Chapter 1072 Ruthlessly Slaughtering Heavenly Geniuses

With his blood-colored saber resting on his shoulder, Long Chen walked over directly to Hu Guishan and the others with Hua Shiyu. His eyes were both calm.

Those familiar with Long Chen knew that this calm represented that his killing intent had reached a peak. There was no longer any need for him to suppress it, because, he was about to kill people.

“Yan Mochen, come out and face your death.” Long Chen’s killing intent caused space to twist around him. It was like the arrival of a death god.

“Long Chen, do you think you can arrogantly kill my people? Do you think you have the qualifications?” sneered Hu Guishan.

“I’m going to kill. Those who block me will die,” replied Long Chen icily. His footsteps didn’t stop. His aura was continuously rising.

“Hahaha, then let’s see how you try to kill me!” laughed Fan Song.

Hu Guishan, Fan Song, Que Xinyan, Yan Mochen, Wei Changhai, Han Yunshan, and the other two rank five Celestials all stood at the front. Eight powerful experts stared coldly at Long Chen and Hua Shiyu.

“I’m about to start. Take care,” said Long Chen to Hua Shiyu. Suddenly, a four-colored divine ring emerged behind him, and four stars appeared in his eyes.

“Green Dragon Battle Armor!” Scales covered Long Chen’s body, and his aura erupted like a volcano, causing heaven and earth to rumble and astral winds to rage.

A blood-colored saber-image tore through the sky and slashed down at the eight of them.

Hu Guishan and the others were startled. They had thought that with their absolute superiority, Long Chen and Hua Shiyu wouldn’t dare to fight them. The power difference was too great, and they thought the two of them were just putting on a show.

But this attack from Long Chen had no mercy, no leeway. The killing intent within this attack could cause ghosts to sob and gods to weep. He was truly trying to kill them.

“Flower Sea Buries the Heavens!”

At the same time as Long Chen, Hua Shiyu also attacked. An endless sea of flower petals condensed into a huge ring.

That ring began to rapidly spin, acting as a huge circular blade that tore through the void toward them.

Hu Guishan’s body suddenly grew, and black hair covered him. His teeth became sharp, and he instantly transformed into a huge devil ape.

No one had thought that Hu Guishan was a beast cultivator as he had never revealed this beast merging art before. He was now a six-meter devil ape, and he smashed a fist forward.

At the same time, Fan Song attacked. His Blood Qi erupted, and punching with Hu Guishan, they blocked Hua Shiyu and Long Chen’s attacks.

In their opinion, if too many of them fought, it would make them appear weaker. What they wanted was to force the two of them back in the fairest manner.

BOOM! The four attacks crashed together.

“What?!” Astral winds erupted, but that wasn’t what caused the shocked cry. The shocked cry had come from someone who suddenly noticed that a person carrying a saber had appeared right beside him.

The person who cried out was Han Yunshan. He was arrogantly standing with his hands clasped behind his back, eagerly waiting to see how Long Chen was humiliated. He hadn’t thought that Long Chen would bypass Hu Guishan without anyone noticing him.

“Ice Frost Shield-”


His ice shield had only just begun to appear when Long Chen’s saber reached his body. He was blown to bloody mist.

When the astral winds finally faded, everyone just managed to see a blood-colored flash as Han Yunshan was killed.

Seeing that, it felt like the world had become still. Han Yunshan, a generation’s heavenly genius, a rank five Celestial who had awakened the ability to merge with heaven and earth, someone with overflowing battle power, was killed in one blow by Long Chen.

Furthermore, the power within Long Chen’s saber had also destroyed Han Yunshan’s soul. There was no chance of any revival for him.

“Courting death!” Hu Guishan roared furiously and smashed a fist toward Long Chen. At the same time, Que Xinyan’s flame blade slashed over. But Long Chen ignored their attacks. As soon as he had killed Han Yunshan, he slashed his saber at a tricky angle toward a shocked Wei Changhai.

Wei Changhai was horrified. The feeling of death instantly filled his heart. He didn’t even have the courage to block. Water Qi appeared around him, and he rapidly retreated.


Just at this moment, Que Xinyan and Hu Guishan’s attacks arrived. But they didn’t reach Long Chen. They were blocked by a petal shield from Hua Shiyu.

“No!” A miserable cry rang out. In the distance, Wei Changhai was entangled by a lightning dragon and unable to move. A blood-colored saber stabbed through his back and out his chest.

“Die.” Berserk power exploded out of Blooddrinker, and Wei Changhai’s body was blown apart.

Another rank five Celestial was killed!

Long Chen put away Lei Long and vanished. Like a phantom, he rushed back toward Hu Guishan and the others.

“This goddamn madman!” Hu Guishan was infuriated. He was sure Long Chen was a madman. He really did dare to kill people, and not just anyone. He was killing the top heavenly geniuses raised by the Xuantian Dao Sect. He had signed his own death sentence.

