Chapter 1091 Lightning Incarnation

Long Chen felt like there was a seed within each of his 108,000 acupuncture points now.

Although it was just starting to bud and hadn’t sprouted, he felt boundless energy coming out of them, giving him immense strength. The 108,000 seeds were transforming his body.

A cycle of energy formed throughout his acupuncture points. With his four seas as the primer, the acupuncture points were all connected. He felt his spiritual yuan rumbling within him.

“This is the power of the Foundation Forging realm? It’s absolutely terrifying. The method I bet on really was right. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art is cultivated just like this.”

Long Chen was so thankful that he almost wept tears. In his life, his luck was so terrible that everything he did ended up with twists and turns. But this time, he had finally won a gamble. To put it in his words, the heavens really were blind.

With this immense power surging within him, he felt possessed by a god of war. Those terrifying lightning monsters were all destroyed with a single punch each. After they were destroyed, they would try to reform.

But naturally Long Chen wasn’t so stupid as to just allow them to reform. Lei Long didn’t foolishly waste its energy fighting these lightning monsters. It directly went to devour their remnants. Once Lei Long devoured them, they couldn’t reform.

Long Chen fought against them for several hours. He only became fiercer, and eventually, their numbers began to drop and Lei Long’s aura continued to increase. Just like Huo Long, it no longer continued to grow, instead maintaining a thirty-thousand-meter body.

Once the final lightning monster was killed, countless figures once more descended from the sky. They were Ancient Heroic Spirits.

Legend said that they were heavenly geniuses who had fallen in their heavenly tribulations. Their unyielding wills had caused them to transform into heroic spirits, and they were controlled by the Heavenly Daos to kill others undergoing tribulation.

Long Chen met the first one with his fist. The Ancient Heroic Spirit’s upper body exploded, while Long Chen was knocked back hundreds of meters.

The Ancient Heroic Spirit’s body quickly recovered, and it once more rushed toward him. At this time, a huge spear came piercing toward Long Chen’s back. Long Chen fiercely smashed his fist on that spear.

Borrowing the energy of that collision, he flew out, dodging the other Ancient Heroic Spirits’ attacks.

He suddenly felt a burst of pain on his back when a lightning arrow pierced through him. He saw a distant Ancient Heroic Spirit holding a bow.

This arrow had come silently without warning. It was clearly imbued by a kind of magical art that made it difficult to dodge.

These Ancient Heroic Spirits were the top heavenly geniuses of their generations. Although their power had dropped greatly after being turned into this state, they had been peak geniuses in their lifetimes. They had been killed during their Foundation Forging tribulations. That was because they had refused to comply with the Heavenly Daos during their tribulations. Their refusal to submit had caused them to be destroyed.

Those who dared to resist the Heavenly Daos all had to be stunning geniuses. Now, hundreds of them were surrounding Long Chen.

“Fuck off!” Long Chen snorted coldly, directly calling back Lei Long, as it was unable to devour these Ancient Heroic Spirits. Now, a huge lightning blade appeared in Long Chen’s hands.

Lei Long’s own combat power wasn’t high enough, but when transformed into a lightning blade and connected with Long Chen’s spiritual yuan, it was completely different.

Holding the lightning blade, Long Chen charged toward an Ancient Heroic Spirit, and let out a simple slash. The weapon it was holding shattered, and the Ancient Heroic Spirit was split in two.

As soon as it was destroyed, a huge flame dragon appeared and swallowed it into its stomach.

Although Huo Long was powerful, there wasn’t much contradiction between lightning and fire. Thus, it was unable to fight effectively against them.

But it was precisely because of this lack of contradiction that once Huo Long devoured the Ancient Heroic Spirit’s destroyed body, its energy would be isolated from the outside world’s Heavenly Daos. It would be unable to reform, and once devoured, Huo Long would return within Long Chen’s body and send the energy to Lei Long. Lei Long would essentially devour the Ancient Heroic Spirit’s divine runes.

Long Chen could clearly sense the lightning blade in his hands grow stronger after Lei Long had devoured the Ancient Heroic Spirit’s runes. Just a single Ancient Heroic Spirit was immensely beneficial to Lei Long.

Holding the lightning blade, he crazily attacked the Ancient Heroic Spirits. They weren’t just powerful, they also possessed combat experience. Fighting against them was difficult, as they lacked openings. While he was surrounded, he could only fight them head-on.

Practically each time he killed one, he would have to receive an attack from the others. There was one time his head was almost struck by an arrow.

After killing that one, he summoned Huo Long’s split bodies. Although they were unable to cause any damage to these Ancient Heroic Spirits, they could slow them down a bit. One of those flame dragons entangled the archer Ancient Heroic Spirit.

