Chapter 1071 Despicable Means

“Change formations! Heaven earth crane wing formation!”

Long Chen’s expression changed and he hastily shouted. The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors didn’t even think. With Long Chen at the head, they formed a huge two-winged formation. This was their strongest defensive formation.

Everyone saw dozens of huge figures in the devil beast army. They were all ninth rank devil beasts.

After Long Chen had killed the first ninth rank devil beast, two more had appeared successively. They had been killed by Fan Song and Hua Shiyu. Although the two of them had managed to kill the devil beasts, they didn’t have Long Chen’s accurate judgment and were unable to kill it in one easy blow. They had been forced to go all-out to kill their targets.

When Long Chen had killed his, it had felt like it was over before it had started.

But Hua Shiyu and Fan Song had both gone all-out, causing everyone to be aware of how terrifying ninth rank devil beasts were. Other than rank five Celestials, none of them could block them.

Now that seventy to eighty ninth rank devil beasts had appeared at once, everyone’s expressions changed. There was basically no way for them to survive this.

“Yan Mochen!”

Seeing this many of them, Hu Guishan’s expression changed several times before he suddenly cast a special glance at Yan Mochen.

Yan Mochen instantly understood Hu Guishan’s intention. He hesitated slightly, but after looking at the distant Long Chen, a ruthless light appeared in his eyes, and then he disappeared.

The mass of ninth rank devil beasts charged forward. There were no longer any more devil beasts behind them. Suddenly, a huge earthen wall appeared. But those devil beasts instantly slammed their way through it.

That huge earthen wall was as weak as paper in front of ninth rank devil beasts. There was no effect at all.

“Has Yan Mochen gone crazy? He’s blocking all the ninth rank devil beasts on his own!”

Everyone saw a figure rapidly retreating at the front. Yan Mochen was hastily forming hand seals, forming earthen walls one after another that were rapidly blown apart by the devil beasts.

As a result, these devil beasts were drawn over to Yan Mochen and targeted him. Yan Mochen retreated as he repeatedly formed barriers.

Killing intent exploded out of Long Chen. “Yan Mochen, if you dare to harm us, I, Long Chen, swear that whether you ascend to the heavens or flee to hell, I will still kill you!”

Following Long Chen’s furious shout, Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen’s expressions also changed. Yan Mochen was retreating straight toward Long Chen. He was clearly drawing the devil beasts over to him to exterminate the Dragonblood Legion.

“Hehe, Long Chen, I’m helping you stall for time, but you treat me like this? Then fine, we can just handle our own sides.”

Yan Mochen suddenly sneered and disappeared from the ground. A rune flowed across the earth, returning to the Hegemon Hall.

Yan Mochen had used an earth evasion technique to escape. Those ninth rank devil beasts lost their target and roared. With furious roars, they charged right toward Long Chen’s channel.

Because there were so many of them, a portion also scattered through the other channels. But the Dragonblood Legion was facing the main force, with almost half the ninth rank devil beasts coming to them.

Long Chen’s side had thirty-five ninth rank devil beasts charging at them, while the neighboring Hua Shiyu was also unlucky. Sixteen of the devil beasts had gone to her side, and icy killing intent shone in her eyes.

Of the remaining four channels, the closest channel guarded by Wang Zhen had to deal with nine of them. It was unknown whether it was because they were intimidated by the insect army, but those devil beasts preferred to spread to the other channels.

Hu Guishan, Fan Song, and Que Xinyan charged to the front of their channels, doing their best to kill the ninth rank devil beasts. Behind them, Yan Mochen, Han Yunshan, Wei Changhai, and the other peak experts also attacked.

These three factions had gathered practically all the peak experts from the four outer regions. Other than Yan Mochen, Han Yunshan, and Wei Changhai, there had also been two other rank five Celestials who had been recruited. Although they were not innate rank five Celestials, they were much stronger than rank four Celestials.

These three factions possessed the highest number of peak experts, and they were facing less than thirty devil beasts in total, making it so they were under the least pressure.

“Guo Ran, don’t keep holding back. Bring out your killing weapon, quick!” shouted Long Chen.

Guo Ran clenched his teeth and took out a huge crossbow the size of a war chariot. Its body was dark red and covered in runes. As soon as it appeared, it smashed a hole in the ground. Guo Ran was unable to hold it on his own.

He quickly took out a golden spear with a yuan spirit stone embedded in it and set it on the crossbow.


Guo Ran pulled the trigger. A golden light flew out at the ninth rank devil beasts.


The spear exploded once it reached the ninth rank devil beasts, its body transforming into sharp fragments that pierced through the nine rank devil beasts’ flesh. A rain of blood erupted.

