Chapter 111 Dreamland

Long Chen’s words gave everyone a shock. Chu Yao’s face was the palest. However, only Chu Feng’s expression didn’t change from the start as he calmly looked at Long Chen.

Xia Baichi couldn’t believe her eyes. “You want me to kill hi-”

A longsword stabbed through a body and blood slowly trickled out. Xia Baichi hadn’t even finished speaking. 

Looking down in disbelief, she saw a longsword had appeared through her stomach. She was at a complete loss.

“What... why?”

Xia Baichi collapsed onto the ground, dead. Even in her last moments, she still didn’t comprehend why he would kill her.

Zhou Yaoyang was staring ahead blankly. The longsword in his hand was still stuck in Xia Baichi’s corpse.

Long Chen smiled slightly. His vision truly had been far-reaching in this case. Back then, Long Chen had played a trick on Zhou Yaoyang and made it so that he couldn’t sleep soundly at night and he was tormented into a life worse than death while he was awake.

In the end, Zhou Yaoyang had apologized and knelt to Long Chen to beg for his forgiveness. Long Chen truly had been thinking of letting him off, but the resentment that was hidden deep in Zhao Yaoyang’s eyes hadn’t escaped his senses. And so he had given him a special medicinal pill.

The medicinal pill which he had given Zhou Yaoyang’s father also had something special which Long Chen had applied on it, and that was why countless Heart Devouring Ants had appeared and eaten him alive.

As for the medicinal pill which he had given Zhou Yaoyang, Long Chen had added Soul Bewitching Grass into it. The effect would normally hide inside the body, but just by drawing out a strand of his Spiritual Strength, he was able to turn him into a puppet that could only follow his orders.

“Finish yourself off too,” ordered Long Chen indifferently.

Zhou Yaoyang didn’t even pause. The longsword in his hand directly cut across his neck. Blood splattered everywhere as he immediately died.

Every single person present felt a chill run through them. That was too bizarre, too frightening. With just a single sentence, he could force someone to commit suicide without hesitation. That was practically demonic sorcery.

Long Chen didn’t pay the slightest attention to those soldiers’ fear. Ordering some of the officials, two stretchers were quickly built to carry Little Snow and Wilde back to their estate.

Little Snow’s injuries were extremely heavy. Many of his internal organs had ruptured. But as long as he was alive, it wouldn’t cause any troubles for Long Chen. Furthermore, Little Snow was a Magical Beast, so his recovery rate was already shocking on its own. After giving Little Snow some medicinal pills, he then examined Wilde again.

He noticed that Wilde’s cells were still in their suspended animation state. It appeared that the Bone Eroding Needles had truly harmed Wilde’s body. Despite the great amount of life energy that was nourishing his body, his cells still needed to be awoken slowly. It would require a bit more time before he could heal.

As for the many wounds covering Shi Feng and the others, the lucky thing was that none of them were too severe. Even the one who had been the most injured still managed to stay alive.

After putting everything in order, Long Chen was finally unable to continue enduring and entered a deep slumber.

The battle this time had been the most intense battle in his life. If his willpower wasn’t so strong, he would have long since fainted.

Now that everything had ended, he finally relaxed. He was so deeply asleep that it was practically like he was in a coma.

Long Chen began to dream that his body was floating upwards. He didn’t know how long or how far he had floated, but when he finally opened his eyes, he saw that he was in an endless void filled with millions upon millions of twinkling stars.

BOOM! The void suddenly exploded open. A fist caused the entire void to collapse.

That world around him shattered like a mirror. Long Chen was astonished. Looking along the fist, he followed it up to see its owner.

Seeing that figure, Long Chen almost cried out in shock. That was because that figure had a divine ring behind his back just like him.

But that divine ring was far greater than his own. Long Chen’s divine ring could only grow up to three hundred meters, but the divine ring here was basically endless, filling the entire universe.

Suddenly, an angry roar caused all the stars in the distance to flicker. A huge, ferocious beast that was even larger than a mountain appeared.

It had three heads and nine tails. It was a mythical beast that was covered completely in black fur. The pressure being emitted from it caused the heavens to tremble and made even Long Chen feel as if he were about to be crushed.

A black light shot out of that ferocious beast. Any of the stars in its path exploded and faded away. It was shooting straight towards that person with the divine ring.

The person’s divine ring trembled, and a palm shot out to meet the black light. Long Chen only managed to see a wave of ripples fill the void.

When the ripples faded, the void shook and countless stars exploded into nothingness, appearing like fireworks. That scene appeared like nothing more than the apocalypse.

Long Chen could only watch on stupefied as that man with the divine ring fought with that huge, ferocious beast. The void collapsed wherever they collided. That kind of power was enough to destroy the entire world.

Long Chen was scared stupid by this fight. With just a wave of a hand, they were able to destroy countless stars, collapse the heavens, and shatter the land. Just what kind of monsters could fight on this level?!

From a small gap in the space, Long Chen suddenly saw that there was someone else behind the man, but he was unable to see them clearly.

