Chapter 1105 The Destination of the Rank Six Heavenly Dao Fruit

With each passing day, more and more disciples came out of the Xuantian Tower. But some people were happy, and some people weren’t.

Not everyone was capable of entering the strange space within the Xuantian Tower. It required great talent and comprehension, as well as a certain fate.

Not everyone was as monstrous as Long Chen and could easily enter to search for his own opportunity.

Each person was only able to choose one target, and the chances of them being able to enter that strange space were less than one percent.

Furthermore, even if they could enter that strange space, the chances of someone being capable of comprehending the profundities within were also less than one percent.

However, just being able to enter the Xuantian Catalog was a great opportunity. There would definitely be benefits in either case. It was just a question of how beneficial.

After half a month, the majority of disciples had returned to their factions after entering the Xuantian Catalog.

Many people were shaken so greatly by a piece of news that they became dizzy. While they had been in the Xuantian Catalog, Long Chen had initiated a life and death battle against a rank six Celestial from the senior generation, Luo Qingfang. And he had killed him in one blow.

That made Hu Guishan and Fan Song, whose confidence had just risen after having their strength greatly increase, completely dumbfounded.

Even a rank six Celestial from the senior generation had been killed in one blow. If they challenged Long Chen, they would truly be courting death.

Ever since Long Chen had killed Luo Qingfang in one blow, the Law Enforcement Hall had become much more obedient. The Xuantian Dao Sect was much calmer now.

Once Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, and the others came out of the Xuantian Catalog, Long Chen clearly felt a change in them. Their auras hadn’t changed; however, there was a sharp pressure in their eyes now, like a divine blade hidden within its sheath but still giving people a sensation of danger. That meant they had all obtained their own opportunities in the Xuantian Catalog.

Long Chen gathered all the Dragonblood Legion’s members and gave them each one thousand yuan spirit stones. He had them slowly absorb the energy of the stones. That way, they could quickly reach the first Heavenstage, and then they would be true Foundation Forging experts.

The Xuantian Dao Sect also had yuan spiritual energy to exchange for. There were yuan spirit stones, and there was also a kind of yuan spirit bead.

Yuan spirit stones were priced at a hundred thousand points for one. They could be described as super expensive existences. On the other hand, the yuan spirit beads were much cheaper.

Yuan spirit beads only cost twenty thousand points, and the amount of yuan spiritual energy in just three of them was about equivalent to a single yuan spirit stone.

The greatest difference was that yuan spirit stones were natural, while yuan spirit beads were man-made.

Yuan spirit beads were produced from the cores of devil beasts. Although they had gone through a great deal of purification, making the density of yuan spiritual energy almost the same, yuan spirit beads still contained some faint berserk energy.

When absorbing energy from a yuan spirit bead, you had to be more careful. While refining the yuan energy, you had to expel the berserk energy, making the process slower.

However, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, not everyone could easily refine yuan spiritual energy without worrying about their bodies exploding.

Refining a single yuan spirit stone would normally take a person three days. But a yuan spirit bead would take fifteen to twenty days.

Due to its cheap price, the majority of disciples chose to refine yuan spirit beads. To them, they had plenty of time, but not a lot of money.

But Long Chen didn’t bother with that. He was in a race against time, and he didn’t have that much time to waste. He directly distributed the yuan spirit stones.

And to make the effect even better, he had all of them go to the top grade training rooms. Points were there to be spent. Raising their power as fast as possible was the most important thing, so he couldn’t begrudge spending points.

After distributing the yuan spirit stones and points, he told them not to be distressed over the points. They should quickly transform those points into power.

After that, Long Chen took out a Heavenly Dao Fruit with six Dao-runes on them.

When Celestials were killed, their Heavenly Dao energy would scatter. But that scattered energy would be absorbed by the Heavenly Dao Tree in Long Chen’s primal chaos space and condensed into Heavenly Dao Fruits. So whoever consumed this Heavenly Dao Fruit would become a terrifying rank six Celestial.

“Two beauties, which one of you wants to be the sacrifice and eat this Heavenly Dao Fruit, becoming the second pillar of the Dragonblood Legion and sharing my burden?” joked Long Chen.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er knew he was saying this to avoid them being too embarrassed to take it. After all, there was only one rank six Heavenly Dao Fruit.

In truth, this was the only Heavenly Dao Fruit Long Chen had for now. The rest had all been taken away by Zheng Wenlong to be given to Yue Xiaoqian’s race.

Those tens of thousands of Heavenly Dao Fruits no longer had any use to Long Chen. They would be wasted in his hands, so he sent them to the original devil race.

The original devil race’s disciples could also become Celestials upon consuming them, and then they wouldn’t need to worry about the Heavenly Daos. They could openly wander the continent.

“Wan-er, you should take this Heavenly Dao Fruit. I’m a soul cultivator, so it’s not that useful,” said Meng Qi.

