Chapter 1085 Guo Ran Once More Poses (Teaser)

When the zithers were plucked gently, they released a sound that was like the beating of war drums. As they continued playing, their soundwaves spread, and those slightly uneasy and nervous disciples gradually calmed down. The zither music had the effect of calming their hearts.

Looking at those two, for some unknown reason, Long Chen thought of another woman. She was of unmatched grace and elegance. When her hand touched her zither, the music would touch the depths of people’s souls.

Zi Yan, a name which had been almost forgotten by Long Chen. Hearing this zither music, she once more appeared in his mind.

Long Chen lost focus. The zither music had gone through some soft variations and was growing louder, with greater tempo. The music now contained a battle intent that made people’s blood boil.

The Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples quickly entered their peak battle states. Long Chen nodded. The Music Dao was also powerful. Used on the battlefield, it was the best at controlling the rhythm.

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