Chapter 1089 Star Fall Shakes Heaven and Earth

Long Chen was completely infuriated. Previously, they had arranged this so that the Dragonblood Legion, Heaven Female Alliance, and Ten Thousand Insect Guild would take disastrous losses.

But now, it was clear they weren’t just trying to make them take losses, but to completely destroy them.

This was the Infernal Devil Abyss, and experts on the level of Elders and above would be heavily suppressed upon entering. The power they could unleash would be less than even a Foundation Forging disciple.

As a result, this battlefield had always been led by Foundation Forging disciples, with the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Elders rarely getting personally involved. As for the amount of monitoring they did, it was limited to the numbers of the devil beasts and the casualties amongst disciples.

“They are forcing me.”

Long Chen’s killing intent soared. Since they wanted to play, they could play.

At the same time as Long Chen’s fury soared, light barriers began to appear in the passage. The Xuan Master’s voice rang out.

“The scope of this eruption is too great, and all channels are to be sealed. All disciples, go all-out and kill the devil beasts to win time to activate the stronghold.”

Hearing this, everyone sighed with relief. In truth, seeing this many ninth rank devil beasts had caused many of them to fall into despair just now.

“Long Chen, do you have any opinions?” Suddenly, the Xuan Master’s voice rang out in Long Chen’s head. He was communicating with him spiritually.

“I have a way to exterminate all these devil beasts without activating the stronghold,” said Long Chen after thinking about it for a moment.

“Oh? What way?” The Xuan Master was a bit startled.

He would like to avoid using the stronghold, as it was the Xuantian Dao Sect’s final trump card. Once activated, it would use up all the profit the Xuantian Dao Sect had made in centuries, maybe even a millenium. Even a large sect like the Xuantian Dao Sect couldn’t bear it.

The Dao Sect would prefer giving the disciples great rewards for killing the devil beasts rather than activating the stronghold. That would simply be burning money without the slightest benefit. After all, giving points to disciples still counted as raising them.

“Disciple has already reached the twel- the great circle of Sea Expansion. If I invoke heavenly tribulation, no matter how many devil beasts there are, they will all be killed,” said Long Chen.

Originally, he had been hoping to save his heavenly tribulation for something big, but recently, there hadn’t been anything big. He was now impatient to advance to Foundation Forging.

The fifth star’s pill formula still refused to appear. That made him feel a bit panicked. His guess was that he would only be able to obtain the fifth star’s formula once he advanced to the Foundation Forging realm.

In the Xuantian Dao Sect, he felt his superiority weakening more and more. His ability to fight across realms was dropping, and just fighting against the same realm took all his power now.

“Heavenly tribulation? Do you feel that will be enough?” The Xuan Master was surprised by this answer. If others had come up with this idea, he would have immediately refused.

“It’ll definitely be enough,” said Long Chen.

Only he knew just how terrifying his heavenly tribulations were. In truth, the fact that he hadn’t started refining the fifth star made him feel a bit uneasy about passing.

“Alright, if you can stop this sudden turmoil in the abyss, I, Li Tianxuan, will owe you a favor,” said the Xuan Master.

A favor from the Xuan Master. Long Chen couldn’t help being delighted, as that would be a terrifying trump card. As expected, the Xuan Master was someone trustworthy who would always return favors.

“Xuan Master, you’ve also seen that those bastards…” Long Chen started to probe Xuan Master’s opinion of the plot Gao Xianyang had been using against him.

“Ignore him for now. I have a great use for him. First, kill these devil beasts here. I can only transport people out once space is stable,” said the Xuan Master.

A great use for them? Long Chen was startled. It seemed he was still too immature. Now he felt that it was very likely that the Law Enforcement Hall Master’s unbridled actions were all intentionally arranged by the Xuan Master.

Long Chen nodded. There were still a hundred miles until the devil beasts arrived. There were at least tens of thousands of mid ninth rank devil beasts. Even Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen were feeling despair.

Suddenly, huge flame wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and flame runes ignited the air.

Long Chen was finally taking action. Like a god of fire and war, he soared to the front.

“Everyone, retreat!”

Even as he shouted at them, he continued forward. The runes around him grew more concentrated, and explosive rumbling came from his body like the roaring of a volcano.

Heaven and earth’s energy was pouring toward him. Long Chen’s left hand grabbed his right elbow, and a tiny ball slowly appeared in his right palm.

That ball had only just appeared when it felt like the world lost all its original color to become fiery red.

“Quick, run! Boss is unleashing a big move!” shouted Guo Ran. The Dragonblood Legion had already begun retreating, but the Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild were still a bit dazed. They were just watching as Long Chen flew into the midst of tens of thousands of mid ninth rank devil beasts.

