Chapter 1074 Guilty?

Yan Mochen was killed right in front of that cold senior disciple. The tension in the air reached a peak.

“Since you want to die, I’ll help you out.” The senior disciple waved a hand, and thousands of runic swords appeared around him, shooting toward Long Chen.

“Split the Heavens 3!” Long Chen had been secretly circulating his spiritual yuan even before killing Yan Mochen. He had activated all twenty-seven divine runes. However, he had less than a third of his spiritual yuan, causing his attack’s power to sharply drop.


Long Chen’s saber-image exploded upon contact with the senior disciple’s swords, and he was blown back, vomiting blood. Many faint cracks appeared on his body.

“Not bad, you were able to receive one of my attacks. But you’ll still die.”

The senior disciple summoned a huge sword-image. It split into two, and then two split into four. Their sharpness caused the void to be easily pierced by them. They shot toward Long Chen.

This was one of his truly powerful attacks, and there was no way for Long Chen to resist it, especially not in his heavily injured state.

Long Chen took a deep breath. A medicinal pill suddenly appeared in his hand: the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill. That was a top grade pill he had obtained in the Immemorial Path.

Just as he was about to swallow it, a cold shout rang out. “Gao Xianyang, you grow more and more shameless. Do you not feel ashamed to bully a newcomer?”

Sword Qi slashed down, destroying Gao Xianyang’s four sword-images. Su Mo appeared in front of Long Chen.

At the same time, a gentle hand pressed onto Long Chen’s back. Vast life energy poured into his body.

In front of this practically inexhaustible life energy, his injuries began to slowly heal.

“Many thanks, senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan.” Long Chen didn’t even need to look back to know that Mu Qingxuan had arrived.

“Sigh, I don’t know what to say to you. Just keep quiet and use my energy to heal,” said Mu Qingxuan. At this time, the Dragonblood Legion and the Heaven Female Alliance came to stand by his side.

The Flame Gate, Hegemon Hall, and Divine Beast Mansion’s disciples were all standing by Hu Guishan and Fan Song. The two sides were sharply opposed.

Wang Zhen looked at this scene for a moment, and without a word, he went to stand by Long Chen.

“Su Mo, does a defeated general like you have any qualifications to speak?” asked Gao Xianyang coldly.

Su Mo shook his head. “You’re the one who is clearest on whether or not I have the qualifications. Now that the matter has reached this point, more words have no meaning. This matter cannot be resolved by just my Elder Hall or your Law Enforcement Hall.”

After Su Mo finished speaking, everyone’s badges lit up. After a moment of darkness, their vision brightened as they reappeared in the Xuantian Dao Sect’s inner sect plaza.

At this time, there were tens of thousands of disciples already waiting. They were all disciples from the previous generation, Foundation Forging experts.

Their bodies were covered in blood, and their clothes were torn. They had clearly also gone through a bitter battle.

Not only were there tens of thousands of Foundation Forging disciples, but there were also over a thousand Elders, as well as various experts on the level of Hall Masters. Most shocking of all, even the Xuan Master himself had arrived.

Heavy pressure hung in the air. No one dared to make a sound. With Mu Qingxuan’s help, Long Chen’s injuries had been suppressed. But they were just suppressed; they were not healed.

That discouraged Mu Qingxuan. Her wood energy was like a sacred medicine. With her cultivation base, any injuries should be instantly healed. But her wood energy had actually lost effect on Long Chen. Last time, she had been able to heal him, but this time, she only managed to suppress his injury, making sure it wouldn’t get worse.

“Long Chen, do you know your sins?” shouted the Xuan Master coldly.

All the Hall Masters and Elders’ hearts shook. In their memory, the Xuan Master was always indifferent and leisurely. He never seemed to care too much no matter what was happening. But this matter had actually evoked such thunderous anger from him.

“I don’t.” Long Chen shook his head.

He has guts. The Xuan Master icily looked at Long Chen before continuing to shout, “You repeatedly killed members from the same sect as you, but you don’t know your sins? There is no way to pardon you now!”

“Is there something wrong with killing people from the same sect?” asked Long Chen with an uncomprehending expression.

“Bastard, what a stupid question. Are you trying to play the fool!? Killing people from the same sect is punishable by having all of one’s bones broken, muscles pulled out, and soul extracted. Long Chen, let’s see how you try to escape your punishment now!” The Law Enforcement Hall Master smiled sinisterly.

“Fuck your mother, you old bastard! Do you think this matter has anything to do with you? What qualifications do you have to interject here?” cursed Long Chen.


“Luo Fan, shut your mouth. Do you even place me in your eyes? Do you think you can control everything within the Xuantian Dao Sect?” shouted the Xuan Master.

The instant he spoke, the world suddenly turned dark. Black clouds filled the sky, flashing with lightning. A terrifying pressure descended.

“The Xuan Master is furious! Even the Heavenly Daos become furious with him!” The Hall Masters’ hearts shook.

