Chapter 1108 Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow (Teaser)

Meng Qi and Long Chen continued hunting. The number of ninth rank Magical Beasts in their ranks rapidly increased, and it only became easier. With dozens of ninth rank Magical Beasts surrounding one, there was nowhere for it to run.

While it was still stunned by the sudden Magical Beasts appearing around it, Meng Qi’s slave mark would descend from the sky. When it started struggling, Long Chen’s bloodline pressure would erupt, making it so frightened that it would piss itself.

In two days, Meng Qi obtained over fifty nine rank Magical Beasts. Only three of them were flying Magical Beasts, and the rest were ground Magical Beasts. Seven of them had reached the late ninth rank.

If it weren’t for Long Chen’s bloodline pressure, there would have been no way for Meng Qi to subdue such powerful Magical Beasts. In fact, even with the bloodline pressure, they had still resisted so strongly that one of her new housepets had almost been killed in the fight.

But after subduing the first one, the next one became easier. Now, Meng Qi’s housepet army could run rampant here.


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