Chapter 109 Core Flame

The white-robed man went crazy as he looked at that pillar of light.

“I’LL KILL YOU ALL!!!” he roared.

Long Chen icily said, “I find that you guys really are just a bunch of idiots. Despite it being obviously your own mistake, you now want to blame others.”

Although Long Chen didn’t know the whole history, hearing his father’s words, it wasn’t hard for him to imagine what had happened.

Frankly speaking, the Long family was the true victim in this case. It didn’t make any sense for the white-robed man to blame them.

“You damned ants, why did you have to struggle?! If you didn’t resist, how could it end up like this? All of you will die in recompense!” snarled the white-robed man.

“You idiot. Are you mentally retarded?” Long Chen ridiculed. This white-robed man was no longer acting like a person anymore. He was acting more like an insane dog.

“Sorry to trouble you two, but could you go kill this crazy dog?” Long Chen turned to the two Tendon Transformation experts.

At this time, those two possessed the highest battle strength present. Having them kill the white-robed man in his current state wasn’t difficult.

“We’ll handle it.” The two of them nodded. They had yet to have an opportunity to reveal their true strength, causing them to also feel a bit vexed. Now was the best time for them to show off a bit.

“Hahahaha!!!” The white-robed man crazily laughed, bitterness filling his eyes. “You miserable ants, you ruined everything! All my effort was wasted! You can all go to hell!”

After saying that, he took out a black medicinal pill.

He immediately swallowed that medicinal pill. The two experts Long Tianxiao had brought along reached him at almost the same time.

“Hmph, eating medicine now is too late!” The two of them raised their weapons and slashed them down upon him.

But when Long Chen saw that black medicinal pill, he couldn’t help being surprised. Suddenly, his expression changed as he realized just what that medicinal pill was.


But he was too late. The white-robed man sinisterly smiled and punched out with both of his hands.

Two explosions of bloody mist dyed the sky red. Everyone looked on stupefied.

“How is this possible?”

Long Tianxiao and the others were absolutely appalled. Two powerful Tendon Transformation experts had been killed just like that, not even their bones remaining.

“Life Devouring Blood Explosion Pill. It’s actually a Life Devouring Blood Explosion Pill?”

Long Chen was greatly shaken. He had recognized that to be a self-destructive medicinal pill. Who would have thought that the white-robed man would possess one and that he would even consume it now?

The Life Devouring Blood Explosion Pill was a medicinal pill that converted life into power. By igniting your remaining vitality, you could release over double your normal strength.

That was an extremely terrifying medicinal pill. But its repercussions were also extremely cruel. There was only one result after consuming it: death.

From the moment he had consumed the Life Devouring Blood Explosion Pill, the white-robed man’s remaining moments were on a countdown. In just the time it took for an incense stick to burn, all his life force would run dry and he would die.

The white-robed man’s entire body turned bloody. His face was malevolent and evil. He clenched his teeth as he looked at Long Chen and the others as if he were a beast deciding which one to eat first.

Originally, this mission hadn’t been his. It had been the mission of a worker within the sect who would be promoted to become an outer disciple after completing it.

But the white-robed man had used his own means to force that worker into an ‘accident’, and then with other people’s help, he managed to gain what should have been an extremely easy mission.

As long as he finished it, he would be promoted to become an inner sect disciple. There was even an extremely remote hope that the sect might promote him to a core disciple.

He originally hadn’t been worried after the fourth prince’s plan had failed. As long as he personally killed them, the plan could continue as usual.

He would just have to quickly cover it up and not let anyone from the sect find out. As long as he waited patiently and used the fourth prince properly, he could secretly build a tunnel and set up several larger spirit concealing grand formations, allowing him to begin mining the spirit stones.

Although that would take a great deal of time, it was the safest and most dependable method.

This plan had already been in the works for over ten years. As for the white-robed man, he had only taken over two years ago. Everything had already been set up, and he was just waiting to collect the profits.

But now the Hidden Spirit Formation had been broken and the spirit qi of the spirit stone mine had been released. Such a huge movement would definitely attract members from the various large sects.

His mission had completely failed. Not only would he not get a reward, but he would have to face the sect’s most ruthless punishments.

Thinking of that, he had become filled with hatred and resentment. He wouldn’t be able to obtain anything. He had thus descended into madness and swallowed the Life Devouring Blood Explosion Pill.

He was only in his twenties, but as soon as he had consumed that medicinal pill, he immediately transformed to look like a middle-aged man.

That was how terrifying the Life Devouring Blood Explosion Pill was. It would crazily absorb his life force, turning it into strength. With each breath he was taking now, another year came off his vitality.

“All you ants can die now!” The white-robed man roared and punched out. The terrifying wind from that punch shot out over hundreds of meters, turning into a whistling beast head that charged towards them.

The terrifying pressure from it caused people to be unable to even breath. They felt as if even their organs were being squeezed to death. If they were hit by that wild gale, they would undoubtedly die.

