Chapter 1082 Formation

“Tower Department Head!”

All the Elders and disciples hastily bowed. However, the Tower Department Head didn’t reveal himself. Only his voice rang out in the air.

“I’m already convinced. A grand formation containing over two hundred thousand people that doesn’t care about each person’s individual combat strengths or their attributes, one that doesn’t differentiate offense or defense, has absolutely no use. 

“Well, if you’re fighting smart opponents, then there’s a chance they might laugh themselves to death. But right now, we’re drilling against infernal devil beasts. Isn’t this just sending people to their deaths?

“Furthermore, a grand formation involving over two hundred thousand people would require several months of training just to grasp the basics, let alone using the formation to its advantages. Do we have that time?

“So I just can’t comprehend how an amateur who doesn’t know a thing about this possibly has the qualifications to interfere with such an important matter. Is this to intentionally harm the disciples? Disciple would like to ask the Tower Department Head for an explanation,” said Long Chen.

The Elder Hall Master smiled. If this wasn’t the wrong time, he would give Long Chen’s a thumbs-up. He was truly smart to immediately see through the clues to figure out what was going on.

In truth, Long Chen was unaware that in the Infernal Devil Abyss’s battlefield, whichever department had the most contributions would become the leader of the battlefield.

The Law Enforcement Hall’s Foundation Forging disciples were led by Gao Xianyang, and due to the Law Enforcement Hall’s immense wealth, they had quite a few powerful disciples.

Those disciples ended up being the main force on the battlefield, and so the battlefield’s tactics were arranged by them.

Originally, there should have been no problem. But this year, the Infernal Devil Abyss’s devil beasts had suddenly erupted, and there was no way for them to give the new disciples too much time to adapt. And so they were rushing along to get the disciples familiar with cooperating with each other.

However, the Law Enforcement Hall had no experience in that regard. The Elder Hall had been in charge before and were the true professionals, but the Law Enforcement Hall didn’t want to ask them for their advice. They directly dredged up a huge formation diagram, and this was the result.

The Elder Hall Master and its Elders were all anxious about that. This was completely unacceptable, and far too many disciples would be sacrificed like this. The Elders had asked their Hall Master what to do, but the Elder Hall Master had merely smiled and told them not to panic. There were still a few more days left, and he was waiting for something.

And Long Chen quickly came out of seclusion. The Elder Hall Master knew that his opportunity had come, and he had arranged this situation. Disturbing the Tower Department Head was also within his expectations, because he had long since made his preparations.

Long Chen didn’t disappoint him. Using the quickest, most direct and effective method, Long Chen got his results, and those were even better than what the Elder Hall Master had anticipated. In fact, he hadn’t even had to do anything. Everything was done perfectly by Long Chen.

“Starting today, the drilling of the new disciples will be left to the Elder Hall. The Law Enforcement Hall doesn’t need to participate. This isn’t your speciality,” said the Tower Department Head after a moment’s hesitation.

“Tower Department Head, according to the rule-!” Luo Fan was panicked now. This was equivalent to giving the authority to the Elder Hall. Then the Law Enforcement Hall’s influence over the new disciples would grow weaker and weaker.

“Rules are dead, while people are alive. Do you want to sacrifice the lives of our disciples because of a rule? There’s a good saying: if you have no ability, don’t act like you do. Long Chen is correct, this kind of idiotic formation is something even I would be amazed by if it was made by someone with a brain. There’s no room for discussion; starting now, the drilling of the new disciples is completely left up to the Elder Hall.” The Tower Department Head’s voice turned cold. His mood was clearly starting to drop.

Luo Fan was ashen with rage, but he didn’t say anything more. After viciously glaring at the Elder Hall Master for a moment and then icily glaring at Long Chen, he left.

His unconcealable killing intent shook all the disciples’ hearts. All of them could see that he had been on the verge of exploding.

Following him, Gao Xianyang also left. But before leaving, he cast a profound glance at Long Chen.

“The drills are over for today. We’ll continue tomorrow morning,” announced Li Changfeng.

“Well done, Long Chen.” Once all the disciples were gone, when it was only Su Mo, Mu Qingxuan, and a few others from the Elder Hall left, Su Mo gave Long Chen a thumbs-up.

“Hehe, it was all thanks to the Elder Hall Master’s arrangements,” said Long Chen.

The Elder Hall Master shook his head. “You little fellow, are you complaining about being used as a weapon?”

“I’m not complaining, but if such a thing happens again, can you warn me first? I’ll be able to handle it even better, and I’ll be more confident.” Long Chen smiled.

“Alright, let’s return to the Elder Hall. We need to have a discussion.”

Within the Elder Hall, there were only a few core Elders, the Hall Master, Long Chen, Su Mo, and Mu Qingxuan. This was Long Chen’s first time attending such a gathering.

