.

Hua Shiyu did her best to dodge, but one still instantly pierced her shoulder. Blood dyed her upper body.

Suddenly, one of the earth thorns rapidly spun and pierced her leg, tearing apart her clothing at the same time. Her leg was instantly exposed for everyone to see.

Hua Shiyu was infuriated, startled, embarrassed, and panicked. She vomited a mouthful of blood, and her aura rapidly fell. She no longer had the power to continue fighting.

“I… admit defeat.”

Hua Shiyu was transported off the stage, and Tang Wan-er immediately went over to hold her. Meng Qi took out a skirt to cover Hua Shiyu’s legs, but she had already fainted.

“So sorry, I caused her to bleed up above and down below! Apologies.” The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple lazily said a few words before jumping off the stage.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were all enraged. This was completely intolerable. Hua Shiyu was a heavenly genius, but she had been humiliated like this. They felt like they were about to explode.

Even the Xuan Master’s indifferent expression became a bit cold, a faint killing intent appearing in his eyes. But he still didn’t say anything.

“Boss, I’ll go and give them a lesson!” Gu Yang immediately stepped forward.

But one person was even faster than him. Tang Wan-er appeared on the martial stage.

“Boss…” Gu Yang hastily stopped.

“Let her go. It’s not like you don’t know her temper.” Long Chen looked at Tang Wan-er and then to her opponent. A worried expression appeared on his face.

Her opponent was a man only three feet tall. And yet, his waist was at least eight feet in circumference. He was like a man that had been ruthlessly smashed.

Although his figure was a bit comical, he was a true rank five Celestial, and an innate one at that. A faint layer of mist covered his body. But in truth, that wasn’t mist, but dust.

Following a shout from the Elder Hall Master, the martial stage’s barrier reactivated, signaling the start of the battle.

“Hehe, does the Xuantian Dao Sect have no men? What are they sending a bunch of women up for?” The strange fatty shook his head. He lecherously looked up and down Tang Wan-er. “Women aren’t too useful on the stage. Only in bed…”


A wind blade silently cut his face, leaving a long line of blood. One of his eyes was destroyed.

Suddenly, rumbling filled the air as countless wind blades appeared. Like sickles straight from hell, they slashed at the fatty.

“How regretful.”

Long Chen muttered to himself. If Tang Wan-er had just used her wind blade to destroy his staff, this battle would be over. But it seemed she still didn’t have enough battle experience. Once the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples were separated from their staves, they were just dogs.

“Earth Spirit Shelter!” The fatty let out pained cries, but at the critical moment, he still summoned his defenses.

A huge earthen statue appeared in front of him. Boundless earth essence could be felt from it.

Tang Wan-er clapped her hands. At the same time, two huge wind blades slammed toward each other, meeting in the center of the statue. The statue instantly blew apart.

The one-eyed fatty, who had been preparing a counterattack behind it, was sent flying.

“Crazed High Wind Blades!”

A sea of wind blades poured out at the fatty. Although he summoned a runic armor, he was still cut a million times.

“One more attack and he’ll be dead!” Guo Ran and the others felt their blood boiling as they watched. Watching him get beaten so badly was incredibly satisfying.

“Peak Heaven Slash!”

Tang Wan-er formed hand seals, and a huge wind blade condensed in the air. It slashed toward the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s fatty. 

Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. This was a clear sign her combat experience was still lacking. Sometimes, big moves weren’t the most effective for killing people.

“Earth Heavenly Star!”

Now the fatty had a chance to breathe, and he waved his staff. He was instantly enveloped by a huge ball of earth.

This ball quickly absorbed energy from the earth, going from dirt-yellow to golden-yellow.


Astral winds raged as Tang Wan-er’s terrifying attack struck. The huge ball was instantly blown to smithereens.

“Slut, fuck off!”

Suddenly, the fatty appeared in the air, covered in blood. His staff unleashed blinding light, and the ground beneath Tang Wan-er began to shake. Earthen walls appeared, trapping her. She disappeared from their line of sight.

The ground continuously shook as more and more layers sprang up. But suddenly they were destroyed as Tang Wan-er pierced her way out.

Just at this moment, the sky dimmed. Everyone looked up in horror to see a huge hammer had appeared.

This hammer was the same size as the martial stage. The space around it was constantly twisting as it smashed at Tang Wan-er.

The fatty only had one eye, and his face was twisted in a sinister expression which made him appear even more frightening.

A rune lit up on Tang Wan-er’s forehead, and the wind blades around her suddenly came to a pause. It was like time had stopped for a moment.

The blood-colored lines grew on every wind blade. Tang Wan-er had activated her Spirit Blood to connect her soul to each and every one of her wind blades.

“Divine Blades of Wind!”

Tang Wan-er looked like a goddess of battle as those powerful wind blades rumbled. They gathered into one huge blade that slashed the hammer.


Runes and space exploded, and the barrier shook intensely. Tang Wan-er and the fatty coughed up blood. This was an exchange of power without any technique.

Tang Wan-er’s blood-colored wind blades shot toward the fatty. Meanwhile, the fatty waved his staff, and earthen energy surged. Earth walls, earth spears, falling rocks, all kinds of attacks came. Sometimes, even other kinds of energy would be used, such as water energy or wood energy. The two of them started a heaven-shaking battle.

The wind blades shook the sky, while the magical arts came in an unending stream. This was a truly intense battle.

“Slut, I don’t believe you can last longer than me! You want to vent for that previous slut, right? Then come, try and kill me!” roared the fatty after fighting for a long while. Even after all this time, he was unable to defeat Tang Wan-er.

“You damn fatty, I’ll definitely kill you!” raged Tang Wan-er. Her wind blades became even fiercer.

Meng Qi’s expression changed. “Not good, Wan-er has fallen for his trap. He knows he can’t defeat her head-on, so he’s switching to defense and exhausting the energy of her Spirit Blood. Wan-er has always focused on offense, making it more exhausting for her, and now in her fury, it’ll be even more exhausting.”

Long Chen nodded. Wan-er was still too inexperienced. Her fiery temper made it easy for others to provoke her. That was something they were all helpless about.

“Hehe, slut, come! I’m waiting for you! The harder you work, the more comfortable I feel!” cried the fatty as he fought.

His vile words didn’t cause Long Chen’s expression to change. His expression was frighteningly calm. Those familiar with him knew this meant he was truly furious.

Tang Wan-er’s furious attacks didn’t last for long. With the fatty’s encouragement, her mental state was in disorder, and she suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Die!” The fatty was delighted, and a spear condensed in the air, shooting toward her.

Tang Wan-er blocked it with her wind blades, but she was sent flying, once more coughing up blood. This time, she received an internal injury, one that was not light.

The fatty once more waved his staff, unleashing continuous attacks. Tang Wan-er clenched her teeth.

“I admit defeat!”

Tang Wan-er was instantly transported out. She threw herself into Meng Qi’s embrace and wailed, “Sister… I… I… I’m so useless…!”

Meng Qi was distressed, as well as infuriated. This was Tang Wan-er’s first time suffering like this. The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s fatty was too hateful.

“The Xuantian Dao Sect’s men are useless, and their women are also useless. You weren’t even able to satisfy me, hahaha!” mocked the fatty before he jumped off.

Long Chen looked coldly at those pleased disciples from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. His gaze settled on the man in the conical hat who hadn’t said a word.

Suddenly, within his spiritual sea, he said, “Xuan Master, do you want to bet?”

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