Chapter 1114 Malicious Mouth

The disciples outside saw this clearly. This was clearly no exchange of pointers, but a vicious murder!

Fan Song was encased in ice, unable to move. Once that ray of light pierced his head, his soul would definitely be eradicated.

“I admit defeat!”

Fan Song was terrified, and using his last remaining power, he shouted out the only thing that could save his life.

The ray of light pierced Fan Song’s head, stunning everyone. However, it was just an afterimage. Fan Song had already been transported off. He had just been the slightest bit away from being killed.

“What trash. I hope not all the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples are this useless, or we’ll have come for nothing,” said the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple as he looked at Fan Song being treated by the disciples from the Healing Hall.

After coldly sweeping his gaze over everyone, he flew off the stage. After a person admitted defeat, the barrier would automatically disperse.

“Fuck, how arrogant!” Gu Yang clenched his fist.

“However, he has the qualifications to be arrogant,” said Yue Zifeng as he looked at his departing figure.

With the help of the healing disciples, Fan Song was finally able to sit up. But his body continued to shiver as he attempted to expel the Ice Qi from his body. That Ice Qi had almost taken his life.

“Qi Yuanshang of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect asks for pointers from the Xuantian Dao Sect’s grand disciples. Is anyone willing?” Another disciple from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect jumped onto the stage. He added an intentional inflection when he called them grand, clearly mocking them.

What surprised everyone was that a figure immediately flew out to meet him.

“Hu Guishan of the Xuantian Dao Sect has come to ask your advice!”

No one had expected the second person to challenge them to be Hu Guishan. That flabbergasted the Dragonblood Legion’s members.

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples were so terrifying. Before someone figured out a way to counter them, the smartest thing to do was to watch a few more battles before fighting. The first few fighters would end up suffering the most.

“Did this brat take the wrong medicine? Is he helping us?” Guo Ran was puzzled.

“No, he didn’t take the wrong medicine, nor is he helping us. He’s intentionally harming us.” Long Chen shook his head and looked at the distant Luo Fan. Most likely, Hu Guishan had only gone out because of him.

“Ghost Wolf Transformation!”

While everyone was puzzling over Hu Guishan’s motives, the battle commenced. Hu Guishan immediately took action, becoming covered in black fur and turning wolf-like. He pounced on his opponent.

His opponent was startled by this, not expecting him to be a rare beast cultivator. In his Ghost Wolf state, Hu Guishan’s speed was appalling.

The shield that the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple summoned was shattered instantly, and Hu Guishan’s claw almost pierced through his body.

He hastily waved his staff and fell back. For the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples, fighting at close range was their weakness.

However, Hu Guishan was too fast. He was like a phantom, not giving his opponent any chance to create distance. He forced the Magic Sect’s disciple into a dangerous situation several times.

That elicited loud cheering from the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. No matter what, Hu Guishan was part of the Xuantian Dao Sect, and they should face their enemies united.

“Scram!” A rune appeared on the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples’ forehead, and a ripple spread from his staff, sending Hu Guishan flying.

He had finally activated his original rune, meaning he was finally in his true combat state. 

He began to chant and wave his staff, when suddenly, Hu Guishan said, “There’s no need to fight any longer. Even when you were at an absolute disadvantage, I wasn’t able to defeat you. I admit defeat.”

Hu Guishan disappeared from the stage. His opponent’s expression was a bit ugly as he paused his waving staff.

Just now, he had been forced to miserably flee, causing him to lose face. Now just as he was preparing to counterattack, his opponent admitted defeat. He almost coughed up blood.

“Useless trash, you don’t even have the slightest courage. You should just kill yourselves.” The disciple icily jumped off the stage.

After being beaten twice, the Xuan Master’s expression was still indifferent. There wasn’t the slightest emotion on his face.

That made Ma Xingkong even more sure of his guess. As expected, the Xuan Master had just been trying to scare him to protect his wealth as well as his face. Regretfully for him, Ma Xingkong hadn’t fallen for it. Seeing the Xuan Master’s current expression, it seemed he had already accepted his defeat.

Even when Ma Xingkong added some more insults when his disciples went overboard with their words, the Xuan Master didn’t react. It was like he didn’t even hear him.

“Boss, they’re intentionally trying to anger us,” said Gu Yang furiously.

“If you know it’s intentional, why are you getting angry?” demanded Long Chen.

“Because they're too hateful, I can’t control myself.” Gu Yang clenched his fists.

