Chapter 1085 Guo Ran Once More Poses

When the zithers were plucked gently, they released a sound that was like the beating of war drums. As they continued playing, their soundwaves spread, and those slightly uneasy and nervous disciples gradually calmed down. The zither music had the effect of calming their hearts.

Looking at those two, for some unknown reason, Long Chen thought of another woman. She was of unmatched grace and elegance. When her hand touched her zither, the music would touch the depths of people’s souls.

Zi Yan, a name which had been almost forgotten by Long Chen. Hearing this zither music, she once more appeared in his mind.

Long Chen lost focus. The zither music had gone through some soft variations and was growing louder, with greater tempo. The music now contained a battle intent that made people’s blood boil.

The Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples quickly entered their peak battle states. Long Chen nodded. The Music Dao was also powerful. Used on the battlefield, it was the best at controlling the rhythm.

Depending on the strength of the player, their zither music would be able to directly give people directions. That was even more effective than shouting orders.

“Boss, our faction is truly lacking a powerful music master,” said Guo Ran enviously.

“Perhaps we’ll have one as well. Have you forgotten about the Soul Calming Song? That beautiful woman is a fairy-like existence.” Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen, laughing.

It was unknown whether or not it was because of accompanying Long Chen for so long and having him shop for her had won her over, but she actually said such a thing. It almost sounded like encouragement.

“Ah, that’s right!” Guo Ran slapped his leg. That Soul Calming Song had been one of the foundational aspects that had allowed the Dragonblood Legion to soar. Even Shui Wuhen had benefited from it.

Although Zi Yan was veiled in the photographic jade, just from the parts of her face that were exposed, they could tell she was a beauty that could cause the downfall of a state.

Furthermore, when she played the zither, she possessed a moving immortal charm. She was like a fairy who didn’t eat mortal food. Even though the effect of the music was greatly reduced because it was recorded by a photographic jade, they had benefited immensely.

“That’s right, my ass. I don’t even know her, so how am I supposed to pull her in?” demanded Long Chen.

Long Chen cursed him inside. Did he think he was a god, capable of pulling in anyone? If he was, he’d have long since swept through this world.

Guo Ran was disappointed. Continuing to watch the battle below, they saw that under the guidance of the zither players, their tempo and control only grew better and more natural.

They all understood that the zither players were the crux of this entire formation. Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen both sent down many orders through the zither music, including when to change formations or switch from offense to defense.

Although more and more devil beasts appeared, the two factions still had it very easy. The hordes of devil beasts were slaughtered, making the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors’ hands itchy.

“Boss, let’s also go out,” whispered Guo Ran eagerly. 

“You want to be a poser again?” Long Chen rolled his eyes.

“Yes.” Guo Ran nodded sincerely.

“Your skin is growing even thicker. You don’t even get embarrassed anymore? They’re using this opportunity to drill their troops, so would you not feel ashamed to interfere?” Long Chen was speechless.

“Fine, then I’ll endure a bit longer.”

Guo Ran was a bit embarrassed. But looking at the fiery battle below, he had an urge to descend from the sky and shock everyone, the perfect act of an unrivaled hero arriving on the scene.

“Advance the formations a hundred miles!” shouted Long Chen suddenly. He saw that the distant devil beasts were getting stronger and more numerous. There were more eighth rank devil beasts, and a few isolated ninth rank devil beasts were appearing.

It had only been less than an hour, but ninth rank devil beasts had already appeared. That was not a good omen. Perhaps the numbers of the devil beast army would be even greater than Long Chen had expected.

If they killed too many devil beasts near the wall, their corpses would begin piling up. That would cause problems when the time came.

The two factions slowly pushed forward. As the devil beasts grew stronger, the factions displayed greater power.

Wang Zhen had summoned a huge pincer insect that was completely black but shiny like it was made of metal. It had a long curved tail, seeming to be a variation of a scorpion.

This ‘scorpion’ was huge, looking like it was approximately a mile long. Its aura was extremely terrifying, and its venomous stinger was so toxic that even ninth rank devil beasts would be killed on contact.

This was what Wang Zhen was using to handle the ninth rank devil beasts. On the other side, Hua Shiyu and Zhao Ziyan were standing at the front of their army, meeting any ninth rank devil beasts that came.

After that huge battle last time, they had all obtained an ocean’s worth of points. The disciples had all advanced a great deal in terms of both cultivation base and equipment.

Zhao Ziyan was holding a sword, and when she attacked, Sword Qi would flow out like water. She was actually capable of compressing her water energy to a level that it easily cut through the void, and even ninth rank devil beasts were unable to bear it.