“Su Mo, this is Long Chen’s first time. Explain the situation within the Infernal Devil Abyss,” said the Hall Master.

Su Mo said, “Alright. Currently, the situation in the Infernal Devil Abyss is very ominous. There are too many devil beasts, and although we’ve just forced back a wave, according to the information from the scouts, the next wave will come quickly, and it will probably have even larger numbers.

“With that trend in mind, the number of Foundation Forging disciples we have is a bit lacking. The accident last time that you encountered on the battlefield was truly because of that disciple’s carelessness, but another factor was that no one could have predicted that so many ninth rank devil beasts would suddenly appear. By the time they reacted, it was too late.

“So this time, the new disciples won’t be able to hide in the back. You’ll also have to appear on the frontlines. Although it hasn’t reached the point that we need you to charge into them, in order to distribute our combat power, the new disciples will also be guarding a defensive region.

“Even though there will be Foundation Forging disciples in front of you slaughtering the devil beasts, making the number of devil beasts that reach you much lower, ninth rank devil beasts will still frequently come at you.

“This time, you’ll have to be properly prepared. The support disciples have also been mobilized just to help handle this high-level battle. However, you don’t need to be too worried either. If the devil beasts are truly too strong this time, the sect will have you retreat and activate the stronghold to kill them.”

Long Chen nodded. As expected, the senior disciples at the front had it tough, and they needed the new disciples to participate as well.

“Long Chen, do you have any opinions?” asked Mu Qingxuan.

“No, no opinions. In any case, the only thing to do is to kill!” Long Chen shook his head.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m asking you if you have any battle tactics,” said Mu Qingxuan.

“When it comes to battle tactics, I only have some for my Dragonblood Legion. I have nothing for the other factions. I’m confident in my people; they are definitely the ones with the greatest combat power amongst the new disciples.

“So I don’t want you to insert a bunch of random people into my faction. At most, give me twenty or thirty healing disciples,” said Long Chen.

Within the Infernal Devil Abyss, being injured was the most dangerous thing. The devil beasts’ attacks all possessed some kind of special dark energy that greatly diminished the effectiveness of the Heavenly Dao Recovery. So healing experts were vital.

“I was originally thinking of having you lead the six factions. But it seems you have no interest in that,” said Liu Cang.

“It’s not that I have no interest, but that I don’t have the ability. Fan Song and Hu Guishan hate me to the core, so I can’t lead them. I’m not afraid of anything except being stabbed in the back at a critical moment. Then I’d go crazy and kill people.

“My guess is that if I became their leader, they would agree on the surface and then not put in any effort. In fact, they might intentionally block us. That won’t just harm others, but they will also harm the Dragonblood Legion. So I don’t want to be some leader. I just want to look after my Dragonblood Legion. Rather than having some untrustworthy battle comrades, I’d prefer to fight alone,” said Long Chen.

Everyone nodded. He was correct. The Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild had a good relationship with Long Chen, but it would be too troublesome for him to lead the Divine Beast Mansion and Hegemon Hall.

However, there was no one else who possessed the ability to lead everyone.

Currently, Meng Qi, Yue Zifeng, and Wilde had returned, and Gu Yang, Tang Wan-er, and the others had advanced to become rank five Celestials who were capable of merging with heaven and earth. Who could possibly challenge the current Dragonblood Legion?

Right now, no one dared to look down on the Dragonblood Legion. It was like the Dragonblood Legion had grown to hegemon status overnight. No one else could rattle them.

“It’s true that the Dragonblood Legion needs its independence. After all, Long Chen has led them from the start, and if others randomly join, it will decrease their power, making it so they can’t fight freely. I feel like the other factions are the same. Have them just lead their own people, while the support disciples can merge with their ranks under their guidance. That is the quickest and most effective way to increase their power. We just need to offer them a few comparatively useful support disciples so they can properly display their strengths,” said Su Mo.

Long Chen nodded. Su Mo’s method was currently the most feasible method. As for that garbage formation from the Law Enforcement Hall, there was no need to even mention it.

“Good, then that’s what we’ll do. Since Long Chen only needs healing disciples, arrange for fifty of the strongest ones to join him. After all, his people will be our main force. As for the other factions, arrange for support disciples in accordance with their needs. They’re the ones clearest of their own strengths and weaknesses. For Flame Gate, Su Mo, pick out a Foundation Forging disciple to temporarily lead them. Long Chen, you handle your side, and as for the other factions, Su Mo, Mu Qingxuan, look after them a bit more,” said Liu Cang.

“As you command.” Su Mo and Mu Qingxuan both bowed.

The meeting was over. They hadn’t really discussed anything of substance, but there was also no need for that. Right now, the Dragonblood Legion was the strongest, and the other factions were only subsidiary.

As soon as Long Chen had returned to Crouching Dragon Mountain, he called over Wilde and the others. He wanted to learn what they had gone through during this time.

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