That Ancient Heroic Spirit was unable to escape Huo Long’s entanglement, and as a result, it was killed with one blow from Long Chen.

With Huo Long’s help, Long Chen had it much easier. He was no longer forced to repeatedly fall back and was now able to attack and defend properly. Each time an Ancient Heroic Spirit was killed, it would be devoured by a flame dragon and sent to Lei Long.

Long Chen felt the lightning blade in his hand expressing its joy. Lei Long was growing stronger and stronger, and now, the Ancient Heroic Spirits’ weapons would explode upon contact with it.

After two hours, the final Ancient Heroic Spirit was killed. Long Chen was covered in blood, but he didn’t circulate the primal chaos bead to heal.

He guessed that now that he had advanced to Foundation Forging, the Iron Spruce Oaks would only be able to offer him a single full recovery. He didn’t dare to tap into their energy before he had to.

Fortunately, after advancing to Foundation Forging, his acupuncture points actually had the effect of nourishing his injuries. Although it wasn’t so far as to allow him to rapidly recover, he could at least bear these injuries.

A fierce rumble came from his lightning blade. Long Chen was startled and delighted. Lei Long was now also able to send Long Chen spiritual messages. Although it was a bit muddled and wasn’t as clear as Huo Long, he knew that Lei Long was also close to transforming as well.

Just at this moment, lightning chains descended from the sky.

“You want to bind me? Idiot, you think I’d fall for the same trick twice? Split the Heavens 2!”

Long Chen snorted and slashed his saber. He had almost died because of these chains in the Immemorial Path. Once bound, it would be extremely troublesome.

The lightning blade slashed through the air, shattering the lightning chains that were incredibly weak in front of it. They transformed into runes and began to fade.

“Want to run? Keep dreaming!” Long Chen continuously destroyed the lightning chains. Each time he attacked, he used the second form of Split the Heavens. This was the most powerful blow he could unleash instantaneously.

The lightning chains were rapidly destroyed, and eight flame dragons crazily devoured their remnants.

“Others only know that Long Chen is strong, but they don’t know that he has no choice but to be strong,” sighed the Xuan Master.

From Long Chen’s calm expression, he could tell that this terrifying tribulation was something he had long since been prepared for. He had clearly endured such a thing more than once.

For him to be able to survive such terrifying tribulations was essentially a miracle in itself. Just how much hardship did he have to go through to create such miracles over and over again? Only he himself knew.

If Long Chen wasn’t strong, there would no longer be a Long Chen in this world, nor would there be a Dragonblood Legion.

“He’s similar to a legendary Heaven-Seizer. They snatch heaven and earth’s luck and destiny for themselves. But Heaven-Seizers are always isolated figures, natural unlucky stars fated to always be alone. But Long Chen has so many allies and so many brothers and sisters by his side. It’s different from the legends. Curious.”

The Xuan Master couldn’t help being a bit puzzled.

After wiping out the chains, Long Chen suddenly pointed his blade toward the sky. A terrifying aura caused the world to shake.

“Split the Heavens 3!” Long Chen roared furiously, his lightning saber unleashing divine rumbling.

The Xuan Master’s pupils shrank. This attack of Long Chen’s caused the very sky to be split. A large opening appeared in the tribulation clouds.

It was like a granary had been cut open. Endless lightning poured out toward Long Chen.

Long Chen had originally just been venting a bit. It was too depressing to be constantly suppressed by heavenly tribulation, so when he finally had a chance to counterattack, he took it. He hadn’t expected to get such a result.

“Time to eat!”

Eight flame dragons charged towards the lightning runes. Those were the purest essence of the tribulation.

But there were too many lightning runes. The flame dragon’s stomachs inflated like balloons before they returned to Long Chen’s body. Spitting out their contents to Lei Long, they charged out once more.

The huge cut quickly healed. Heaven and earth trembled intensely as if the world was infuriated.

But after this attack, the tribulation clouds had clearly grown less dense. A great deal of their essence had entered Lei Long’s body.


Suddenly, the tribulation clouds exploded. A figure holding a halberd appeared in front of Long Chen. It was a person, a true person.

He looked just like someone made of flesh and blood. The only difference was that his pupils contained two flashing lightning runes.

As soon as that person appeared, Long Chen’s heart shook and his hair stood on end. This person was extremely dangerous.

“Those who defy the heavens will all be destroyed by the Heavenly Daos! In front of the mandate of the Heavens, face your death!” That halberd-wielding man actually spoke, causing the distant Xuan Master’s pupils to shrink.

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