Chapter 1101 Doping (Teaser)

“Victory for senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

“Victory for senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

“Victory for senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

Long Chen saw millions of disciples standing around the life and death stage. They immediately erupted into loud cheering that was like the sound of a raging tsunami, with each wave louder than the last.

“Hehe, see, I’m pretty popular.” Long Chen smiled toward Meng Qi as he looked at these cheering disciples who were shouting so loud that their faces turned red.

Ninety-nine percent of these millions of disciples were from the outer sect. Most of the inner sect disciples were in the Xuantian Tower comprehending the Xuantian Catalog.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s fame was the greatest in the outer sect. He was a god-like existence who had looked after them.

These outer sect disciples cheered the loudest. Some people broke their throats just to make their voices louder.

“Shut up! It is forbidden to make a ruckus in front of the life and death stage!”

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out, shaking all their...

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