Chapter 1098 Absorbing Yuan Spirit Stones

The lightning continued to grow stronger. The lightning beasts grew stronger, and the runes that came out of them when they exploded also grew stronger.

Even if a person wasn’t struck by a lightning beast, they would still have their skin split when a lightning rune landed on their body. Blood continuously poured out.

Some Dragonmark warriors who were attacked by the lightning beasts had their bones break and wildly vomited blood.

Without a word from Long Chen, the wood cultivators who had just managed to take a breath waved their staves. Green waves of light surged out, healing those injured Dragonmark warriors.

“Not good, boss! Guo Ran has fainted!” One of the Dragonblood warriors suddenly noticed that Guo Ran had collapsed.

Long Chen glanced at Guo Ran who was lying there like a dead dog. “It’s fine, just let the lightning whip his corpse.”

After saying that, Guo Ran immediately crawled up from the ground and continued fighting. This attempt was also a failure now, and he didn’t dare to continue playing dead.

However, very quickly, Guo Ran truly wasn’t able to endure it. These terrifying lightning runes caused him to wildly vomit blood whenever they landed on his body, and this time he wasn’t faking.

However, Long Chen continued to ignore Guo Ran’s wailing. In any case, with the healing of the wood cultivators, there was no chance of him dying. It was just painful.

Guo Ran was the first to reach this point, but in just an hour, the others were also unable to bear it. They were covered in blood as these lightning runes continued to grow stronger. Each time a lightning rune entered their bodies, it would injure their internal organs. As for Wilde, he didn’t feel anything. He was still beating lightning beasts with his club, seemingly unable to feel the surrounding thunderforce.

But at the same time as their internal organs broke apart, the impurities inside them were also forced out. This was a painful way to strengthen one’s internal organs.

Foundation Forging was an important process. This realm was a dividing range for cultivators. In the Foundation Forging realm, cultivators had to expel all the impurities in their bodies. Only through a flawless body could they build a flawless immortal platform.

But the Dragonmark warriors, as well as Guo Ran, hadn’t experienced consecutive terrifying lightning tribulations. In order to fully expel all their impurities, they had to endure extra pain this time.

When it came to Guo Ran, this was all his own fault. Before, he liked to slip away before it got too painful. Now, all that debt was catching up to him, with interest.

As for the Dragonblood warriors, they were also in a miserable state, but it was within the realm they could endure. They still didn’t feel like this was very taxing.

This hellish pain continued for over two hours but felt longer than a year to the Dragonmark warriors. However, to Guo Ran, it felt like a century. He was about to go crazy.

Long Chen finally nodded. Everyone’s bodies had undergone a great change, and their auras were much more solid. The tribulation clouds in the sky were starting to fade.


Suddenly, a blood-red saber-image pierced into the sky, and the tribulation clouds were cut in two. This attack caused even Gu Yang and the others to jump in shock. Long Chen was actually once more attacking the lightning tribulation.

If the lightning tribulation once more strengthened, then perhaps people like Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, and the other commanders might be able to barely endure it, but the others would be instantly annihilated.

But surprisingly, the tribulation clouds were cleanly cut in two, and sunlight peeked out from that crack. After that, the tribulation clouds slowly dissipated without healing.

“Boss is mighty! Brothers, we succeeded! We’re Foundation Forging experts!” Seeing the tribulation clouds fade away, the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors all let out heaven-shaking cheers.

The Dragonmark warriors were cheering with utmost passion. They were unable to believe that they had survived after fighting against the heavens.

“It ignored me?” Long Chen couldn’t help being dumbfounded as he looked at the scattering tribulation clouds. He had been hoping to allow Lei Long to eat some more this time, but the tribulation clouds simply scattered.

He had been hoping to use their heavenly tribulation to strengthen Lei Long as much as possible. That way, he would have a powerful trump card for his next tribulation.

But looking at this scene, it seemed his hopes were completely dashed. He had miscalculated the laws of the Heavenly Daos.

When the Dragonblood Legion returned to Crouching Dragon Mountain, the entire Xuantian Dao Sect was shaken. In just one day, over thirteen thousand people had succeeded in their tribulations and become Foundation Forging experts. If they didn’t see it personally, they wouldn’t believe it. Even people who did see it personally were almost unable to believe it.

When this news reached Hu Guishan and Fan Song’s ears, they were immediately dumbfounded, their hearts cold. Looking at the huge number of nine-ring Foundation Building Pills in their hands, their heads were empty.

Now, these nine-ring Foundation Building Pills were useless. All the inner sect disciples had advanced to Foundation Forging now.

As for outer sect disciples, the new ones would need at least a few years to advance. The huge number of pills in their hands would simply rot.

Orders had already come from higher up that they couldn’t return them. They couldn’t get out of this, nor could they sell them. Hu Guishan and Fan Song had lost eight hundred million points, making them both feel like they might cough up blood.

In the end, they had no choice but to reduce the price and sell them, their target being the outer sect disciples. They dropped the original price of eight thousand points to four thousand.