“Long Chen, that’s about enough!” shouted Hua Shiyu.

In the beginning, when she had said she would kill people with Long Chen, she had just been venting. She hadn’t really thought of killing anyone.

But now after two people were killed, there were no signs of Long Chen’s stopping. Now she was a bit panicked.

“If you’re afraid, you can go. You might be fine with your sisters dying for nothing, but my brothers can’t die for nothing.”

Long Chen ignored Hua Shiyu. Because of helping out the Heaven Female Alliance, seven Dragonmark warriors had died.

Long Chen didn’t regret that the Dragonblood Legion had gone to help the Heaven Female Alliance, nor did he blame them. Each member of the Dragonblood Legion was a hot-blooded man, and they definitely wouldn’t just watch as weak women were butchered in front of them. If they did, they wouldn’t be fit to be warriors of the Dragonblood Legion.

But their deaths had been because of a certain idiot. That idiot would have to pay the price.

Provoked by Long Chen’s words, Hua Shiyu clenched her teeth. Seeing that Long Chen had already attacked, her flower petals condensed into a spear that pierced toward Hu Guishan.


Hu Guishan blocked Hua Shiyu’s attack with a punch. But Hua Shiyu’s flower petals contained runes that possessed some kind of strange energy. He was knocked back.

“Hua Shiyu, you’ve also gone mad! Do you want to die with him?!” roared Hu Guishan.

But Hua Shiyu ignored him. An unhealthy redness appeared on her beautiful face, and two runes suddenly lit up within her eyes.

The flower petals suddenly seemed to come alive. They formed a huge dragon that attacked Hu Guishan. Despite her condition, Hua Shiyu had decided to use her forbidden technique once more.


Hu Guishan was forced back once again and coughed up blood. Hua Shiyu’s terrifying petal dragon was incredibly powerful. He was horrified, not expecting Hua Shiyu to be so powerful. She was clearly exhausted but still able to unleash such power.

Seeing that Hu Guishan was unable to block the next attack, Fan Song suddenly took his place to block it. But although he managed to block it with a punch, blood dripped down his hand and he was also knocked back.

With Fan Song’s assistance, Hu Guishan gained some breathing room. Working together, they managed to block Hua Shiyu. They couldn’t bother any longer about the others.

At this time, Long Chen was fighting intensely against Que Xinyan, Yan Mochen, and the two rank five Celestials.

Yan Mochen’s earth giant was destroyed in an instant by Long Chen, and he was no longer able to summon it for a moment. He could only rely on fleeing through the ground to avoid him.

Long Chen forced back Que Xinyan’s flame blade and suddenly used his shoulder to receive a rank five Celestial’s sword.

That sword pierced his shoulder, but just as that disciple was surprised by this, Long Chen’s saber slashed through his head.

This was using an injury to exchange for a life. Long Chen was used to doing this. Although they were rank five Celestials, and although he had heavily injured himself by using the Raging Flame Prison at full power, just with his battle experience, he could easily crush them.

Another heavenly genius was killed, leaving behind only Que Xinyan, Yan Mochen, and another rank five Celestial. They were all intimidated now.

Just as they were hesitating over whether to continue fighting or run, Long Chen took advantage of that hesitation to raise Blooddrinker to the sky. He activated the twenty-seven divine runes in his acupuncture points.

Compared to the first and second forms of Split the Heavens, using the third form required a short cast time at his current power level. Although it wasn’t as long as the Raging Flame Prison, such a short time could be fatal in a battle against experts. Such an opening would only bring a person to death faster.

Those kinds of battles where people instantly unleashed their strongest moves at the start were absolute nonsense. They were just used to dazzle others. In real battles, large moves were often difficult to unleash and required careful preparation.

Normally, you either had to create distance, or use some kind of ruthless move to force back your opponent. There was also another option. That was to take advantage of when your opponents were filled with hesitation and indecision to unleash your ultimate move.


A huge saber-image soared into the clouds. Energy that felt like it could exterminate heaven and earth condensed in the air.

The saber-image was completely straight. Its power caused the river of stars to quiver. In that instant, Que Xinyan, Yan Mochen, and the other rank five Celestial turned as pale as paper.

They were locked down by a terrifying aura. At that moment, it felt like they were facing a merciless death god whose sickle was slowly approaching them.

The huge saber-image crashed down. It seemed to fill every corner of the world. Whether you fled to the heavens or hell, you wouldn’t be able to escape it.

“Flames Seal the Heavens!”

“Great Earthen Protection!”

“Dark Underworld Shield!”

The three of them activated their Spirit Blood, using self-destructive moves to unleash their greatest defensive moves.

Their defenses had barely formed before the saber-image reached them.

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