Chapter 1092 Terrifying Lightning Incarnation

This strange person was actually able to speak. Its voice was harsh, not at all like a person’s voice. It was more like the transmission of a mental message.

When that figure spoke, Long Chen was startled, while the Xuan Master was even more startled.

“He’s not an Empyrean, nor is he a Heaven-Seizer. He’s the most domineering type amongst all heavenly geniuses, a Heaven-Defier.” The Xuan Master looked at Long Chen with absolute shock.

Empyreans, Heaven-Seizers, and Heaven-Defiers were all legendary existences. It was rare to find a single one in ten thousand years. The latter especially was something that was only rumored to exist within legends.

Empyreans were born in times of calamity. They were the result of the heavens’ will, birthed to fight against upcoming catastrophe. Or perhaps in times when the world was in great chaos, when a supreme power was about to be exterminated, there was a chance of an Empyrean appearing.

These Empyreans would all rise like shooting stars. Bringing order to chaos, they fought against a crazy tide and were existences that stood at the peak of the martial path.

As for Heaven-Seizers, they were a domineering type of Divergents. The people they killed would have their karmic luck snatched away by them, and that allowed the Heaven-Seizers to grow exceptionally quickly.

However, these legendary Heaven-Seizers were all innately cold and tended to side toward brutal slaughter. Now, whenever someone encountered such a Divergent, the world had to bring out their full power to eliminate them to prevent disaster.

There were two records of powerful Heaven-Seizers that had emerged from the Martial Heaven Continent. Those two times had caused immense turmoil on the continent, because in the end, those Heaven-Seizers had sided with the Corrupt path and undertaken a slaughter of the Righteous path, causing them to take heavy casualties.

So later, the Righteous path had made a decree that if any sect took in a Heaven-Seizer and raised them instead of eliminating them, the entire Righteous path would become their enemy. As a result, in the last tens of thousands of years, any fellows suspected to be Heaven-Seizers had been killed.

Other than these two legendary existences, there was an even more terrifying existence. Heaven-Defier.

The information about Heaven-Defiers was limited to legend, and their very existence was in defiance of the heavens. They were enemies of the Heavenly Daos, refusing to submit to the heavens’ will. Each time they broke through barriers, they would be sensed by the Heavenly Daos, which would then do anything they could to destroy them.

There was a saying that such people should have never existed within the world. Their fundamental existence was a mistake, so they had to be eliminated.

There was another saying that if a Heaven-Defier managed to grow, they would one day be able to threaten the Heavenly Daos and overturn heaven and earth. As a result, the world would unleash a destructive heavenly tribulation on them whenever they advanced.

It was no wonder the Xuan Master had felt it was odd that this tribulation hadn’t even had any life energy. Even Heaven-Seizers should have had some life energy in their tribulations.

Looking at the tribulation Long Chen was undergoing, he knew this wasn’t something a person should be able to pass. This was a heavenly punishment. But Long Chen had survived.

Now that this strange figure had appeared, the Xuan Master became a bit uneasy. He sensed powerful energy fluctuations from this figure.

“Fuck your Heavenly Daos, and fuck your will of the heavens. You want to annihilate me, so am I supposed to just obediently lie here for you? Are you an idiot?” cursed Long Chen.

He asked himself when he had ever offended anyone. He was candid and open with what he did, and he never did anything he felt guilty about. But the heavens always wanted to exterminate him. He had long since begun holding a stomach full of anger.

“Elimination is your only ending.”

That figure icily gave him a reply before its halberd suddenly caused space to shake. Lightning erupted out of it, and it smashed toward Long Chen.

Long Chen hadn’t been the slightest bit careless. He was completely focused, knowing that this figure had to be absolutely terrifying.


Lightning exploded. Long Chen almost vomited blood as he shot back like a shooting star and created a long ditch on the ground.

“What terrifying power!” Long Chen was shocked. He hadn’t thought that a random blow from this lightning incarnation would possess such power.

He was just about to stand when he felt something odd behind him. His hair stood on end, and a sensation of mortal danger filled his heart. Without even thinking about it, he shot to the side.

Blood flew as a long cut appeared on Long Chen’s back. He had almost been pierced through the heart. If that halberd pierced him, he would very likely be instantly killed.

He had only just dodged when, without even thinking about it, he swung his lightning blade behind him.


His lightning blade smashed against the halberd, and he was once more sent flying.

“How can it be this fast?!” Long Chen roared furiously inside as he flipped through the air. This speed was outside his understanding.

Long Chen was repeatedly blown back without even being able to see his opponent. He could only rely on his other senses to block, and he coughed up blood over and over again.

“The Grand Dao is formless, the Grand Dao is emotionless, sand covers the desert, and all things have spirits.” Just as Long Chen was forced into a miserable state, the Xuan Master’s voice suddenly rang out in his mind.

