Chapter 107 Split the Heavens Reappears

Although the white-robed man had managed to avoid Long Chen’s strike, the terrifying astral wind had cut apart his headband. His black hair scattered, touched with a trace of blood that slowly flowed down his forehead. He had actually been injured.

“Looking at how boastful and amazing you were talking just now, acting like you were some god, I really am regretfully sorry to see that you are unable to bear even the power of an ant,” taunted Long Chen icily, pointing his sword at the white-robed man.

After summoning his divine ring, his strength had exploded. At the same time, he also madly absorbed heaven and earth’s spiritual qi, immediately filling up his originally almost exhausted energy back to eighty percent.

Unfortunately, the surrounding spiritual qi was limited, otherwise, he could have immediately absorbed enough to reach one hundred percent. But even so, Long Chen was still extremely satisfied.

Now that his divine ring had formed, he felt inexhaustible energy overflowing within him, and his battle intent soared.

He didn’t understand much about his divine ring, but he knew that after summoning it, his combat ability would multiply by several times.

Having summoned his divine ring, he entered his strongest state. Normally, he wouldn’t summon it due to how shocking its appearance was, but with how desperate the situation had turned out, holding back any further would only result in death.

His father’s heavy injury caused him to immediately put away any of his misgivings towards its shocking appearance. 

The large ring of light behind him went high into the sky, and his current god-like figure awed everyone.

The white-robed man’s combat abilities had already been seen by everyone. Even someone as strong as Long Tianxiao was unable to receive even a single attack from him.

But now Long Chen had sent the white-robed man flying back with his sword, even injuring his head. Such a situation was too shocking.

“Brother Long is too strong!” Fatty Yu gulped in awe. The injuries all over his body were completely forgotten by him.

Long Tianxiao also looked at Long Chen in shock. Long Chen’s current strength didn’t seem to be inferior to that sect disciple.

Chu Yao gently bit her lip and her eyes blurred. Long Chen was an undefeatable battle god in her heart.

“What’s going on? What kind of technique is that?” The white-robed man completely forgot about his head injury in his shock.

He sensed an unprecedented pressure coming from Long Chen’s body. That was absolutely impossible! How could there be such a genius outside the cultivation world, living in this ordinary, secular world?

Someone, who was only at the insignificant Blood Condensation realm and had yet to completely refine and temper his physical body, could not possibly possess such strength!

“What, are you interested in an ant’s technique?” Long Chen laughed icily.

The white-robed man coldly snorted. “You bottom-dwelling frog, even if you have a secret technique, so what? How long can you use it for? You are unable to escape your miserable fate!”

His sword shook and countless sword images appeared everywhere, crashing down on Long Chen.

Long Chen raised his broadsword and crazily exchanged blows with the white-robed man. Explosions shook the heavens and caused the earth to continuously tremble.

Small stone fragments shot out from their collisions, some flying hundreds of meters away.

One unlucky fellow was struck despite being over half a mile away. Even so, that flying stone pierced right through his thigh.

Everyone cried out in alarm and quickly withdrew further away. No one wanted to become the next unlucky fellow.

Other than their fight, within several miles, the only other battle was grandmaster Yun Qi’s fight against Wei Cang and Wang Luyang. Flames continuously soared and waves of heat rolled.

That was the first time people had ever seen how terrifying a pill cultivator was. Their Pill Flames were far too powerful. Having fought for this long, their flames’ strengths had yet to decline the slightest bit.

After all, when they refined medicinal pills, they had to continuously use their Pill Flames for long periods of time. That was especially true for high tier medicinal pills that required longer times to refine, sometimes even several days.

So a pill cultivator’s Pill Flame was their essential foundation, and their fights would often stretch out for the longest periods of time.

As for the other side, Long Chen and the white-robed man’s fight caused people to tremble in fright. Sword Qi collided continuously.

“Long Chen is so strong; it really is a defiance of the heavens!”

Some people couldn’t help but exclaim their wonder. A cripple had basically shot up meteorically in the past few months. Starting from his victory against Li Hao on the martial stage, Long Chen had grown by leaps and bounds.

Now the current him was able to consecutively kill Tendon Transformation experts who were the peak of the empire and was even able to fight against this terrifying monster which had exceeded their understanding.

Some of those youths, who viewed Long Chen as an idol, were now tightly clenching their fists, swearing to themselves that they would also become a powerful expert like him.

BOOM! After another intense collision, both of them withdrew thirty meters away. Everything within several miles of their fight was a complete mess. Huge scars and ditches covered the land.

“How is the strength of an ant?” mocked Long Chen.

The two of them had now already exchanged over a thousand blows. Long Chen could clearly sense that his strength was declining. His spiritual qi was starting to run out despite the support of his divine ring.

That didn’t mean his divine ring wasn’t powerful, but simply that the surrounding spiritual qi was too sparse, unable to keep up with the divine ring’s absorption. And so Long Chen’s speed of replenishing his spiritual qi was limited.

