Chapter 1073 Divine Power Shocks All

The huge saber-image contained boundless killing intent. It tore through the air, causing the void to rumble.


It slashed down upon their three defenses. The defensive measures they had used self-destructive methods to summon instantly blew up.

The earth shook intensely, and a terrifying qi wave erupted in every direction. The ground was stripped of a layer of stones.

Even the distant Hua Shiyu, Hu Guishan, and Fan Song were blown back by the qi wave. Hua Shiyu coughed up blood and flew dozens of miles away.

She had already used a forbidden technique against the devil beasts. Then she had used it once more to stall Hu Guishan and Fan Song. As soon as she was struck by that qi wave, her aura dropped precipitously.

Just as she was about to smash into the ground, Zhao Ziyan flew over and caught her.

The qi wave rampaged through the entire battlefield. When the dust finally settled, people saw a huge hole in front of Long Chen. There were two people lying in the hole, gasping for breath.

The two of them were Que Xinyan and Yan Mochen. The two of them lay in the hole, constantly coughing up blood, all their bones broken. Que Xinyan’s head had even caved in, making his current state appear frightening.

As for the other rank five Celestial, he had already disappeared. He had been blown to bits by the attack.

Long Chen stabbed his saber into the ground and gasped for breath. That was his current strongest saber attack. But it was also exhausting to use.

To activate twenty-seven divine runes instantly consumed the majority of his spiritual yuan. But the worse thing was that it had provoked his previous injury from breaking the limits of the Raging Flame Prison. Both he and Huo Long had suffered a heavy backlash from that power.

Right now, the trees in the primal chaos space no longer possessed enough life energy to help him too much. At best, they were only able to suppress some of his injuries, but they were unable to instantly heal the injuries any longer.

After using up so much spiritual yuan, he no longer had the power to suppress those injuries. He felt like his body was about to break down.

On the surface, it looked like he was merely panting for breath. But in reality, cracks had appeared in his body. Those were very serious injuries.

But Long Chen raised his saber and slowly walked toward the two of them.

The two of them were filled with terror. They could clearly feel the sensation of death descending upon them. They wanted to say something, but as soon as they opened their mouths, they coughed up blood.

Just as Long Chen got close, a flame arrow shot toward him. This attack came out of nowhere, and before anyone could react, it reached his chest.

Que Xinyan continued to cough up blood, but he had a sinister smile. That was his Earth Flame’s trump card. At such a close distance, there was no way for Long Chen to dodge.

This sudden attack caused startled cries from everyone. No one had expected that Que Xinyan, who had been on his final breaths, would still be holding back such a powerful move.

Long Chen smiled with derision. He was the true ancestor of playing with fire. Was it even possible for him to forget about the powerful Earth Flame in Que Xinyan’s body?

The flame arrow was Que Xinyan’s Earth Flame that had transformed into an arrow. Its power was such that even a King would be killed if struck.

Just as this arrow was about to pierce Long Chen’s body, a lightning dragon appeared and bit down on the arrow. Then the lightning dragon and flame arrow disappeared together.

Que Xinyan turned pale. In that instant, he lost his connection to his Earth Flame. That was naturally because the Earth Flame was suppressed within the primal chaos space.

Within the primal chaos space, it seemed to be suffering some kind of pressure and didn’t dare to resist. Huo Long was like a Magical Beast that had been starving for millennia, and it immediately pounced. The Earth Flame simply allowed itself to be devoured.

Long Chen’s saber stabbed through Que Xinyan’s chest. The power behind his saber caused Que Xinyan’s body to explode.

The instant his body exploded, a translucent soul flew out. As a flame cultivator, Que Xinyan possessed powerful Spiritual Strength.

His spiritual body had only just appeared and begun to flee when a lightning arrow flew toward him.

“No!” Que Xinyan’s soul let out a miserable and unwilling cry.

But that cry was unable to change his fate of being completely exterminated. The lightning arrow struck Que Xinyan’s soul, causing it to dissipate.

Long Chen then stabbed his saber into Yan Mochen’s chest. He raised him into the air. Yan Mochen’s bones were all broken, and he was like a lump of flesh.

“I said that whether you ascend to the heavens or flee to hell, I would still kill you. Now you should believe it.” Long Chen’s voice was icy-cold as he stared at Yan Mochen.

Everyone on the battlefield was staring at Long Chen in shock. They were unable to even feel their hearts beating.

