Chapter 1084 Talisman Cultivator

The next day, Long Chen brought Tang Wan-er to Treasure Gem Island. She directly went to a certain shop and pointed at a necklace on the wall with an embarrassed expression.

Long Chen looked at it and immediately understood. This necklace was called Blessing of the Wind Fairy. It had a heart-shaped pendant that was half-transparent, and energy was fluctuating within it like water.

In truth, that wasn’t water, but wind energy. This pendant was created from a Heavenly Wind Crystal, a treasure every wind attribute cultivator longed for.

By wearing it, she would be able to comprehend the profundities of wind more easily while cultivating. When using magical arts, she would be able to link up to heaven and earth’s wind energy, allowing her to cast them more quickly and with more power.

Without a second word, Long Chen directly handed over his crystal card. He knew why Tang Wan-er didn’t buy it. It cost eighty million points. After buying it, the Dragonblood Legion’s points would drop precipitously.

But Long Chen didn’t mind. Spending however much money was fine if it was for Tang Wan-er. On the contrary, he felt that he was the one who owed her far too much. He doubted he could repay it in his lifetime.

He personally put the necklace on Tang Wan-er, making her indescribably moved. Even her eyes became moist. Not daring to look at Long Chen, she turned away to wipe away her tears.

That made Long Chen even more ashamed. In truth, Tang Wan-er had very low requirements for him. She was a very easily satisfied woman.

Long Chen brought Tang Wan-er for a stroll. After a while, he learned that there were very few pieces of equipment for wind attribute cultivators, and there were essentially no weapons to be found. That was because for wind attribute experts, their strongest weapon was the wind that existed around them.

Currently, Tang Wan-er had yet to reach Foundation Forging, and she didn’t have the qualifications to enter the Xuantian Catalog to cultivate. Each person only had one chance to enter the Xuantian Catalog. Once they left, they would never be able to enter again.

In fact, even a monster like Long Chen wasn’t an exception. He had found his inheritance in the Xuantian Catalog, and after that, his fate with the Xuantian Catalog had ended. He would also never be able to enter again.

In order to allow the disciples to make the greatest gains in the Xuantian Catalog, they were only allowed to enter after reaching Foundation Forging.

However, there were exceptions for people like Meng Qi, Yue Zifeng, and Wilde who possessed special attributes. For others, entering too early might be wasting their best opportunity.

Long Chen brought Tang Wan-er around Treasure Gem Island for a day, and he bought quite a few trifles just to make Tang Wan-er happy. Tang Wan-er also bought a few small gifts for Meng Qi.

Time passed by. Just as everyone was energetically drilling their formations, the bell to gather finally sounded on the seventh day. All the inner sect disciples once more gathered in the plaza.

As soon as they were present, they were sent directly to the Infernal Devil Abyss. This time, they appeared on a huge wall that stretched far into the distance.

In front of the wall was a boundless black wasteland. The ground was ink-black and emitted a corrosive aura. In fact, the smell of death came from it.

“The Dragonblood Legion, Heaven Female Alliance, and Ten Thousand Insect Guild are in charge of defending this place.”

They had only just arrived on top of the wall when a figure descended from the sky. That person was precisely the previous generation’s top heavenly genius, Gao Xianyang.

The army on this battlefield was being led by the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples, so they had the authority over who defended where.

Seeing that it was Gao Xianyang, Long Chen sneered. But he didn’t say anything. Gao Xianyang continued, “There are a total of three passes in this wall. Of course, those passes have been closed. What you need to do is to not allow a huge number of ninth rank devil beasts to attack the wall. Although the wall is protected by divine runes, it can’t handle too many attacks from the ninth rank devil beasts. As for devil beasts weaker than that, they won’t be able to cause any substantial harm to the wall. However, once there are too many eighth rank devil beasts gathered, they’ll pile up like a mountain. Once that mountain reaches the height of the wall, they’ll be able to get past.

“Your mission is to not allow a single devil beast get by. Right now, the place you were guarding last time is defended by a group of outer sect disciples. If too many devil beasts get by, I’m sure you can imagine the consequences. The wall is three hundred meters high, and these devil beasts cannot fly. As long as you don’t allow them to pile up, blocking them should be simple enough.

“That’s all I have to say. The rest is up to you. Long Chen, don’t disappoint me! Everyone else, come with me. You will be guarding another region.”

Gao Xianyang smiled profoundly at Long Chen. Waving his hand, he led the Flame Gate, Divine Beast Mansion, and Hegemon Hall’s disciples away.

Now, the only ones here were the three factions of the Dragonblood Legion, Heaven Female Alliance, and Ten Thousand Insect Guild.

