Chapter 1083 Extravagantly Spending Money

During these few months, Meng Qi, Yue Zifeng, and Wilde had all been secluded within the Xuantian Catalog. Meng Qi and Yue Zifeng had obtained powerful inheritances, and their gains were huge.

As for Wilde, when asked about what he had gone through, his response was a bit muddled. He said that during those days, he had always been sleeping in a mysterious space. When he woke up, he had come out.

He didn’t feel any change in himself, making Long Chen and the others speechless.

“In a bit, bring everyone for a stroll through Treasure Gem Island and buy some decent things. Wilde’s bone club isn’t able to keep up with his strength, so buy a good weapon. Don’t worry about money, since we don’t have any major expenses coming up,” said Long Chen.

“Hehe, I like strolling through there the most. In the past, there wasn’t enough money for me to do so, but now I can randomly go there as I please,” said Tang Wan-er excitedly. She was no exception to the rule that women liked shopping.

Tang Wan-er led the three of them away, and very quickly, Long Chen received word that fifty healing disciples had already arrived.

Long Chen looked over them. The majority of them were women, with only five male disciples. They were all wood attribute cultivators.

“Greetings, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

Those healing disciples all bowed upon seeing Long Chen, their eyes full of worship and reverence.

Long Chen could be claimed to have dominated all the heavenly geniuses in the Xuantian Dao Sect’s new generation. No one could contend against him equally.

Furthermore, he never put on airs like other experts and was easy to get to know. He also treated his subordinates warmly and was willing to risk his life for his brothers. His tyrannical and merciless side existed to protect his brothers.

Countless people dreamed of joining the Dragonblood Legion, and these fifty people were no exception. They were the strongest healers amongst the new generation of disciples, as expected of elites Li Changfeng had meticulously picked out for him.

Now standing in front of Long Chen, they felt both nervous and excited. They were now also joining the Dragonblood Legion. That was a kind of honor.

“I won’t say too many superfluous words. Since we’ll be brothers and sisters fighting side-by-side, we are one family. Each one of you can have an initial fifty thousand points to buy things you need for the battle. Do your best to buy things that can increase your healing powers. If that’s not enough points, you can come and find me.”

Startled cries rang out from amongst the healing disciples. Fifty thousand points was an amount they had never dared to dream of.

Those disciples delightedly took the points and rushed straight to Treasure Gem Island. Long Chen knew that these kinds of support professions burned the most money.

Their equipment and items were normally much more expensive than those used by fighters. He didn’t know much about their requirements, so rather than doing something stupid like directing them with his amateur skills, he let them buy what they needed themselves.

He spent such a huge sum on them not just to win over their hearts, but because the Dragonblood Legion was truly lacking healers.

A group of elite healers would be an even greater safeguard for the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors’ lives.

Other than that, the majority of those healing disciples were women, while the Dragonblood Legion was filled with mainly men. There truly had been a need for some equalization. This way, they wouldn’t spend all days spouting uncultured speech. It was good for their growth.

Originally, Long Chen had been thinking of having Guo Ran spend the next few days drilling their formations. That way the healing disciples would get familiar with them. But Guo Ran was already in seclusion, doing his best to forge more killing tools.

He could only leave this matter to Gu Yang. In truth, the mission of the healing disciples was very simple. They didn’t need to fight. They just need to be spread out amongst them, each one of them in charge of an area. If anyone in that area was injured, they could heal them at the greatest speed.

Those healing disciples bought quite a few pieces of top grade equipment thanks to Long Chen. For example, there were some Wood Spirit Beads that allowed them to quickly recover their wood spiritual energy. There were staves that allowed them to unleash long-range healing magical arts. There were also spirit talismans that could be used for area healing as long as they poured in their spiritual energy. To sum it up, these disciples had essentially bought everything useful. Not only that, they had only bought the best.

The other healing disciples were incredibly envious. When they joined the battle factions, they had been given twenty thousand points to buy things, and they had felt that to be enough.

But compared to the fifty thousand points given by the Dragonblood Legion, they felt poor.

Drilling their formations was very simple. If those healing disciples were unable to remember their positions, Gu Yang would simply pick out a Dragonblood warrior to lead them. They could just follow that person.

For so many beautiful healing experts to join invigorated the Dragonblood Legion. They enthusiastically swore that they would definitely protect them, causing the women to be extremely moved, while also making Long Chen speechless.

But when he thought about it, he supposed it made sense. Satisfied men didn’t know the pain of hungry men. Only when men and women were matched up could they couple strength and gentleness.

Seeing those wood cultivators made him think of Chu Yao. That gentle girl, he had no idea how she was right now. Would she have forgotten him?

Regretfully, he had no more Ten Thousand Spirit Blood. Back then, he hadn’t had any intentions of expanding the Dragonblood Legion, and so he had given it all to Yue Xiaoqian.

Without any Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, he could only refine a pill called the Jade Flower Spirit Ascension Pill. Although it was only half as effective as the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, it was also a difficult-to-obtain pill.

