Chapter 1070 Powerful Show of Killing

That was a thirty-meter devil beast with an ox head and rodent body. It was covered in fine veined patterns, and there was a long tail growing out of its back.

Its roar caused the sky to shake, and a terrifying pressure crashed down upon them, making everyone’s hair stand on end.

“Ninth rank devil beast, it’s definitely a ninth rank devil beast. Didn’t they say no ninth rank devil beasts would appear?!” Everyone turned pale with fright. That was an existence on par with a King.

As the ninth rank devil beast charged over, it knocked aside any seventh and eighth rank devil beasts in its path. The ground trembled as it moved.

Long Chen’s expression was serious. He flew to the front of the Dragonblood Legion. At the same time, Hua Shiyu, Wang Zhen, Hu Guishan, Fan Song, and Que Xinyan also appeared at the front of their factions, their guards raised.

There was only one ninth rank devil beast, but there were six channels. Therefore, there was a one in six chance of it coming toward them. It would be up to luck.

Each channel was equally big, and was thinner at the entrance before widening. The ninth rank devil beast would only be able to go down one of them at a time.

Everyone was nervous. That was a ninth rank devil beast. If it charged into any faction, there would definitely be immense casualties.

It rapidly advanced, crossing hundreds of miles in practically an instant. As it rushed over, Tang Wan-er and the others’ expressions changed. That ninth rank devil beast was charging directly for the Dragonblood Legion’s channel.

Once they saw which direction it was going, the other factions sighed with relief. The Divine Beast Mansion, Hegemon Hall, and Flame Gate’s people had smiles on their faces, rejoicing in their misfortune.

“Long Chen, let me handle it.” Tang Wan-er’s aura began to rise as wind blades revolved around her.

“With your power, handling it should be no problem. But you’d need some time. Let me do it. It’ll be good to raise morale,” said Long Chen.

“Do you need help?”

Just as Long Chen was about to attack, unexpectedly, the neighboring Hua Shiyu offered her assistance.

“Thank you. When I can’t handle things, I’ll definitely ask for your help.” Long Chen smiled and declined. The wings behind him flapped, and he shot out like a bolt of lightning at the ninth rank devil beast.

All the Dragonblood Legion’s members’ hearts clenched. That was a terrifying ninth rank devil beast. Despite knowing that Long Chen was incredibly powerful, they were still worried.


The rushing ninth rank devil beast saw Long Chen, and countless black lines lit up on its body. It opened its mouth, shooting out a black beam at Long Chen.

Thunder rang out around Long Chen, and he suddenly shot to the side, dodging the black beam.

The beam ended up striking against the wall of the channel, and the world trembled intensely. Quite a few people were thrown into the air by its power.

However, the wall was fine. Instead, it was the nearby devil beasts that were blown apart by that attack. It caused everyone’s scalps to turn numb. It was truly worthy of being a ninth rank devil beast on par with a King. This attack was enough to instantly kill any of them.

Long Chen continued to dodge as he advanced, not giving the ninth rank devil beast any chance to aim at him.

As he pushed the Lightning Body Blink to its peak, in just a few flashes, he appeared in front of it. The ninth rank devil beast sent out a huge claw.

As Long Chen dodged it, a long tail suddenly whipped toward him. Long Chen leaped into the air, just narrowly avoiding it. Lightly stomping on the tail, he flipped over to its back.

His little hops were done very cleanly and efficiently, amazing people. The terrifying ninth rank devil beast’s attacks were only dodged by a hair’s breadth by Long Chen. It was incredibly dangerous.

But Long Chen’s expression was still indifferent despite that danger. It was like he was intentionally cooperating with the ninth rank devil beast to put on a thrilling show.

Once he jumped onto its back, a blood-colored saber appeared in Long Chen’s hands.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

A blood-colored saber-image slashed down, dazzling people’s eyes. The ninth rank devil beast’s head flew high into the air, its black blood spurting all over.

Even once it was beheaded, it didn’t stop. Its headless body’s momentum carried it forward for dozens of miles. It practically reached the Dragonblood Legion before it finally came to a stop.

Long Chen arrived on top of it. Standing on it, he took on a victory pose for the Dragonblood Legion.

Just at this moment, a large head fell from the sky and landed right in front of the corpse as if it had been trying to land there on purpose. It was right in front of the ninth rank devil beast’s neck.

“Boss is mighty!”

Following a moment of deathly silence, the Dragonblood Legion burst into thunderous cheering.

A ninth rank devil beast had been killed with a single blow from someone at the Sea Expansion realm. Who else was capable of such a thing?

If Long Chen had used his full power to kill it, that would be one thing. But Long Chen hadn’t even released his aura. It had just been a single, easy slash of his saber. It was like he hadn’t killed a terrifying ninth rank devil beast, but a rabbit. It had been so simple, so easy.

