Chapter 1112 Large Stake Gambling

Shameless, absolutely shameless, too shameless, absolutely too shameless. After spouting such crap, he was able to take it back without changing expressions. Long Chen greatly admired him for that ability.

Long Chen was watching the scene through the screen. Ma Xingkong first said that he hadn’t seen any remarkable disciples, and then he said he saw quite a few outstanding disciples. Just how shameless would a person have to be, to be able to talk like this without batting an eye?

Now he knew why the Xuan Master had said that the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was becoming more and more overbearing. They were clearly intent on trampling the Xuantian Dao Sect.

How was this exchanging pointers? They had clearly come to find delight in crushing others. Just how few rank five Celestials did the Xuantian Dao Sect have to exchange pointers with them? They were fundamentally not on the same level.

But there was one thing that startled him: the power of these disciples. How many of their current accomplishments were related to the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect?

Could it be that it really was just as the Xuan Master said, and that the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had managed to maintain their entire inheritance? That caused such a huge difference?

Celestials were divided into innate and acquired types, but the so-called innate types were not necessarily born at that level. For example, an innate rank six Celestial was not born as a rank six Celestial.

Instead, it meant that they had six kinds of core Heavenly Dao runes naturally. But these runes had to be activated one by one. However many they awakened would be what rank they were.

As for acquired Celestials, they created a new Heavenly Dao rune on top of their original runes as a foundation.

For example, a rank four Celestial only had four Heavenly Dao runes, but through various methods, there was a possibility for them to condense a new Heavenly Dao rune and become a rank five Celestial. But then they would be an acquired rank five Celestial, and there was a definite difference between them and an innate rank five Celestial.

In truth, amongst the new disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect, there was only one person who could become an innate rank six Celestial, and that was Hua Shiyu. However, she had only awakened five runes and didn’t currently have the power to awaken her sixth Heavenly Dao rune.

But the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had four rank six Celestials, and one terrifying rank seven Celestial. The remaining ones were all rank five, with half being innate rank five. This wasn’t an exchange of pointers, it was purely a vicious beating.

“Is the difference truly so great between the Xuantian Dao Sect and Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect?” wondered Long Chen.

In the palace, the Xuan Master was still chatting with Ma Xingkong. Every time the topic of exchanging pointers came up, the Xuan Master would skillfully evade it, infuriating Ma Xingkong. But he was also helpless.

“Xuan Master, I rushed for three days to bring my disciples to the Xuantian Dao Sect. Originally, the goal was to exchange pointers and harmoniously assist both sides. Are you really not going to give me this face?” Finally, Ma Xingkong lost patience and got straight to the point. They had come to fight.

The Xuan Master sipped his tea and said, “Why get angry? When the power difference between two sides is so great, why force a fight?”

Ma Xingkong coldly said, “We came from so far away with great passion for helping both sides. Don’t you think you’re going too far by not even giving me this little face? Furthermore, our sects’ relationships are very good, and we also have an exchange every few decades. I don’t think it would be good for you if the news of your refusal became public!”

What an idiot. Long Chen couldn’t help but find Ma Xingkong laughable. His ability at scheming was absolute garbage. He didn’t have the slightest subtlety or shrewdness. He was just a fool, who, having not achieved his goal, threw away all his face to force it.

He came here with such a clear intent to bully the Xuantian Dao Sect but still put on such righteous airs when they refused to be bullied. Long Chen had never seen someone like this.

Most importantly, what was the goal of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect in bullying them? Was it just to be a poser?

“Hmm, that does sound logical. But my disciples are clearly weaker. If we do the same thing as we did before, won’t my Dao Sect end up losing even more than last time?” said the Xuan Master reluctantly.

“Xuan Master, betting a bit while exchanging pointers is just for entertainment. Could it be your Dao Sect cannot bring out even this little bit of money?” asked Ma Xingkong curiously.

The Xuan Master’s expression sank, a hint of fury appearing in his eyes. But it was quickly suppressed, and he indifferently said, “We have the money, but it isn’t appropriate for this.”

“Oh, is it too little that you can’t bring it out?” ridiculed Ma Xingkong.

“Magic Master, this joke of yours is too much. No matter how far my Xuantian Dao Sect declines, it won’t reach that point. It’s just that what I have to bet is a bit too big and isn’t appropriate.” The Xuan Master’s voice turned cold.

A pleasantly surprised look appeared in Ma Xingkong’s eyes, but it was quickly hidden. With great amazement, he asked, “What do you have to bet? How big is it? No matter how big it is, my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect can match it.”

“Oh? Then I’ll take out my eight million mile spirit stone mine in front of Yuan Mountain to bet,” said the Xuan Master.

Ma Xingkong was stunned. That was a supreme mine, one of the four business pillars of the Xuantian Dao Sect. The Xuan Master was gambling with it?

Ma Xingkong quickly concluded that the Xuan Master was trying to frighten him off. He said, “It’s just a mine. It’s nothing to my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. However, we don’t have any spirit stone mines, so I’ll bet my Immortal Shocking Lake. It has a Heaven Spirit Spring inside, and there’s no need for me to explain its uses, correct? It is definitely of no lower value than your spirit stone mine.”

