Chapter 1090 World Destroying Tribulation

Long Chen was naturally still in the Infernal Devil Abyss. At this time, he was near the entrance to the spatial channel inside.

This huge black hole channel was like a gaping maw trying to devour the entire world.

“Are you confident? This is a special place, and stronger experts are suppressed. If something happens to you, I can’t save you. Don’t carelessly play with your life.” The Xuan Master’s voice rang out in his head.

“It’s fine, I have experience,” said Long Chen.

Of course he had experience. He had used his heavenly tribulation to con countless powerful enemies. His experience told him that every time his heavenly tribulation appeared, it would first exterminate the others before moving to destroy him.

Before those fellows died, his tribulation wouldn’t end. Having been going through tribulation since advancing to Blood Condensation, he was definitely a pro at passing tribulations.

The light barriers ahead of him were constantly shuddering as they were impacted by some kind of energy. Cracks were starting to appear on them.

“Please keep disciple’s secret,” said Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, this matter will not reach another person’s ears. The only one in the Infernal Devil Abyss now is you,” said the Xuan Master.

“Then I’ll start now.”

Long Chen closed his eyes. His four stars slowly revolved, and his four qi seas looked as if they were boiling. Boundless spiritual yuan surged through his body.

Long Chen was about to attack the Foundation Forging realm. Because he had no Dantian, he was unable to use his Dantian to attack the barrier. Right now, what he was relying on were his body’s 108,000 acupuncture points.

This was something he had suddenly comprehended when advancing to Sea Expansion. These acupuncture points were places that could store his divine runes and when the time came, his spiritual yuan. Normally, they were only used for activating magical arts or Battle Skills.

But now Long Chen was blazing an alternate path, using the 108,000 acupuncture points as his Dantian. He fully activated them, pouring the energy of his four seas into them. Each acupuncture point began to expand as he poured in spiritual yuan, and as a result, heaven and earth began to rumble.


Suddenly, the final light barrier in front of him broke, and a veritable endless wave of devil beasts charged out. It was like a black tide pouring toward him.

Long Chen didn’t make any movements. His four qi seas were gushing with energy, and his 108,000 acupuncture points were fully activated. The sky turned dark.

This time, it was true darkness, so dark that you couldn’t see your fingers even if you waved them in front of your eyes. Boundless tribulation clouds covered this entire world. It was like the apocalypse had come.

Lightning began to flash within the tribulation clouds. At the same time, a terrifying pressure that caused heaven and earth to quiver descended.

Long Chen took a deep breath. He could feel that the tribulation this time was terrifying to an unprecedented level. Even before it descended, the pressure it unleashed made it hard for him to breathe.

At this time, a translucent figure stood on a distant wall in the Infernal Devil Abyss, looking in Long Chen’s direction.

This was the Xuan Master. However, it wasn’t his true body, but a wisp of his divine will. As the suppression from this place was too great, his true body was unable to enter, and he was only able to use this method to keep an eye on Long Chen.

“This is an apocalyptic tribulation, a heavenly tribulation only Divergents will undergo. It only contains a will to destroy, without the slightest life energy,” muttered the Xuan Master.

Even for the Xuan Master, this was his first time seeing a Divergent undergoing tribulation. It was an extremely rare thing, as such apocalyptic tribulations were normally only ever recorded in legends. Only a few people had ever seen them.

Within the endless tide of devil beasts, the majority had reached the ninth rank, and a third of those were at the mid ninth rank. Most terrifying of all, some of these ninth rank devil beasts had scales and powerful auras. They were actually the unprecedented late ninth rank devil beasts.

“BREAK!” Long Chen suddenly roared, and his spiritual yuan detonated within his 108,000 acupuncture points. His acupuncture points rapidly expanded and a cracking sound rang out. It was like something had broken within Long Chen’s body.

A terrifying aura soared into the sky. Within that darkness, a sea of lightning suddenly appeared. 

The sea of lightning was filled with lightning runes, and one by one, they fell. They automatically exploded amongst the devil beasts.

These devil beasts were innately weak to this kind of heavenly tribulation. They exploded along with the lightning runes.

All the ordinary ninth rank devil beasts were unable to endure it. Mid ninth rank devil beasts could only last for a few seconds, while late ninth rank devil beasts with their powerful scales were still able to last three to five breaths. 

The sea of lightning was ten thousand miles wide, covering this entire passage. The endless tide of devil beasts was destroyed without even getting a chance to approach Long Chen.

