Chapter 1087 Sword Qi Pierces the Firmament

Long Chen stood in the air, looking into the distance while extending his divine sense slowly. In a place his eyesight was unable to reach, he saw a huge black hole.

It was tens of thousands of miles wide. Around it, the sky had spiderweb cracks extending out, like a frozen lake that had been smashed with a stone.

Spatial cracks continuously formed around it, radiating outward. There were also orderly divine runes constantly working to repair those cracks.

But the hole possessed some kind of mysterious energy that was resisting, and the void was constantly being ripped apart and healed, and then ripped apart and healed. There were two energies fighting, both of which transcended human comprehension.

Countless devil beasts were wildly charging out of the huge hole. Long Chen noticed that the weaker devil beasts found it easier to pass through.

On the other hand, the stronger devil beasts looked like they were being trapped. Ninth rank devil beasts looked as if they were being suppressed by some kind of energy from the world when they passed through the channel.

During the process of crossing over, their bodies would emit white smoke, and they let out pained howls.

“So that’s what it was. These devil beasts are creatures from outside this world. When they come to the Martial Heaven Continent, they are suppressed by the world’s laws. Their power is greatly reduced. No wonder I felt like they weren’t as strong as the ninth rank sea demons I fought in the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring.”

Long Chen came to a sudden realization. This had been a source of confusement for him. If they were called ninth rank devil beasts, they should have been on the same level as ninth rank Magical Beasts and sea demons.

Long Chen shook his head and retracted his divine sense. Doing such a distant probing made him feel a wave of exhaustion in his soul.

That channel was hundreds of thousands of miles from here. That was the absolute limit of his divine sense, and just maintaining it for a few breaths exhausted a significant amount of his soul energy.

“The Xuan Master said that the devil beasts come from hell, but not the hell that people know. Instead, this hell is the crevice between the Netherworld and the Martial Heaven Continent. Ugh, the higher my cultivation base, the less I understand the world. I just feel more and more miniscule,” sighed Long Chen.

He took a deep breath and continued examining the depths of the battlefield. A cold smile quickly appeared on his face.

Up ahead, somewhere they couldn’t see, there were huge earthen walls that slanted toward them. The devil beasts charging through the spatial channel would naturally detour along the earthen walls once they encountered them.

The earthen walls led them over in this direction, and looking on the other side, he saw another defensive wall. Seeing Hu Guishan and the others on it, Long Chen was infuriated.

He directly took out a photographic jade and recorded everything he saw. Gao Xianyang was too despicable. Not only had he arranged for Long Chen to defend a place with more devil beasts, but he was also guiding the majority of the devil beasts that should have been going to Hu Guishan’s side toward him.

Fortunately, Long Chen was able to activate photographic jades inside the primal chaos space. That meant that it recorded whatever he saw. Otherwise, he would only be able to accept this. That was because otherwise, once the battle was over, they would erase all the evidence.

“If you want to play with me, I’ll play you to death,” swore Long Chen.

As time passed, more devil beasts appeared. The Dragonblood Legion had completely gotten used to killing ninth rank devil beasts. The devil beasts were killed one by one, multiplying their confidence and increasing their cooperation skills.

Most importantly, with the healing disciples present, they weren’t the slightest bit worried about being injured. They could go all-out.

As for the healing disciples, they quickly adapted to the battlefield. Any time one of the Dragonblood Legion’s disciples was injured, they would wave the wooden staff in their hands. Through the wooden staff, their wood spiritual energy was able to heal others at a long distance. It was quick and effective. The Dragonblood warriors, who had never experienced such treatment, were absolutely delighted. The protection of these healers was definitely a blessing.

This ability was only possible due to how much money Long Chen had spent on them. Now that they were on the battlefield, it showed just how good it was to be rich and have the best equipment.

The other faction’s healing disciples needed to run to the front and heal people personally, and the efficiency of their healing could not be compared to the Dragonblood Legion’s healers with their equipment.

Currently, the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were in groups of nine. They were able to easily kill low rank devil beasts, and when ninth rank devil beasts appeared, the nine of them would work together, and in just a few breaths, they would be able to kill it. As long as nothing unexpected happened, none of them would even be injured.

In fact, because they knew they had the protection of the healing disciples, they began to feel even more at ease and their attacks became more precise. Their power was used completely on offense. Their killing efficiency rose just from that.

The Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild also tried this. Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen would occasionally allow a ninth rank devil beast to pass so that their disciples could try killing them.

Compared to the Dragonblood Legion, for them to kill ninth rank devil beasts was more difficult. In fact, two disciples were killed in the panic.

But after trying it several times, they managed to bring the first one down. After killing one, their confidence rose. However, the people capable of killing ninth rank devil beasts were not very high in number.