At the very least, it would bring about an obvious attribute upgrade in them. But for people with average elemental affinities, there was nothing it could do. After all, it wasn’t Ten Thousand Spirit Blood.

This kind of medicinal pill was most helpful to the wood cultivators. It could purify their wood spiritual energy. Although the Xuantian Dao Sect also had similar pills, their effect was not as good as the Jade Flower Spirit Ascension Pill.

He distributed the Jade Flower Spirit Ascension Pills to the Dragonmark warriors and healing disciples, having them refine its medicinal energy as quickly as possible.

When Tang Wan-er and the others returned, they had brilliant smiles. That was especially true of Wilde. Holding a spiked club, he had a permanent foolish smile pasted to his face.

When Long Chen asked, he learned that this spiked club was a King item priced at fifty million points.

Although that price was frighteningly high, it was worth it. Its name was Blood Addict.

Its weight alone was enough to crush a mass of Sea Expansion experts. Even Foundation Forging disciples would be unable to hold it. But its weight was perfect for Wilde.

The spikes on the club were wolf fangs. A total of three hundred and eight Blood Addict Ghost Wolves’ teeth were embedded into it. They shone with cold light.

Blood Addict Ghost Wolves were ninth rank Magical Beasts. Their teeth contained their core runes. Once activated, their power was practically unstoppable.

As soon as Wilde had seen it, he had instantly cried out that he wanted that. He refused to look at anything else.

“Damn, this is one fierce weapon.” Long Chen tried holding it, and he was astonished by its weight. Even with his current power, he was only barely able to hold it. As for actually using it, he would probably have to activate the Green Dragon Battle Armor first.

But Wilde held the huge club like it was exceptionally light. That showed that Wilde’s physical power had far surpassed Long Chen’s. He had clearly greatly benefited from his nap in the Xuantian Catalog.

Just taking a nap was able to raise his power so much. People really had different fates. Even Long Chen was a bit jealous; he had been killed so many times in the Xuantian Catalog. It was truly a case of a fool possessing a fool’s luck.

“I bought an ancient sword, and it’s also a King item. Although it looks ordinary on the outside, this sword gives me a very intimate feeling,” said Yue Zifeng.

He had a simple sword on his back. It was completely unremarkable. No one would be able to tell it was a King item.

Even Kings were not able to see past its simple outer appearance. Even if they could tell it was a King item, they would feel it to be the most ordinary of all King items. In fact, some people thought that this sword had been made by a disciple. Its quality might have reached the King item-level, but its spirituality was too low, making it essentially a defective good.

King items all had powerful item-spirits. Some would even clearly express their repulsion or affection for different masters. But this sword was completely indifferent, and no one’s spiritual fluctuations were able to affect it.

That was why this sword was only priced at ten million points. And so it had been bought by Yue Zifeng.

Long Chen nodded. Sword cultivators had the most shocking spiritual perception. They were the only profession that assassins didn’t dare to target. If Yue Zifeng felt like he had some destiny with this sword, then there had to be some reason behind it.

“Meng Qi, what did you buy?” Long Chen turned to Meng Qi.

“Fool, do you not see that sister Meng Qi has become even more beautiful?” demanded Tang Wan-er, looking like she would give him a beating.

Long Chen was startled, and suddenly he saw that Meng Qi was completely red. Only then did he realize that her hair was bound in a special knot that made her appear even more poised and elegant.

There were two phoenix hairpins in her hair knot, one on the left and one on the right. They were absolutely dazzling, and when he looked closely, Long Chen was shocked to see countless runes that were barely visible to the naked eye on its exterior. They almost looked alive.

“Meng Qi, you’re really beautiful.”

Long Chen learned his lesson. Rather than saying the hairpins were beautiful, he directly praised Meng Qi.

At the same time, he scolded himself for being blind. Just what had he been so preoccupied with that he hadn’t even noticed this? No wonder Tang Wan-er would scold him.

“Hmph, I suppose you know how to talk. The phoenix hairpins sister Meng Qi is wearing are called Fantasy Spirits. They’re extremely powerful soul items. Hehe, I was the one who picked them up,” said Tang Wan-er proudly.

“In truth, I didn’t want them. They’re too expensive…” said Meng Qi with embarrassment.

“Where did that come from? I trust Wan-er’s vision. These are definitely very powerful phoenix hairpins, and their value surpasses their price. Furthermore, they’re very suited to your grand air,” praised Long Chen.

In one go, Long Chen had praised both of them. When he asked about Tang Wan-er, he realized she hadn’t bought anything. She said she hadn’t found anything she wanted.

But he could tell she was lying. She had been managing their household this entire time, and so she was worried about running into an emergency and running out of points.

“Tomorrow, I’ll go for a stroll with you. I’ve only gone to Treasure Gem Island for fights, so it’ll be nice to take a stroll instead,” laughed Long Chen, causing Tang Wan-er to smile gratefully.

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