Chapter 1066 Internal Battle External Battle

Long Chen entered seclusion. Because of his seclusion, the Xuantian Dao Sect gradually returned to calm.

The matter of the medicinal elixir in the outer sect had caused a huge disturbance. This time, there was absolutely no way to keep news of it quiet, because far too many people had seen it. It had practically shaken the entire Xuantian Dao Sect.

Everyone came to learn of how domineering Long Chen was. In front of millions of people, he had repeatedly slapped a King across the face. The people who had seen that scene would never be able to forget it.

Long Chen’s name became even more resounding. At the same time, everyone came to learn of the peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir.

Many inner sect disciples were also moved by it, and they came over to buy it from Qian Duoduo.

This result was within Long Chen’s expectations. Except, due to Luo Bo, his plans had accelerated even more.

Originally, he had thought it would need one to two months for the name of the peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir to spread to the inner sect. He thought it would be a steady increase.

So before going into seclusion, he had left behind a huge amount of stock for Qian Duoduo. Now Qian Duoduo was constantly busy in the outer sect.

However, he had also run into a certain situation. That was that the Divine Beast Mansion, Hegemon Hall, and Flame Gate’s disciples had all stealthily sent people to buy it.

That made Qian Duoduo very displeased. He still remembered how their people had immediately begun to sneer at them after buying their points.

However, Long Chen had told Qian Duoduo not to mind them. They could buy as much as they want.

Businessmen only cared about maximizing profit. They did business with anyone. There was no need to worry about fattening their enemies, because those people had no qualifications to be enemies with the Dragonblood Legion.

Qian Duoduo sold them the peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir, and a huge amount of points entered his pocket each day.

For Long Chen to publicly sell the peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir in the outer sect was a provocation to the Alchemy Pavilion. It was especially humiliating because Luo Bo had his cultivation base crippled and was expelled from the Xuantian Dao Sect.

But because of various reasons from before, they had fallen into Long Chen’s trap. He had a protective talisman now, making them incapable of doing anything.

At first, the Alchemy Pavilion thought that Long Chen would eventually run out of elixir. On his own, there was no way for him to refine so much peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir.

But they quickly realized that he had so much elixir that he was unable to even sell it all.

They had immediately raised suspicions that the elixir wasn’t refined by himself and was instead bought from outside the sect. That was completely against the sect’s rules.

The Elder Hall had called Long Chen, and in front of everyone, Long Chen had summoned Huo Long and allowed them to see how it refined the elixir.

When the Alchemy Pavilion’s people saw Huo Long refine the elixir on its own, their eyes almost jumped out.

This kind of alchemy technique dumbfounded them. This speed and efficiency were absolutely ridiculous.

Long Chen only gave them a simple demonstration before calling back Huo Long. The Alchemy Pavilion’s people could only dejectedly leave.

Although their disciples raised suspicions that Long Chen couldn’t have that many medicinal ingredients, the Dao Sect’s rules only explicitly stated that it was not permitted to sell pills bought from outside. There was nothing about buying medicinal ingredients.

As long as Long Chen refined it personally, he could sell it to others. Technically, he couldn’t sell it in huge amounts, but now he had gained that authority because of how the Alchemy Pavilion had rejected his application.

Very quickly, the Ten Thousand Pill Hall sent out word that their Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir’s price was going down by fifty percent. Furthermore, they were holding a buy-two-get-one-free sale.

But when the disciples calculated it, they still felt that it was better to buy Long Chen’s peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir. After all, its medicinal effect was amazing. Even though the Ten Thousand Pill Hall reduced the price, there was still no one who bought it.

As a result, in their fury, they directly cut the price in half again and had a buy-one-get-one-free sale. Finally, some disciples were moved and began to buy their elixir.

Long Chen sneered inside. They wanted a battle of prices? Selling it like this would cause them to lose money. Long Chen knew the Alchemy Pavilion was intentionally harming itself just to stop him from getting so much profit.

The Ten Thousand Pill Hall’s large discount was truly vicious. Fewer and fewer people were coming to Long Chen’s side, making Qian Duoduo uneasy. He went to ask Long Chen if they should lower the price as well.

Long Chen shook his head. “Competing in prices is the display of the incompetent. Playing like this would be embarrassing.”

In any case, during this time, another thirty million points had entered their pocket. Calculating the total, the peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir had brought him over seventy million points in profit.

Long Chen told Qian Duoduo to stop selling it and have everyone focus on cultivating in peace. They could just watch how lively the situation was.

As a result, it truly became lively. Many people had thought there would be a price war between Long Chen and the Ten Thousand Pill Hall. Then the ones to profit would be them.

But then, Long Chen ignored the Ten Thousand Pill Hall. He refused to play with them, and he stopped selling the peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir.

Now all those waiting disciples became dumbfounded. But they quickly reacted and charged toward the Ten Thousand Pill Hall, almost causing the entire Ten Thousand Pill Hall to explode.

They were dumbfounded. They had no idea what to do in front of this crazy demand for the peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir.