“Gao Xianyang definitely gave us the most difficult spot to defend. He must have given them the safer regions,” said Wang Zhen.

Thinking of Long Chen’s past interactions with Gao Xianyang, a bad feeling arose in many people’s hearts.

“If you were my subordinate, I’d kick you,” said Long Chen. “If it weren’t for our past relations, I’d suspect you were a spy sent by Gao Xianyang to rattle people.”

“Sorry, that wasn’t my intention,” apologized Wang Zhen.

“It doesn’t matter. In front of absolute power, all schemes are nonsense, just jokes,” laughed Long Chen. Turning to everyone, he said, “Riches and opportunity are found in danger. If we just wanted to be safe, why would we even come out? We’d just stay home eating and drinking. Right now, I’m looking forward to this dangerous region Gao Xianyang set up for us. On the contrary, I was worried he would give us a safe place where we wouldn’t even be able to see a devil beast.

“Only when there are many devil beasts can we make the most points. Furthermore, this is the best opportunity for us. The Foundation Forging disciples only get ten thousand points for killing a ninth rank devil beast. As our strength grows, the points for killing ninth rank devil beasts drop. So right now, this is the last chance where we can still get a million points for killing a ninth rank devil beast.

“This kind of opportunity is too rare. Let me warn you, keep your eyes open when the devil beasts come. Don’t blame the Dragonblood Legion for being too vicious and taking all the points.”

Putting it this way, everyone’s tense hearts loosened. Yes, this was precisely an opportunity to become rich.

Right now, they were all at the peak of Sea Expansion. Once they advanced to Foundation Forging, the points gained from killing any devil beasts would drop. It was just like what Long Chen had just said. They should be praying for more devil beasts.

The Dao Sect’s rewards were very fair. The number of points given was based on the disciple’s combat strength and the danger involved. 

When you were weaker, it was more dangerous to kill devil beasts, and so the rewards were naturally higher. Once you were stronger, killing devil beasts became easier and the rewarded points dropped. Last time, just one ninth rank devil beast had been worth ten million points. These disciples had instantly experienced what it meant to go from a beggar to moneybags. That refreshing feeling was something they wouldn’t be able to forget.

Now that Long Chen said that this might be their last chance to make such wealth, quite a few of them turned red-eyed. They wished for the devil beasts to cover all of heaven and earth. Some people really did worry there would be too few devil beasts and that they might start fighting over them. The Dragonblood Legion was too intimidating now.

Seeing Long Chen wipe away the unease caused by Wang Zhen’s careless words made both Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen completely convinced. Long Chen was a natural leader. Each word he said, each action he made, was full of the charisma of a leader.

Furthermore, each sentence, each word, was full of his absolute confidence, making it so nobody doubted the veracity of his words.

“Alright, don’t overthink things. Gao Xianyang won’t be so nice as to let us laze about here. Normally, each time the devil beasts erupt, they will start with the weakest ones. The Dragonblood Legion doesn’t need more tempering. If there are any formations that you feel like your factions are uncomfortable with, you can use that chance to train. Oh, they arrived this quickly!”

Long Chen was in the midst of talking when he started to hear mixed roars coming from not far. Although there was still nothing on the horizon, they could hear them.

Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen had their people jump off the wall. They advanced to a suitable distance before arranging their formations.

Unlike the Dragonblood Legion, thousands of new disciples had joined their factions. Although their drilling went decently, the support disciples hadn’t entered the battlefield before. No one knew whether or not there would be mistakes from their nervousness.

As the roars approached, countless black spots appeared on the horizon. They were like a tide pouring over them. Nevertheless, the fact that they were essentially all seventh rank devil beasts allowed the Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples to sigh with relief.

Once those devil beasts were closer, hundreds of people from the two factions flew into the air. They threw out golden rays of light that flew amongst the devil beasts. Explosions shook the sky as those devil beasts were blown apart.

“Talisman cultivators.” Long Chen smiled slightly. Those disciples were throwing out talismans. When they exploded, their power was not bad.

Talismans required special paper, ink, and writing utensils. With just a thought from the talisman cultivators, their talismans could be detonated.

Right now, they were just practicing. These talismans were just ordinary ones. They hadn’t taken out their powerful ones.

“These talismans cultivators are very dashing,” said Guo Ran enviously.

Although his Spiritual Strength was alright, it was lacking some spirituality and stability. There was no way for him to write runes onto thin paper. He could carve them onto solid armor, but it was fated for him to be unable to become a talisman cultivator.

After the attacks of the talisman cultivators, the rest of the faction also made their battle preparations. All the disciples took out their weapons.

Just at this moment, two women from the two factions soared into the air, ancient zithers in their hands. Waves of music rang out, startling Long Chen.

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