Just his emotions had affected the Heavenly Daos. In that instant, everyone felt themselves to be ants. Looking up at the heavens’ fury, even those on the level of Hall Masters shivered, their souls shaking. It was like the Xuan Master could exterminate them with just a thought.

The Law Enforcement Hall Master shook, large droplets of sweat dripping down his forehead. His face was pale.

“Disciple doesn’t dare.” He immediately knelt on the ground respectfully.

“If you don’t dare, then shut up,” shouted the Xuan Master. Then to Long Chen, he icily demanded, “Long Chen, what did you just say?”

All the disciples beside Long Chen, whether they were from the Dragonblood Legion, Heaven Female Alliance, or any other faction, knelt on the ground.

Even Su Mo, Mu Qingxuan, and Gao Xianyang knelt. In front of the heavens’ fury, every person would have to submit.

That kind of pressure came from the depths of the soul. Only by kneeling could they express their reverence for the Heavenly Daos.

But Long Chen was still standing. That fierce Heavenly Dao pressure was something he could sense, but he had no fear toward it.

After so many heavenly tribulations, he had gone against the Heavenly Daos many times, and he had never submitted. He could practically ignore this kind of pressure.

Seeing that Long Chen could remain standing, the Hall Masters were all shocked. No cultivator could possibly disrespect the Heavenly Daos. Long Chen had to be a monster.

As expected, he’s a Divergent. The Xuan Master’s expression didn’t change. He continued to icily stare at Long Chen.

“I said, is there something wrong with killing people from the same sect?”

Long Chen was also looking back at the Xuan Master. In truth, he had no fear. The Xuan Master’s aura might be able to trick others, but it couldn’t trick his spiritual perception that came from the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. His intuition told him that the Xuan Master wasn’t truly angry. Instead, he was just intentionally acting that way. It was just that no one else was able to tell that.

“Luo Fan, why don’t you tell him if there is something wrong with it or not,” said the Xuan Master.

Luo Fan hastily said, “Yes. According to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s 1359th section, the sixth paragraph-”

“Are you stupid or deaf? The Xuan Master asked you to tell me whether or not there was something wrong with it. Just say yes or no,” interrupted Long Chen.

The Xuan Master’s expression was icy cold. He wondered to himself if Long Chen even knew what it meant to feel fear.

“Fine, yes.” Luo Fan’s words were spat from the space between his teeth, making them sound very unpleasant.

“There is? Good, then I’m relieved.” Long Chen nodded.

“What are you talking about?” asked the Xuan Master.

“Yan Mochen received someone’s instructions to intentionally draw the ninth rank devil beasts to my Dragonblood Legion, and even the Heaven Female Alliance was implicated. Thousands of my brothers and sisters were killed. Since there is a problem with killing people from the same sect, then Yan Mochen had committed incredibly grave sins. Killing him was cleaning up the sect and protecting the sect from harm. So grand Xuan Master, I don’t know what my sins are,” said Long Chen.

“What nonsense, you didn’t just kill Yan Mochen! What about those innocent heavenly geniuses?!” demanded Luo Fan.

“Innocent? As the master of the Law Enforcement Hall, can you grow a brain? I was cleaning up the sect, but they were protecting a murderer. How are they innocent?” sneered Long Chen.

“So something like that happened? Who told Yan Mochen to do this?” The Xuan Master’s gaze swept through the disciples.

Hu Guishan and Fan Song both quivered. Even kneeling on the ground, they didn’t dare to look at the Xuan Master. They felt like everything about them was exposed.

“Reporting… to Xuan Master, no one told him anything… Yan Mochen acted because of his personal enmity with Long Chen. It has nothing to do with us,” said Hu Guishan.

Yan Mochen’s actions had been too obvious, and there was no way that people would misunderstand his intentions. Now that he was dead, the smartest act would be to place all the blame on him.

Originally, Hu Guishan hadn’t thought that this matter would become so big. The Law Enforcement Hall had only said that as long as he had a chance, he should kill Long Chen.

But now this matter had blown up to the point that even the Law Enforcement Hall couldn’t handle it anymore. Hu Guishan was afraid now. Now, he couldn’t even hope for Long Chen to be executed. All he could hope was that he wouldn’t be implicated.

After all, six top heavenly geniuses had been killed. If he was careless, even his life might be paid as a price.

But by saying this, he was testifying for Long Chen that Yan Mochen had intentionally harmed his own sect, reducing Long Chen’s sins. However, there was no way around that anymore. Protecting his own life was more important.

Luo Fan’s expression was a bit ugly, but he also had no way to handle this. If there was an investigation, it would be troublesome. It really was best to place all the blame on a dead ghost. But having Long Chen killed for this matter was now becoming unlikely.

“Then let’s put that matter aside for now. Let me ask, how is it that ninth rank devil beasts would appear on the battlefield of the new disciples, and over seventy at once?” The Xuan Master’s gaze instantly became sharp like blades.

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