Chapter 1081 To Be Convinced

Long Chen’s mood was excellent. He felt like he had never been so happy. During this month, after training day and night, he had finally managed to learn how to control Star Fall.

The long cast time had been reduced from three breaths to just a single breath.

Although that was still a long time to experts, as long as you understood how to create opportunities, it was possible to unleash this move now.

Other than that, by consuming medicinal pills like crazy, his cultivation base had reached the twelfth Heavenstage of Sea Expansion. He would be able to attack Foundation Forging soon.

Right now, practically all the inner sect disciples had already reached the peak of Sea Expansion. But no one had attacked Foundation Forging yet.

They all hoped to stay in the Sea Expansion realm for a bit longer to lay a solid foundation. That would be more beneficial to their future cultivation. 

It seemed that in all his life, this was his first time keeping up with his fellows. His cultivation base was no longer miles behind the others.

“Long Chen…”

Long Chen had only just entered his residence when a burst of fragrance washed over him.

“Meng Qi, you’re finally back! I really missed you.” Long Chen didn’t even think about it before pulling Meng Qi into a tight embrace.

It had been several months since they had seen each other. Holding her, he couldn’t help lowering his head, finding her lips, and giving her a kiss.

Meng Qi quivered and tightly held Long Chen’s waist. It was like only through such a method could they express their longing for each other.

They didn’t know how much time had passed before they finally separated. Meng Qi was red, a tender light in her eyes. She had felt like she was about to melt into Long Chen.

“Meng Qi, you’re so beautiful,” praised Long Chen involuntarily.

Meng Qi reddened even more. No matter how beautiful the woman, they would still like being praised by others for their beauty, especially when it came from the person they loved.

“Aiya, I forgot! Come with me!” Grabbing Long Chen, she dragged him away.

“What is it?” Long Chen was dumbfounded, following her out of the room.

“It’s all your fault. I forgot, you need to go over for the drills,” said Meng Qi.

“Drills? What drills?”

“All the combat and support disciples are gathered to do drills. That way, they can work together on the battlefield to kill their enemies,” said Meng Qi.

It was no wonder he hadn’t seen any Dragonblood warriors on Crouching Dragon Mountain. While he had been in his seclusion, he hadn’t known anything about the matter.

Long Chen was dragged over to the inner sect plaza by Meng Qi. Arriving there, he saw over two hundred thousand inner sect disciples drilling formations, and a Foundation Forging disciple was giving out orders for them.

Seeing that person, Long Chen frowned. He had seen that person before. He had been with Gao Xianyang back then.

“Long Chen, you’re late! What are you still waiting for? Hurry up and return to your faction!” ordered the Foundation Forging disciple.

“Brother Long!”


Two people in the crowd immediately let out loud cries upon seeing Long Chen.

The two of them were Wilde and Yue Zifeng. They were both emotional to see him.

“Shut up! You still don’t know the slightest thing about proper conduct? Do you realize we’re in the midst of drills?” roared the Foundation Forging disciple.

Long Chen ignored him. Standing outside the formation, with his hands clasped behind his back, he coldly looked over the Dragonblood Legion.

That action infuriated the Foundation Forging disciple even more, and he shouted, “Long Chen, are you deaf?! I ordered you to return to your faction!”

“If you keep making such a racket, I’ll kill you.”

Long Chen glanced icily at the Foundation Forging disciple. He was no longer the old him. He had no fear for a mere rank five Foundation Forging Celestial.

Long Chen overlooked the Dragonblood Legion. “Who told you to do drills?”

“It was…” Guo Ran was stunned.

“Was it me?” asked Long Chen.


“If it wasn’t, then why did you come here? Why drill such a dogshit formation? Are you trying to make your enemies laugh themselves to death? Furthermore, you’re all warriors of the Dragonblood Legion. Other than me, no one has the qualifications to order you to do anything. Tell me, when will you grow some brains instead of being treated like dogs for other people’s amusement?” scolded Long Chen.

Guo Ran didn’t make a sound. When he had received orders from the senior disciples to participate in drills with all the inner sect disciples, he hadn’t even thought about it before bringing everyone.

“Long Chen, you’re courting death!” roared the Foundation Forging disciple. Long Chen was actually looking down on him.

“Kill him.” Long Chen snorted. As a result, in front of all the inner sect disciples’ stunned gazes, the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors charged at the Foundation Forging disciple.

The first thing to arrive was a cold ray of Sword Qi. It was incomparably fast. Wherever it passed, it felt as if heaven and earth were being sliced apart.

The Foundation Forging disciple was horrified. He hadn’t expected this many people to attack him just because of Long Chen’s word. Furthermore, this sword attack was especially appalling.

He took out a huge shield. The shield’s runes lit up, unleashing a light barrier. A thick aura came from it that made it obvious that its defensive power was immense.

But once that Sword Qi arrived, blood splashed from his chest. The Sword Qi had gone through the shield and injured him.

Only after he was injured did half of the shield he was holding fall to the ground.

Everyone sucked in a cold gasp of air. That powerful shield had actually been cut through by Yue Zifeng’s Sword Qi.