Due to the drastically reduced price, they were basically losing three times the manufacturing cost each time they sold a bottle. The disciples buying it had also seen through some clues and were going all-out to buy as much as possible. This elixir didn’t go bad, so however much they bought was how much they would save.

As a result, just half a day after this crazy surge, the Ten Thousand Pill Hall announced that they had sold out, drawing the ire of all the disciples.

“What are you talking about? You’re just playing with us! How could you sell out this fast?”

“Exactly, after lining up for half a day, you want to tell us there’s nothing?”

“After putting on such a show, how are you going to explain yourselves to the ones who lined up all day?!”

Seeing that there were so many disciples who had lined up without being able to buy any, the Ten Thousand Pill Hall could only thicken their skin and explain that they truly had no more stock. But more of the elixir would appear later.

This explanation was unacceptable to everyone, but there was also nothing they could do. At most, they would shout a few complaints. They didn’t have Long Chen’s guts to beat people.

Long Chen had long since expected all of this. For now, the Alchemy Pavilion would have to pay the bill for their own idiotic promise.

They had to continue selling the Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir. Although it would probably in limited quantities, they definitely had to continue selling it. Otherwise, it would be a slap in their own face.

As for Long Chen himself, he was busy consuming medicinal pills each day. Occasionally, he would go out for a stroll in the inner and outer sects. Suddenly, there came a day when he was called over by the Elder Hall Master.

He arrived in front of a tranquil lake. He saw the leisurely Xuan Master fishing in a relaxed manner.

“Xuan Master, did you call this disciple?” asked Long Chen carefully. The Elder Hall Master had left after bringing him here.

Facing the most powerful expert in the Xuantian Dao Sect, even he felt a bit nervous.

“Do you feel like I’m leisurely?” The Xuan Master smiled slightly.

“Well, you seem alright. You don’t seem very busy.” Long Chen nodded.

“I feel like you’re very busy.”

“Yes, I feel like I’m very busy as well.”

“Why are you so busy?”

Long Chen was dumbfounded. It seemed this question had some kind of hidden meaning. He thought about it for a moment before saying, “I suppose because I was forced to.”

The Xuan Master nodded. “If you stood in my position, would you be as leisurely as me?”

“Probably not. If I were you, I’d first ferret out all those idiots in the Dao Sect, give them a fierce beating, and kick them out of the sect. Tidying up the atmosphere of the Dao Sect would keep me very busy,” said Long Chen.

“Once the sect was tidied up, what’s next?” asked the Xuan Master. It seemed he didn’t feel any anger toward Long Chen’s words.

“Then it’d be peaceful, and everything would go on the right track. Perhaps I’d be able to relax a bit at that time,” said Long Chen.

“I’m afraid that such a thing is unlikely. Battles never end. There are two kinds of battles: internal battles and external battles. Right now, the Dao Sect is filled with unending internal battles, and from your point of view, it feels very chaotic. But this is a very normal state. A person’s heart is naturally very competitive.

“Think about it for a moment. If you didn’t have internal battle, then you would have to point your spears outwards and find a new enemy to unite the people. For example, your Dragonblood Legion doesn’t fight amongst themselves. That’s because you are surrounded by enemies and have no opportunity for internal battle. But once the enemies around you are gone, you would have to either choose internal battle, or find a new enemy.

“You rose from the Eastern Wasteland. I greatly admire your leadership abilities, but you are too domineering, while lacking control and patience. So I want to ask you again. Think about your answer. If you stood in my position, would you be as leisurely as me?”

The Xuan Master looked at Long Chen. Long Chen’s heart pounded as he thought of an extremely inconceivable thing.

After a long while, he shook his head. “I am me. No matter what height I stand at, my thinking will not change.”

The Xuan Master smiled and allowed Long Chen to leave. As soon as he left, an ancient voice rang out.

“You still haven’t given up on this?”

The Xuan Master sighed, “I really am unwilling. I can pretty much tell a person’s future with a look, but I can’t see through Long Chen. He has too many variables to him. I really wonder, if I gave the Xuantian Dao Sect to him, what would happen?”

“Either it would soar to the peak, or be destroyed. And the chances of the latter are extremely high,” said that ancient voice.

“Master, for so many years, you were peaceful, doing nothing special. Isn’t that too boring?” asked the Xuan Master.

“What are you thinking? Don’t do anything stupid. We stand guard over our ancestors’ foundation. Don’t make me have no face to meet the successive patriarchs once I die,” warned that voice.

“You were too conservative, causing me to also become conservative. The Xuantian Dao Sect has already lost the attitude of dominating the heavens that the original founder had. Instead, it has taken the attitude of an elder with a foot in the grave. If we continue like this, just how much longer can we last?” asked the Xuan Master.

The ancient voice was silent for a long time before sighing, “Do what you want. The Xuantian Dao Sect has truly lost its former glory. Since you have ambitions, your master will support you!”

“Thank you, master. Don’t worry, disciple will not let you down.” The Xuan Master smiled. A bright light shone in his eyes. Long Chen’s arrival had allowed him to see many things. Perhaps this was a chance for the Xuantian Dao Sect to rise.

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