Chapter 1107 Phantom Storm Leopard

“How fragrant.”

Meng Qi almost drooled as the smell of Long Chen’s cooking wafted over her. She had no idea what kind of spices Long Chen had added.

The scorpion’s flesh was as white as snow, exquisite and silky. It slowly dissolved once it entered her mouth, and its scent overwhelmed her. Her whole body felt refreshed.

“This is the best meat I’ve ever tasted!” praised Meng Qi.

“Hehe, compared to refining pills, this is far too simple. If it’s good, just eat more.” Long Chen smiled. If an alchemist couldn’t even cook good food, they should just kill themselves.

“Alright.” Meng Qi smiled sweetly at Long Chen. She didn’t know what seasoning he had used, but its flavor was irresistible. She sighed, “If only Wan-er was here.”

“You two are such good sisters. Even when you eat something good, you think of her. No wonder she treats you so well.” Long Chen smiled.

“Because Wan-er will also think of me whenever there’s anything good.” Meng Qi smiled back, her eyes turning into crescent moons that were exceptionally moving.

Long Chen and Meng Qi ate and chatted for a long time in a relaxed manner. They didn’t treat this dangerous region as anything serious.

Once the two of them were full, they had still only consumed less than one ten-thousandth of the scorpion’s meat.

Long Chen kept the meat from the two pincers for later, and he also kept its tail.

There was a poison sack in its tail that was even bigger than a house. Long Chen tested the toxicity of its venom and found that if he just injected a fist-sized amount into a ninth rank Magical Beast, it would definitely die. So this poison sack was definitely a treasure.

As for the rest of its body, he tossed it into the primal chaos space. Its powerful armored defenses were useless against the black soil, and it quickly dissolved into life energy.

The Iron Spruce Oaks in the primal chaos space rapidly grew. In just a few breaths, they went from thirty meters to fifteen hundred meters. The entire primal chaos space became flourishing with life.

“The difference is actually this great? Could it be that there is also a big difference in the bodies of Magical Beasts and sea demons?” Long Chen was startled. The lifeforce of this ninth rank Magical Beast’s body far surpassed his expectations.

After tidying up, Long Chen and Meng Qi continued onward. Long Chen asked, “What kind of housepets do you want?”

“I need at least one flying Magical Beast. As for the rest, I like furry ones the most. I like the feeling of their fur, and I feel like they’re cuter,” said Meng Qi, smiling.

“Oh, how coincidental, we’ve immediately run into a furry fellow!” Long Chen suddenly cried out, because he saw an extremely furry fellow.

“Scoundrel, I don’t want that one!”

Meng Qi let out a startled cry when she saw the huge spider Long Chen was looking at. It was also a ninth rank Magical Beast, and it was covered in hair. It was truly furry, but it wasn’t cute at all. It was so malevolent that it gave one goosebumps.

The huge spider jumped, and its webbing shot toward the two of them. Although the spider was huge, its movements were very nimble and quick. Even Long Chen had no chance to dodge.

“Flame Barrier.” Long Chen formed hand seals, conjuring a huge shield in front of them. The spider’s webbing was instantly incinerated on contact, and it emitted white smoke.

“Not good, the smoke is poisonous.” Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed, and he immediately pushed Meng Qi out of the range of the smoke. Her weak body could not block the poison.

Meng Qi had only just flown out when she unleashed a spiritual net that landed on the spider’s head. It immediately became still, unable to move.

Seeing that, Long Chen raised his hand. A flame spear pierced the spider’s head, killing it.

When he tossed the spider into the primal chaos space, Long Chen involuntarily paled and felt a wave of nausea.

“Are you alright, Long Chen?” Meng Qi hastily came to support him.

“That spider really was nauseating.” Long Chen took a deep breath before he felt a little better. The poisonous gas contained a smell that made him want to vomit.

“Let’s keep going.”

Long Chen and Meng Qi acted more cautiously this time. After an hour’s travel, they encountered a huge leopard. When it saw them, it flashed into motion, arriving in front of them instantly like a phantom.

“What speed!” Long Chen was shocked. They had only just seen this leopard a hundred miles away, but in the blink of an eye, it appeared in front of them, slashing down with its paw.

“Long Chen, this is the Phantom Storm Leopard! Block it, and I’ll bind it with a slave mark!” shouted Meng Qi. She flew into the air, slowly forming hand seals. A rune gradually formed in front of her.

Long Chen knew that it would take Meng Qi a certain amount of time to form a slave mark that was effective against a ninth rank Magical Beast.

