Chapter 1088 Brute Power Wilde

“Boss!” called out Yue Zifeng.

Long Chen had already appeared at the front of the Dragonblood Legion. Forming hand seals, a blazing flame spear shot out.


The ninth rank devil beast’s black light attack exploded upon contact with Long Chen’s flame spear.

The flames and black light intertwined, forming a region of death. All the devil beasts within that region were blown apart.

That space of a hundred miles now became empty. There had been over ten ninth rank devil beasts there, and now they were gone.

Not even ashes remained. Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen were shocked and afraid.

“This should be a mid ninth rank devil beast. Zifeng, test its power.” Long Chen’s expression still didn’t change.

“Alright.” Yue Zifeng sheathed his sword and flew over to it.

BOOM! He had only just gotten close when the ape-like mid ninth rank devil beast beat its chest with its fists and roared. Another black sphere condensed in its mouth, this one even bigger than last time. It shot toward Yue Zifeng.

Yue Zifeng suddenly changed directions, dodging it. The black sphere once more collided with a flame spear and exploded, exterminating another mass of devil beasts. This attack’s scope was even greater, and it created an even larger empty space on the battlefield.

The Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Beast Guild’s disciples all became afraid. If this attack landed amongst them, it was unknown how many of their corpses would remain.

But the Dragonblood Legion’s people were still indifferent to this mid ninth rank devil beast, and were still continuing according to their previous tempo.

When they looked forward, they saw Long Chen standing at the front of them, and their worries faded.

Long Chen was a monster, and he was still as indifferent as ever. That gave everyone quite a bit of confidence.

The sound of a sword coming out of its sheath rang out. Yue Zifeng was right in front of the devil beast, and he slashed his sword.

This time, he was not using his previous easy blow. A terrifying aura appeared in the air, one that made everyone sure this was one of his top moves.

His sword landed on the devil beast’s chest, leaving behind a large cut. Even its innards appeared, but it didn’t die.

Yue Zifeng continued, his sword striking like lightning. In an instant, wounds covered its arms, legs, back, and even its crotch. Yue Zifeng’s sword speed was just too quick, in an instant unleashing sixteen attacks. But the devil beast still didn’t die.

It roared and crazily attacked Yue Zifeng. But it wasn’t able to touch Yue Zifeng’s agile figure.

“It has no fatal weaknesses. Kill it.” Long Chen shook his head.

“High Edge Slash!” Yue Zifeng let out a low cry, and his sword suddenly unleashed sword-light. Whistling similar to a dragon’s cry rang out. With a cold flash, his sword fell.

A ray of light created a long ditch in the ground. The mid ninth rank devil beast lay at the end of it. Its body shook for a moment and then it stopped moving.

Then a breath later, its body slowly separated into two and fell to the ground.

“Everyone, be careful. Devil beasts with runes on their forehead are mid ninth rank devil beasts,” warned Long Chen.

It was hard to tell the difference between it and the other ninth rank devil beasts they had been killing. Its aura was similar, and its shape was similar. The only difference was that there was a mark on their foreheads.

If people treated a mid ninth rank devil beast as an ordinary one, they would be doomed. Such terrifying devil beasts were so strong that even the Dragonblood warriors wouldn’t be able to endure their attacks.

Even Yue Zifeng needed to use his full power to kill one of them. From this, it could be seen just how terrifying they were.

“Another mid ninth rank devil beast!” cried Guo Ran. He intentionally shot a golden arrow at its head, and it exploded on the outside, only injuring it.

Mid ninth rank devil beasts had even greater defenses. Guo Ran’s arrows were able to easily kill ordinary ninth rank devil beasts, but they were unable to do much to them.

The second mid ninth rank devil beast was also killed by Yue Zifeng. He then began to intentionally pick out the mid ninth rank devil beasts.

But after killing four of them, Long Chen frowned. If this continued, it would be too taxing on Yue Zifeng’s spiritual yuan.

It had to be known that Yue Zifeng followed the Sword Dao with all his heart. He had abandoned his power as a Celestial, making his spiritual yuan very limited. Furthermore, he was unable to recover as quickly as those with Heavenly Dao runes. Such fierce killing with no breaks was only bearable for so long.

“Wilde, your turn,” said Long Chen.

“Nice!” Wilde excitedly charged forward, his body exploding in size. A thirty-meter giant appeared on the frontline.

His spiked club also transformed with his body, becoming absolutely enormous. As he ran forward, the entire battlefield shook.

“Taste my club!”


Everyone was shocked to see a terrifying mid ninth rank devil beast being smashed apart with a single swing of Wilde’s club.

