Chapter 1100 Just Who is Courting Death?

“Long Chen…”

Meng Qi looked at Long Chen with a grateful expression. Long Chen could laugh off people insulting him, but now that someone had insulted her, it was equivalent to touching his reverse scale. Long Chen immediately became a god of killing.

“You… you’re courting death!” The brick-faced man was enraged and startled, not expecting Long Chen to be so direct.

Furthermore, Long Chen was looking at him indifferently as if he were a corpse. There wasn’t the slightest emotion in his eyes. Looking at Long Chen’s expression, the brick-faced man actually felt a kind of fear appear in his heart.

“Who initiated the life and death challenge?!” Suddenly, an icy shout rang out, and one of the protective Elders of Treasure Gem Island came out.

“Disciple challenged this senior disciple. There is no rest until death between us. Please give your consent, Elder,” said Long Chen coldly.

When the Elder saw that it was Long Chen, his pupils shrank. He clearly recognized this figure that had almost turned the Xuantian Dao Sect on its head. He felt a headache coming on.

“Do you accept the challenge?” Having recognized Long Chen, he didn’t bother trying to change his mind. If he ever listened to others, he wouldn’t be called Long Chen. He directly turned to the brick-faced man.

“Hmph, since he wants to die, I’ll help him out. Disciple accepts,” sneered the brick-faced man. A ruthless and sinister light appeared in his eyes.

The Elder was silent for a while, seeming to wait for something. Then he said, “The challenge is accepted. The life and death battle will begin two hours from now.”

After saying that, he left. Long Chen and the other person had a bright rune appear on their badges as proof of their imminent battle. They only had two hours to prepare.

“Long Chen, prepare a good coffin for yourself. And don’t worry, I’ll look after your woman for you, hahaha-”


The brick-faced man had only just finished speaking when a hand slapped across his face. A huge explosion sound rang out, and his head almost exploded. All his teeth flew out in a beautiful ark, stunning all the people watching.

The brick-faced man coughed up blood. That slap caused his face to cave in, making him look extremely bizarre now.

“Courting death!”

The brick-faced man roared and his spiritual yuan erupted. The pressure of the late Foundation Forging realm appeared, causing space to become heavy.

“Who dares to be so unbridled in Treasure Gem Island?” The Elder that had just left returned, shouting, “Do you two want to be punished? What’s going on?!”

“He was going too fast and bumped into my hand. If you don’t believe me, ask him,” said Long Chen indifferently.

It was the same excuse, and this Elder couldn’t bear it. This was exactly how Long Chen had slipped out of his punishment last time.

“Long Chen, I admit defeat for now. But in two hours, I’ll take your life,” said the brick-faced man, clenching his teeth. Except he had forgotten that he had no teeth now.

That senior disciple left with a belly full of fire, while Long Chen and Meng Qi also took off. After they left, the people watching the fun also scattered. They called over their friends and gathered at the life and death stage. There would be a good show to watch now.

In the beginning, people had been flabbergasted to hear that bell. It was very rare for core disciples to fight life and death battles between them.

The newcomers had only gone through such a thing once. Now they asked around and learned that it was Long Chen who had once more initiated a life and death battle.

Hearing that it was initiated by Long Chen and that he was challenging a senior disciple who had just advanced to become a rank six Celestial, all of them were shocked.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen really is lively. Let’s go cheer him on.”

“We definitely have to cheer for him. He’s the pride of our outer sect.”

Although the life and death stage was in the inner sect, even outer sect disciples could go watch. Countless disciples flocked over like a tide.

“What? Boss initiated a life and death challenge? Fuck, what are you still waiting for? Look after our home? What’s the point? Who dares to come and steal our stuff? Quick, quick, the faster brothers, go hold a spot for us.”

The Dragonblood Legion quickly rushed over, not even leaving a single person behind on Crouching Dragon Mountain. All their important valuables were on them already, so there was no need to worry about thievery.

In the Elder Hall, the various Elders were looking at each other speechlessly. They were in the palace, looking at the sea of people outside the life and death stage.

“Long Chen really is hardworking. He doesn’t waste a single moment.” Li Changfeng bitterly shook his head.

“It goes without saying that after he arrived, the Xuantian Dao Sect has become… livelier.” Other Elders also bitterly smiled.

How could it not be lively? In just this short time, how much trouble had Long Chen caused? Furthermore, each matter was so huge that it was frightening. But Long Chen did it so naturally and calmly, and he didn’t do it one by one. No, the trouble he caused came in an unending flood.