Han Yunshan had died. Wei Changhai had died. Que Xinyan had died. Those two rank five Celestials had also died.

Those were all peak heavenly geniuses, but they had been killed one by one just like this. Even Hu Guishan and Fan Song were as pale as paper. They had also misjudged Long Chen. Long Chen was much crazier than they had thought.

Seeing Yan Mochen hang helplessly with Long Chen’s saber through him, everyone was deathly silent. Hu Guishan and Fan Song were both too far to possibly do anything. They simply watched.

Hua Shiyu managed to stand with Zhao Ziyan’s support. She stared at that distant figure.

Wild. Domineering. A devil who could not be restrained. It was like within heaven and earth, he was the only thing that existed.

“Long Chen… go ahead and kill me… In any case… you’ll also die… hahaha… cough…” Yan Mochen already knew that his death was doubtless today. He smiled sinisterly at Long Chen.

“Unfortunately, you’ll never see that day. I’ll be sending you on your way now,” said Long Chen coldly.

“Stop!” Just at this moment, five figures rushed over. Those five were wearing robes of the senior generation. The one leading them was a handsome and cold man.

“How brazen Long Chen! You dare to kill people from the same sect? Your crimes have already earned you the death penalty, so hurry up and release him!” he shouted.

Seeing that man, Hu Guishan and Fan Song smiled. Even Yan Mochen, who had accepted his death, had his eyes brighten.

“Hehe, Long Chen, you can’t kill me! Senior apprentice-brother Xianyang is here. Once you kill me, he’ll crush you like an ant!” It was unknown whether or not it was because of his excitement, but Yan Mochen suddenly had a surge of life.

“Death penalty? Release him? Another bunch of arrogant idiots who look down on others. You’re definitely related to the Law Enforcement Hall. How laughable; if I’ve already earned the death penalty, why would I release him? Is the only thing in your heads crap?” sneered Long Chen. Spiritual yuan poured into his saber. As long as he willed it, he could kill Yan Mochen, and no one would be able to stop him.

That cold man narrowed his eyes, and a hint of killing intent appeared within him. This was his first time encountering someone who dared to speak to him like this, and it was just a Sea Expansion disciple.

In reality, he was one of the top heavenly geniuses of the previous generation. He was at the peak of Foundation Forging and a rank six Celestial. Even ordinary Elders wouldn’t dare to offend him.

Long Chen’s deduction was completely right. He was closely related to the Law Enforcement Hall. He had already joined their side.

In the Xuantian Dao Sect, disciples could freely join any department they wanted once they reached Foundation Forging.

This could be likened to an application. Once they advanced to the Jade Core realm, in other words, the level of a King, they would become Elders of that department.

For those who had joined a department, their glory would be the department’s, and the department would greatly support them.

It was also due to this that the Law Enforcement Hall had still spent a huge number of points on Que Xinyan despite him losing his Earth Flames repeatedly.

Although Que Xinyan, Hu Guishan, and Fan Song hadn’t reached Foundation Forging and couldn’t officially join them yet, that didn’t stop them from receiving the Law Enforcement Hall’s patronage. The Law Enforcement Hall’s power was just what they wanted.

So Yan Mochen, Fan Song, and Hu Guishan all knew who this cold man was, and they also felt much more secure in seeing him arrive.

“I don’t believe you dare to kill him. The instant you kill him, I will kill you,” said that icy man.

The instant he spoke, the world became silent. Some kind of formless energy locked onto Long Chen.

This was a spatial lock that could be used once someone reached Foundation Forging. Through great power, he had compressed space, causing Long Chen to be under immense pressure.

Someone with a weak cultivation base wouldn’t even be able to move in such a situation. They would be no different than an ant whose life was in the Foundation Forging expert’s hands.

This was the difference between the Sea Expansion realm and the Foundation Forging realm. Under this kind of spatial lock, each one of Long Chen’s movements was sensed by the cold man.

As soon as Long Chen used his power to kill Yan Mochen, it would be sensed, and the cold man would launch an all-out attack.

“Release him, and you might be able to live,” he called. His voice was full of confidence and unquestionable dignity.

“Who do you think you are to order me? I, Long Chen, never submit to threats.”

Long Chen suddenly smiled coldly. A lightning arrow shot out of his body and struck Yan Mochen.

The lightning arrow pierced Yan Mochen’s head. Yan Mochen’s eyes widened. Within those widened eyes, the only thing that existed was unwillingness.

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