Long Chen was unable to change his vantage point, so he couldn’t tell just who that figure was. He couldn’t tell if it was even a man or woman, but he could sense that that figure was familiar and amiable with him. Long Chen tried his utmost to gaze into the distance to see who it was.

But suddenly, the man who was fighting turned his head. Long Chen’s gaze blurred, and he couldn’t tell any of that man’s features except for his eyes.

That pair of eyes were exceedingly deep. Within the pupils were nine flickering stars that possessed great vicissitudes.

Long Chen’s heart jumped wildly. The divine ring and those stars… weren’t those things that could only be formed with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art?

“Time is running out.”

A divine voice rang out in Long Chen’s mind. The void world around him completely disappeared.

Long Chen suddenly sat up, his whole body covered in sweat, gasping for breath.

He could clearly remember everything from that dream, down to the smallest detail. For it to be so clearly imprinted in his mind, it was definitely no ordinary dream.

“Time’s running out? What does that mean? Is it his time that’s running out, or my time?

“Just who was that? The void was destroyed with a single blow, tearing apart countless stars… just what kind of realm has he reached?

“And that mysterious beast, what was it? The aura was so strange, and seems to be filled with death. But it was clearly alive…

“And just who was that figure behind the man? Why do I feel like it was a friend I know?

“What is going on?”

Questions ran amok in his head. Back when Xiao Hua had saved him and he had been unconscious, he had clearly heard a voice.

“You must awaken. You have far too many missions that are waiting for you to finish.

“You must become stronger. You have far too many enemies waiting for you to slaughter.

“Your destiny is to overturn heaven and earth. All gods and devils can only crawl under your foot. Long Chen, quickly awaken.”

Those three lines continued to run through Long Chen’s mind. Those sentences seemed to be closely related to the scene he had just seen in his dream.

But this was clearly an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. It was impossible to get any of the pieces to fit together, let alone figure out what the full picture was.

Long Chen rubbed his head, feeling as if his head was about to explode. There was no way for him to comprehend it, so he just directly gave up on trying to figure it out.

But there was one thing he was sure of. Those memories, which had suddenly appeared in his head back then, were definitely no coincidence.

His Spirit Root had been stolen, turning his Dantian into an empty wasteland. But the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art specifically did not require a Dantian.

Back when Long Chen had condensed the tenth cyclone in his Dantian, he had begun to suspect that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art had been specifically tailor-made for him.

When that tenth cyclone had been condensed, he had noticed that spiritual qi had raged and dashed around his Dantian.

If his Dantian had already possessed spiritual qi, it would have been like lighting a fuse, and those ten cyclones would have all exploded. Perhaps even he himself would have exploded, leaving him dead without a corpse.

Long Chen wasn’t a big believer in coincidences or luck. After all, he had never been lucky while growing up. Only by putting in much more effort than others could he achieve his goals.

Furthermore, the voice that had rung in his head twice now made it even more unlikely that it was a coincidence. It seemed that it was more like a meticulous plan.

“Awaken to complete my mission? Become stronger to slaughter enemies? Destined to topple heaven and earth?” It was completely inconceivable.

Long Chen thought about it and suddenly laughed bitterly. That kind of goal didn’t seem to concern a small Blood Condensation amateur like him.

But when he thought of that man, his heart beat wildly. “The divine ring and stars make it likely that he was using the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art as well. So does it mean I will become like that one day?”

Long Chen finally reached the crux of the matter. He could feel his own heart beating in disappointment over his current level.

“Well, I still have to walk this path no matter what. Perhaps there really will be a day when I can reach such heights.”

Long Chen consoled himself. Although he felt that it would be a lie to say that he felt that he could reach such a level, it was best to at least have a goal. After all, what if he did manage to achieve it?

Only at this moment did he have time to examine his foot’s FengFu Star. The current FengFu Star had completely changed from before. It was like a real star, seeming to possess its own vitality, releasing endless energy.

Long Chen recalled how he had summoned out an extremely terrifying FengFu Battle Armor back during the fight.

“So the meaning of the nine star transformations is referring to nine evolutions of each star, having them eventually becoming a real star and reach the perfect state.”

Long Chen finally understood why he had only completed the ninth transformation during the fight. Before that, his FengFu Star had only undergone eight transformations, and he had been unable to reach the ninth transformation.

But that day, Long Chen’s fury had soared and his killing intent had exploded, triggering the last transformation, letting his FengFu Star reach perfection.

At the same time, he also understood that while the FengFu Star could be used as an energy source during normal times, it could, more importantly, summon the FengFu Battle Armor.

The current him was unable to summon the FengFu Battle Armor for a long time. At most he could only keep it up for a couple of breaths’ time.

But Long Chen was still extremely pleased to have understood another secret of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. That would be of great assistance to him in the future.

The FengFu Battle Armor’s power was practically unstoppable. So what if its time limit was so short? As long as he could defeat his enemy within that time, it would be fine.

Suddenly, Long Chen thought of another matter. Back when that mysterious scene had faded away, a piece of information had also appeared in his mind.

Long Chen closed his eyes and recalled that information. When he finally recalled the contents of that information, he opened his eyes, filled with disbelief.

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