Long Tianxiao took a deep breath. Although he knew he would definitely die, he still got up, just about to charge out to block.

But Long Chen was even faster than him. As that wild gale was on route, he punched out.

“Breaking Wind Fist!”


Long Chen had just punched when a huge wind blade shot out from behind him. That was Little Snow’s attack.

Little Snow had realized that it was a desperate situation, and his attack was shot out at the perfect time.


Qi waves exploded out. Long Tianxiao and the others felt as if a wild bull had rammed into them, and they were sent flying.

Everyone ached. Fatty Yu and the others, whose cultivation bases weren’t high enough, fainted directly.

Long Tianxiao hastily looked back. Dust filled the air and a huge crater had appeared in the ground. Little Snow was currently digging into the ground.

Suddenly, he stopped and used his teeth to drag out Long Chen from the ground and then charged forward to face the white-robed man.

Long Chen was gasping for breath. That attack had used up all his remaining strength. He was now completely exhausted.

Intense pains wracked his body. He felt that perhaps every single one of his bones had broken. 

“Ants, you dare struggle? Die!”

Seeing that Long Chen was actually able to receive one of his strikes, the white-robed man became even more infuriated. He was just about to punch again when he suddenly saw that tuft of red hair on Little Snow’s head.

“The third rank Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf?”

He was somewhat surprised. He hadn’t really been paying any attention to Little Snow before. The Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf was an excellent companion amongst third rank Magical Beasts. Once they were matured, their battle strength would grow even further.

His heart shook, and his first thought was that he should take this Snow Wolf as his own housepet. But he then immediately remembered that he had already consumed the Life Devouring Blood Explosion Pill, so looking at Little Snow made him even more furious.

“Even you dare mock me? DIE!” He punched out once more.

“Run, Little Snow!”

Long Chen hoarsely cried out with his last bit of energy, not wanting Little Snow to sacrifice himself for nothing.

But Little Snow didn’t listen to Long Chen’s cry at all. He once more spat out a wind blade that struck the wind from the white-robed man’s fist, but the wind force was too great, and so it easily broke past his wind blade and struck him.

With Little Snow’s speed, he should have been able to dodge. 

But Little Snow didn’t move. He forcefully took the attack head-on, resisting it with just his body.


BANG! Little Snow’s body was blown away by that wild wind gale. At the same time, the sound of his bones breaking and shattering rang out.

He was sent tumbling away, only stopping coincidentally right beside Long Chen.

Looking at the blood covering Little Snow’s body, Long Chen couldn’t help but feel anguish.

“Wu!” Little Snow managed to turn his head with great difficulty to look at Long Chen, his eyes filled with dense love.

“You bastards, you can both die!”

The white-robed man sinisterly charged over at the two of them.

Three figures shot over to block him. They were Long Tianxiao, Chu Yao, and Shi Feng. They all knew that they were completely unable to block this white-robed man, however, they refused to just watch as Long Chen died in front of them.

“Fuck off!” The white-robed man angrily swatted at them, and the three of them were immediately sent flying, vomiting blood. In front of the white-robed man, they were unable to resist in the slightest.

After sending the three of them flying, he raised his leg to stamp down on Long Chen. “You repulsive ants can die now.”

If that leg truly did strike Long Chen with its terrifying power, in his weak state, Long Chen would definitely die.

But he did not even have the slightest bit of spiritual qi or energy remaining in him, and it was impossible for him to dodge.

BANG! Waves of qi shot out. Long Tianxiao and the others suddenly saw that a flaming figure had appeared there.

“It’s grandmaster Yun Qi!”

Shi Feng immediately recognized him. But the current grandmaster Yun Qi no longer looked the same as usual. His entire body was covered in flames that had become as red as blood.

Looking into the distance, everyone saw Wei Cang and Wang Luyang had already been burnt to a crisp, no longer possessing the slightest aura.

“You old stick who won’t die, even you have come to block me?!”

The white-robed man had been hit by a powerful force just now, causing him to miss. He angrily raged at grandmaster Yun Qi.

“Grandmaster Yun Qi, you…” Long Chen couldn’t help being distraught when he saw Yun Qi’s current state.

Others weren’t able to tell, but Long Chen could see that grandmaster Yun Qi had already begun to ignite his core flame. That was the life flame of an alchemist. Igniting one’s life flame was equivalent to burning away one’s soul.

“Child, I’ve already lived for many years. I’ve already seen many things. And now I’ve also avenged my one great enmity. I have nothing to regret. You are the most talented genius I’ve ever seen when it comes to pill refining. How can I just let you die in front of me? Haha, even my weary old bones can have some use in the end.”

Grandmaster Yun Qi laughed. He was not filled with anger, but instead a calm ease. He slowly formed a seal with both hands. His thumb and middle finger touched while the rest of his fingers folded over each other. Flames exploded out.

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