Chapter 1080 Shock

When crossing the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, Long Chen had obtained a huge pile of sea demon corpses. Now they finally had a use.

He tossed them into the black soil. Like snow falling on lava, they rapidly dissolved. Endless life energy spread through the primal chaos space.

As the Iron Spruce Oaks crazily grew, Long Chen continuously tossed the sea demon corpses into the black soil as fertilizer.

In less than an incense stick’s time, the empty primal chaos space became filled with soaring Iron Spruce Oaks.

Each one of them had reached a height of three hundred meters. In two hours, they had grown to three thousand meters.

Once Long Chen had used up all the corpses, they had grown to around six thousand meters. At this moment, the life energy contained within them was over ten times what his old trees had been able to contain.

Not only did they have much stronger life energy, but also in terms of quality, they were dozens of times greater. He had made the right choice in choosing the Iron Spruce Oaks.

Just quantity wasn’t enough to heal him in Long Chen’s experience. That was especially true when the injury came from a rank six Celestial’s attack. The Heavenly Dao energy made his old trees completely ineffective.

Now as he slowly extracted life energy from the Iron Spruce Oaks, the results were practically miraculous.

In just a few breaths, all his injuries were fully healed. As for the Iron Spruce Oaks, they had only turned a bit listless. There were no signs of them withering.

That delighted Long Chen. Right now, they had only grown to six thousand meters. Once they were fully matured and reached a height of ten thousand meters, the life energy within them would be ten times greater.

Regretfully, it took too long to grow them. He had tossed in a mountain of corpses to nourish the trees, but they still hadn’t reached their full maturity. He would have to think of something in the future.

After healing, he found a training room for himself. This training room wasn’t for cultivating, but for training in a magical art and testing the magical art’s power.

This training room was of higher quality than a cultivation training room. Of course, the price was also greater. Long Chen was using the highest price training room, and it cost ten thousand points for a day.

The training room had all kinds of puppets inside. They were created by the Xuantian Dao Sect for its disciples.

These puppets were used as targets to allow the disciples to test their power.

They were split into Sea Expansion and Foundation Forging levels. A disciple renting this room would be given ten Sea Expansion puppets and two Foundation Forging puppets for training purposes.

But Long Chen tossed aside all those puppets and spent another ten thousand points to buy ten Jade Core puppets.

These puppets were very powerful, and when attacked, they would automatically activate their defenses. They were so strong that they should be able to receive a full-strength attack from an average Jade Core expert.

Long Chen slowly formed hand seals. After the seventh hand seal, his left hand held his right elbow. His left hand’s fingers changed color, like iron that was being heated, eventually turning semi-transparent.

It was even possible to see energy slowly going through the five fingers into his right hand. At the center of his right hand, a sesame seed-sized flame crystal slowly formed.

As soon as that crystal core appeared, its terrifying heat incinerated almost everything in the training room. Even the distant Sea Expansion puppets were starting to melt.

The crystal began to slowly revolve, and as it did, flame energy wrapped around it. Its irregular body began to become round and spherical. 

A layer of flame energy covered the crystal. Now, it was the size of a soybean. At this moment, the Foundation Forging puppets had runes come out of them and form a light barrier.

The terrifying heat had activated their defenses. However, even with their defenses, in just a few breaths, the Foundation Forging puppets also began to melt.

“This training room has isolated quite a bit of flame energy, allowing me to control it easier. It was worth the price.”

Long Chen was delighted to see this. If he had tried using this move in the outside world, its effects would be too dangerous.

It was the right choice to have come here. The training room blocked a portion of heaven and earth’s flame energy, making it easier for him to control the magical art. He didn’t need to be so worried.

This was the final move he had learned in the Xuantian Catalog. He had studied it and run simulations before, but he hadn’t dared to try using it.

But even just testing some of its aspects had been dangerous. He had been injured by the terrifying heat several times.

This move was very complicated. It required spreading flame energy throughout one hundred and eight meridians, and then recombining them into two flows of energy.

Those one hundred and eight streams of energy required a set order and technique. No two streams could touch. It was like circulating one hundred and eight streams of energy at the same time.

And most difficult of all, at the same time as he condensed his right hand’s energy, he had to control the output of his left hand’s energy. The one hundred and eight streams of energy all went through the left hand into the right hand.

