Chapter 1102 Killed In One Attack

What shocked everyone was that Long Chen didn’t try to dodge that terrifying punch. He simply raised a single hand.

“Truly courting death!” One of the experts behind Gao Xiaoyang sneered. He could already see the scene of Long Chen exploding on contact.

Even Mu Qingxuan and Su Mo were shocked. Just what was Long Chen thinking? This attack was so powerful that even Su Mo would have to use his full power to meet it.


An explosive sound erupted. People could clearly see huge spatial fluctuations originating from where their fist and palm connected. There were countless spatial cracks caused by those fluctuations.

When the fluctuations faded, everyone was stunned to see Long Chen still standing in his original position. He hadn’t moved at all. One of his hands was behind his back, and he was like an immovable mountain.

Luo Qingfang’s terrifying attack was only able to cause Long Chen’s hair to blow back slightly. This scene made everyone suck in a cold gasp.

Gao Xianyang’s expression changed. In fact, the expressions of everyone, including the Elders and Hall Masters, changed.

“Just what kind of power is this?”

The Elder Hall’s Elders were staring in shock. They were unable to tell where Long Chen’s power was coming from.

Everyone could see that Long Chen hadn’t activated any magical art or Battle Skill. He had relied purely on the power of his physical body to easily receive this terrifying attack.

Luo Qingfang was also shocked. It had to be known that this attack was one powered by the medicinal pill he had previously consumed. It was twice as strong as it normally would be, and it was so powerful it would be enough to easily kill any other experts in the same realm as him.

However, this attack was ineffective against Long Chen. Furthermore, Long Chen’s hand was tightly clenching his fist. He tried a couple of times but was actually unable to pull it away.

Everyone was deathly silent now. Even Guo Ran and the Dragonblood Legion were dumbfounded.

Although they had practically blind trust and worship in Long Chen, and he was undefeatable in their minds, they still hadn’t expected Long Chen to receive such a powerful attack so easily.

“This is all your power? Are you trying to make me laugh?” Long Chen shook his head.

“Bastard, don’t be so pleased! Bloodline Spirit Activation!” Luo Qingfang roared and his Blood Qi erupted. A blood-colored figure appeared behind him. When it appeared, the martial stage quivered.

“He activated his Spirit Blood already?! Has he really been forced to this point?!” All the Foundation Forging experts were stunned.

All of them knew that activating one’s Spirit Blood could increase one’s power, but it came at a price. Fully activating one’s Spirit Blood might increase their power immensely, but after the battle, they would enter a state of weakness. No one was willing to do such a thing unless they were forced to.

Furthermore, Luo Qingfang hadn’t just activated his Spirit Blood. He was using all his power. That meant he had been forced to the point of despair.

This discovery shocked everyone. Just an ordinary exchange had caused Luo Qingfang to unleash all his trump cards. Perhaps the battle was more complicated than what appeared on the outside.

“Scram!” Luo Qingfang shouted and a fierce energy smashed into Long Chen’s extended hand.


Long Chen’s long hair blew back, but his body didn’t even take half a step back. His hand was still tightly clenching Luo Qingfang’s fist, and he didn’t even blink an eye.

“Impossible! Bastard, die!” A trace of terror finally appeared in Luo Qingfang’s eyes. He found that no matter what he tried, he was unable to rattle Long Chen in the slightest. A bad feeling rose in his heart. Suddenly, light appeared on his leg and he sent a kick at Long Chen’s abdomen.

Luo Qingfang was finally afraid. The people outside might not be able to tell, but he had already used up all his power. That made him think of a very bad consequence.

Long Chen shook his head once more. “Since you’ve used up all your skills, goodbye.”

Just as Luo Qingfang’s kick was about to reach him, Long Chen increased the power in his hand. He raised Luo Qingfang into the air and then smashed him into the ground. 


Blood mist filled the martial stage. Luo Qingfang was killed just like that.

The ground was too hard. Its hardness was such that even Kings would be unable to damage it. And so Luo Qingfang was blown apart.

Half an arm was tossed to the ground by Long Chen. That was the only thing to testify that Luo Qingfang had ever existed in this world.

The sound of that arm landing on the martial stage wasn’t loud, and yet it was like a hammer smashing into the weakest parts of people’s hearts.

Everyone was silent. Even the Elder Hall and Law Enforcement Hall’s Elders were silent. The Hall Masters, Pavilion Masters, Palace Masters, everyone was silent.

One-shot instant kill, and the easiest possible one-shot instant kill. It was like a frog had provoked someone, been caught, and then smashed onto the ground.