This shocked everyone. Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen worshipfully. She liked it the most when Long Chen displayed his domineering side.

Even Hua Shiyu’s eyes shone. Long Chen’s attack had just been that stunning.

He had just displayed the true essence of battle tactics, using the smallest price to get the biggest return.

In truth, as soon as Long Chen had seen the ninth rank devil beast, he had determined from its body build that it was a power-type existence. Its agility was very weak.

So while he had been rushing toward it, he had been accumulating power the entire time, all to create an opportunity to kill it in one blow. If it was effective enough, just one attack was enough.

This attack had seemed simple, but in reality, it was a display of Long Chen’s true combat powers. It required sharp vision, accurate judgment, great control over power, and most importantly, absolute confidence. If this attack hadn’t managed to kill it, the ninth rank devil beast would have charged through the Dragonblood Legion.

That was also why this one flawless attack made people feel even more excited and passionate.

“Ninth rank devil beasts aren’t as frightening as you think. During a battle, the most important thing is your observation skills. As long as you can grasp your opponent’s fatal weakness, they are like cabbage waiting for you to harvest. Everyone, continue killing,” said Long Chen, jumping off the corpse.

The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors roared and attacked all-out. Long Chen’s attack had raised their morale to an unprecedented height. They felt like their bodies were full of energy, so much so that if they didn’t go all-out attacking, their energy would cause their bodies to explode.

“What a handsome attack! An amazing saber, and an even more amazing man!” It was unknown how many maidens in the Heaven Female Alliance were starstruck by this attack. To a woman, such a domineering display possessed a fatal attraction.

To the cultivation world’s women, the more domineering the man, the more moving they would be. And Long Chen’s domineering side was different from other people’s. He never displayed it intentionally. It would just spontaneously reveal itself. It was normally hidden in his bones, or even in his soul.

“Don’t get distracted on the battlefield like love-struck fools,” chided Hua Shiyu.

“But that attack really was handsome!” Even Zhao Ziyan couldn’t help but sigh emotionally.

“You…!” Hua Shiyu glared at her. Zhao Ziyan stuck out her tongue and didn’t say any more.

While Long Chen’s attack had stunned everyone, some people were also envious and uneasy.

After killing the ninth rank devil beast, Long Chen extracted a crystal core from its chest. He sensed vast yuan spiritual energy.

The yuan spiritual energy inside this core was hundreds of times stronger than the one from the eighth rank devil beast. It was almost equivalent to gaining a yuan spirit stone.

But just like the last core, the yuan spiritual energy only took up a tenth of its total energy. The rest was useless energy that was completely entangled with it. It would be very difficult to extract.

Thinking of yuan spirit stones, Long Chen smiled. Those were priceless treasures to Foundation Forging disciples. And he had over a billion of them.

Originally, Long Chen had been thinking of selling a few to Zheng Wenlong for some resources, but before he had gone through with that plan, the Dragonblood Legion’s wealth had soared. It was best to use the yuan spirit stones for himself.

As time passed, the devil beasts’ numbers increased, and now a tenth of them were at the eighth rank. The proportion was only growing, and all the factions were starting to find it taxing.

Some factions had already started to have casualties. Despite the elites of the factions doing their best to slaughter the devil beasts, there were just too many of them. There was no way to protect everyone, and quite a few comparatively weaker disciples ended up dying.

The Flame Gate had the highest number of casualties. From the start of the battle until now, over seven hundred of their disciples had died.

One reason was because they only had one rank five Celestial, and the other reason was that their leader, Que Xinyan, had no leadership abilities. Their formations were stiff and rigid.

Casualties had also appeared in the Heaven Female Alliance. However, there weren’t that many. Hua Shiyu’s flower petals covered a shockingly large area, and on her own, she blocked over half the attacks of the devil beasts. But one person’s strength didn’t represent that their collective strength was great. There were still areas she couldn’t look after.

The only ones that had maintained a zero casualty count were the Dragonblood Legion and the Ten Thousand Insect Guild. But although no humans had died in the Ten Thousand Insect Guild, casualties had appeared in Wang Zhen’s insect army. He was also starting to find it difficult.

Long Chen constantly paid attention to the Dragonblood Legion, and everything was still well under control. Guo Ran was directing them from the air. Thus, for now, there was no danger.

However, the pressure on them was extremely great now. But at the same time, what Long Chen wanted was that pressure. The new Dragonmark warriors still needed to experience this kind of life and death battle to temper their sharp points.

“Hm, the number of devil beasts is dropping? Is this the end?” Long Chen saw that the devil beasts’ numbers were truly starting to drop.

Suddenly, the ground trembled and huge figures rushed over. Seeing that, even Long Chen’s expression changed.

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