There was a huge ape-like devil beast. Its large arm was cut off with a single slash of her sword, and just as it let out a heaven-shaking roar, before it could reveal any of its power, Zhao Ziyan’s second slash reached its neck.

Black blood spurted into the air along with its head. She had killed it easily.

“Nice!” The Dragonblood Legion’s members cheered from the wall. They all agreed that this attack had been exceptionally beautiful.

“Long Chen, now we’re strong enough. Why not draw Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, and Wang Zhen into the Dragonblood Legion,” whispered Tang Wan-er.

“If I drew them all in, I bet the Xuan Master would kill me.” Long Chen shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Why?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“Because when we leave, we’d end up taking away all the Xuantian Dao Sect’s elites of this generation. It would be odd if he didn’t kill me,” laughed Long Chen.

“Why would we leave?”

“Foolish girl, this world is huge. There’s nowhere that can completely protect us. I wish we could stay in the Xuantian Dao Sect forever, but my prediction is that I’ll provoke a huge calamity one day, and if we don’t leave, we’ll implicate the sect. And if both of them join us and we leave, we’ll have taken away this generation of people. Do you think the Xuan Master will allow that?” said Long Chen.

Long Chen sighed inside. He felt himself to be an unlucky star. If he stayed in the Dao Sect for too long, he would implicate it somehow.

“Brothers, that’s about enough. Prepare to get to work!” called out Long Chen. Up ahead, a mass of large figures had appeared. There were dozens of ninth rank devil beasts approaching.

Right now, they were still slowly advancing because there were just too many seventh and eighth rank devil beasts. It was like wading through knee-deep water. Quite a few of those weaker devil beasts were trampled by them.

Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen’s expressions changed. Although they weren’t afraid of ninth rank devil beasts, there were too many of them. Once they arrived, there was no way for the disciples to kill them all at once. Quite a few would get by, and they were worried that their people wouldn’t be able to handle them.

Just as Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen were about to ask for reinforcement, a huge object fell from the sky. It was a three-hundred-meter square platform, and it landed with such power that it smashed the devil beasts around it to smithereens.

This square platform had been created with special steel. There was a figure loftily standing on it, his arms spread and raised at a forty-five degree angle toward the sky. His chest was out, his head was high, and it was incredibly flashy.

“I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, slaughtered demons, eliminated devils, plucked the stars and moon. Tis I, the unrivaled hero Guo Ran!” chanted Guo Ran in an incredibly showy manner.

Guo Ran looked back to see the Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples looking at him with shock. They were clearly stunned by his display.

But then when he looked at the wall, he saw that only the Dragonmark warriors and newly joined healing disciples were looking at him. Long Chen, Tang Wan-er, and essentially all the Dragonblood warriors, had turned away, acting like they didn’t know him.

Gu Yang: “I can’t handle it. He’s absolutely shameless. He even called himself an unrivaled hero? Does anyone else just give themselves that title?”

Yue Zifeng: “I have goosebumps. I was not prepared for this sudden poser act.”

Li Qi: “Guo Ran’s posing act is familiar, both the way he does it and how it feels. But its power only grows stronger.”

Song Mingyuan: “But his self-restraint got worse. That final sentence of his, his voice was clearly shuddering. He’s definitely nervous.”

After a moment of silence, the same words came from different mouths: “He probably held back from posing for too long.”

“Hey, hey, you call me brother, but you don’t support me at all!? What do you think you’re doing!?” raged Guo Ran.

“There’s no need for so many words, go ahead and continue. We will support you in our minds.” Long Chen turned to face him and forced a smile. As brothers, even if they didn’t cheer on his posing, they couldn’t undermine him. If they did, Guo Ran would go crazy.

Only once he saw Long Chen and the others turning back to face him did Guo Ran’s expression improve. With another bang, a huge crossbow appeared in front of him. This crossbow was so heavy that it caused the platform to shake. It was the same crossbow as last time.

Even after advancing to become a rank five Celestial, Guo Ran was still unable to carry such a heavy crossbow. So he had created this huge platform just for it.

Guo Ran aimed it at the distant ninth rank devil beasts. Once he was focused like this, he truly did have a bit of the air of an expert.

A light sound rang out. A blur flew out, and then, one of the ninth rank devil beasts hundreds of miles away exploded. That made Long Chen and the others’ expressions change slightly. It seemed Guo Ran truly did have the power to be a poser.

Then, shockingly, Guo Ran continued shooting out unknown objects at the ninth rank devil beasts. They were killed one by one, exploding into black blood flowers.

“Damn, how fierce.”

Even Long Chen couldn’t help but let out an exclamation. This was being a poser through power.

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