Chapter 1069 Yuan Energy Fluctuations

On Long Chen’s side, Huo Long was at the very front, incinerating any devil beasts near it. After devouring three Earth Flames and Luo Bo’s Pill Flame, it had undergone a complete transformation.

The current flame dragon had reached a level of control over its power that even shocked Long Chen. Its control was equal to an alchemist controlling their flame during a pill refinement. Each bit of power was used perfectly without the slightest waste.

“Is this the result of devouring Luo Bo’s Pill Flame? It also absorbed his flame control experience?”

Seeing how unstoppable Huo Long was, Long Chen was pleasantly surprised. Huo Long’s power surpassed his expectations.

Behind Huo Long were Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, and Li Qi. They had formed one long defensive line.

Tang Wan-er’s wind blades along with Song Mingyuan and Li Qi’s earthen spears were both large-area attacks. The majority of the devil beasts that got past Huo Long were killed by them.

As for Gu Yang, he had no large-area attacks. He focused on the eighth rank devil beasts that got by, not letting them charge into the formation behind him.

Through these layers of obstructions, the number of devil beasts that reached the Dragonblood Legion was not high. Furthermore, they were all seventh rank. With nine people in a team, their formations moved out, forming sharp blades that cut through them.

From the air, this channel was a land of death for the devil beasts. The formations were like meat grinders. As they moved, the devil beasts were torn apart.

Black blood and flesh flew through the air. It was miserable and bloody, but these devil beasts didn’t seem to have any fear of death. They continued to crazily charge forward even as they saw their companions being killed.

Within the entire Dragonblood Legion, Long Chen was the most leisurely one. He was squatting on the ground, studying a devil beast’s head that had just been cut off.

That devil beast’s teeth were as sharp as a Treasure item. Black lines covered in the teeth that emitted the aura of death.

This was a special aura, and once bitten, it would invade your body. Even Heavenly Dao energy had trouble erasing it, so being injured by a devil beast was a very troublesome matter.

Long Chen snapped off one of its half-a-foot-long teeth and carefully examined its aura. For some unknown reason, he felt another very familiar aura within its sinister aura.

Suddenly, an eighth rank devil beast broke past Gu Yang’s blockade. Guo Ran was just about to shoot it with his golden crossbow when Long Chen flung out the tooth. It pierced straight through the devil beast’s head.

“It only possesses a berserk will and has no spiritual fluctuations. In other words, it has no intelligence. It only has desires but has no fear of death. How curious.”

As that eighth rank devil beast died, Long Chen locked onto it with his Spiritual Strength to see what it would feel during death. It was a very strange lifeform.

It had to be known that any creature would feel innate fear toward danger and death. But these devil beasts didn’t. They didn’t even have spiritual fluctuations.

If they didn’t have bodies of flesh, Long Chen would suspect that they were puppets made to kill people.

“Puppets… they really are like puppets.”

Long Chen’s eyes brightened. These devil beasts were just like a kind of puppet. Their attacks were practically instinctual, and that was the basic nature of a puppet.

“This is…” Long Chen reached into the devil beast’s chest and pulled out a black stone.

The stone was the size of a baby’s fist, and it was covered in lines that were like wriggling centipedes. It looked very evil.

But he also sensed another kind of energy fluctuations within this stone. He suddenly cried out, “These are yuan energy fluctuations! It’s practically the same as the fluctuations from yuan spirit stones!”

Long Chen couldn’t help being dumbfounded. These devil beasts could produce yuan spirit stones? That had to be nonsense. Yuan spirit stones were mined; how could devil beast cores become yuan spirit stones?

When he carefully sensed it, he found that only a small amount of the devil beast core’s energy was yuan spiritual energy. The energy inside was complicated. The yuan spiritual energy only made up a tenth of its energy. The remaining ninety percent was a berserk, dark kind of energy, and that kind of energy was poison to cultivators. There was no way to extract the yuan spiritual energy like this, so there was no way to use this stone.

After studying it a bit longer, Long Chen stopped and began to pay attention to the Dragonblood Legion’s battle.

“Hahaha, I’ve made three hundred and seventy-five points!” cried out a Dragonmark warrior as he excitedly killed the devil beasts.

It had just been less than two hours since the battle had begun, but an ordinary inner sect disciple had made three hundred and seventy-five points. That was like striking gold.

Working two hours here was worth more than three months of rations. It was no wonder he would be so excited. After all, these were the points he had earned with his own power.

“What’s so amazing about three hundred points? I’m already at five hundred, but did you see me say anything?” shouted one of the Dragonblood warriors.

“Do you think you’re quiet? If you shout a bit louder, I bet people would be able to hear your excitement all the way to the Eastern Wasteland!” roared one of the Dragonblood warriors beside him. His ears were ringing from that person’s shouting.

“Head Gu Yang, what are you at?” asked a Dragonblood warrior.

“Twenty-seven,” replied Gu Yang.

“Twenty-seven? Impossible! Wait, as in thousands? Ten of thousands?!”

