Chapter 1065 I’m Rich

“Uh… disciple is present.”

Long Chen immediately had a bad feeling. It seemed the Tower Department Head’s voice wasn’t very happy.

“You’ve broken the sect’s rules multiple times, disturbed a class, and beaten up a teacher. Do you even place the Xuantian Dao Sect in your eyes?” The Tower Department Head’s voice was incredibly intimidating.

The Elder Hall’s people’s expressions became odd. For even the always emotionless Tower Department Head to now sound angry, Long Chen’s ability to cause anger was truly amazing.

“Tower Department Head, if you put it like this, I’ll have to disagree,” said Long Chen.

All the Elders present sucked in a cold gasp of air. That was the Tower Department Head, the figure who overlooked the entire Xuantian Dao Sect. He was a supreme existence, and his decisions could not be changed even by the sect leader, the Xuan Master.

Others might not be afraid of the Xuan Master, but they would definitely be afraid of the Tower Department Head. After seeing that Long Chen wanted to argue against him, everyone’s jaw dropped so low that you could stick an egg inside.

“You… you want to argue?” The Tower Department Head’s voice clearly contained some shock.

In all his years as the Tower Department Head, no one had dared to speak to him like that, so he wasn’t used to it.

“You said that I didn’t place the Xuantian Dao Sect in my eyes. I disagree. If I didn’t place it in my eyes, I wouldn’t have worked so hard to become a core disciple. You said that I broke the rules multiple times. I disagree with this as well. Each time I broke the rules, it was because someone else broke the rules first and I had to fight back. Am I supposed to just accept being beaten while others break the rules?

“I’m also a victim, because if it weren’t for others breaking the rules and provoking me first, there would be no reason for me to break the rules. If you want to punish someone, you should first punish them. If you punish them first, then I will accept any punishment. But if you only punish me while letting them get away with their crimes, disciple will not feel comfortable in his heart,” said Long Chen.

“Are you saying you feel wronged?” demanded the Tower Department Head coldly.

“I wouldn’t say that. I just hope that you can treat me fairly and not wrong an obedient disciple.” Long Chen shrugged.

“You are an obedient disciple?” The Tower Department Head’s tone seemed to have changed slightly. It was like he was so infuriated that he wanted to laugh. But his voice quickly became cold once more. “Stop spouting nonsense. Although you might have been the one wronged at the beginning, the way you handled it was completely overboard. As the Dao Sect’s disciple, your conduct caused grave damage to the dignity of the sect. Even if you were right before, you’re wrong now. When you handle things in the future, you have to first consider the Xuantian Dao Sect’s dignity first, understood?”

“Disciple understands,” said Long Chen. Of course he didn’t dare to not understand.

“So, since you were wronged by others, and since it was just your way of handling things that was incorrect, and due to your attitude of admitting your errors, I can reduce your punishment. Starting today, you are demoted… demoted to… Well, you can just continue being a worker. This matter ends here. If anyone has any complaints, you can report them within the next three days.”

The Tower Department Head had originally been thinking of giving Long Chen a small slap on the wrist, but Long Chen was already a worker. He had been demoted to the bottom and couldn’t be demoted again.

If he was demoted again, the only rank left was commoner. But a commoner was not a disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect. That would be equivalent to expelling him from the sect, and that wouldn’t be a slap on the wrist.

After this result was announced, the Law Enforcement Hall Master and the Alchemy Pavilion Master both coldly left. This time, they had completely lost. The Elder Hall Master had beautifully made a fool out of them without giving them any power to resist.

Once they left, the Elder Hall Master smiled at Long Chen and also vanished.

Li Changfeng patted Long Chen on the shoulder before leaving. “Child, even if you feel bored, you should take it easy.”

In just a short moment, all the experts left and Luo Bo was brought away. What awaited him was a miserable fate.

“Alright, brothers, starting today, the outer sect’s medicinal pills will be sold here. There’s no need for anyone to worry about not getting any, so take your time,” laughed Long Chen. Only then did everyone recover from their shock and continue lining up for medicine.

The disturbance caused by the Alchemy Pavilion ended up benefitting Long Chen’s business. That was related to his powerful charisma. They felt that such a figure would definitely only sell peak grade items and was worthy of trusting.

They sold the elixir for a whole day and night. Meanwhile, Long Chen refined more elixir as the day went on. It was like he was squeezing fruit juice, constantly having Huo Long refine more and more.

“Boss, we’re rich!” Within Long Chen’s hotel, Qian Duoduo held a dozen crystal cards as well as a list of their sales. He had practically gone crazy with joy.

“How much did we sell?” asked Long Chen.


“Stop talking nonsense and tell me.”

“Hehe, we made thirty-eight million points. Heavens, I can’t believe it. Thirty-eight million points!” Qian Duoduo didn’t know what to say.

Although Long Chen had been prepared, hearing this number still shocked him. It was no wonder it was said that alchemy was the profession that made the most money in the world.

