Chapter 1101 Doping

“Victory for senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

“Victory for senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

“Victory for senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

Long Chen saw millions of disciples standing around the life and death stage. They immediately erupted into loud cheering that was like the sound of a raging tsunami, with each wave louder than the last.

“Hehe, see, I’m pretty popular.” Long Chen smiled toward Meng Qi as he looked at these cheering disciples who were shouting so loud that their faces turned red.

Ninety-nine percent of these millions of disciples were from the outer sect. Most of the inner sect disciples were in the Xuantian Tower comprehending the Xuantian Catalog.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s fame was the greatest in the outer sect. He was a god-like existence who had looked after them.

These outer sect disciples cheered the loudest. Some people broke their throats just to make their voices louder.

“Shut up! It is forbidden to make a ruckus in front of the life and death stage!”

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out, shaking all their eardrums and making their heads feel like they would split. The cheering of the disciples was silenced as if severed by a blade.

A group of people walked over grandly. They were the previous generation’s experts, with the person at the front being Gao Xianyang.

Behind him were dozens of experts. The person who had told the outer sect disciples to shut up was one of them.

The majority of the outer sect disciples were only at Sea Expansion, while this person was a rank six Celestial. His powerful pressure almost injured all of them.

“Idiot, who are you to tell us to shut up?! Is this your home? Don’t bully others to show off!” Just at this moment, a man jumped out of the crowd to curse at him.

This person was precisely Guo Ran. Guo Ran had only just come out of the Xuantian Catalog when he heard that Long Chen was about to fight a life and death battle against someone. If he didn’t come, he wouldn’t be Guo Ran.

“If I want to talk here, if I want to curse people here, what can you do? Bite me?” said Guo Ran disdainfully.

“Guo Ran, you aren’t cursing a person, but a dog. A dog who can walk on its hind legs,” corrected Long Chen.

“Hehe, boss is right,” laughed Guo Ran, acting like he accepted his mistake.

Everyone was deathly silent now. At first, these outer sect disciples had just come to cheer for Long Chen. But now they realized that what was going on was that Long Chen was going against the previous generation’s top expert, Gao Xianyang.

Long Chen was already the strongest expert of the new generation. Now that he had advanced to Foundation Forging, was he planning on immediately going against the previous generation’s Gao Xianyang?

Gao Xianyang’s expression sank and a hint of killing intent appeared in his eyes. He said, “Fighting with words only shows how childish you are. With death at your door, you still dare to spout such wild words? What foolishness. We came over to admire the marvelous scene of your death.”

“In other words, you came here to watch the fun? So then, what right do you have to tell others to be quiet? You came here to spout your shit, so why can’t others speak? Do you think you’re the Xuan Master? Hmph, I don’t mind people being posers, but I won’t allow anyone to be more of a poser than me,” cursed Guo Ran. “Brothers, what is our slogan?”

“Other than the Dragonblood Legion, posers need to be beaten!” Although only a few hundred members of the Dragonblood Legion had come, they still cheered Guo Ran on.

“Did you hear? In the future, if you want to be a poser, you have to come and ask the permission of the Dragonblood Legion. You need to get your posing credentials first before you get to pose, understand idiot?” demanded Guo Ran.

“You’re all courting death!” roared Gao Xianyang. The entire land shook because of his voice. He seemed just like a provoked lion.

With Gao Xianyang’s status, he should disdain quibbling with Guo Ran. But Guo Ran’s ability to infuriate others had reached the realm of being able to infuriate him with just a few words thanks to Long Chen’s teachings.

“With a piece of shit like you right here, why would I need to find more?” Guo Ran shrugged indifferently.[1]

Gao Xianyang’s eyes were about to spit flames. If it wasn’t against the rules to attack people here, he’d have long since crushed Guo Ran.

Suddenly, a huge barrier appeared around the life and death stage. It was like a square case, covering the stage completely.

The runes on the stage lit up, and in front of everyone’s stunned eyes, the bricks on the stage disappeared, replaced by huge blocks of rock.

These rocks all had a huge rune on the surface, and the runes all linked together, forming an incredibly firm and seamless body over the stage.

“It’s the martial stage for Kings!”

The senior disciples involuntarily let out startled cries. The heavy aura that now came from the martial stage made it hard for them to breathe. This was the stage used only for Kings.

“Long Chen, we’ve come to cheer for you.” At this moment, Su Mo and Mu Qingxuan led another group of people over.

“Has this insignificant matter troubled both of you, senior apprentice-brother Su Mo and senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan? For you to have to personally come over makes me embarrassed,” laughed Long Chen.