Everyone was startled. Gu Yang, who was just in charge of the eighth rank devil beasts that got past, had already reached over two hundred thousand points. Then wouldn’t Tang Wan-er be at over a million?

Long Chen looked at his bracelet and saw that he had reached three million two hundred and seventy thousand points. Huo Long was incredibly powerful, unrivaled in alchemy and battle. It was unknown what secret technique the Xuantian Dao Sect was using so that the devil beasts killed by Huo Long were counted by his bracelet.

“Hey, can you focus? Or are you going to chat until the day ends? Sister Wan-er, these brothers are getting lazy out of boredom. Let a few more points come by!” cried Guo Ran.

Guo Ran saw that these brats were getting too arrogant. Having forgotten their fear, their confidence ended up inflating. It was time to give them some more work so they would get a bit tense.

Tang Wan-er reduced her attack range slightly. As a result, a huge swarm of devil beasts charged past. The Dragonmark warriors roared and started a slaughter.

After discarding their fear, after putting down their nervousness, after being led through multiple battles by the Dragonblood warriors, the Dragonmark warriors had finally found the feeling of a battle. The difference between them and the Dragonblood warriors was rapidly shrinking.

Long Chen’s side had it extremely easy, while the other factions were about the same. However, the Divine Beast Mansion and Hegemon Hall had both already expanded their attack range.

They were unwilling to just guard their channel. Yan Mochen, Han Yunshan, and Wei Changhai had charged forward a hundred miles and were slaughtering any devil beast in sight.

“Fuck, how despicable! They’re fighting over our points!” raged Guo Ran. The three of them had charged to the front, interfering with Dragonblood Legion’s share of devil beasts. As a result, the number of devil beasts reaching their channel had dropped a great deal. Those three were taking this opportunity to snatch their points.

However, not every faction had the ability to send people out to the front. Only the Divine Beast Mansion and Hegemon Hall were both able to guard their channel safely after sending them out.

In truth, Hua Shiyu’s side also had the power to send out Zhao Ziyan. But Hua Shiyu didn’t do that. Instead, she continued according to their original rhythm.

As for the Ten Thousand Insect Guild, when Wang Zhen saw that Long Chen wasn’t doing anything, he seemed to also realize something. If he continued killing all the devil beasts himself, his people wouldn’t have anything to do. He opened a path to allow a few devil beasts to get by for his subordinates.

“Boss, do you want to go out as well?” Guo Ran was irritated that those three would snatch their points like this.

“Do you think I’m as stupid as them? If even Su Mo was beaten into such a miserable state, do you think this mission would be this easy? Even an idiot would be able to tell this is just time for us to adapt. Soon, more powerful devil beasts will be released to our side. If they want to be stupid, let them. Let’s see how long they’re capable of being so stupid,” said Long Chen.

As expected, not long after, people sensed something was wrong. The number of the devil beasts was still the same, but the proportion of eighth rank devil beasts was increasing.

In the beginning, only one eighth rank devil beast would appear amongst over two thousand. But now, there was one every thousand devil beasts. Their proportion had doubled.

As soon as that happened, the Divine Beast Mansion and Hegemon Hall’s sides became unsteady. Several eighth rank devil beasts got past Hu Guishan’s blockade and reached his faction behind him, causing great chaos. Although those devil beasts were eventually subdued, dozens of disciples had been killed under their attacks.

Hu Guishan and Fan Song immediately called the three of them back. In their panic, their formations became unsteady, and over a hundred of their people died, causing their faces to turn green with fury.

This was a typical case of trying to steal a chicken only to lose the rice used to lure it. In order to get a few more points, so many of their people had died. It was completely not worth it.

On the contrary, the other factions’ blockades were still completely steady. Although the number of eighth rank devil beasts was increasing, their formations didn’t become chaotic and no casualties appeared. Meanwhile, Hu Guishan and Fan Song felt like they had been slapped in the face.

More and more eighth rank devil beasts were appearing. The Dragonblood Legion’s formations switched once more. The Dragonmark warriors fell back while the Dragonblood warriors advanced. More and more devil beasts were getting by, and the Dragonblood warriors began to join in on killing the eighth rank devil beasts.

They also occasionally let an eighth rank devil beast get by for the Dragonmark warriors to experience their power. But they would always call out a warning before letting one get by so that they would be prepared.

Only once the Dragonmark warriors got used to it and were no longer afraid of the eighth rank devil beasts did they truly allow eighth rank devil beasts to get by. Now the Dragonmark warriors had also joined in on the fight against the eighth rank devil beasts.

After another two hours, the number of eighth rank devil beasts had increased once more. Now one would appear around every five hundred devil beasts.

The other factions all found it taxing now. Casualties were starting to appear, and they no longer had it as easy as before. They finally understood that this was a true battlefield, not a trial.

However, Long Chen still didn’t do anything. He stood in the air, overlooking the Dragonblood Legion. To him, the battle had only truly just started. Now was the true time to temper the Dragonblood Legion.

Suddenly, a furious roar rang out in the distance, and a terrifying pressure descended, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

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