Chapter 1096 Top Grade Medicinal Pill (Teaser)


Long Chen closed his pill furnace and looked at it with an adoring expression. He had bought a true treasure this time.

This pill furnace was even better than what he had expected. Previously, he had been depending entirely on his own skills for his alchemy. But now he had a pill furnace good enough to assist him, making it much easier for him to refine pills.

Even the extremely difficult to refine Nine Sea Foundation Building Pill was refined so easily by him. The merging of each medicinal powder also became simple.

The pill furnace was exceptionally useful when there were two ingredients with conflicting properties. In order to prevent a furnace explosion, Long Chen would use his flame energy to isolate them, suppress their properties, and then slowly merge them carefully.

However, suppressing their properties would result in a small loss of their spirituality. Now that he had this ancient pill furnace, things were different. The pill furnace possessed its own spirituality, and it was able to merge the contradictory medicinal ingredients without losing any of their spirituality.

That saved his Spiritual Strength and reduced the risk of a furnace explosion in addition to preserving...

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