Chapter 1077 Terrifying Rune

Long Chen repeatedly grabbed seven runes, learning seven different flame magical arts. There were defensive ones, offensive ones, single-target ones, and large-area ones.

This made Long Chen ecstatic. He had his Pill Sovereign memories, which made him a pro at controlling flames. Cultivating flame magical arts was as easy as eating food to him.

Furthermore, these magical arts were so powerful that they surpassed his expectations. His flagging confidence once more increased.

The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s fifth pill formula still hadn’t come to him. Therefore, he had no way of condensing the fifth star and was stuck at the fourth star.

Once he had arrived at the Central Plains, he found that his trump cards were far from enough. Although the third form of Split the Heavens’ divine runes had been fully condensed, raising its power to a shocking point, it was too exhausting, and he was unable to instantly unleash it like the first and second forms. Against an opponent around the same level as him, unleashing it would be extremely difficult.

But now it was different. He had learned many flame magical arts and was capable of attacking and defending. He would no longer have to always fight head-on.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

Long Chen formed hand seals, and flames erupted out of him, filling the entire world.

“Damn, what a huge attack area, and what supreme density! However, it’s also exhausting. Hehe, but once Huo Long and I work together, with my ocean’s worth of spiritual yuan, we should be able to keep it up for a long time,” Long Chen laughed wickedly.

There were actually many magical arts named something along the lines of Raging Flames Devour the Heavens. But they weren’t magical arts that could really devour the heavens. Long Chen’s estimate was that if he went all-out with it, the flame domain would cover three hundred miles. Compared to those magical arts only capable of covering a range of a few hundred meters, this was truly devouring the heavens.

Furthermore, he had noticed a secret. The runes here with a darker color were stronger. For example, this Raging Flames Devour the Heavens was a dark red.

After learning it, he didn’t bother with the ordinary runes any longer. He searched for a dark rune again.

This strange space seemed to have no end, like the starry sky. As he swam through this space, countless runes flew by him.

Long Chen was shocked to see so many magical arts. These were all flame related. The Xuantian Catalog was terrifying.

It was no wonder there were so many disciples in the Xuantian Dao Sect, and why it was all-encompassing. It was due to the Xuantian Catalog.

“Haha, another powerful rune.”

Long Chen suddenly saw another dark red rune. Its color was the same as the Raging Flames Devour the Heavens.

He was just about to touch it when he suddenly saw a rune that was an even darker color. It was blood-red. And its bright color was dazzling to the eye.

“That one’s definitely even more badass!”

Long Chen charged over to it. On the way to the rune, his heart skipped a beat. This rune was definitely a supremely powerful magical art.

Just as he was about to touch it, his eyes suddenly narrowed. Just a bit further than this rune was another rune that was even darker red. It was practically turning violet. Furthermore, the space around it was shuddering. Seeing that rune, Long Chen’s heart stopped beating.

“That’s definitely a priceless treasure!”

A greedy roar came from the depths of Long Chen’s soul. His See A Treasure And Can’t Walk Away Disease once more erupted out of his control.

Long Chen didn’t even know how he had arrived in front of that rune. When he was right in front of it, his hair stood on end.

He sensed a terrifying destructive aura within this rune. It was like a volcano on the verge of exploding. Once touched, it could destroy heaven and earth.

“I wouldn’t die from this, right?”

Long Chen was uncertain now. He sensed a fatal danger that was too terrifying.

“This is the Xuantian Catalog, a place for disciples to cultivate. There shouldn’t be any danger.” Long Chen carefully extended a finger. At the same time, he summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor, raising his defense as high as possible. The tip of his finger touched the violet-red rune.


“Crap!” Long Chen’s expression completely changed, and he hastily retreated. But it was too late. The violet-red rune transformed into a ball which then exploded.

Long Chen was struck by its shockwaves, and he felt like his body was about to be instantly torn apart. In fact, he seemed to be able to see his body being blown to bits.

“I died!”

Long Chen let out a startled cry as the space before him disappeared. He returned to within the Ghost Prison.

He panted for breath. His clothes were drenched in sweat, and his face was pale. A wave of weakness washed over him, almost causing him to collapse.

“Fuck, that was too realistic. I really thought I was dead.”

Long Chen sighed and wiped off some cold sweat. He took out another gold coin.

“Who can tell me how many days it has been?”

Long Chen quickly learned the reply. It was already the eighth day, so he only had two days left.

“Time’s tight.” Long Chen took a deep breath and once more found that line. His mind sank into it again, and he returned to the world of flames.