“How terrifying!” They looked at the giant Wilde with absolute shock and horror.

“This kind of terrifying power matched with such a terrifying heavy weapon is practically perfect,” thought Long Chen to himself. 

Wilde repeatedly smashed his club, like a giant god charging through the devil beasts. Even though countless devil beasts surrounded him, he didn’t care. A swing of his club cleared the area for him.

Whether they were ordinary or mid ninth rank devil beasts, being struck meant death. Even just touching the club meant death. In front of Wilde, these devil beasts were as weak as cabbage.

“Perhaps only Long Chen has the qualifications to have such terrifying monsters as followers,” muttered Hua Shiyu.

First, Guo Ran had stunned everyone, and then Meng Qi’s soul arts had shaken them all. After that, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, and Li Qi had all demonstrated great power and fierceness. She didn’t feel any one of them to be weaker than herself.

As for when Yue Zifeng had attacked, she had been completely shocked. That terrifying sword cultivator possessed an aura that made her heart shake. He was an existence she couldn’t possibly fight.

Just as she thought Yue Zifeng was the strongest person in the Dragonblood Legion, Wilde appeared. She finally realized no one was the strongest. There was always someone stronger.

Even those terrifying mid ninth rank devil beasts were killed easily. This kind of power far surpassed the scope of her understanding, the understanding of someone claimed to be a heavenly genius.

While surrounded by the devil beasts, Wilde roared and the runes on his wolf club lit up. He smashed it over.

The ground exploded, and a powerful qi wave blew apart those devil beasts. A hundred-mile area was cleared of devil beasts.

The devil beasts farther back were sent flying, and even the distant disciples felt a fierce astral wind blow by, which felt like knives against their skin.

“He actually learned how to use technique!” Long Chen was incomparably shocked. For someone with Wilde’s intelligence to learn such a thing, perhaps only the Xuantian Catalog was capable of such a heaven-defying miracle.

Wilde was like a giant god amongst the devil beasts. He charged wherever he wanted, completely unstoppable.

But the number of mid ninth rank devil beasts gradually grew to the point that Wilde was only able to stop the majority of them. A few weren’t drawn to him and arrived at the Dragonblood Legion.

Even as Yue Zifeng once more went all-out to kill them, more fish slipped past the net. Long Chen grandly bowed to Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, solemnly saying, “The heavens have let loose a calamity onto the human world. Please fairies, help eliminate these devils, purify the world of their evil.”

“Even at this time, you still can’t be normal.” Meng Qi rebuked Long Chen before she reached for her hair knot. Her long hair cascaded down. At the same time, phoenix cries rang out.

Two three-hundred-meter rainbow-colored lights appeared in the air, flying back and forth. Their light was divine, as if true phoenixes had descended upon the world.

“Phoenix Plume Falling Rain!”

Meng Qi formed hand seals, and the phoenix-lights disappeared, replaced with a pair of feathered wings that covered the sky. The feathers fell to the battlefield, and devil beasts pierced by them couldn't even struggle before losing their lives.

This was the attack of a soul item that contained powerful Spiritual Strength. At the same time as the feathers pierced their bodies, they exterminated their souls.

Tang Wan-er also attacked. Wind blades formed a sea in the air, cutting through devil beasts like rotting wood.

The current Tang Wan-er was also a rank five Celestial, and she had also reached the realm of merging with heaven and earth. Her wind blades were hundreds of times stronger than before. Seventh and eighth rank devil beasts were instantly killed on contact, while ordinary ninth rank devil beasts were only able to last a few breaths.

As for the mid ninth rank devil beasts, they were able to resist, but Tang Wan-er gave them some special treatment.

Dozens of large wind blades would surge toward them, and just like the other devil beasts, they would be quickly cut apart and then ground to dust by countless tiny wind blades.

Now, ninety percent of the devil beasts were taken by the Dragonblood Legion. Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen finally sighed with relief. At most, they were only able to handle two to three mid ninth rank devil beasts at once. Any more, and there would be huge casualties.

Whenever a situation arose that made them a bit panicked, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er would send some distant support, allowing them to continue fighting steadily.


Suddenly, the space in front of them shook. Long Chen hastily looked toward that distant spatial channel, and his heart sank. Huge concentrated figures were charging out, and they were all ninth rank devil beasts. It was unknown how many of them were at the mid ninth rank.

As the devil beasts crazily charged over, Long Chen suddenly saw a distant figure. Countless earthen walls sprang out, and the devil beasts changed direction to come toward Long Chen's side. Killing intent immediately exploded out of Long Chen.

“You really are asking for it!”

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