But the outer sect disciples were too poor. Four thousand points was too much for them to afford. When any outer sect disciples advanced to Foundation Forging, they would normally prepare a pill that was much cheaper than the Foundation Building Pill. That pill only cost four hundred points.

Nine-ring Foundation Building Pills were the best pills that could be bought in the Xuantian Dao Sect of their type. Thus, the outer sect disciples couldn’t afford such a thing, and even at four thousand points, there still weren’t any takers.

Despite Hu Guishan and Fan Song running over to the outer sect and trying to sell discounted nine-ring Foundation Building Pills in the same spot Long Chen had sold his elixir back then, not one person came to buy it. In fact, not even one person came to talk to them. That made them dumbfounded.

Later, they heard that Long Chen had said that as long as no one bought any, they would drop the price even further, a price so low that they had never dreamed of it.

The outer sect was Long Chen’s land. He was like a god there, and his words were practically more effective than the Xuan Master’s.

Hu Guishan and Fan Song were so furious that they turned purple. They now realized their attempt of conning Long Chen had resulted in them being conned by Long Chen.

But they still had to sell them. These pills were garbage in their hands. They needed more points to consolidate their people’s cultivation bases.

It had to be known that these points were not their personal points. They had gathered all the points they could from their factions, and they had only barely managed to gather enough. After all, not all factions were as united as the Dragonblood Legion and willing to give all their points to the leader.

Hu Guishan and Fan Song had borrowed points from their disciples to buy the nine-ring Foundation Building Pills in order to make a huge profit. But let alone making a profit, they even lost their investment.

No one bit at four thousand points, so clenching their teeth, they dropped it to two thousand points. Still, no one came to buy any. And then what made them even more furious was that even at one thousand points, everyone still ignored them.

In truth, one thousand points was a very enticing price. But before Long Chen sent out the word, they didn’t dare to buy any.

Hu Guishan and Fan Song were about to go insane. They didn’t even want to sell them anymore, but they also needed points. In the end, they sent out word that the lowest price would be eight hundred points. If no one bought any, they would rather throw them away.

Now, people finally came to buy them. But now, these eight-thousand-point pills were sold for eight hundred points each.

And the most infuriating thing to them was that these outer sect disciples were actually grateful to Long Chen after buying the nine-ring Foundation Building Pills from them. As for Hu Guishan and Fan Song, the outer disciples just snorted disdainfully at them. The two of them had spent all their money just to make Long Chen even more amazing in the outer sect. Smoke almost came out of their ears.

News of this business sense quickly spread throughout the Xuantian Dao Sect. Whether it was the inner sect or outer sect, or even the workers and commoners, everyone knew that the two of them had become the Xuantian Dao Sect’s laughingstocks.

Their perfect display of ‘trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it’ had been played out to an extreme level, and their legend would be passed down generation after generation. Others would put on plays of this story, ones that were amazing and realistic.

In truth, Long Chen wasn’t aware of any of this. After the tribulation, he had gone into seclusion with the Dragonblood Legion. But before going into seclusion, he had told Qian Duoduo to properly cut Hu Guishan and Fan Song’s flesh.

This had all been done by Qian Duoduo. It went without saying that Qian Duoduo had some real business sense, and this matter was handled very beautifully.

In his seclusion, Long Chen clearly felt the great power of the Foundation Forging realm, but he also noticed something that he didn’t know what to do about.

In this realm, others only had one original rune, but he had 108,000. That made the difficulty in advancing absolutely monstrous.

Although in one to one comparison, the energy within one of his original runes was only about a tenth compared to the energy in Tang Wan-er or Gu Yang’s runes, he still had 108,000 of them. The difficulty of his advancement was thousands of times greater. Now, seven days had passed, and everyone had already consolidated their cultivation bases, making their auras steady. But Long Chen’s aura continued to surge out of his control.

In his helplessness, Long Chen could only take out a yuan spirit stone. Circulating his spiritual energy, he slowly extracted the yuan spiritual energy inside.

This yuan spirit stone came from the Immemorial Path. It was a gift the aboriginals had sent him, and now they finally had a use.

Yuan spiritual energy slowly poured into Long Chen’s body through his hand. That pure energy was the most original energy of heaven and earth, the energy that had existed when the world had first formed. Long Chen felt like spring water was flowing throughout his body.

All his pores opened, and his acupuncture points greedily absorbed this energy. Long Chen saw that his original runes were beginning to grow hundreds of times faster than when he cultivated on his own.


The yuan spirit stone in his hand shattered. After all its yuan spiritual energy was extracted, it broke.

Long Chen took out two yuan spirit stones and continued absorbing their energy. Originally, when it came to consolidating one’s realm, the best option was to rely on your own energy. Although it would take a bit longer, it would make your realm more solid.

But Long Chen couldn’t wait. Others might have only needed a week, but he would probably need two years like this. What kind of joke was that? If he took two years consolidating his realm, everyone else would already be preparing to attack the Jade Core realm.

Long Chen spent three hundred yuan spirit stones to completely satisfy the original runes in his acupuncture points, allowing his aura to finally stabilize.

“This time, I’m probably completely screwed.” Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

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