“If you want to go fight, then go. I’m not stopping you,” said Long Chen. Even this big brat was starting to play with schemes.

Gu Yang was delighted, and he was just about to jump onto the stage when he was stopped by another person.

“Leave this one to me.”

Surprisingly, it was Hua Shiyu. She had stopped Gu Yang and now looked at Long Chen.

“If lady Shiyu wants to go, we naturally will cheer.” Long Chen smiled.

In truth, he knew Hua Shiyu was competitive and warlike. Fan Song and Hu Guishan’s consecutive defeats had provoked her, and she wanted to prove her strength, or perhaps it could be said that she wanted to prove that the strength of a woman wasn’t any weaker than a man. Even Wang Zhen wanted to fight, but Hua Shiyu beat him to it.

“Then I won’t stand on courtesy. I’ll treat you to some wine someday as thanks!” Hua Shiyu nodded and flew onto the martial stage.

“When did you win over another woman?” muttered Tang Wan-er. Seeing Long Chen’s expression sink, she laughed, “I was just teasing you. Don’t be so serious!”

“Don’t be like this. If you don’t want to be bitten, don’t provoke a dog.” Meng Qi was speechless as she looked at Tang Wan-er. But as soon as she finished speaking, she felt like she had misspoken.

“Meng Qi, you’ve also learned some bad habits.” Long Chen rolled his eyes. Was she indirectly cursing him?

Just at this moment, a loud explosion came from the martial stage. The two of them had already exchanged blows. Hua Shiyu was surrounded by a sea of flower petals, and they violently surged at her opponent.

Her opponent had learned the lesson from his predecessor. He maintained a certain distance as he waved his wand. A huge rainbow phoenix flew out and crashed against Hua Shiyu’s petal sea.

This phoenix not only broke apart her sea of petals, when it reached Hua Shiyu, it also exploded.

Although Hua Shiyu had felt something was off and promptly summoned her defenses, she had been too close. She was blown back, blood leaking out of the corner of her mouth.

“Ah, sorry, I’ve caused you to bleed. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely treat things ‘down below’ warmly.” The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple smiled lewdly, a lecherous expression on his face.

Now, even Long Chen felt some killing intent. This disciple didn’t have any courtesy at all to actually say such a thing to a woman.

Moreover, the other disciples from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect cheered and laughed upon hearing him. That made the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples even more infuriated.

“This person should die.” Tang Wan-er clenched her teeth. He was too vile.

“Blood Condenses Into All Things, Flower Sea Buries the Heavens!”

Hua Shiyu was also infuriated, and an extremely complicated mark appeared on her forehead. That mark also appeared on all her petals.

The petal sea began to rage like furious flames, tearing through the void as they shot at the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple.

His expression changed, and he hastily waved his staff. Three large walls soared out of the martial stage, and a blue curtain of water appeared in front of him.

The three earthen walls were instantly destroyed, but when her petals struck the water curtain, although they managed to break it, they no longer had any energy. Her opponent flew into the sky with a cold smile.

“Hua Shiyu’s in trouble.” Long Chen’s expression changed.

“Little beauty, take care. I’m about to use a hard move, so don’t get injured.” Her opponent smiled lecherously.

“Exploding Earth Sea of Thorns!” A yellow earth-colored crystal on his staff lit up, and countless thorns flew out of the earth.

This attack was too sinister and too sudden. Furthermore, this person was extremely crafty. While using this magical art, he had covered up the sound of his chanting.

He lived up to his lecherous appearance. He had actually learned an extremely strange method to chant without opening his mouth. It was almost like the secular world’s ventriloquism. He had tricked everyone.

He had been brewing this magical art for a long time now, allowing this thunderous strike to reach the maximum effect.

Hua Shiyu had never seen such a move and almost instinctively jumped into the air. She hastily recalled her flower petals.

But just at that moment, her expression completely changed.

“Hehe, sorry, my water shield is very sticky,” sniggered the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple.

Only now did everyone notice that Hua Shiyu’s flower petals seemed to have been stuck with glue. There was something pasted on them that looked extremely disgusting. Their speed had dropped by several times, and there was no way for them to return in time.

Hua Shiyu could only hastily condense a new petal shield to block the earth thorns, but these earth thorns were incomparably sharp, while Hua Shiyu wasn’t able to summon that many petals all at once. She managed to block a few, but some managed to reach her.

Blood splashed through the air.

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