Chapter 1068 The Battlefield in the Abyss (Teaser)

The sky was dull and gloomy, and the sun was nowhere to be found. Blood-colored mist filled the air with a brutal aura. The scent of death was strong.

Long Chen and the others appeared in a canyon. The canyon was definitely not natural. It was a pass created by humans.

It was a hundred miles wide. This was a specially constructed channel, and when Long Chen spread his divine sense, he sensed another channel a thousand miles away.

Between these two channels was a huge and thick wall. The wall was covered in runes and incomparably sturdy.

The channel on his right side was guarded by Hua Shiyu’s Heaven Female Alliance. On his left side was a precipitous mountain.

The huge mountains soared high and spread far into the distance. This mountain was a natural barrier.

Behind the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples was a giant stronghold. Long Chen and the others were the final barrier in front of the stronghold.

There were six channels here, and when the army of devil beasts arrived, they would spread throughout the six channels. That scattered...

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