Now he realized that this was not his true self. Although he could use Blooddrinker and magical arts here, he had lost his connection to the primal chaos bead.

His guess was that the Xuantian Catalog had replicated his body, but it was unable to replicate the primal chaos bead. That made him feel like he was here in his true body.

That feeling of being killed just now had been too realistic. Even though he hadn’t died, he felt like he had half-died.

When he once more arrived in front of the violet-red rune, he completely focused himself. He slowly reached a finger toward it.

Once more there was an explosion, and he was blown apart again. He returned to within the Ghost Prison, covered in sweat.

“The feeling of death… really isn’t good!”

Long Chen took a deep breath and charged back into that space, once more touching the violet-red rune.

The violet-red rune only expressed the principles behind it for a thousandth of the blink of an eye right before exploding. It happened so fast that even Long Chen was unable to grasp it.

Furthermore, there was also the fear of death. Even knowing that this was an illusion, it was too realistic, and anyone would find it hard to overcome their nervousness at dying once more.



Long Chen was once more killed. But this time, he didn’t reappear in the Ghost Prison, but inside a large and tidy room.

Atop a rug, there was a simple table with a few cups of tea on it. The Xuan Master was currently leisurely drinking some tea.

Long Chen wiped off some sweat and walked right over to the table. Sitting on his butt, he poured a cup of tea for himself and swallowed it in one gulp. Just one cup wasn’t enough, and he drank three cups before feeling slightly better. Sensing there were also some refreshments on the table, he didn’t stand on courtesy and directly stuffed his mouth.

Seeing Long Chen acting like this was his home, the Xuan Master was speechless. Just how taut had his nerves been for him to act so unbridled?

He was the sect master, but Long Chen didn’t act the slightest bit restrained in front of him. He had never seen such a disciple, nor had he ever heard of one.

“How moving, to eat and drink to prove I am alive.” Long Chen sighed deeply with a joyful expression.

The Xuan Master didn’t mind Long Chen’s lack of courtesy. In reality, he was shocked by Long Chen’s perseverance. The feeling of dying in the Xuantian Catalog was so realistic that it caused people to easily crumble.

In just one day, Long Chen experienced what it felt like to die hundreds of times. Any disciple would go insane after just experiencing it for a few times. That meant Long Chen’s willpower had reached a shocking level.

“How were your gains?” asked the Xuan Master with a smile.

Long Chen hastily stood up and bowed toward him, respectfully saying, “Many thanks for your help, Xuan Master.”

The Xuan Master shook his head. “This was just an opportunity. What you obtained was all thanks to yourself.”

“Can disciple gain another opportunity to comprehend the Xuantian Catalog?” asked Long Chen carefully.

“Even if you kill Fan Song and Hu Guishan, I won’t give you this kind of punishment,” said the Xuan Master.

Long Chen immediately felt embarrassed. He hastily said, “Disciple’s willfulness has brought you trouble.”

“Whether or not you caused trouble isn’t important. Rules are always biased toward the strong. If you weren’t of benefit to the Xuantian Dao Sect, you might already be dead,” said the Xuan Master directly.

Long Chen smiled slightly. “Disciple understands. I’m not someone to forget favors.”

The Xuan Master nodded. There was no need for him to beat around the bush with someone like Long Chen. “Leave Fan Song and Hu Guishan alive for me. I have some use for them.”

Long Chen was startled. He didn’t quite understand what the Xuan Master was saying. On the surface, he just meant that Long Chen shouldn’t kill the two of them…

“Disciple understands…” Long Chen didn’t dare to ask too many questions.

“This time, the Infernal Devil Abyss’s disturbance is very out of the ordinary. It might continue like this for a while, and Jade Core experts are unable to enter. So the Infernal Devil Abyss’s defenses are mostly up to you younger disciples. There is a time and place for internal battles, but this is not it. The reason the Dao Sect gives you so many points for defending it is because it doesn’t want to activate the stronghold’s defenses. That uses up far too many resources. So Long Chen, be aware of what is important and what is not,” warned the Xuan Master.

“Don’t worry, disciple will remember your favor. I’ll try not to drown you in trouble,” said Long Chen. But he only said he would try.

If those two idiots did something to make his fury go out of his control, even he didn’t know what he might do.

“Ah, Xuan Master, can disciple ask you a few questions?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

“Go ahead.”

“Where do those devil beasts keep coming from? Infernal Devil Abyss… is there really such a thing as hell?” asked Long Chen cautiously.

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