Only once Guo Ran shouted did they react. They hastily retreated. At this time, Long Chen had already reached the center of the crowd of ninth rank devil beasts.

The ball in his hand had grown to the size of an apple, which was his current limit.

It began to rapidly revolve, causing heaven and earth to rumble. A huge flame hurricane appeared around him, looking like the end of the world.

“Star Fall!”

Long Chen roared and the hurricane disappeared. The world instantly became calm, as if it had lost all sound, as if space and time were frozen.

A small ball of flames left Long Chen’s hand and fell to the ground. Once it touched the ground, that small ball instantly exploded, devouring everything around it.


A huge explosion rocked heaven and earth as endless flames rampaged. Even the disciples from the Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild that were in the midst of rapidly running were instantly caught up by the flames.

“Meteorite Earthen Cover!”

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi both roared at the same time and slammed the ground with their hands. The ground sank, and a thick cover formed above those disciples.

“It’s hot!” Startled cries rang out as they felt like they were buns in a steamer. The cover above their heads had already turned red.

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi quickly withdrew their defenses once the flames were gone, and everyone flew out to see that the land had turned a charred black.

The distant Dragonblood Legion was also looking extremely miserable, with their robes burned badly. But they were strong enough, and they weren’t injured.

All of them looked over in absolute shock to see a figure still floating in the air. All the devil beasts within thousands of miles around him had been killed.

“This is being a true badass! In comparison, I’m just an actor acting badass,” said Guo Ran worshipfully. There was always a great difference between being badass and being a poser acting like a badass.

This terrifying attack power was something none of them had ever witnessed. They had never even heard of such a stunning thing.

“It was too powerful.” Long Chen looked at his own hand with some disbelief. His palm was cracked and charred. But he didn’t mind.

This was the limit that he could control right now. Star Fall’s power was actually even greater than this, but if he increased it any more, he wouldn’t be able to bear it. This was another reason why he greatly wished to advance to Foundation Forging.

Star Fall was practically a divine magical art. Its power was limitless. It was just up to how much flame energy Long Chen could bear.

Long Chen clenched his right hand, and a charred layer of skin fell off. In less than half a breath’s time, his right hand was as good as new.

“However, it’s also a bigger spender. At my current level, I can only use it twice. But its power is such that I could definitely kill whoever I wanted,” Long Chen laughed wickedly. Suddenly, he turned around and shouted, “There are still a few leftovers. It’s the last chance to get so many points, so work hard. There’s no more easy work in the future.”

Long Chen’s attack had been absolutely terrifying. It had killed ninety-nine percent of all the mid ninth rank devil beasts. In the distance, there were less than a hundred ninth rank devil beasts left.

The path behind the devil beasts had been blocked, and their numbers had dropped precipitously. There was also no need to guard the wall. They could go out and slaughter the rest of them.

The remaining devil beasts were quickly tidied up. At this moment, Long Chen looked at his bracelet and saw there was no longer any number on it. There was just a strange symbol.

This bracelet was only able to count up to one billion. The ninth rank devil beasts he had killed before numbered over forty thousand, with each one of them being worth one million points. As for mid ninth rank devil beasts, no value had been publicly announced. But even if they were worth the same as ordinary ninth rank devil beasts, this one attack had caused his points to skyrocket.

After an incense stick’s worth of time, the remaining devil beasts were all killed. But roars and booming still rang out in the distance. The others clearly hadn’t finished fighting yet.

The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were filled with pride. They were the ones to kill their devil beasts first. In truth, they didn’t even realize that this place they were defending had pulled in over a third of all the devil beasts.

The remaining devil beasts were split up between the senior disciples as well as the Divine Beast Mansion, Hegemon Hall, and Flame Gate. The Dragonblood Legion’s pride was fully deserved.

After another incense stick’s worth of time, the distant roaring finally came to a stop. Everything was silent. At this time, the badges on their waists lit up. The light enveloped them and took them back to the inner sect plaza.

Once they arrived, the Dragonblood Legion, Heaven Female Alliance, and Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples jumped in shock. They saw that the number of inner sect disciples had instantly dropped by quite a bit.

To be more specific, over half the Divine Beast Mansion, Hegemon Hall, and Flame Gate’s disciples hadn’t returned. The ones who had were covered in blood, and some only had half their bodies left.

When those people saw the Dragonblood Legion and the others, their expressions completely changed. They found that their numbers had essentially not dropped at all.

“You definitely cheated!” roared one of the Hegemon Hall’s disciples.

“You really are like a wild dog!” Guo Ran glared at that person icily.

“All disciples are to return to their headquarters to rest. Specialized healing experts will come over to help you recover. Your battle ends here,” said Li Changfeng.

Just as everyone was scattering with different thoughts in their heads, Meng Qi suddenly cried out, “Where is Long Chen?!”

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