Chapter 1106 Ghost Toothed Eel (Teaser)

Boundless mountains stretched far into the horizon and high into the sky. Rivers cut through them, winding through the land. The occasional roar of a Magical Beast sent birds flying in flocks.

A man and a woman were standing at the peak of a tall mountain. They were Long Chen and Meng Qi.

Long Chen looked at the map in his hands in accordance with the terrain below. “Once we’re past the river ahead of us, there should be many Magical Beasts around. The Elder Hall Master said that there was some special ore underground that creates a magnetic field here, and it is very helpful to a Magical Beast’s cultivation. This place is like a natural Spirit Gathering Formation for Magical Beasts. So despite there being countless battles between them, they still stay here. And more surrounding Magical Beasts are constantly drawn over, wanting to occupy some territory here.”

“That’s similar to us. Didn’t we also charge our...

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