Chapter 1080 Shock (Teaser)

When crossing the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, Long Chen had obtained a huge pile of sea demon corpses. Now they finally had a use.

He tossed them into the black soil. Like snow falling on lava, they rapidly dissolved. Endless life energy spread through the primal chaos space.

As the Iron Spruce Oaks crazily grew, Long Chen continuously tossed the sea demon corpses into the black soil as fertilizer.

In less than an incense stick’s time, the empty primal chaos space became filled with soaring Iron Spruce Oaks.

Each one of them had reached a height of three hundred meters. In two hours, they had grown to three thousand meters.

Once Long Chen had used up all the corpses, they had grown to around six thousand meters. At this moment, the life energy contained within them was over ten times what his old trees had been able to contain.

Not only did they have much stronger life energy, but also in terms of quality, they were dozens of times greater. He had made the right choice in choosing the Iron Spruce Oaks.

Just quantity wasn’t enough...

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