Long Chen was also surprised as he tossed aside the arm. It seemed he had underestimated the power of his 108,000 original runes.

Not only was Luo Qingfang’s body destroyed, but Long Chen could also sense that in that instant, even his soul had been sealed in his body, destroyed along with his body.

“The secrets behind the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art are truly immense. What I know is probably just the tip of the iceberg,” sighed Long Chen inside.

However, the stronger it was, the more worried he became. He felt like he was in a huge whirlpool, helplessly struggling.

When Luo Qingfang was killed, a new Heavenly Dao Fruit appeared on the tree in Long Chen’s primal chaos space. It was a rank six Heavenly Dao Fruit.

After advancing to Foundation Forging, not only had the primal chaos space once more expanded to three hundred thousand miles, but even the Heavenly Dao Tree had grown.

The Heavenly Dao Tree was at the core of the primal chaos space, which was the center of the black soil. It was now three thousand meters tall with many branches.

However, Long Chen wasn’t able to sense any life from it, nor was he able to extract energy from it to heal. Long Chen still knew very little about it.

Long Chen was transported off the martial stage, rousing him from his thoughts. He decided not to think too much about it. He would have to take things step by step.

“Boss, you really are unrivaled!” Guo Ran ran over, excitedly shouting. He found that Long Chen was becoming more and more monstrous.

“Congratulations.” Su Mo and Mu Qingxuan also came over. But their expressions were a bit unnatural. They still hadn’t recovered from their shock.

Long Chen was a monster, an unfathomable monster with limitless potential. Su Mo and Mu Qingxuan had personally witnessed his growth. It had only just been over half a year, but he was already so terrifying.

At this time, Long Chen just happened to see an icy face. He called out to the departing Gao Xianyang, “I don’t like killing people, so don’t make me kill more.”

“A single victory doesn’t mean you’ll win every time. Luck won’t be on your side forever. Next time, the person to die might be you,” replied Gao Xianyang icily.

Originally, the plan had been so perfect. They had finally had a chance to eliminate Long Chen. However, they hadn’t expected such a huge mishap to occur. Long Chen’s combat power was actually so terrifying.

Even Gao Xianyang felt immense pressure. He sensed a large threat from Long Chen that made him very uneasy.

“I’m just warning you. After all, life is sacred, so I have to at least give you a warning. But if you really don’t mind leaving this world, I won’t mind sending you to a different one. If you want a free ticket for crossing the river of reincarnation, do your best to insult me and my people,” said Long Chen indifferently.

His words caused Gao Xianyang’s heart to shake. Long Chen’s meaning was very clear. If anyone wanted to pick a quarrel with him, insulting Meng Qi like Luo Qingfang, he wouldn’t hesitate to initiate a life and death challenge.

This was a warning, as well as a promise. He was clearly telling everyone: if you want to die, come!

Long Chen returned to Crouching Dragon Mountain. Meng Qi accompanied him, and then red-faced, gave him a kiss. It could count as fulfilling her previous promise.

But when Long Chen became too engrossed in his feelings, and his hands began to grow disobedient, Meng Qi stopped him. The most awkward thing was that it was at this moment that Qing Yu arrived.

“Oh! Sister Qing Yu, how coincidental!” Long Chen laughed, breaking the awkward atmosphere. Meng Qi didn’t dare to raise her head.

Qing Yu directly acted like she hadn’t seen anything and said, “Qian Duoduo says that many of the pills have sold out in the outer sect, and the rest are about to run out. He suggests raising the price. After all, our pills are more effective and cheaper than the Ten Thousand Pill Hall’s. We can get more profit and avoid running out of stock so fast.”

“Don’t raise the price. That would affect our reputation. If we want long-term growth, reputation is very important. Tell him that I have a few days now to refine more pills. The sold-out pills will quickly be restocked,” said Long Chen.

Qing Yu nodded and left. After she was gone, Meng Qi viciously pinched Long Chen. It was all his fault that she had been embarrassed.

Long Chen tried to continue where they left off but no matter what he said, Meng Qi refused. She directly ran off into seclusion.

And so Long Chen called out Huo Long to refine pills. Although they weren’t lacking points now, if you started something, you should finish it. He couldn’t just abandon the outer sect disciples after using them.

Fortunately, Huo Long could refine pills on its own, and could use eight pill furnaces at the same time. Just one day of alchemy was enough to keep them stocked for a month. Furthermore, the points they obtained basically had no manufacturing costs. It was purely profit.

After one day of alchemy and refining all kinds of pills, he handed them to Qian Duoduo. After giving him a few instructions, Long Chen went to the Ten Thousand Pill Hall.

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