While his body was bathed in lightning, a thirty-thousand-meter lightning dragon appeared behind Long Chen. It crazily devoured all the lightning runes around him.

“So that’s what it was.” The Xuan Master suddenly realized how Long Chen was able to control tribulation lightning. His lightning was all gathered like this.

Lei Long was like a Magical Beast that hadn’t eaten anything in ten thousand years. It crazily devoured the lightning runes. This time, the lightning tribulation was extremely powerful. Just the first wave was already these exploding lightning runes. Just one of them could instantly kill a Sea Expansion expert.

The Xuan Master also realized why Long Chen was so sure he could block the devil beast army. Such a terrifying lightning tribulation wasn’t something a human could pass.

Heavenly tribulation was ninety percent destructive, and ten percent life-giving. As long as you understood how to grasp that bit of life energy, acting in tune with the will of the heavenly tribulation, the chances of passing it were very high.

But when it came to Long Chen’s tribulation, it didn’t care if he acted in tune with it or not. It simply wanted to destroy him, giving him no chance at all.

This was like how a mortal was able to swim in water. It was because they had time to breathe. Heavenly tribulation was the same. Grasping the bit of life energy was equivalent to winning breathing room. You wouldn’t drown.

But Long Chen’s annihilation tribulation gave him no breathing room at all. It existed purely to kill him.

However, Long Chen was still calmly standing there. He was absolutely fine as he allowed the lightning runes to explode on his body.

His physical body was extremely powerful. When it came to just his physical body, he was even stronger than ordinary Jade Core experts. Other than Wilde, his physical body could be rated as number one.

Even as the sea of lightning continued, those devil beasts continued to charge through the channel without a thought. As a result, however many came was however many died. They acted fearlessly like mindless puppets.

Time passed bit by bit. Lei Long was constantly growing stronger, but curiously, the heavenly tribulation still maintained this phase without growing stronger.

Long Chen smiled in derision. The tribulation was waiting. It was waiting until there was no one else interfering to completely destroy him. He had figured out its methods.

If he hadn’t heard that heavenly tribulation was a manifestation of the Heavenly Daos and that no one could control it, he would suspect that someone was intentionally using heavenly tribulation to kill him.

Even after a day and a night, the devil beasts continued to pour out from the channel, shocking even the Xuan Master. The eruption this time was too terrifying and had far surpassed the last record.

If they had used the stronghold to kill them all, then the price would have gravely harmed the core of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Therefore, it could be said that Long Chen was making a huge contribution to the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Finally, after several more hours, it was unknown how many devil beasts had been destroyed. In any case, the ground was covered in broken bits of their corpses, and no more came out of the spatial channel. The sea of lightning in the air seemed to sense something, and an even more terrifying pressure crashed down.

Heaven and earth rumbled, and the void split open as countless figures descended like huge mountains.

These were huge lightning monsters formed entirely of lightning runes. They were several miles long and extremely lifelike. With heaven-shaking roars, they charged at Long Chen.

There were all kinds of them. Eagles, elephants, dragons, phoenixes. Their huge figures were even more powerful than those late ninth rank devil beasts.

“They’re finally here. Then let’s fight.”

Wings appeared behind Long Chen, as well as his divine ring. Four stars revolved in his eyes.


Long Chen sent a punch at the first lightning monster. Now, spiritual yuan existed within all 108,000 of his acupuncture points, and he felt like his body was brimming with unprecedented power.

This was an all-out attack from him, and this lightning monster was blown apart, transforming into lightning runes.

“What fierce energy. But I can’t feel his immortal platform condensing. Where does his power come from?” Even the Xuan Master’s expression changed.

The Foundation Forging realm referred to condensing the immortal platform above the qi sea. Using one’s essence, qi, and spirit, the goal was to condense your own original rune. That rune was the foundation of the immortal platform.

Then you would continue condensing runes on top of it, and once you condensed the ninth one, they would transform into one again. That would bring you to the first Heavenstage of Foundation Forging.

The second Heavenstage involved condensing eight such runes, the third Heavenstage required condensing seven, etc. They condensed higher and higher, creating your immortal platform. In the immortal era, that platform would be your foundation for becoming a god or immortal.

But the Xuan Master was unable to sense the existence of Long Chen’s immortal platform. Nor did he see his original rune appear on his forehead.

However, his combat power was dozens of times greater than before. That was a clear sign that he had advanced to the Foundation Forging realm. Even the Xuan Master was unable to tell what was happening.

Long Chen repeatedly struck down lightning beasts with his fists. With his current power, none of them were able to take a single blow.

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