Furthermore, that cut was completely flat and smooth. His sword attack shocked them all. Without that shield, the Foundation Forging disciple would probably have been cut in two.

“You’re all courting death! Tiger Whistling Qi Grand Art!”

The Foundation Forging disciple’s Heavenly Dao runes appeared, and a faint tiger whistle rang through the air.

Light circulated around him, and the pressure of a Foundation Forging expert appeared. People seemed to be able to see a roaring tiger in his runes.


But that Foundation Forging disciple had just unleashed his aura when a huge bone club swung over.


Wilde, who was in his Barbarian Blood Bronze Body, smashed his club at the Foundation Forging disciple. Despite doing his best to resist, he was still sent flying.

That club was too vicious. Just the whistling sound of it swinging through the air made people feel a stinging pain in their ears. As for the smashing sound, it resounded heavily in their eardrums, and they were unable to hear anything else for a while.

This one attack stupefied everyone, and they looked in horror at the thirty-meter Wilde. They had never seen such a giant.

At this time, Wilde was holding his bone club with an uncomprehending expression. Due to how much power he had used in that last attack, the only thing remaining of his bone club was the lower half. The rest of it had shattered.

As for the Foundation Forging disciple, he was even more miserable. Not only had his Heavenly Dao runes disappeared, but his body below his waist had also disappeared. His face was pale as paper and filled with terror.

Just now, if he hadn’t instinctively sensed the danger and raised his body, he would be dead already.

“Damn, Wilde actually knows how to use his energy now!”

Long Chen was delighted. When Wilde had attacked just now, Long Chen had clearly sensed his aura rapidly circulating. It wasn’t like before where he would strike with just pure power. For Wilde to be able to use such a technique with his intelligence, it was practically heaven-defying.

“A group of people courting death. I suppose none of you wish to live any longer!”

Right at this moment, a group of people appeared, and the person at the front was the senior generation’s heavenly genius, Gao Xianyang. As soon as he appeared, a terrifying pressure descended on everyone, shaking their hearts.

“If we don’t wish to live any longer, are you capable of helping us?” Long Chen indifferently asked. He walked to the front of the Dragonblood Legion, coldly facing Gao Xianyang.

The power distribution was already very obvious. The majority of the previous generation’s disciples had all joined the Law Enforcement Hall.

Even if Long Chen acted obedient, they would still make things hard on him. It was better to counterattack.

“Since you want to die, I will help you!” snorted Gao Xianyang. He raised his hand, but suddenly, another group of people appeared.

“Gao Xianyang, are you bullying the new disciples again? Is that the only ability you have?”

It was another group of Foundation Forging disciples. They were led by Su Mo and Mu Qingxuan, while the one speaking was Su Mo.

Su Mo and Mu Qingxuan were part of the Elder Hall’s power. They were enemies with Gao Xianyang and the others. Seeing them, Long Chen suddenly felt like this situation wasn’t as simple as he had thought. He was once more being used.

This was no coincidence. His suspicions were confirmed when the Elder Hall and Law Enforcement Hall’s Elders also appeared.

Following that, Liu Cang and Luo Fan also arrived. It seemed that Long Chen’s every action was within Liu Cang’s expectations. He supposed he had to admire that.

“Long Chen, you’ve disturbed the order of the sect, interrupted the drills, and shown no respect for your senior apprentice-brother. Do you accept your sins?” What others hadn’t expected was that the one making things hard for Long Chen was the Elder Hall Master.

How could Long Chen not understand his intentions? He directly said, “I am unconvinced by this exercise. I won’t watch as an idiot drills my brothers into trash so that they’ll die once they’re sent to the battlefield.”

“What nonsense! Working together with support disciples is mutually beneficial. If you cooperate well, it will multiply your combat strength and reduce your casualties. How are they being sent into the battlefield to die?” raged the Elder Hall Master.

Luo Fan couldn’t help being dumbfounded. Originally, he had thought he would have to have another verbal battle with the Elder Hall Master. But now the Elder Hall Master was saying everything he wanted to say. He didn’t understand.

Long Chen couldn’t help but smile. Liu Cang had already paved a path for Long Chen with his words just now. He said, “You’re right, if they cooperate well, it will multiply our combat strength and reduce casualties. But arranging an idiot commander will only reduce our combat strength and multiply our casualties. I won’t bother with the others, but every member of the Dragonblood Legion is my brother or sister. I won’t allow them to be killed because of an idiot.”

For Long Chen to repeatedly call him an idiot infuriated the Foundation Forging disciple that had been drilling everyone. He was currently healing with the help of an Elder, but his injuries were too heavy. He couldn’t grow back half his body in such a short time.

He roared, “Who are you calling an idiot?! This formation was personally decided on by the Hall Master!”

“Sorry, then I was wrong. It’s not that you’re an idiot, but that your Hall Master is an idiot. If this kind of foolish formation was created by someone with a brain, then I really have to admire that someone,” said Long Chen.

Luo Fan’s expression sank. He was just about to speak when an icy voice rang out. “Then what do you need for you to be convinced?”

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