“No, you have to take it. Each time, you give the best to me, so I have to do the same for you at least once,” said Tang Wan-er.

The two of them argued, with neither willing to take it. In the end, Tang Wan-er turned to Long Chen. “Brat, what are you smiling about? You decide who this Heavenly Dao Fruit is going to, and if you decide wrong, hmph! You understand! Don’t even think about enjoying anything.”

“What the fuck, when did I ever get to enjoy anything?” Long Chen cursed inside. But looking at her menacing expression also made him smile.

“In truth, this Heavenly Dao Fruit can go to anyone and it wouldn’t matter, because it would be useless either way. Whoever consumes it has to hold back their power to avoid exposing it. Although the Xuan Master promised me that no one would dare pry into my secrets within the Xuantian Dao Sect and I trust he has that ability, I don’t like putting my fate in other people’s hands. So for now, we aren’t going to show anyone that one of us has become a rank six Celestial in order to avoid other people seeing some clues,” said Long Chen.

Last time, the fact that everyone had advanced to the fourth rank, while Tang Wan-er and the others had advanced to the fifth rank, had already caused a huge uproar.

The Xuan Master had said that it was due to his own experiments, which had managed to suppress that uproar. But Long Chen was sure he was already being closely watched by some people.

Although Long Chen wasn’t afraid, he still understood what it meant to not expose himself. He should keep his cards to himself, or it would be too dangerous otherwise.

“Therefore, the best option is you, Meng Qi. As a soul cultivator, if you don’t use your full power, no one will sense anything. Furthermore, you’re also a Beast Tamer. You can just summon your housepets to fight for you while you assist, which will make it even less likely for you to be exposed,” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi finally nodded and took the Heavenly Dao Fruit. Once she became a rank six Celestial, once she used the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, her soul energy would be even more terrifying.

Long Chen urged Meng Qi to quickly refine the Heavenly Dao Fruit, because right now, Meng Qi had no suitable housepets.

Previously, Long Chen had thought about buying her a few eggs, but then when he thought about it, incubating and raising them would take too long. It was better to catch some themselves.

Meng Qi quickly refined the Heavenly Dao Fruit, and Tang Wan-er spent each day training in top grade wind attribute training rooms. She quickly refined yuan spirit stones to reach the first Heavenstage.

The first Heavenstage required condensing nine original runes and compressing them into a stable platform. Right now, they were all at just one original rune. Just that one rune had taken them close to half a month to fully condense, and so it could be seen how slow the Foundation Forging realm was.

But with yuan spirit stones and top grade training rooms, Tang Wan-er’s cultivation speed was dozens of times faster than others. For the first Heavenstage, no medicinal energy could be used, so practically all the inner sect disciples were secluded in training rooms. It was almost impossible to see a single one of them outside now.

Long Chen gave the task of selling the pills in the outer sect to Wang Mang and the others. Even Qian Duoduo went into seclusion. The only exception was Guo Ran.

He had condensed a rare forging divine rune. Therefore, he needed to cultivate while forging, and he had long since started forging day and night. The materials Zheng Wenlong had brought were quickly put to use and turned into sets of armor.

Long Chen ran over to the Elder Hall and asked the Elder Hall Master where there were comparatively many ninth rank Magical Beasts. He wanted to get a few powerful housepets for Meng Qi.

Meng Qi was a beast tamer, and her talent had originally already been amazing. How could he leave her without a single strong housepet?

The Earth Dragon and Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix she had brought from the Eastern Wasteland had already been released by Meng Qi. She had returned their freedom.

They were no longer useful on any battlefields she would appear on. Summoning them would only cause them to be instantly killed, and that wasn’t something she wished to see.

The Elder Hall Master gave Long Chen a map and pointed to a spot. There were many ninth rank Magical Beasts in that place, but it was very dangerous. He asked him if he wanted Li Changfeng to accompany him. That place even had tenth rank Magical Beasts.

Long Chen thanked him, but he didn’t want to trouble anyone else. Furthermore, he was planning on going with Meng Qi. Having another person come wasn’t very convenient.

After taking the map, he waited three days until Meng Qi finally came out of seclusion. Runes revolved around her, and her Heavenly Dao energy rumbled.

That was the result of her being unable to control her rank six Heavenly Dao runes. She needed some more time to get used to her newfound power. However, she was able to temporarily suppress this phenomenon for an incense stick’s worth of time.

Long Chen and Meng Qi quickly slipped out of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Several times, they encountered some Elders who questioned them, and Long Chen directly said that this was the order of the Elder Hall Master.

Although the Xuantian Dao Sect seemed peaceful and tranquil, they still tightly restricted people going outside. That made him realize that even an enormous existence like the Xuantian Dao Sect had to be careful in a place like the Central Plains.

The two of them rushed westward directly toward the region the Elder Hall Master had indicated.

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