Chapter 110 Long Chen, Transform

After grandmaster Yun Qi finished speaking, the flames surrounding his body suddenly burned intensely. Countless flame chains shot out from his hands and completely wrapped around the white-robed man.

“Flame Prison.”

It’s speed was incomparable, and the white-robed man had yet to even react before he was completely caught. Countless chains wrapped him tight perfectly.

The white-robed man was completely bound by those flame chains. Those flames were grandmaster Yun Qi’s core flame. Even Pill Masters like Wei Cang and Wang Luyang had been unable to endure it and had immediately been defeated.

Although grandmaster Yun Qi had been busy fighting, he had always been keeping an eye on Long Chen’s battlefield. Seeing that he had sunk into a crisis, he had finally exploded out.

Pill Masters could fight for a long time with their Pill Flames. Although grandmaster Yun Qi had kept the upper hand, it was impossible for him to achieve victory in a short time using ordinary methods.

But seeing that Long Chen had been about to perish, he had no longer kept anything in reserve and summoned out his core flame. That was an ability which he had only managed to comprehend in the last few years.

By refining a flame into one’s core flame and using his life energy to nourish the flame, once it grew strong enough, he would have been able to step into the next level, becoming a Pill King.

Now that his core flame had been summoned out of his body, his battle strength was without equal. But the cost was that it also used up his life energy.

The white-robed man wildly struggled from within those flame chains. But no matter how he struggled, he was unable to escape and emitted a mournful cry.

However, what shocked people the most was that although even Wei Cang and Wang Luyang were unable to resist the core flame, it was unable to immediately kill the white-robed man.

Grandmaster Yun Qi sighed and shook his head. “Ah, I really am old. Long Chen, I’m sorry…”

People were shocked to realize that grandmaster Yun Qi’s body was slowly disappearing from the feet up. His last words hung in the air. 

His body scattered with the wind.

“Grandmaster Yun Qi…”

Long Chen couldn’t hold back his tears. Ever since he had met grandmaster Yun Qi, he had always protected and encouraged him. He was a true senior worthy of respect. And now for him, he had died and even his body had disappeared. Long Chen was filled with hatred and resentment.

“AHH!!” Following grandmaster Yun Qi’s disappearance, the flame chains binding the white-robed man also faded away.

However, the current white-robed man was no longer able to be called ‘white-robed’. His whole body was burnt black, making him look like a human-shaped piece of charcoal. But the aura coming from his body was still absolutely terrifying.

“Bastards, the suffering you gave me will be returned ten times to you!”

The white-robed man actually stopped attacking Long Chen and waved his hand. The distant Long Tianxiao suddenly shook and he was pulled over by a terrifying force.

The white-robed man’s charred hand tightly clenched Long Tianxiao’s neck and he sinisterly looked at Long Chen. “Kid, you’ve truly infuriated me. I won’t let you die first. As payback, I’ll let you see everyone around you die one by one, hahaha!!!”

“Bastard, release my father!” Long Chen wanted to rush over, but his body refused to listen to his orders. He was unable to move.

“Haha, is it painful? Excellent, that’s good. This is still just the start. Let’s take it slow.” The white-robed man crazily laughed, filled with insane joy.

“Chen-er, men have no need to worry about life and death if they have lived their life without regret or guilt. You don’t need to feel bad.” Long Tianxiao might have his neck in his hand and have no way to resist, but he didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear.

Long Chen’s anger soared and endless killing intent spread from him. But he was still helpless.

What he didn’t know was that the moment that the killing intent in his heart became the densest, his FengFu Star on the bottom of his foot began to crazily revolve.

The angrier he got, the more violently his FengFu Star revolved. When his anger reached its peak, his FengFu Star suddenly paused.

“You’re not afraid of death? Good, then we’ll start with you. You can die now.” The white-robed man coldly laughed and began to apply some force on Long Tianxiao’s neck. 

“Fucking go to hell!”

An angry roar rang out like a thunderclap, sounding as if it had come from above the very heavens. Everyone present heard that booming roar shake their ears.

The white-robed man was the closest and received it head-on. His head buzzed and he felt as if his brain had turned to mush.

Suddenly, he felt intense pain as he was sent flying. Only when he landed on the ground did he awaken from his stupor and look forward in shock.

At this very instant, the originally sunny sky became covered by black clouds and countless thunderbolts flashed within them. The clouds spread thousands of miles. The scene appeared as if the end of the world had come. 

At the same time, he saw that lonely figure. A faint halo of light appeared over his body and a terrifying aura continuously dashed against heaven and earth.

“What is this?!” The white-robed man was completely astonished. He could clearly see that that figure was Long Chen, but the current Long Chen seemed like an awakened demon king or a descended divine god. A terrifying pressure was constantly emitted from his body, causing people to tremble.

The FengFu Star on the bottom of Long Chen’s foot began to crack. The outer layer completely shed off like a mud-covered pearl. The light from within was finally being released.

After the outer layer fell, a bright, true star appeared from within. Inside that star were some indistinct mountains, plains, rivers, and even expansive oceans.[1]

After that star appeared, Long Chen’s dried up spiritual qi was completely replenished. With that, he had sent the white-robed man flying with a single punch, saving Long Tianxiao.

He sent his father into a further location from their battlefield. That was something he did instinctively because he could sense that a terrifying thing was most likely about to occur.