“This is an insignificant matter? I don’t know what to say to you. Luo Qingfang is powerful, so don’t be careless,” warned Mu Qingxuan.

“I trust Long Chen. There definitely won’t be any problems.” Compared to Mu Qingxuan, Su Mo had much more trust in Long Chen. He patted Long Chen on the shoulder and said, “If you have the chance, give them a fierce blow. They’ve been irritatingly arrogant these past few years. I can’t beat Gao Xianyang, and the others don’t dare to fight me, so I’ve never had the chance. Work hard, Long Chen!”

“No problem.” Long Chen smiled slightly.

“It’s almost time. Where is Luo Qingfang?” Su Mo frowned. According to reason, he should have come earlier.

However, no matter where Luo Qingfang was, as long as the martial stage was activated, if he was within the range of the Xuantian Dao Sect, he would be automatically transported over.

“The martial stage is about to be activated. Make your preparations and don’t be careless. We’ll pray for your victory,” said Mu Qingxuan upon seeing that the martial stage’s barrier was growing brighter and brighter.

“Hehe, have faith, senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan,” laughed Long Chen. Suddenly, his badge lit up, and he was transported onto the martial stage.

At the same time as he landed on the martial stage, a figure appeared in front of him. Luo Qingfang had also arrived.

Cheering once more erupted. Guo Ran’s loud voice rang out over the crowd, “Victory for boss!”

The Dragonblood Legion echoed his cheering, and then the outer sect disciples also followed. Their loud voices rang out in waves once more.

Gao Xianyang and the others’ expressions sank. They didn’t dare to tell them all to shut up again, but hearing the disciples cheering for Long Chen irritated them.

Meng Qi walked over to stand with Mu Qingxuan. Seeing this many people passionately cheering for that figure on the martial stage, she was filled with pride.

Luo Qingfang’s face had already healed. He had returned to his brick-faced appearance, and his teeth had grown out again. Not only that, but the energy fluctuations coming off his body also caused the space around him to tremble.

“Oh, you’re doping?” Long Chen looked at Luo Qingfang with a bit of surprise.

Although the people on the martial stage couldn’t hear the outside world’s voices, the sounds inside were clearly transmitted to the people outside.


All the disciples were startled, not quite understanding the situation.

“This is… Yes, it should be the Black Tiger Yang Explosion Pill. So, you felt so weak that you decided to take medicine in advance?” Long Chen looked over Luo Qingfang for a moment and easily recognized what medicinal pill he had consumed. That was a pill that would allow Luo Qingfang to unleash explosive power for a short period of time.

“What? How can he be so shameless?!” People began to roar furiously over this despicable act.

“Shut up, what do you know? Long Chen is just trying to slander others!” roared one of the disciples beside Gao Xianyang.

“Fuck you, our boss disdains slandering others. Do you think we’re as despicable as you?” The Dragonblood Legion was infuriated and cursed back. They looked like they might start killing if that person retorted.

“Exactly, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is an open and candid person, while you petty people are all capable of such a thing.”

“They think that since they’re so despicable, others are as well. How laughable.”

“In any case, we’ll believe senior apprentice-brother Long Chen. What he says is the truth. That fellow definitely doped.”

That person’s attempt to quiet them ended up provoking more fury. Everyone’s spears pointed toward him.

That person only had one mouth, and he was facing the roaring of millions of people. The veins on his forehead bulged, but he didn’t say anything.

Long Chen’s words caused Luo Qingfang to feel a burst of guilt. He truly had taken medicine. Originally, he hadn’t wanted to, because he was confident in being able to kill Long Chen.

But the higher-ups had ordered him to take it and kill Long Chen within three moves. It was best if he could take Long Chen’s life in just one move without giving him any chance to retaliate. So he had had no choice but to dope.

Now that he had been exposed by Long Chen, he was embarrassed and enraged. His aura rose and six-colored runes appeared around him. The martial stage’s barrier began to shudder from his aura.

“Long Chen, today you’ll definitely die. Even once I kill you, I won’t be able to obtain any glory. But let me say it again, once you die, I’ll help you look after your woman.”

Luo Qingfang smiled sinisterly and shot forward. His six-colored runes formed a pair of huge wings, and he was like a meteor.

At the same time, he unleashed a punch. His fist had runes circulating over it, and people were horrified to see that wherever that fist went, cracks would appear in space. This was an extremely terrifying attack. Luo Qingfang had instantly unleashed all his power to kill Long Chen in one blow.

In the face of such a terrifying fist, Long Chen unhurriedly raised his own hand. His 108,000 acupuncture points shook slightly, and majestic energy erupted like a volcano.

[1] Death sounds like shit.

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