Later, the two factions changed their formations, with their stronger disciples in charge of the ninth rank devil beasts and the weaker disciples in charge of the seventh and eighth rank devil beasts.

As for the support disciples, they were to prioritize the disciples fighting the ninth rank devil beasts. It was more effective that way, with the strong against the strong and the weak against the weak.

Not all factions could be like the Dragonblood Legion and have a relatively balanced overall combat strength. The Dragonblood Legion’s battle style didn’t suit them.


The earth shook. Long Chen hastily looked into the distance and saw that the sky had suddenly darkened. The dusky sky had become the black of night.

That huge black hole in the distance suddenly expanded, and it was possible to see it with the naked eye from their current position now.

“Everyone, prepare yourself. A huge sum of points is about to arrive!” shouted Long Chen.

Within that huge channel, countless devil beasts were pouring out like a flood. Their numbers had multiplied, and the number of ninth rank devil beasts had also increased.

In half an incense stick’s worth of time, that flood of devil beasts arrived in front of the Dragonblood Legion. Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen’s expressions changed slightly. There were too many devil beasts now, especially ninth rank ones. They were unable to kill them all.

“Li Qi, Mingyuan, provide assistance for our allies. Zifeng, why don’t you go forward and make a name for yourself,” said Long Chen.

Hearing Long Chen’s orders, Li Qi and Song Mingyuan, who had long since been thirsty to get started, split up, going toward the Heaven Female Alliance and the Ten Thousand Insect Guild. They formed hand seals and then clapped their hands on the ground, shouting at the same time, “Exploding Rock Spears!”

The ground trembled, and countless sharp spears shot out of the ground, stabbing through the devil beasts. Then the yellow runes covering the rock spears exploded, blowing apart the devil beasts.

In one attack, they swept away all the enemies within dozens of miles. Even ninth rank devil beasts were killed with this move.

“Earthen Thorn Formation!”

The two of them once more shouted, and something similar to brambles grew out of the ground, protecting the outer edges of the two factions.

The devil beasts would be mangled and lacerated when they crashed onto the brambles. However, they seemed to have no sense of pain, and even when turned into such a bloody state, they continued to crash forward.

However, the brambles were tough, slowing their speed. By the time they reached the first line of disciples, much of their flesh stayed behind on the brambles. Even ordinary disciples could easily kill them with an attack. In fact, many of them died within the brambles.

Even a ninth rank devil beast would be badly mangled after charging through the brambles, and several disciples working together could kill it very easily.

When the brambles were covered by corpses, the two of them would circulate their earth energy, blowing the corpses apart. They then once more summoned a new wave of brambles. With the two of them helping, the two factions instantly had it much easier.

At the same time as Li Qi and Song Mingyuan took action, Yue Zifeng also attacked. His attack allowed everyone to see the terror of sword cultivators. His attack was proof of why sword cultivators were called the number one attackers amongst cultivators.

With a slash of his sword and a flash of Sword Qi, any devil beasts, even ninth rank devil beasts, were killed in waves. All of them split apart.

When Yue Zifeng sent an attack at a ninth rank devil beast, his Sword Qi was so powerful that at the same time as it killed the ninth rank devil beast, all the devil beasts in a line dozens of miles long were killed as well.

Once, a single wave of his sword instantly killed four ninth rank devil beasts in a line.

It almost looked like someone was in a rice paddy, brandishing his blade. But instead of rice, he was harvesting devil beasts.

“Yue Zifeng is getting stronger and stronger,” praised Long Chen. Yue Zifeng was walking even further on the Sword Dao. Right now, he was just using ordinary attacks.

Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen were filled with shock, but they were also grateful to Long Chen. Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan were all intentionally allowing ninth rank devil beasts to get by in an injured state. The three of them were essentially giving those points to their disciples. That magnanimity was truly convincing.

Long Chen hadn’t even ordered them to do that. This was simply the style of the Dragonblood Legion. They never took advantage of others, and when they helped people, they helped them fully.

More and more devil beasts appeared, but it only made the disciples more excited. The kill points on their bracelets were constantly climbing. 

Those fortunate enough to kill a ninth rank devil beast would instantly get a million points. Although in the end they would have to distribute those evenly, it still made them incredibly excited.

Time trickled by in their nervous and excited states. One hour, two hours, three hours…

A whole day and night passed, but the devil beasts didn’t slow down. Their numbers continued to increase, until finally, Yue Zifeng’s attack landed on a certain ninth rank devil beast’s body.

A large cut appeared in the devil beast’s body, but it wasn’t fatal, startling Yue Zifeng.

It roared, and opening its mouth, a black light suddenly shot toward the Dragonblood Legion. Yue Zifeng’s expression drastically changed.

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