Chapter 1075 Ghost Prison

When the Xuan Master said this, a few people’s expressions changed, especially one of the disciples beside Gao Xianyang. His face was pale as paper, and he began to quiver.

The truth was that he was one of the defenders for the channel leading to the place Long Chen and the other new disciples had been guarding. He had been leading a few powerful Foundation Forging experts against the ninth rank devil beasts.

They had slowly released the devil beasts below the ninth rank through the channel. That way people would fight the devil beasts most suited for their level, and it was the most effective way to kill them all.

But as they had been killing the ninth rank devil beasts, they had gradually forgotten to look after the channel for the new disciples.

They had been focused on killing the ninth rank devil beasts. After all, this was also a chance to get rich. Later, too many ninth rank devil beasts had appeared, and they had been forced back. But when one of them suddenly saw a wave of ninth rank devil beasts charging down the side channel leading to the new disciples, his soul had almost fled in fright.

He had hastily alerted Gao Xianyang, asking him what to do. Such a grave mistake was punishable by death.

Gao Xianyang had immediately summoned over a few experts to help him kill the devil beasts there. He had immediately set out, leading a group of people to chase after the ones that had gotten past. As a result, he got there just in time to see Long Chen kill Yan Mochen.

Now that he was asked about this, that disciple turned pale. “It was disciple’s negligence…”

“Luo Fan, this is one of the disciples of your Law Enforcement Hall. You should know how to handle him,” said the Xuan Master coldly.

“Disciple understands. It’s the death penalty. However…” Luo Fan wanted to plead for leniency for that disciple. After all, he was a rank six Celestial.

“There are no excuses. He ignored other people’s lives for points. I want to see the results within three days. Send him to the Supervising Department,” ordered the Xuan Master.


The Law Enforcement Hall Master could only agree. That disciple was brought away by two others. Clearly, the only thing that awaited him was death.

This punishment was truly a bit heavy. After all, that was a rank six Foundation Forging Celestial. However, his mistake had almost caused all the new disciples to be killed. That was definitely unforgivable. 

“Luo Fan, that was a disciple of your Law Enforcement Hall. You share both honor and disgrace. As the master, you are also to blame. Starting today, you are demoted half a rank to a vice hall master. The Law Enforcement Hall’s decisions will have to be jointly decided by the three vice hall masters.”

The Xuan Master’s words shocked all the Hall Masters. The Xuan Master was finally giving a blow to the Law Enforcement Hall.

Clearly, the Xuan Master was using this matter as an excuse to punish them. However, this punishment was a bit heavy. His orders would now have to be discussed and agreed with by others.

Although the other two vice hall masters would definitely not disagree with Luo Fan’s decisions, and it would still be his decisions that reigned supreme, it was a big blow to his face for him to be demoted in public.

“Congratulations on your new position, vice hall master,” said Long Chen at the first opportunity. In any case, they were already mortal enemies, and there was no reason for him to hold back with him. You want to kill me? Well, even if I can’t beat you to death, I can anger you to death.

The Law Enforcement Hall Master-, no, the law enforcement vice hall master Luo Fan, was so enraged that his face turned dark and his teeth creaked from being clenched. He had an urge to crush Long Chen with a single palm.

He was infuriated. This punishment was too harsh. Even if the Law Enforcement Hall had some blame, there was no need for the Xuan Master to give him such a heavy punishment, to publicly demote him in front of all the Elders and disciples. However, he couldn’t display this anger toward him.

“Long Chen, although you had a reason for your actions, your way of handling things was too drastic and aggressive. It cannot be said that you were completely right. You are to be imprisoned in the Ghost Prison for ten days,” said the Xuan Master. He waved his hand, and a ray of divine light descended upon Long Chen. Long Chen disappeared.

Hearing that Long Chen was being imprisoned in the Ghost Prison, quite a few Elders’ expressions changed. They knew Long Chen was about to suffer.

“Everyone else can leave. If you want to obtain your points, you can go to the Elder Palace.” After sending Long Chen to the Ghost Prison, the Xuan Master also disappeared. In the end, it was the Elder Hall Master who took over.

“Liu Cang, don’t be too pleased,” said Luo Fan as everyone was leaving.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Liu Cang.

“Stop playing stupid. I admit defeat this time, but just wait. It’s still too early to say who will be the final winner,” snorted Luo Fan.

Looking at Luo Fan’s departing figure, Li Changfeng walked over to Liu Cang, shaking his head. “I really can’t understand why the Xuan Master would allow such an idiot to become the Law Enforcement Hall Master. Was it just because of the merit his ancestor contributed to the Xuantian Dao Sect?”

“Don’t say such a thing. The Xuan Master’s intelligence and schemes aren’t something we can comprehend,” said Liu Cang.