“Boss, how much did we get once we deduct the manufacturing costs?” asked Qian Duoduo suddenly. Once the manufacturing costs were out, just how much profit did they truly make?

Manufacturing costs? Those could be neglected. So the number of points they had gained was thirty-eight million, five hundred and twenty thousand.

Long Chen directly gave twenty thousand points to Qian Duoduo to give to Wang Mang and the others. One reason was for their work, and the other was for their starting bonus. They had put in quite a bit of work for this business.

“Boss, this is way too much.” Twenty thousand points for a dozen people? Each person would get almost two thousand.

It had to be known that outer sect disciples would only get points if they worked all-out for a month. Two thousand points were twenty years’ worth of income.

“We don’t want untrustworthy people, and we don’t question the people we trust. There’s no need to worry about making them fat and having them get greedy. I’m good at judging people, so don’t worry about it. They’re outer sect disciples, so their potential is limited. Now that we’re all acquainted, if we can help them, we should do our best. We don’t want to have regrets in the future,” said Long Chen.

“I understand, boss. I’ll send them right away.” Qian Duoduo couldn’t help but feel that this was why all those who followed Long Chen were so unswervingly loyal. This kind of generosity was something he was incapable of. He wasn’t willing to give away so many points to outsiders.

Thirty-eight million points split amongst thirteen thousand people meant that each person would get less than three thousand points.

As expected, without being the manager of the household, you wouldn’t realize just how precious each piece of rice and firewood was. He had thought that this profit would be able to make them fat, but as soon as he calculated it, he realized it wasn’t as amazing as he had thought.

Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. However, when he thought about it, he felt like he was being too greedy. Hu Guishan’s Divine Beast Mansion had only gotten five million points for first place. He should know how to be content.

Qian Duoduo quickly returned, but Wang Mang and the others followed him, saying that they couldn’t accept this many points. Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to say anything to them, and he directly tossed them out.

Long Chen had Qian Duoduo return to Crouching Dragon Mountain. He was to give each disciple two thousand points, and they could do whatever they wanted with it. They could learn what techniques they needed, they could buy what weapons they wanted. Even if they wanted to go pick up girls, it was fine.

But Long Chen knew that no one in the Dragonblood Legion would do something like that. They were very dependable. The only possible exception was Guo Ran.

Once Qian Duoduo left, Long Chen’s mind returned to the primal chaos space. Huo Long’s eight split bodies had all turned scarlet like blood. Its powerful fluctuations shocked even Long Chen.

Huo Long coiled around Long Chen, sending him a message that it had absorbed ninety percent of Luo Bo’s Pill Flame. That had been extremely helpful to it, and it had instantly refined the remaining Scarlet Blood Flame’s essence.

Long Chen thought about it and quickly realized that Luo Bo’s Pill Flame was a merger of spiritual yuan and an Earth Flame. It was definitely an Earth Flame, but it had no life and its ranking was unknown. However, after being nourished by spiritual yuan for countless years, it had become a delicacy to Huo Long, and there were no side effects from absorbing it. It could be directly digested.

Now Huo Long was so strong that it made even Long Chen afraid. Huo Long’s terrifying potential allowed it to grow without limit.

Back then, the Eastern Wasteland Bell had looked down on it and had wanted Long Chen to switch to another Earth Flame and feed Huo Long to it. Even the Eastern Wasteland Bell had been wrong. It definitely would have never imagined that Huo Long had this much potential.

Even Huo Long’s Spiritual Strength had greatly improved. It could communicate with Long Chen without any hindrances.

Long Chen told Huo Long to help him refine Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pills when it had time. He wanted to get everyone to the peak of Sea Expansion as soon as possible.

The next day, Long Chen received some good news. Zheng Wenlong had sent people over, and Long Chen immediately went out to receive them.

Zheng Wenlong’s people had brought over a hundred kinds of materials to forge King items. They included essence metal, mithril, wind copper, blood tin, etc.

When Guo Ran saw those, he almost wept. Although there had been quite a few fragments of King items from when the Eastern Wasteland Bell had attacked, those fragments weren’t enough to refine true King items. This material completely resolved his most pressing issue.

Before leaving, those people told Long Chen that after a while, more materials would come successively.

Guo Ran also vanished like a wisp of smoke with those materials. He wanted to confirm some theories that he had learned.

The Dragonblood Legion was now sufficiently rich to go all-out cultivating. As for the Alchemy Pavilion and Law Enforcement Hall, in all likelihood, they would be forced to calm down for a while due to their failure this time.

Long Chen also gave himself a vacation from refining to raise his own cultivation base. The peak heavenly geniuses like Hu Guishan and Hua Shiyu had already reached the peak of Sea Expansion, and he couldn’t fall behind.

“I can’t stop eating medicine.”

Long Chen grabbed a handful of Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pills and stuffed them in his mouth.

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