Chapter 1105 The Destination of the Rank Six Heavenly Dao Fruit (Teaser)

With each passing day, more and more disciples came out of the Xuantian Tower. But some people were happy, and some people weren’t.

Not everyone was capable of entering the strange space within the Xuantian Tower. It required great talent and comprehension, as well as a certain fate.

Not everyone was as monstrous as Long Chen and could easily enter to search for his own opportunity.

Each person was only able to choose one target, and the chances of them being able to enter that strange space were less than one percent.

Furthermore, even if they could enter that strange space, the chances of someone being capable of comprehending the profundities within were also less than one percent.

However, just being able to enter the Xuantian Catalog was a great opportunity. There would definitely be benefits in either case. It was just a question of how beneficial.

After half a month, the majority of disciples had returned to their factions after entering the Xuantian Catalog.

Many people were shaken so greatly by a piece of news that they became dizzy. While they had been in the Xuantian Catalog, Long Chen had initiated a life and death...

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