Chapter 1064 Tower Department Head

Huo Long let out an excited roar. Its body suddenly shrank, becoming only thirty meters long. The compressed Huo Long tightly bound Luo Bo, and its runes suddenly lit up.

Luo Bo’s expression completely changed. He felt the flame energy in his body surging out. It was gradually being absorbed by Huo Long.

He was both startled and infuriated. He was about to launch a counterattack with his Pill Flame. After all, he was a King, and devouring his Pill Flame wasn’t going to be so easy.

“You should stay still.”

Long Chen pointed a finger at his forehead. Spiritual Strength condensed in front of his finger, forming a spiritual arrow. If Luo Bo dared to circulate his Spiritual Strength to activate his Pill Flame, this spiritual arrow would pierce through his mind-sea and instantly exterminate his soul.

What appalled Luo Bo was that despite only being at the Sea Expansion realm, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was not any weaker than his. That was shocking, as he was an alchemist, and his strongest aspects were his Spiritual Strength and Pill Flame.

No one understood how terrifying Long Chen’s spiritual arrow was better than him. This spiritual arrow was condensed from all his Spiritual Strength.

If he wanted to resist, it would take his full power. But then he would only be able to watch as Huo Long devoured his Pill Flame.

But if he wanted to control his Pill Flame to resist, he would have to use his Spiritual Strength. Long Chen would take advantage of that time to kill him in one blow. Luo Bo began to sweat.

“I don’t believe you dare to kill me,” said Luo Bo coldly.

“Who knows? You can try it.” Long Chen smiled indifferently.

His words were calm as if he was just joking, but Luo Bo really didn’t dare to resist. Long Chen was too wild, too domineering. He was capable of doing anything, and Luo Bo didn’t dare to bet with his life.

He felt his Pill Flame’s energy being constantly sucked away. In just a few breaths’ time, twenty percent of his core flame had been extracted.

“Long Chen, don’t go too far! You’re leaving yourself with no way out either!” roared Luo Bo. That was his most precious core flame. He had been nurturing it for countless years, and it was comprised of the purest flame energy. He was unwilling to let it be sucked away just like this.

“Too far? It seems it really is a bit too far. But have you forgotten what you did to me? I’m a Sea Expansion disciple, but you’re an Elder. Your conscience allowed you to con me out of hundreds of thousands of points. For you, a grand King, to now say that this is too far, do you not feel embarrassed at all? No wonder after slapping you for so long, I wasn’t able to slap off your face. If your skin was peeled off, without adding anything to it, it would be able to block the attack of a King item,” sneered Long Chen.

He wanted to shout that this was too far now? Why hadn’t he shouted that when he had been conning him out of his points?

“Long Chen…”

Luo Bo clenched his teeth, and flames suddenly erupted off his body. But as soon as he did, that terrifying spiritual arrow pierced into his mind-sea. That Spiritual Strength ran amok, making him feel like his soul would be torn apart.

Luo Bo was horrified. He had hoped to force Long Chen off with his Pill Flame, because if this continued, his Pill Flame would be sucked dry.

But just as he tried to force him off, Long Chen mercilessly attacked. Now he was sure that Long Chen wasn’t trying to frighten him. He really did dare to kill him.

Long Chen hadn’t been merciful with this attack. Luo Bo couldn’t bother controlling his Pill Flame any longer, and he hastily circulated his Spiritual Strength to resist.

But Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength had taken the initiative. Although both their Spiritual Strengths were around the same level, Long Chen had the advantage.

Furthermore, as soon as he started attacking, he had no intention of stopping. That fierce Spiritual Strength was truly trying to kill Luo Bo.

“You’ve gone crazy! If you kill me, you’ll also die!” roared Luo Bo.

Blood poured from his seven orifices. He appeared incredibly miserable, terror in his eyes.

The disciples watching trembled in fear. Long Chen was too domineering. Was he really planning on killing a King?

In their hearts, Kings were supreme existences that were undefeatable. But in front of Long Chen, he didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

“I’m just a Sea Expansion rookie. To bring down a grand alchemist King for my life, I’m definitely profiting. What’s there to be afraid of?” said Long Chen indifferently.

Although his words were indifferent, his Spiritual Strength didn’t stop. It surged like an angry sea without the slightest mercy, seeming like it wouldn’t stop until Luo Bo was dead.

Luo Bo bitterly endured, his face twisted in terror. He was afraid, he was regretful. He regretted that he ever provoked this madman. Now, he could only resist as best as he could. If he relaxed even slightly, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength would take his life.

Just at this moment, Luo Bo felt a wave of weakness wash over him. His core flame was half gone.

An alchemist’s Pill Flame was their core flame, an energy linked to their spiritual yuan. Extracting his Pill Flame was extracting his essence.

Fifty percent.

Forty percent.

Thirty percent.

Luo Bo grew weaker and weaker, causing his Pill Flame to be absorbed even faster. In just a dozen breaths, he only had ten percent of his Pill Flame.

