Chapter 1108 Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow

Meng Qi and Long Chen continued hunting. The number of ninth rank Magical Beasts in their ranks rapidly increased, and it only became easier. With dozens of ninth rank Magical Beasts surrounding one, there was nowhere for it to run.

While it was still stunned by the sudden Magical Beasts appearing around it, Meng Qi’s slave mark would descend from the sky. When it started struggling, Long Chen’s bloodline pressure would erupt, making it so frightened that it would piss itself.

In two days, Meng Qi obtained over fifty nine rank Magical Beasts. Only three of them were flying Magical Beasts, and the rest were ground Magical Beasts. Seven of them had reached the late ninth rank.

If it weren’t for Long Chen’s bloodline pressure, there would have been no way for Meng Qi to subdue such powerful Magical Beasts. In fact, even with the bloodline pressure, they had still resisted so strongly that one of her new housepets had almost been killed in the fight.

But after subduing the first one, the next one became easier. Now, Meng Qi’s housepet army could run rampant here.

However, after two days, Meng Qi’s soul energy was exhausted. Long Chen had her rest a bit as there was no reason to go all-out.

Taking advantage of this resting period, Long Chen and Meng Qi rode an Azure Scale Barbarian Elephant. That was currently her strongest housepet, and they were slowly advancing.

The Azure Scale Barbarian Elephant was a late ninth rank Magical Beast. With its azure scales and long tusks, it could easily crush mountains. To subdue it, Long Chen had been forced to fight it with his Green Dragon Battle Armor.

Now that they were riding it, they easily trampled their way through the territories of other Magical Beasts. Those Magical Beasts would all flee far away upon sensing it.

At the same time as Meng Qi collected housepets, Long Chen also obtained dozens of corpses. Some were rock snakes, scaled alligators, poisonous centipedes, etc. They were some extremely ugly Magical Beasts. They might be powerful, but Meng Qi decided she didn’t want them, so they were tossed into the primal chaos space.

The Iron Spruce Oaks had already grown to nine thousand meters. He sensed that their limit would be twelve thousand meters, but the amount of life energy they could offer him already made him much more confident.

“What are you thinking of, Long Chen?” asked Meng Qi upon seeing him looking around. Even his Spiritual Strength was spread far into the distance.

“I want to see if I can find a tenth rank Magical Beast,” said Long Chen.

“Have you gone mad? Even if a tenth rank Magical Beast didn’t resist, with my current power, there’s no way for me to place a slave mark on it!” cried Meng Qi. This thinking was far too crazy and absolutely impossible.

“I wasn’t thinking of having you put a slave mark on a tenth rank Magical Beast. But if we run into one of its younglings, we can steal one, hehe…” Long Chen raised his brows at her a few times with an evil smile.

“That’s too dangerous!” said Meng Qi worriedly.

“Wealth exists in danger. And I was just thinking of trying it. It’s hard to say if we can even encounter a tenth rank Magical Beast,” said Long Chen.

“What nonsense, do you think I’m as easy to trick as Wan-er? The fact that we can’t sense any Magical Beasts in this region means we’ve already entered the large territory of a tenth rank Magical Beast,” said Meng Qi.

Long Chen had forgotten that Meng Qi was a Beast Tamer. She was clearer on the traits of Magical Beasts than anyone else.

“We’re just taking a look. Just a look,” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi sighed helplessly. Long Chen’s curiosity was too strong, and he never went back on things he had decided. She could only let him have his way.

“I see it!”

Meng Qi and Long Chen carefully retracted their auras like thieves. Looking down from a large mountain, they saw a huge lake.

At the center of this huge lake was a bird nest made from countless withered trees. Looking from a distance, it was like its own island.

“Heavens, there really are eggs!” exclaimed Meng Qi. She could see two house-sized eggs in the nest. “This luck is heaven-defying!”

Long Chen couldn’t help but mutter to himself that it was only because he was with her. If he had been by himself, let alone finding an egg, he wouldn’t even find a single hair or feather.

He found that his bad luck was overflowing, but it didn’t seem to affect others. If he brought someone else along, his luck wouldn’t be so bad.

“What should we do? They’re out completely in the open. There’s no way for us to sneak our way there. Furthermore, Magical Beasts wouldn’t possibly leave two of their eggs exposed like this. That means the parents are going to return quickly, and if we encounter them…” Meng Qi was worried. There had been no ninth rank Magical Beasts that had dared to intrude in the area around here. That meant the master of this place had to be a tenth rank Magical Beast.

But if they could obtain two eggs of a tenth rank Magical Beast and then incubate them… Even someone as calm as Meng Qi felt her heart pounding.

“Let’s risk it. We’ll charge over, grab them, and run.”

