Chapter 1092 Terrifying Lightning Incarnation (Teaser)

This strange person was actually able to speak. Its voice was harsh, not at all like a person’s voice. It was more like the transmission of a mental message.

When that figure spoke, Long Chen was startled, while the Xuan Master was even more startled.

“He’s not an Empyrean, nor is he a Heaven-Seizer. He’s the most domineering type amongst all heavenly geniuses, a Heaven-Defier.” The Xuan Master looked at Long Chen with absolute shock.

Empyreans, Heaven-Seizers, and Heaven-Defiers were all legendary existences. It was rare to find a single one in ten thousand years. The latter especially was something that was only rumored to exist within legends.

Empyreans were born in times of calamity. They were the result of the heavens’ will, birthed to fight against upcoming catastrophe. Or perhaps in times when the world was in great chaos, when a supreme power was about to be exterminated, there was a chance of an Empyrean appearing.

These Empyreans would all rise like shooting stars. Bringing order to chaos, they fought against a crazy tide and were existences that stood at the peak of the martial path.

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