“Well, this time, Long Chen’s going to have some suffering to go through. That Ghost Prison isn’t a good place,” said Li Changfeng.

“No, you’re wrong. Long Chen possesses tribulation lightning. What ghosts would dare to approach him?” Liu Cang shook his head.

“That’s right. Then the Xuan Master, he…”

“I’ve already said that he isn’t an existence the likes of us can comprehend. Go and get some people to work. The number of people exchanging their bracelets for points in the Elder Palace is going to keep us busy.” After saying that, the two of them also left.

Long Chen’s vision was dark. He had appeared in a sealed space three hundred meters wide with no sound, no airflow, no nothing. It was only silent, silent like death. 


Suddenly, sinister laughter rang out, and the walls of the prison lit up. Strange images appeared.

They were monsters that had bat-like wings and human heads. They flew back and forth across the walls.

Although they had human heads, their eyes were sunken cavities, and two sharp fangs protruded out of their mouths. Their mouths themselves were so wide that they almost reached their ears.

Following that sinister laughing, those monstrous lifeforms actually flew out of the walls and began to fly closer to Long Chen. They revolved around him, their laughter capable of causing a person’s blood to turn cold.

That sound made it feel like needles were stabbing his soul. It would make a person feel so much pain that they would long for death. Only those who experienced it would know how painful it was.

But this kind of spiritual pain wasn’t all bad. The benefits were that it could be likened to crushing a person’s soul, making it easier for them to expel impurities. But that pain wasn’t something an ordinary person could endure.

Normally, a person wouldn’t be able to last even a day in here. Three days was a limit. Staying past three days would make a person crazy.

“Shut up!”

Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was incredibly powerful, but even after summoning spiritual defenses, he felt a headache from listening to their laughter.


“Jie your mother!” Long Chen roared in fury, and lightning exploded from his body. Those bizarre lifeforms instantly flew back to the walls and returned to being images.

Only then did Long Chen sigh with relief. Their voices had been too irritating, making it so he couldn’t even hear his own thoughts.

He had also encountered these kinds of strange things in the Immemorial Path. Yue Xiaoqian had said they were the result of a person’s soul splitting into three parts, with the part known as the Mei transforming into this kind of state. However, they were much stronger than the ghost creatures he had encountered in the Immemorial Path.

But the curious thing was, he didn’t sense any hostility from them. They seemed to almost have been raised by humans, and were in charge of tempering a person’s soul. However, Long Chen was unable to bear that kind of tempering method.

After scaring them away, he began to look over the walls of his prison. There were only four walls, and adding in the ceiling and the floor, there were six.

The ceiling didn’t have these kinds of creatures carved into it. Instead, it had a simple symbol written on it. It was like a bunch of random arcs had been drawn together. It somehow looked both random as well as meticulously drawn.

Each arc was of different lengths and curves. Piled together, they should have appeared completely chaotic. However, they gave off a natural and harmonious feeling.

“This image is definitely strange.” Long Chen was startled. This complicated symbol made him think of the diagram he had encountered in the entrance of the Immemorial Path.

That diagram had refused to allow itself to be copied. In the end, he had used the primal chaos bead to record it. However, even now, he didn’t know how to use it.

Later, he had asked the Eastern Wasteland Bell about it, but it had merely said that it was related to the secrets of heaven and earth. With his cultivation base, it was best not to learn about it.

That diagram was simple, almost like an ancestor of all runes. But it also contained some kind of mysterious energy.

Now, this symbol gave him the same kind of feeling. Was the Xuan Master trying to intentionally help him?

Long Chen began to carefully examine the lines. But he wasn’t able to see any clues.

It was like pieces of firewood had been thrown together. It was clearly completely random without any rules to it, but then looking at it, it felt natural and perfect in its chaotic state.

“Hey, come out. I want to ask you something,” Long Chen called out the ghosts inside the walls.

Long Chen was confident these ghosts were most likely raised by the Xuantian Dao Sect. They were used to either punish disciples or to temper their souls.

Even after waiting a long time, there was no reaction from the walls. Long Chen clapped himself on the head. He took out a golden coin and tossed it into the air.

Hundreds of ghosts suddenly charged out of the walls to the golden coin. They actually caused powerful spatial rumbling.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight. I have more for you. Whoever can tell me what the thing on the ceiling is and how it’s used will be thanked lavishly by my money.” Long Chen took out a handful of golden coins.

As soon as those golden coins appeared, the ghosts charged toward Long Chen. Prepared, thunderforce appeared around his body, forcing them back.

Long Chen laughed mischievously. As expected, money could make even ghosts work. He could feel their greed and desire.

Just at this moment, ripples flowed over him. They were actually spiritual messages that delighted Long Chen. He hastily looked up once more.

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