“The value’s about the same, but don’t you feel like this is very disadvantageous to my Dao Sect?” asked the Xuan Master.

“What do you mean?”

“The power difference between our disciples is so great. Your superiority is so obvious, so don’t you think an even gamble like this is unfair?”

Ma Xingkong immediately understood the Xuan Master’s meaning. The Xuan Master wanted him to increase his chips. Thinking about it, he agreed. When the odds were so greatly in his favor, betting the same amount was unfair to the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“So you want…” Ma Xingkong refused to say anything for sure at first, instead leaving himself more wriggle room.

“It’s very simple. This gamble is unfavorable to my Dao Sect, so other than your Immortal Shocking Lake, I also want you to bet your Medicine Spirit Valley, Smelting Immortal Cave, Nine Flower Spirit Vein…”

The Xuan Master listed off over ten names at once, causing Ma Xingkong’s expression to sink. He raged, “That’s completely unfair!”

Those places were once the Xuantian Dao Sect’s businesses. Later, through multiple ‘friendly exchanges of pointers’, they had become the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s businesses.

Now the Xuan Master had listed them off all at once, making Ma Xingkong feel like the Xuan Master was playing with him.

“My disciples are weaker, so this challenge is fundamentally unfair,” said the Xuan Master obstinately as he drank his tea.

“I understand,” said Ma Xingkong coldly.

He understood. The Xuan Master was asking for so much in order to scare him off. He wanted this challenge cancelled.

That also proved that the Xuan Master had no hope of winning, which was why he would list off so many gambling chips.

If they gambled like this, then the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect would be putting up several times what the Dao Sect was betting. That infuriated Ma Xingkong. He knew the Xuan Master simply didn’t want to bet, and this was nothing more than an excuse.

“Since you feel like this is the only way to make it fair, then we will act according to your conditions. My Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect is flourishing, and we don’t care about such minor businesses. It’s just to increase the excitement. If this will make you happy, my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect will accompany you,” said Ma Xingkong.

A trace of shock appeared in the Xuan Master’s eyes, but it quickly vanished. “Magic Master, think carefully. This is not a game.”

The trace of panic in the normally calm Xuan Master’s eyes did not escape Ma Xingkong. That further proved his guess, and he sneered inside.

“Of course I’ve thought it through. Xuan Master, you won’t be going back against your word, right?” Ma Xingkong smiled sinisterly.

The Xuan Master snorted coldly, and he waved his hand. A rune condensed in the air as he icily glared at Ma Xingkong.

Ma Xingkong looked at the Xuan Master, in the end, sneering and also condensing a rune. It merged with the Xuan Master’s rune, and they vanished in the air.

This was a spiritual contract that was monitored by the Heavenly Daos. If anyone went back on it, they would be inflicted with karma. The two of them had made this contract as the leaders of their sects. Neither of them would dare go back on it, because that was something that would determine the rise or decline of their sects.

After the contract was made, the Xuan Master’s expression remained as calm as ever. There was no joy or worry to see, but for some unknown reason, Ma Xingkong felt a bit uneasy. However, the contract was made. There was no way to back out any longer.

Furthermore, he had full confidence in his disciples. He was assured they would win, and once they did, the Xuantian Dao Sect would take a serious blow.

“All inner sect disciples gather within the plaza.” The Xuan Master’s voice transmitted throughout the inner sect. Even disciples in seclusion rushed out.

“Ah, time to get to work.”

Long Chen stood up, patting the dust off his butt. He walked out of the room, immediately appearing in the plaza. The plaza was full of inner sect disciples in an instant.

Hua Shiyu, Hu Guishan, Wang Zhen, Fan Song, and all the others had arrived. They had already heard that the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples had come, and they had mostly guessed their goal. It was a common occurrence for disciples between sects to exchange pointers.

They had all advanced to the Foundation Forging realm and had just come out of the Xuantian Catalog. After having their strength increase by so much, many of them had been longing for a battle to test their new power.

“Boss, what’s going on?” asked Guo Ran.

“Nothing, it’s just some nonsense. How are things on your end?” asked Long Chen.

I’ve finished half of it. Furthermore, my proficiency and my forging skill were rising continuously. Although there are a lot of failures, my comprehension of the Ethereal Crafting Secret Record has increased by quite a bit.” When Guo Ran mentioned his forging skills, he became incredibly excited.

Long Chen was startled. Guo Ran had been very hardworking during this time to have completed half of the thirteen thousand sets of armor. Wasn’t that a bit too fast?

After all, that was material used for King items. Although these sets of armor didn’t have a King item’s power, their defensive prowess was definitely astonishing.

At this time, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er also came over. They were just about to ask Long Chen what had happened when they were all transported in front of a huge martial arena.

There were hundreds of thousands of seats around the martial arena. The martial stage shone with dazzling grandeur. They had never seen this martial stage before.

Just as people were confused by what was going on, fifty of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples appeared in the opposing spectator seats. They icily stared at the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

One of them stuck out his arm. He extended his hand, and he dipped his thumb down several times at them with a mocking expression. That gesture infuriated the Dragonblood Legion, and they immediately launched a counterattack.

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