The process required the one hundred and eight streams of energy to maintain certain speeds. It couldn’t be too fast or slow. The slightest mistake would cause the crystal to explode.

Furthermore, this was just the energy he was controlling in his body. He also had to control the energy in the air.

Even Long Chen, someone who could boast to be unrivaled when it came to controlling flames, felt like he was walking on thin ice right now. If this crystal exploded in his hand, if he didn’t immediately die a horrible death, he would at least lose half his body.

But through his meticulous control, the one hundred and eight streams of energy entered his hand at a set pace. The crystal grew to the size of a longan fruit.

“That’s about enough. For the first time, just pulling off this move would count as a success. Safety first.”

Although Long Chen felt like he could still continue, he felt like holding back a bit for his first try was best.

Taking a deep breath, he cut off the energy. In that instant, the crystal suddenly unleashed blazing rays of light, seeming to come to life. Long Chen hastily tossed it out and involuntarily shouted a name:

“Star Fall!”

The small crystal was like a shooting star flying at the Jade Core puppets. Those puppets had long since had their defensive runes activate to form a runic shield.


A huge explosion rocked the training room, and a terrifying energy erupted.

“Not good!” Without hesitation, Long Chen summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor. He had just summoned it when he felt like a mountain smashed into him, and he shot back.

In the end, he felt a burst of pain from his back. He even heard his own bones breaking as he smashed into the wall of the training room. Now he also experienced what it felt like to be smashed into flatbread.

Was this karma? Long Chen clearly felt that his body had been flattened. There were only a few parts of his bones that were still intact.

He tore himself from the wall. The wall was completely undamaged by the explosion or the collision. It was no wonder the Xuantian Dao Sect allowed its disciples to unleash huge moves inside.

Circulating the primal chaos bead, his injuries instantly healed. Then he looked at the Jade Core puppets and saw they had been blown apart. There was nothing left of them.

“Damn, what a terrifying attack.”

This attack was something that could instantly kill Kings. Long Chen hadn’t expected this move to be so terrifying.

It had to be known that he had only just learned it, so it was still in an embryonic form. Furthermore, he had intentionally reduced the power to be safe.

“Unfortunately, it’s not too useful as it takes too long to use. Would any King really just stand there while I unleashed it?” Long Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless.

It took three breaths’ time to use. If he encountered a King, they would have slaughtered him a hundred times in that span of time. No matter how strong it was, there was no point to it.

“No good, I have to think of some way to shorten the cast time. I’ll have to properly study it.”

Star Fall was absolutely terrifying and easily became his strongest move. It was even more terrifying than the third form of Split the Heavens. This was a trump card for protecting his life; hence, he had to perfect it.

Long Chen took a long while to recover from this test. This move not only exhausted his spiritual yuan and soul energy, but it also exhausted Huo Long’s energy.

While resting, he consumed a large number of Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pills. He needed to raise his cultivation base as high as possible during this time.

Just as he was training in Star Fall, the Xuantian Dao Sect was shaken. The Dragonblood Legion’s members had advanced to become rank four Celestials. That news spread to every corner of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

When Luo Fan heard this, a gloomy expression appeared on his face. “As expected, this brute really has some huge secrets.”

The news that over ten thousand disciples had advanced to become rank four Celestials was too shocking. People even went to report it to the Xuan Master.

The Xuan Master only gave out a simple response: this was a kind of experiment done by the Xuantian Dao Sect. All Elders and disciples were to keep it secret and not transmit it outside, and they shouldn’t disturb the Dragonblood Legion either.

It was true that there were various treasures that could be used to raise a Celestial’s rank. In fact, there were several kinds of medicinal pills for it, but they were too precious, so precious that even the Xuantian Dao Sect couldn’t afford them.

For the Xuan Master’s reply to be that it was an experiment shocked everyone. Could it be the Xuantian Dao Sect was secretly researching precious medicines that could raise a Celestial’s rank?

Although people had all kinds of guesses, due to the Xuan Master’s orders, they could only stifle these questions inside.

Time passed quickly, and over a month went by in the blink of an eye. On this day, Long Chen walked out of the training room with a smile on his face.

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