Chapter 1071 Despicable Means (Teaser)

“Change formations! Heaven earth crane wing formation!”

Long Chen’s expression changed and he hastily shouted. The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors didn’t even think. With Long Chen at the head, they formed a huge two-winged formation. This was their strongest defensive formation.

Everyone saw dozens of huge figures in the devil beast army. They were all ninth rank devil beasts.

After Long Chen had killed the first ninth rank devil beast, two more had appeared successively. They had been killed by Fan Song and Hua Shiyu. Although the two of them had managed to kill the devil beasts, they didn’t have Long Chen’s accurate judgment and were unable to kill it in one easy blow. They had been forced to go all-out to kill their targets.

When Long Chen had killed his, it had felt like it was over before it had started.

But Hua Shiyu and Fan Song had both gone all-out, causing everyone to be aware of how terrifying ninth rank devil beasts were. Other than rank five Celestials, none of them could block them.

Now that seventy...

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