Chapter 1079 Iron Spruce Oak (Teaser)

All the Dragonmark warriors were gathered. The gathering point was Crouching Dragon Mountain’s personal training room.

Gu Yang, Tang Wan-er, Guo Ran, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan were all sent to the entrance as guards. No one could enter. This room had been completely sealed.

The Dragonblood Legion’s members had never seen Long Chen so solemn before.

Once everything was prepared, and confirming there was nothing they had overlooked, Long Chen took out a large pile of fruit and distributed it.

The Dragonmark warriors stared blankly at the fruit. They didn’t understand what he was doing.

They didn’t know that what Long Chen was distributing to them were rank four Heavenly Dao Fruits.

In the Eastern Wasteland, he had given all his Heavenly Dao Fruits to Yue Xiaoqian. These Heavenly Dao Fruits were new ones that had just grown.

This was the primal chaos bead’s terrifying ability. As his cultivation base increased, any Celestials that died beside Long Chen would have their Heavenly Dao energy absorbed by the primal chaos space’s Heavenly Dao Tree.

He had over...

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