Long Chen wasn’t able to think of any plan. The only thing to do was gamble. In any case, Meng Qi was here, so his bad luck shouldn’t cause anything. It was all up to Meng Qi’s luck.

They rushed over to the nest. Long Chen had raised his wariness to the max, and he was ready to summon the Green Dragon Battle Armor at any moment. Even he didn’t dare to challenge a tenth rank Magical Beast.

What surprised the two of them was that they didn’t sense anything even upon reaching the nest. Only once they were in front of the eggs did they sense something shocking.

They were standing in front of one of the eggs. Strange runes that emitted powerful pressure covered the shells, and just standing near it made it hard for them to breathe.

“Meng Qi, quick. Take them,” said Long Chen. Now wasn’t the time to appraise them.

“I… I can’t draw them into my spiritual space,” said Meng Qi, panicked. She was forming hand seals, but the eggs wouldn’t budge.

These eggs had their own life, and they couldn’t be placed in a spatial ring. They had to be placed in a spiritual space.

Long Chen also tried and found he couldn’t draw them into his spiritual space. As for using the primal chaos space, he didn’t dare to try it. What if they did get in, and then the primal chaos bead directly killed them? That would be an absolute waste.

“What should we do?” asked Meng Qi.

Long Chen was also dumbfounded. There was no way for them to carry them while flying. They were huge, and that would be too conspicuous.

“Who knows?”

Meng Qi blankly looked at Long Chen. Suddenly, Long Chen also looked at her with shock.

“Who said that?” Meng Qi and Long Chen’s hair stood on end. That voice hadn’t come from either of them.


Long Chen and Meng Qi stiffened and then slowly turned around. They saw a fist-sized little bird standing on a dried-up branch, looking at them.

It was small, but it gave off a feeling like a divine steed. Its tail had multicolored feathers that were very beautiful, but there was no pressure coming from it, nor did they sense its aura.

“A talking bird? Wow, that was scary. Hey, do you know how we can take away these eggs? If you tell me, I’ll give you something delicious.” Long Chen took out some eighth tier medicinal ingredient fruit. Those were things all birds loved to eat.

“Long Chen, it…” Meng Qi looked at that beautiful little bird with a hint of terror in her eyes.

“It’s fine, I won’t harm it. If it’s always been around here, it should know some secrets.” Long Chen didn’t look back to see that terror. He handed the fruit to the bird as he had personally witnessed the principles that money could even make ghosts work.

The little bird didn’t even look at the fruit in Long Chen’s hands. It stared at Long Chen, not saying a word.

“Fine, I see you’re a fellow with status. This is too little? Then how about a thousand? Two thousand…?”

Long Chen was in the midst of haggling, so he didn’t see that Meng Qi was pale as paper. She grabbed him and immediately pulled apart some distance between them and the bird.

“It… it… it’s a legendary Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.” Meng Qi’s voice involuntarily trembled.


Long Chen looked back, the fruit in his hands tumbling to the ground. A look of shock and terror also appeared in his eyes.

He didn’t recognize the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, but he had heard of them. The expressions chasing cloud and lightning, as well as devouring heaven and earth, both came from it.

It was said that the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was a lost species from the immortal era. It was incredibly powerful, and even amongst tenth rank Magical Beasts, it could be considered an overlord. It was definitely on the same level as the drakes they had witnessed in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Long Chen’s heart turned cold. Could it be that his bad luck had once more resurfaced? They had actually run into such a terrifying existence. Against other tenth rank Magical Beasts, they would have been able to flee. But running in front of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was an absolute joke.

“Cough, senior, this was just a misunderstanding. Yes, it was all a misunderstanding,” said Long Chen.

“Oh? You wanted to steal my children, but it was just a misunderstanding? Then I want to hear what the misunderstanding is,” said the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. It looked at the two of them, its small mouth opening as it spoke human words.

Long Chen couldn’t believe his own foolishness. He had thought this little bird was like a parrot and simply knew how to speak. He had actually tried to use fruit to bribe it? Long Chen couldn’t believe he was foolish to this extent.

“In truth… we weren’t trying to steal your children. We were just worried that they would get cold all exposed to the air, so we were thinking of bringing them to a place sheltered from the wind and storm. Yes, that’s what was happening.” Long Chen forced out a smile.

Meng Qi’s head was blank. No one knew better than her about how terrifying the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was. Hearing Long Chen spout such nonsense, she panicked, but she also couldn’t think of anything.

“A possessor of true dragon blood is actually so shameless? You’ve really lost the face of the dragon race. If the dragon race learned of it, they would definitely kill you,” said the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow coldly.

Long Chen’s heart pounded crazily. This Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow had seen through his dragon blood in an instant. Just how terrifying was it?

“What is your name?” The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow ignored Long Chen and turned to Meng Qi.

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