“A month’s work for just a bang…” Guo Ran’s heart was dripping blood. This was a new weapon he had just created. Only Long Chen had known about it, and he hadn’t even tried using it before.

Those fragments were so sharp that even the flesh of ninth rank devil beasts was unable to resist it. However, such small fragments were also not able to kill ninth rank devil beasts with their huge bodies.

But the power behind this explosion had caused the charging ninth rank devil beasts to slow down for a moment. That was exactly what Long Chen had wanted.

“Raging Flame Prison!”

Long Chen formed hand seals, and countless flame chains appeared in the air, enveloping all those ninth rank devil beasts. At the same time, a sacred light came from Long Chen’s face as he began to chant a scripture that resounded with heaven and earth. It was like gods were chanting along with him.

Heaven and earth’s flame energy surged toward the flame chains. Long Chen also used all of Huo Long’s power to condense this flame prison. He made it as strong as possible.

More chains continuously appeared. Back when he had used this move in the Eastern Wasteland, the flame chains had only been the width of an arm. But now they were already as thick as a person’s waist.

As the chanting of the Nirvana Scripture filled the air, the chains continued to grow, and the flame energy also grew stronger.

The ninth rank devil beasts crazily attacked the Raging Flame Prison. Intense rumbling sounded, but they were unable to shake the flame prison.

“Huo Long, squeeze out all your power. Flame Prison Deathblow!”

Long Chen ordered Huo Long not to hold back. His own spiritual yuan poured forth.

The huge flame prison immediately trembled. The world seemed to lose all its sound, as if time had frozen.

The flame prison suddenly shrank, compressing all the ninth rank devil beasts into a three-meter ball.

Then the flame prison exploded. Long Chen’s hands also exploded, turning into lumps of flesh, and he vomited blood.

Huo Long’s current power was too great, and after being amplified by the Nirvana Scripture, the flame energy had far surpassed what the magical art was able to bear. Thus, Long Chen received a heavy backlash.

Fortunately, all the ninth rank devil beasts had been killed. However, Huo Long had also been heavily injured and would be unable to move for a short time.

After killing all the ninth rank devil beasts, Long Chen looked back to see that Tang Wan-er and the others had already charged over to Hua Shiyu’s faction, helping her with the devil beasts.

Long Chen took a deep breath and also rushed over. Hua Shiyu’s face was currently as pale as paper. She had previously used a forbidden technique to kill eight ninth rank devil beasts.

That had caused her to suffer heavy internal injuries, but she clenched her teeth and continued to fight. The Heaven Female Alliance was taking huge casualties. These ninth rank devil beasts simply weren’t something they could handle.

Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, and an armored Guo Ran were each fighting against one ninth rank devil beast on their own. Li Qi and Song Mingyuan were circulating the earth’s energy to protect the Heaven Female Alliance’s people to avoid even greater casualties.

Blood-colored light flashed. One of the two devil beasts that Hua Shiyu was fighting was killed with a slash from Long Chen’s saber.

“Thank you.” Hua Shiyu’s eyes were slightly red. If it hadn’t been for the Dragonblood Legion, there might no longer be a Heaven Female Alliance.

“Quickly kill them.”

Long Chen had already charged over to the ninth rank devil beast that was forcing Song Mingyuan and Li Qi to repeatedly retreat.

The two of them had already activated their Spirit Blood and were doing their best to protect everyone. But it still wasn’t enough. Seeing that their defenses were about to break, Long Chen hastily slashed his saber.

Blood-colored light filled the sky and then disappeared. The Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples couldn’t help but be stunned.

That huge ninth rank devil beast’s body slowly split apart. Through that crack, they saw a wild and domineering figure that was charging at another ninth rank devil beast.

Long Chen found that although these devil beasts’ offensive power was extremely great, they had no intelligence. As long as someone was capable of blocking them from the front, a sneak attack from one of their blind spots was fatal. They could be killed in one blow.

Long Chen killed three of them, while Hua Shiyu killed hers and went to assist Tang Wan-er. All the devil beasts were quickly handled.

The battlefield descended into a deathly silence. Hua Shiyu looked over the Heaven Female Alliance. In just an instant, thousands of her sisters had died. Killing intent raged in her eyes.

“I’m going to kill people. Do you want to come?” asked Long Chen.

“Let’s go.” Hua Shiyu clenched her teeth.

“All of you just stay here. Don’t move,” ordered Long Chen to the Dragonblood Legion. Walking side-by-side with Hua Shiyu, he looked toward the three factions. They were also icily staring back at them.

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