Chapter 1068 The Battlefield in the Abyss

The sky was dull and gloomy, and the sun was nowhere to be found. Blood-colored mist filled the air with a brutal aura. The scent of death was strong.

Long Chen and the others appeared in a canyon. The canyon was definitely not natural. It was a pass created by humans.

It was a hundred miles wide. This was a specially constructed channel, and when Long Chen spread his divine sense, he sensed another channel a thousand miles away.

Between these two channels was a huge and thick wall. The wall was covered in runes and incomparably sturdy.

The channel on his right side was guarded by Hua Shiyu’s Heaven Female Alliance. On his left side was a precipitous mountain.

The huge mountains soared high and spread far into the distance. This mountain was a natural barrier.

Behind the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples was a giant stronghold. Long Chen and the others were the final barrier in front of the stronghold.

There were six channels here, and when the army of devil beasts arrived, they would spread throughout the six channels. That scattered their power, which was beneficial for ambushing and stopping them.

If the disciples could see further, they would see that their channels were all connected to another huge channel in front of them. At the end of that huge channel was an even larger channel.

Each channel had several branches. It was similar to trying to stop a river. When the people at the front were unable to stop the huge devil army, they would let a few of them go through the branches at the end of their passes.

Through several layers of checkpoints, if the devil army still couldn’t be stopped, then they would be forced to activate the stronghold.

This stronghold was the Xuantian Dao Sect’s strongest defensive measure. Once it was activated, it was unknown how many devil beasts it would be able to kill. The sect had spent an exorbitant amount of manpower and wealth to build it.

But such a terrifying stronghold would also cost a terrifying amount of resources to activate. Even the Xuantian Dao Sect wasn’t willing to use it unless they were forced to. Just using it once would be a grave blow to their core.

The Dragonblood warriors felt like a stone was pressing against their hearts upon entering this battlefield. Seeing these grand fortifications as well as the scent of death that hung in the air, no one could remain indifferent.

This was the pressure of the battlefield. The more lives that had died, the greater the pressure would be. This kind of mental pressure was nerve-wracking.

“Form the whirlwind slaughter formation. Take care of the space and distance between you. Don’t accidentally attack your own people, or the jokes that will be made about you will never end.” Long Chen clapped his hands, drawing his people’s attention.

They quickly spread out. The whirlwind slaughter formation involved forming groups of nine. It was a very nimble and adaptable formation. They could quickly form up once more, linking up nine groups of nine into a larger formation. It was a simple but very practical formation.

For over thirteen thousand people to guard a space around a hundred miles wide was very simple. At the Sea Expansion realm, a single full-strength attack could instantly cover such a distance. At closer range and by compressing the attack, it would make the attack even stronger.

The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors quickly took their places. Just by busying themselves with taking their positions, they felt the pressure of the battlefield lessen.

“Don’t be so nervous, because that’s a very foolish thing. Now that you’re on the battlefield, the only thing that matters is strength. If you’re strong enough, then the devil beasts in front of you are just points. If you aren’t strong enough, then there’s even less reason to be worried. You’ll definitely die, so why be nervous?” said Long Chen.

The Dragonblood Legion’s members involuntarily laughed. Seeing how easy-going Long Chen was as he stood at the front of their formation, unaffected by the battlefield’s pressure at all, their tense hearts loosened slightly.

“Other than that, let me give you some good news. Our neighbors are the Heaven Female Alliance’s beautiful army.”

Long Chen’s voice suddenly quietened as he said, “Everyone, work hard to show off a man’s selling points. Show them how domineering a man should be. If we kill all the devil beasts on our side, we could go to the other side and help them. Hehe, you understand? Not only can you get points, but you can also be the hero saving beauties.”

Long Chen raised his brows at them with a naughty smile. Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen and didn’t say anything. She knew he was using this wretched method to encourage people and make them forget their nervousness.

Sometimes, a man’s desire for such a thing could allow them to explode with unprecedented power. She saw people’s passions were ignited.

“Hmph, a nice thought. But my Heaven Female Alliance’s warriors don’t need any stinky men. Don’t even think about coming over here to take advantage.”

Just as the Dragonblood Legion’s men had started smiling, Hua Shiyu’s icy voice came from the other side of the wall, along with a few maidens’ tinkling laughter.