The Xuan Master had only just finished when his expression changed. A formless pressure gathered in the air and shot towards him.


The Xuan Master’s avatar exploded.

Within a private room of the Xuantian Dao Sect, the sitting Xuan Master’s eyes suddenly flew open.

“How close. If I hadn’t self-destructed my divine will, I would have been caught by the Heavenly Daos. Then it would have been really troublesome.”

The Xuan Master slowly closed his eyes once more, and a strand of his divine will once more appeared in the abyss. He wasn’t at all assured of Long Chen’s condition.

“The Grand Dao is formless, the Grand Dao is emotionless, sand covers the desert, and all things have spirits?” Long Chen repeated this phrase again.

“So that’s what’s going on. The Grand Dao is formless, making it difficult to capture their substance. The Grand Dao is emotionless, making it difficult to capture their intent.

“Sand covers the desert? Fuck, no wonder I can’t fight it, this entire place is filled with lightning. This is its domain, and it can freely move within it with basically no spatial limitations. No matter how far I dodge, as long as I remain within this lightning domain, it can reach me instantly.

“All things have spirits… What is that supposed to mean?”

Long Chen immediately understood the first three points, but that last part was too vague. How was that supposed to relate to his situation?


Long Chen was once more sent flying by a heavy impact. This time, a nick appeared in his lightning blade. Long Chen felt Lei Long’s pain.

“All things have spirits!” Long Chen suddenly closed his eyes as he flipped through the air. He used Lei Long’s senses to view the world.

In that instant, Long Chen was no longer blind. The world became incomparably clear, and he ‘saw’ the lightning incarnation. It had already appeared behind him, its halberd raised in the air.

“Now I’ve got you! Green Dragon Battle Armor!”

Green scales covered Long Chen’s body. A powerful aura surged into the sky, and the terrifying pressure caused the ground to crack.

This was Long Chen’s first time using the Green Dragon Battle Armor since advancing to Foundation Forging. The essence blood in his body was like ignited gunpowder. It was like endless energy was erupting within him.

“Die!” Long Chen roared. His spiritual yuan, essence blood, and Spiritual Strength all poured into Lei Long. The lightning blade unleashed blinding light as it slashed at the lightning incarnation.


The halberd and lightning blade slammed together, and the ground exploded. But neither party was forced back by the other.

Long Chen suddenly raised his head and laughed uproariously. Spiritual yuan swelled throughout his 108,000 acupuncture points, and that vast energy poured out of him.

The lightning incarnation was still emotionless. As Long Chen poured in more energy, the lightning in the air was absorbed by the lightning incarnation. In the end, there wasn’t the slightest sign of any lightning tribulation in the air.


But the two of them were still clashing all-out. The ground was constantly being blown apart, forming a pit that continuously grew. The two of them were now fighting in an empty space.

At first, this empty space had been filled with lightning. But those lightning runes had condensed until they were a small ball as bright as the blazing sun.


Finally, that sun exploded. Two figures shot out and then once more attacked each other.

Each time they collided, it was a heaven-shaking collision. The terrain was constantly changing as the two of them flew through the air like meteors.

This intense fight continued for two hours. Heaven and earth had been completely toppled.


Suddenly, the halberd pierced Long Chen’s chest. Cracks spread throughout his body, but Long Chen’s lightning blade had also pierced the lightning incarnation’s body.

“Explode!” Long Chen suddenly shouted. The cracks spreading around his body instantly healed, while his lightning blade exploded.

Long Chen had actually detonated his lightning blade, and the lightning incarnation’s body also exploded with it, transforming into a sky-full of runes.

“Quick, devour them… cough…” Eight flame dragons shot out, devouring those lightning runes. Those runes didn’t just belong to the lightning incarnation, but also Lei Long.

Lei Long’s self-destruction was essentially throwing away half its life. But Long Chen had had no other choice. He hadn’t been able to continue so intensely any longer.

With that last exchange when the halberd had pierced his chest, he had almost exploded. Long Chen had completely unleashed all the primal chaos space’s life energy to contain and heal that injury, as well as to bear the power of Lei Long’s self-destruction.

But as a result, when the lightning incarnation had exploded, its halberd had also exploded in his body. If he hadn’t healed back to his peak in that instant, he would have died.

Even so, there was a large bloody hole in his chest, and his face was as pale as paper. He panted for breath.

This was his most miserable lightning tribulation. It had been too monstrous, and he had almost died.

He swallowed a healing pill to suppress his injuries. Just as all the lightning runes in the air were devoured by Huo Long and he was about to leave…

Black mist suddenly appeared at the end of the abyss, and a figure slowly materialized in the air, one with skin as white as snow and a pair of ocean-blue eyes. She icily stared at Long Chen.

“You…? Why would you appear here?” Long Chen’s jaw dropped.

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