Long Chen slowly closed his eyes. As if talking in his sleep, he said a single sentence:

“First of the Nine Stars, FengFu Battle Armor - Appear!”

When he opened his eyes once more, a star had appeared in his eyes.

When that star appeared, all of heaven and earth raged. An earthquake shook the land, causing those spectators who were several miles away to fall to the ground and flee in fear. It was as if the heavens were collapsing and the earth was breaking apart.

An endlessly violent aura was constantly charging out of Long Chen’s body. The heavens shook as countless pieces of crushed rocks began to float around him.

Those broken stone pieces which had begun to hover around him all turned to dust under some incredible pressure. Long Tianxiao and the others all looked at Long Chen in shock. Was this the same Long Chen that they knew?

The current him appeared just like a demon king yet also like a divine god. All things would be forced to acknowledge their allegiance to him.

Long Chen suddenly disappeared from his original location, appearing in front of the white-robed man in a single blink, punching out.

Although the white-robed man was watching Long Chen in complete shock, seeing him disappear so suddenly, he also punched forward instinctively.

The sounds of bones breaking rang out. After colliding with Long Chen’s punch, the white-robed man’s entire arm was crushed.

With just a single punch, Long Chen could shatter the white-robed man’s arm. Without a single pause, he spun and viciously kicked with his right leg.

Long Chen’s leg ruthlessly slammed into his nose, causing many of his facial bones to break. He was sent flying back.

But as soon as that white-robed man was sent flying, Long Chen had already appeared in midair like some phantom. Raising his right hand, he viciously smashed it down.

The white-robed man’s body was like a shooting star as he smashed into the ground. The hard surface of the ground became like water, and a huge wave spread out.

A three-hundred-meter crater had been smashed into the ground. Within that crater was a charred figure who no longer resembled a human.

All his bones had been broken and crushed. He was practically in a ‘U’ shape now. But most horrifying of all was that he still hadn’t died and was still frantically gasping for breath.

“Ants shouldn’t struggle? Then why are you still struggling? Ants should suffer and die? Ok, I’ll help you with that.”

Long Chen walked to the front of the huge hole. Looking at the white-robed man lying at the bottom, a pile of needles appeared in his hands.

“Feel what suffering is.” Long Chen threw over a dozen needles straight at him.

The needles went straight through his skin. The white-robed man’s eyes almost shot out of his head.

“AHHH!!!” His miserable scream was so loud that even those miles away could hear it. It was a cry filled with pain, causing people to shudder with fear.

“You’re the real ant. My brother received these Bone Eroding Needles without letting out a single cry. You’re just a piece of trash.” Long Chen looked at the white-robed man icily.

His miserable cries never ended. Long Chen’s eyes were filled with iciness, but at the same time, he felt the thrill of revenge filling him.

He hated being powerless, he hated others standing high above him, and he hated being used. He swore to himself that he would become stronger so that he wouldn’t let anyone else ever humiliate him like this again.

Suddenly, that star in Long Chen’s eye began to fade slowly, and Long Chen immediately felt his exhaustion return to him. He fell down.

Long Chen didn’t fall onto the cold ground, but into a soft embrace. A faint, delicate fragrance caused him to feel incomparably warm.

“Long Chen.” Chu Yao hugged the extremely weak Long Chen. Joyful tears filled her eyes. After all the twists and turns, the rain had finally cleared, leaving them with a new beginning.

“Lying in your embrace is really comfortable. Maybe I’ll take a nap.” Long Chen closed his eyes wearily.

Chu Yao’s pretty face turned red, and Long Chen felt that something was a bit strange. Opening his eyes to glance around, he saw that his father, mother, Shi Feng, and all the others were looking at him strangely. Chu Yao’s face turned even redder.

Long Chen awkwardly laughed and did his best to stand up. If he wanted to take advantage of Chu Yao in front of this many people, he probably would have to thicken his face some more.

The white-robed man at the bottom of the hole was no longer screaming. Even a Tendon Transformation expert was unable to endure the pain of the Bone Eroding Needles, and he had now died.

Looking at his needle-covered, charred corpse, everyone relaxed. This monstrously powerful person had finally died.

It was just at this moment that a disturbance occurred where Long Tianxiao was. An officer had run over to Long Tianxiao and bowed. “Reporting to Marquis, we had captured the Grand Xia’s spies, but they seized the seventh prince. We beg Marquis to make a decision.”

That officer was extremely bright, knowing when to be flexible and take advantage of the situation. Now that Long Chen’s battlefield had finally reached a conclusion, he immediately ran over.

Chu Yao’s expression changed. Her little brother! Long Chen said, “Let’s go over.”

The layers of soldiers parted ways to let them through. Long Chen saw two familiar people and couldn’t help but have a cold smile appear on his lips.

Those two were precisely Zhou Yaoyang and Xia Baichi. Zhou Yaoyang held a longsword in his hand and closely held it against Chu Feng’s neck. Seeing Long Chen’s arrival, Xia Baichi nervously said, “Long Chen, if you don’t want there to be any problems, then hurry up and let us leave, otherwise…”

“Go ahead and kill.” Long Chen smiled slightly.

[1] The character for ‘star’ can also mean any heavenly body, as it was just used for anything they saw in the sky. For example, Mars is called the red star.

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