Long Chen was struck speechless; now it was awkward. He had been exposed. The thing that infuriated him the most was that Tang Wan-er also laughed at him.

Suddenly, the ground began to rumble, and all the disciples’ expressions changed. The devil beast army had arrived.

Just a few breaths later, a tide of devil beasts could be seen charging over at them. It was different from the trial and competition. There were all kinds of devil beasts now. Although their bodies weren’t huge, their auras were very tyrannical.

Furthermore, some of these devil beasts were stronger than the others. Black runes covered their bodies, and that powerful pressure was clearly the aura of eighth rank devil beasts.

The eighth rank for devil beasts was equivalent to human cultivators’ Foundation Forging realm. They were very powerful.

As the endless devil beasts rushed over, the ground constantly shook. As they got closer, people saw that some devil beasts were like apes that had grown fangs, some were like crocodiles in human form, and some only had limbs with no head. It was unknown what they were.

Even from dozens of miles away, they could smell the scent of decay and death pouring over them. It was no wonder this place was called the Infernal Devil Abyss. It was like they were facing devils from hell.

“Brothers, get ready to work. Guo Ran, you’re in charge of directing people. Call out people to kill the eighth rank devil beasts that slip by. Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan, follow behind me as the first line of defense. Everyone else, the small fish will be left to you.”

Long Chen waved a hand, and a huge flame dragon flew out. Its flame runes were blood-colored, and when it opened its mouth, a flame meteor shot out at the devil beasts.


Flames exploded, devouring any devil beasts struck. Seventh rank devil beasts were instantly turned to dregs, and a dozen eighth rank devil beasts were also struck and let out ear-piercing cries. Although they didn’t immediately die, they were heavily injured.

Huo Long turned, and with a flick of its tail, it blew apart those burning eighth rank devil beasts. It flew to the very front. When the disciples in the other passes saw how powerful it was, they were completely shocked.

Only one person had flames about to shoot out of his eyes. That person was Que Xinyan. The strength of Long Chen’s flame dragon was entirely because of him. Three of his Earth Flames had been devoured by it.

The other five factions also took action. Hua Shiyu was surrounded by flying flower petals, and the devil beasts all exploded upon contact. Even eighth rank devil beasts were unable to resist.

“What a terrifying woman. Those flower petals definitely contain some kind of secret, or they couldn’t possibly be so sharp.” Long Chen was shocked by this power. He didn’t sense any elemental energy within those petals, but their sharpness surpassed even Treasure items.

As Hua Shiyu displayed her power, she slaughtered masses of devil beasts at the very front. Only a portion of them avoided her blockade and attacked the people behind her.

But behind her was Zhao Ziyan, and she directed the female warriors to attack the devil beasts. Everything was under control, and they weren’t panicked at all.

On the other side of Hua Shiyu was Wang Zhen’s Ten Thousand Insect Guild. Wang Zhen was also displaying his terrifying power.

It was unknown when exactly he had raised this many insects, but he had all his disciples retreat. Using just a huge army of insects, he formed a deathtrap at the entrance to his channel.

All kinds of shelled insects appeared on the ground. Those insects were constantly spitting out poison from their mouths, and any devil beasts touched by it would instantly begin to corrode and let out wails.

In the air, there were countless three-meter-long bee-like insects. They shot out long stingers from their tails that pierced through the devil beasts.

After the devil beasts were struck by the poison, these stingers instantly caused their bodies to explode like rotten flesh.

Once the devil beasts were killed, countless pincer insects would crawl out of the ground and devour their corpses.

There weren’t just three types of insects. There were all kinds, some acting as bait, some acting as shields, some launching sneak attacks. It was a true endless army of insects.

The insect army had essentially blocked the entrance to the pass, and the Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples basically didn’t need to do anything. So they just watched.

On the other side, the Divine Beast Mansion, Hegemon Hall, and Flame Gate had also attacked. The thing that startled Long Chen was that Que Xinyan had a new commodity.

He had summoned a huge flame ape, and the fluctuations from its flames were very powerful. It was actually not weaker than the Scarlet Blood Flame. In fact, its ranking might even surpass it slightly.

Que Xinyan stood at the head of his flame ape as it constantly attacked the devil beasts. But the only thing he was staring at was the distant Long Chen. His eyes were full of rancor.

Long Chen coldly looked at him. A faint sneer appeared on his face. Was this idiot about to send him more food?

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