Luo Bo was powerless to resist. All his Spiritual Strength was spent on blocking Long Chen’s spiritual attack.

Long Chen suddenly smiled. “Do you know that you are an idiot? You’re an abandoned chess piece. Your people are waiting for me to kill you so they can use your death to make sure I’m doomed. Hehe, your life really isn’t worth much.”


Suddenly, a cold shout rang out, and a chain shot toward Long Chen from a crafty angle. It was merciless, containing immense power that was clearly more than enough to kill him.

Long Chen snorted coldly. He put away Huo Long and was just about to use Luo Bo as a shield when a sharp ray of Sword Qi severed the chain.

Space twisted and dozens of figures appeared in the air. They were all Kings, and they were split into two camps. One was the Elder Hall, and the other was the Law Enforcement Hall.

Dozens of Kings stood in the air, weapons raised in hostility. The atmosphere instantly grew incomparably tense.

Li Changfeng sheathed his sword. That attack had come from him. He said, “Long Chen, don’t be rude. Quickly release Elder Luo.”

“Oh.” Long Chen tossed Luo Bo to the Law Enforcement Hall’s Elders. “If you wanted him, you should have just asked. Why bother doing something as shameful as attacking a junior generation disciple? No wonder you don’t use shields. Your skin is impervious to blade or spear. Amazing, absolutely amazing.”

The Law Enforcement Hall’s Elders were infuriated, having an urge to kill Long Chen right now. They were Elders, and the Law Enforcement Hall’s Elders at that. They represented the Xuantian Dao Sect’s top authority, but were criticized by a mere disciple.

At this time, another group of people appeared in the air. These people were also wearing Elder robes, but they were the robes of the Alchemy Pavilion.

The person at the front of them had high cheekbones and his face was lean. He was the Alchemy Pavilion Master.

“Liu Cang, you should come out as well. I think you need to give me a perfect explanation,” said the Alchemy Pavilion Master. His voice was full of anger.

Space twisted slightly, and the Elder Hall Master appeared as well. He said, “If you want a perfect explanation, I have it. But we’re still missing one person. Luo Fan, come out. We can all ask our questions openly so we can perfectly resolve things.”

As expected, the Law Enforcement Hall Master, Luo Fan, appeared as well. For three people on the level of Hall Masters to appear in the outer sect at the same time made all the disciples’ eyes almost pop out.

In the outer sect, many people might never set foot into the inner sect in their lifetimes. Some had never even seen a King. But now, three Hall Master-level experts had appeared.

“Good, good, keep going. It would be best if even the Xuan Master would come out as well.” Seeing three huge figures had descended, Long Chen was about to dance with joy.

“Excellent, I also want to hear your perfect explanation, Liu Cang,” said Luo Fan.

Liu Cang smiled slightly. “I’ve long since reported everything that happened to the Xuantian Tower Supervising Department. Conveniently, I also sent some evidence of how the Alchemy Pavilion intentionally refused to allow Long Chen to join, instead mocking and insulting him. As for this Elder Luo Bo, he intentionally abused his power to extort a disciple. As a result, the Supervising Department has been watching this as well, and they’ve managed to investigate quite a few behind-the-scene details. I’m sure that they will be able to give you… a perfect explanation!”

Hearing that the Xuantian Tower Supervising Department was involved, the expressions of the Law Enforcement Hall Master and the Alchemy Pavilion Master completely changed.

Just at this moment, a strict voice rang out from the air. “The Supervising Department has already investigated this matter to its roots. The Alchemy Pavilion refused to let a genius join due to selfish reasons, causing Long Chen’s alchemy skills to have nowhere to be practiced.

“Therefore, it is the fault of the Alchemy Pavilion that Long Chen had to refine pills on his own without being supported by the sect, and his selling of them is also due to the fault of the Alchemy Pavilion.

“Luo Bo was greedy and used his position to take advantage of the outer sect’s disciples, preying on the people. His reprehensible crimes cannot be forgiven. Within three days, his cultivation base is to be crippled, and he is to be expelled from the Dao Sect.”

“No!” Luo Bo’s expression completely changed. That was no different than killing him. Without a cultivation base, he wouldn’t be able to get far before being eaten by wild beasts.

The Alchemy Pavilion Master’s expression also changed, and he immediately knocked Luo Bo unconscious, bowing to the air. “We will follow Tower Department Head’s orders.”

That Tower Department Head’s voice continued, “The Law Enforcement Hall caused the outer sect to be in turmoil and depressed. It requires serious reorganization to fix, and so the law enforcer’s posts in the outer sect are canceled. The outer sect will now be overseen by the Elder Hall.”


Liu Cang and Luo Fan both voiced their acceptance. But the latter’s voice was clearly a bit uncomfortable. It was just that he didn’t dare to voice his dissent.

“Long Chen.”

Just as Long Chen thought things were over and he was about to continue making money, the Tower Department Head’s voice once more rang out, as icy as ever.

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