BOOM! The land beneath Long Chen exploded as he blocked the Phantom Storm Leopard’s claw with his fist. In terms of power, it wasn’t Long Chen’s match.

Suddenly, it opened its mouth, and huge wind blades pierced toward them. Each one of them was dozens of meters long, like huge sickles.

Long Chen hastily shot away, thunder rumbling around him. The wind blades just narrowly missed him.

They easily tore through the ground, turning any trees or boulders in their path to dust.

What startled Long Chen was that its wind blades were extremely condensed. Huge gorges hundreds of miles long appeared, and they were all the same width all the way to the end.

Normally, this kind of wind attack would definitely begin scattering toward the end. Once the wind energy left the body, it couldn’t be controlled.

But seeing that the Phantom Storm Leopard’s attack could create such a long and straight line, Long Chen smacked his lips. He would definitely have suffered if he had been struck.

Seeing it once more open its mouth, a light flashed around Long Chen’s body, and he appeared right in front of it, sending a kick into its jaw.

The Phantom Storm Leopard was kicked high into the air. Long Chen caught its tail. Just this tail was thicker than a house, and he found it difficult to hold.

Lightning chains grew out of Long Chen’s hands, binding the tail. With a furious roar, he smashed the leopard into the ground.


A huge crater appeared on the ground. But the Phantom Storm Leopard’s skin was thick, and it wasn’t injured at all.

Long Chen had an urge to have Huo Long handle it, but this was to be Meng Qi’s housepet. If he incinerated all its skin and fur, Meng Qi wouldn’t be happy.

Seeing that it wanted to unleash another attack, Long Chen snorted. His 108,000 original runes shook as he prepared to give it a vicious blow.

But suddenly, the Phantom Storm Leopard let out a furious roar and fell to the ground, crazily struggling against something.

Only then did Long Chen see a rune flickering on its head.

The Phantom Storm Leopard crazily struggled, and it repeatedly rolled along the ground, clawing at the earth. 

There was also a rune shining on Meng Qi’s forehead as she held her hands in a special seal. That rune was the same as the rune on the Phantom Storm Leopard’s head.

Long Chen knew that she was placing the slave mark. But Meng Qi was only at the Foundation Forging realm. According to reason, she should only be able to subdue eighth rank Magical Beasts.

Despite her being a rank six Celestial now, subduing a ninth rank Magical Beast was not so easy.

Suddenly, the Phantom Storm Leopard shot toward Meng Qi. But it was kicked away by Long Chen, and then it continued struggling.

Only then did Long Chen realize that at the same time as Meng Qi was using her Spiritual Strength to suppress the Phantom Storm Leopard, she also had to maintain the same spiritual frequency with the rune on her own forehead. But the Phantom Storm Leopard was too strong and unwilling to be enslaved. When Meng Qi relaxed her Spiritual Strength by just the slightest, it immediately counterattacked.

“Ah, how did I forget this?!” Long Chen suddenly clapped his own head. His Blood Qi suddenly erupted and unleashed its pressure.

Long Chen was activating his dragon blood. Once that bloodline pressure appeared, the Phantom Storm Leopard immediately became motionless. Meng Qi’s slave mark immediately became fully branded.

“We did it, Long Chen!” Meng Qi was delighted.

“Sorry, I’m so stupid. I forgot I have true dragon blood. Once activated, these Magical Beasts won’t dare resist. When we run into the next suitable ninth rank Magical Beast, you first put down the slave mark, and then I’ll unleash my pressure. That way, they won’t run,” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi nodded and jumped onto the Phantom Storm Leopard. It twitched a few times, but it allowed Meng Qi to sit on it.

“Long Chen, come up as well. We’ll use it to bait out other ninth rank Magical Beasts.”

Long Chen also jumped onto its back. Meng Qi directed the Phantom Storm Leopard. It was incredibly fast, delighting Meng Qi.

With its assistance, they quickly obtained another ninth rank Magical Beast, the Blood Pupil White Tiger. Now Meng Qi had two ninth rank Magical Beasts.

Meng Qi told Long Chen that with her current soul energy, she could maintain eighty-one powerful spiritual spaces. In other words, she could control eighty-one ninth rank Magical Beasts. That made Long Chen absolutely delighted.

Eighty-one ninth rank Magical Beasts. If they encountered any enemies, they could directly crush them with numbers.

“Hehe, then let’s get eighty-one ninth rank Magical Beasts, and then you’ll be the Dragonblood Legion’s number one trump card.” Long Chen laughed mischievously. He and Meng Qi continued searching for ninth rank Magical Beasts.

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