The matter inside the Infernal Devil Abyss was a secret known only to Long Chen and the Xuan Master. The others thought that the sect had activated the stronghold to kill the devil beasts, and so the Xuantian Dao Sect would have to enter a time of calm to recuperate.

But the peace had only lasted for a few days before Long Chen broke it. No matter how people put it, Long Chen was on the side of the Elder Hall, and so they had to look after him. That was what gave these Elders the biggest headache.

“Long Chen challenged the rank six Celestial Luo Qingfang? Is he trying to lose?”

“In truth, the shadow of the Law Enforcement Hall is behind this. Rather than saying Long Chen is causing trouble, it’s more accurate to say that they are intentionally finding trouble for him.”

“Yes, although he’s strong, his brains go out the window when his reverse scale is touched. No matter how obvious the trap is, he just jumps right in.”

“He only just reached Foundation Forging and can’t even count as having reached the first Heavenstage. Even though Luo Qingfang only just underwent the Heavenly Tower Blessing to advance to the sixth rank, there’s no way Long Chen can beat him when he’s already reached the seventh Heavenstage of Foundation Forging.”

The Elder Hall was worried. They didn’t have a favorable opinion of Long Chen’s odds. However, the Xuantian Dao Sect had seen his power, and they trusted the Xuan Master wouldn’t allow such a talented person to be killed.

But even if he kept his life, what about his Undefeatable Dao? Once defeated, his Dao-heart might directly crumble.

The Elder Hall Master said, “All of you have been fooled. Although Long Chen’s weakness is obvious, he isn’t a fool. He has his own plans. Furthermore, don’t look down on him. Even if Long Chen can’t beat Luo Qingfang, it won’t be so easy for Luo Qingfang to beat Long Chen. Most importantly, Long Chen has an almost berserk thirst for battle based on his confidence in never being defeated. Once that’s summoned, Luo Qingfang will probably reveal an opening due to the distraction, and so the chance of him dying is actually quite high.”

Now that the Elder Hall Master said this, the others recalled the truth. Long Chen’s most terrifying aspect was precisely his manner of fighting which was almost suicidal.

When Long Chen put his life on the line to fight, he was frighteningly calm. If a person was intimidated by that, it was very easy for them to lose their life right there and then.

While the Elder Hall was busy discussing this, within the Law Enforcement Hall, the demoted vice hall master Luo Fan was smiling.

“Have you messaged Luo Qingfang?” asked Luo Fan.

“He’s already been told to immediately use his full power to kill Long Chen within three moves. Killing him in one move would be best,” laughed one of the elders by his side.

This person was also a vice hall master. He had always been Luo Fan’s trusted aide.

“Good. Long Chen must die, or there’ll be no way for me to dispel the hatred in my heart,” said Luo Fan sinisterly.

The elder didn’t say anything. Looking at Luo Fan’s back, his mouth curled into a faint smile. But it quickly disappeared.

All the large departments were putting their attention on the life and death stage. They couldn’t understand who had approved this unfair battle. Was it the Tower Department Head? Or the Xuan Master?

While the entire Xuantian Dao Sect was rattled, Long Chen was slowly walking around with Meng Qi. Although they were also going toward the life and death stage, their footsteps were very slow and easy as if they were just taking a stroll.

“How assured do you feel?” After a long while, Meng Qi finally voiced her concern.

“I have no assurance…” Long Chen shook his head.

“You…” Meng Qi’s expression changed.

“... because I have no need for such a thing,” continued Long Chen.

“Stop taking such a big breath while you talk,” rebuked Meng Qi.

“Hmph, he dared to curse my woman? This time, I’ll give that pack of idiots a real lesson. I’ll make it so they finally feel pain, or they’ll continue trying to provoke me. A housefly isn’t dangerous, but it’s very irritating,” said Long Chen.

“Long Chen, thank you.” Meng Qi held Long Chen’s arm and leaned her head against his shoulder. She had a blessed smile on her face. The feeling of being protected was a good one, especially when it was from the man you liked.

“Meng Qi, there’s no one around right now. Why don’t we test the temperature in each other’s mouths?” Long Chen looked around, and seeing there was no one around, he probed her attitude.

“No, definitely not.” Meng Qi turned away bashfully, but she followed it up with, “Once you win and we go home… we can talk about it more then!”

Toward the end, her voice was as quiet as a mosquito’s and even her neck was red.

“Hahaha, you said it, not me. I’m looking forward to it,” said Long Chen with great anticipation. It had been a long time since he had tested her temperature.

Meng Qi blushed but didn’t run away. She bravely nodded her head, making Long Chen even more delighted. He had an urge to start the battle right now.

When Long Chen reached the life and death stage, the sea of people around it immediately erupted into an uproar.

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