Chapter 1078 The Xuan Master’s Promise (Teaser)

“The so-called hell said in stories is just a name. In reality, it is a spatial crevice between two worlds. It is the crossing zone between the Martial Heaven Continent and the Netherworld. Some creatures that die will have their souls drawn into the Netherworld-” The Xuan Master suddenly shut his mouth when he reached this point. “I can’t tell you too much right now. With your current power, touching the Heavenly Daos too early will draw karma for you.”

Long Chen’s heart shook. The Netherworld? Wasn’t that a place of stories, where souls went after a person died?

“The devil beasts you fight in the Infernal Devil Abyss are lifeforms that exist in the crevice between two worlds. The Martial Heaven Continent actually has countless spatial channels. The various large powers are all guarding those channels secretly. So although this world seems very peaceful, in reality, there is a great deal of internal trouble and external enemies.

“Fortunately, the devil beasts that come from there have a trace of yuan spiritual energy in their crystal cores. We can purify them to help Foundation Forging disciples...

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