“Bastard.” The white-robed man’s calm expression had long since disappeared. Even in his wildest dreams, he would never have imagined a freak like Long Chen could have existed in the secular world. Even though he was merely in the Blood Condensation realm, he was able to fight against a late stage Tendon Transformation sect disciple like him.

That filled him with fury as well as intense jealousy. Seeing a youth younger than even himself with endless potential, killing intent soared from him.

The white-robed man harshly shouted and a ray of light shot from his forehead to shine on his longsword. That longsword seemed to come alive, emitting a continuous ringing and overflowing with light. A ray of sword light shot out and cruelly slashed down on Long Chen.

“Lightflow Sword!” A ray of light reached Long Chen almost as soon as the white-robed man had moved. Its speed was inconceivable.

By the time Long Chen had sensed it, it had already reached his body. He couldn’t help being filled with horror. That was the first time he had ever encountered an attack that was so fast.

BOOM! The sword light that was dozens of meters long slashed into his body, causing everyone to let out startled cries.

Everything had happened too quickly. By the time people had realized the white-robed man was attacking, it was already over. The ray of light completely enveloped Long Chen.

They had previously been evenly matched. But had he been killed with just one move now? Everyone was stupefied.

The white-robed man’s face turned pale after sending out that sword blow. As that was one of his killing blows, its might was beyond compare.

That sword blow’s most formidable feature was its speed. By the time the enemy noticed him moving, it would already be too late to block. That was just how terrifying its speed was. It was something that couldn’t be guarded against.

It was his most powerful move. By relying on that one single move, he was able to defeat quite a few of the inner sect disciples.

However, the amount of energy which that move used up was also terrifying. Even he was somewhat unable to bear it. But as long as he was able to kill Long Chen, it would be worth it.

A huge ditch had appeared where Long Chen was standing. The white-robed man had just been about to relax when his pupils suddenly shrank.

The earth split open, and a figure flew out from within the earth.

“Long Chen!” 

Long Chen’s body was covered in dirt, and there was a huge bloodstain on his chest, making him appear extremely miserable. However, he was still alive.

“How is this possible?” The white-robed man looked at Long Chen in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Long Chen could receive his most powerful attack.

Long Chen brushed the dirt off his body. He was secretly filled with horror inside. That attack had been too frightening. That kind of speed was simply unblockable.

If at that critical moment, he hadn’t instinctively brought his sword to block in front of his body and sent his spiritual qi to protect himself, he would already be a corpse.

His keen spiritual perception had saved his life once more. But even though he had forcibly blocked it, its force still had blown him into the ground and he had vomited out three mouthfuls of blood.

“It’s not my style to not reciprocate.” Long Chen took a deep breath. He slowly raised his broadsword so that it pointed towards the sky. Along with Long Chen’s movements, the world became completely silent. Having lost all sound, the only thing within heaven and earth seemed to be just Long Chen.

Strange lines appeared over his broadsword. Suddenly, heaven and earth rumbled and space incessantly trembled. Endless foreboding qi soared into the clouds.

The white-robed man’s expression changed greatly. Looking at that scene, he was horrified to realize that he had been locked in place by a terrifying aura.

Long Chen was just at the Blood Condensation realm. It should be impossible for him to lock a Tendon Transformation expert in place! The only explanation was that he had been locked by the Battle Skill Long Chen was using.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!” The white-robed man cried out frantically. To allow a Blood Condensation cultivator to lock a Tendon Transformation expert, that would require the Battle Skill to be at least at the mid grade Earth class or higher!

But the Earth class Battle Skills that circulated in the secular world were all things which couldn’t enter the eyes of the sects, the absolute lowest tier trash!

As for the sects, their Battle Skills were all the finest possible. Although they might also be at the Earth class, their power levels were far from equal. That was also why the white-robed man’s Battle Skill was so frightening in comparison to the other Earth class Battle Skills that had been used here.

But even a sect disciple like him didn’t have the qualifications to learn a mid grade Earth class Battle Skill. How could a weakling from the secular world use such a Battle Skill?!

Despite knowing that it was simply impossible, that terrifying aura firmly locked down his body, so he couldn’t possibly be wrong. He was practically about to go crazy. He violently circulated his spiritual qi in an attempt to receive this attack.

That was because since he was locked in place, there was no way that he could dodge it. Trying to do something so futile would only speed up his defeat. A large tortoiseshell now appeared in his hand.

The tortoiseshell was snow-white, looking just like jade. There were extremely strange lines carved into it that possessed a terrifying aura.

Long Tianxiao’s heart beat wildly when he sensed the terrifying power coming from Long Chen’s body.

“What a terrifying aura!” Everyone was watching Long Chen. Heaven and earth were completely silent. Within their eyes, there was only one person and one sword.

Long Chen’s sword suddenly began to buzz. A will that desired to slash the heavens and split the earth exploded out, radiating hundreds of miles.

In front of that will, people felt as if they were facing heavenly punishment. They were completely terrified. It felt as if the end of the world was coming.

“Split the Heavens!”

Long Chen’s sword slashed down thunderously.

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