Chapter 1063 Violently Beating an Elder

“Everyone, there’s no need to be so panicked. I guarantee each person will get a portion. To make it easy, prepare how much you’re paying ahead of time,” called out Qian Duoduo.

Wang Mang and the other outer sect disciples began to distribute the bottles filled with peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir. Quan Duoduo and two other disciples were in charge of the card transactions.

As a result, the dozen of them weren’t enough, and Wang Mang had to summon dozens of others, setting up six distribution points.

Two bottles of Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir were sold for ten points. Any disciples who managed to buy it were incredibly excited.

Its medicinal effect was much greater, but its price was halved. Such a good thing had never occurred before, as the Ten Thousand Pill Hall never had a sale on their medicines.

As for the other disciples who offered to sell a few of their own personally refined pills, there was no way to guarantee the medicinal effect, and others were worried about getting ripped off.

If it weren’t for how Long Chen had repeatedly sold points as a foundation for these customers’ trust, there wouldn’t have been so many people who dared to buy his medicine now.

But now it was different. The line for buying his merchandise was now hundreds of miles long. In the end, after buying it, people lined up to buy more.

Due to Long Chen laying down a solid foundation of trust, there was a huge uproar. Many people ran over with half-believing attitudes. They bought a drop from others to test its effect, and as a result, they were completely shocked and hastily lined up with the others.

More and more people were drawn over, and the line also grew longer. Even Long Chen was surprised.

He had misjudged one thing. He had thought his main customers would be outer sect disciples.

But he had forgotten, other than the over eight million outer sect disciples in the sect, there were even more workers. And even the commoners bought a few.

After all, peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir was useful for many things. No one would mind buying a bit, as after all, this opportunity was too rare. They were afraid of never getting such an opportunity again.

Most importantly, people were lining up again as soon as they bought some. That made some hesitating people also join the line.

“Damn, what a spectacle.” When Guo Ran and the others came over, they were stunned by what they saw.

“Stop wasting time and help. Set up ten more distribution spots. I’m going to get more medicine.” Long Chen quickly arranged for Guo Ran and a few Dragonblood Legion’s warriors to help.

The speed at which the elixir was selling was too fast. Looking at the huge crowd, the amount he had refined would probably not be enough.

“Boss, in just two hours, we sold two hundred thousand bottles! That’s one million points!” Qian Duoduo’s voice quivered with excitement.

In just two hours, this one million points was close to the sum of what the entire Dragonblood Legion got in a month. And looking at the trend, they would be selling even more.

“Yup, just keep going. This is just the start. Keep going at this speed.” Long Chen nodded, having them continue working while he returned to his hotel.

With two Dragonblood warriors guarding him, his mind sank into the primal chaos space again, and he continued to refine the elixir.

Six hours later, he suddenly sensed something, and his mind exited the primal chaos space. He saw that the two Dragonblood warriors had come in with grave expressions.

“Boss, bad news. The Alchemy Pavilion’s people have come.”

“There’s nothing bad about it. It’s well within expectations. Let’s go.”

Long Chen went with the two of them back to their distribution point. There were dozens of people standing in front of the distribution points, roaring furiously at Guo Ran and the others who were selling the peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir.

“Who permitted you to sell medicinal elixir here?!” shouted a middle-aged man clad in the Alchemy Pavilion’s Elder’s robes.

Behind him were dozens of Alchemy Pavilion’s disciples. They coldly stared at Guo Ran and the others.

Seeing the middle-aged man, Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh. They truly had fate. This person was the one who had threatened him and raised the prices on him in the Ten Thousand Pill Hall, Luo Bo. Long Chen hadn’t expected him to be an Elder, and he had also never thought that such a person could be a King.

“Boss had us sell them. If you have any objections, you can go find him. Now get out of the way and stop holding up our business,” said Guo Ran impatiently.

“Bastard, who is your boss?!” demanded Luo Bo.

“It’s me. What is it?”

Long Chen walked forward, his mind rapidly working. Just what was the best way to resolve today’s matters?

“Long Chen? Haha, you really are brazen!” Seeing that it was Long Chen, Luo Bo’s eyes brightened and he smiled.

“I’ve been brazen for a long time now. Do you need anything?” asked Long Chen lightly.

“Do I need anything? Haha, now you’ve done it! Do you have a license from the Alchemy Pavilion to sell this medicine? Do you have any authorization at all? Is there any guarantee of the medicinal effect? No one can save you now, Long Chen. Without the Alchemy Pavilion’s approval, selling medicines in large quantities is a grave crime!” laughed Luo Bo delightedly.

Long Chen’s actions in the outer sect had caused all the Law Enforcement Hall’s subordinate workers to flee. There was no way for them to ‘enforce the law’, and so his profits had drastically shrunk.

Although the outer sect was poor, there were many people. In those numbers, there was still plenty of profit to be dredged up.

But Long Chen had run off the law enforcers’ dogs, and even the true law enforcers were fearful of him. The outer sect was now Long Chen’s land.

During these days, the Law Enforcement Hall and Alchemy Pavilion had constantly been thinking of how to handle Long Chen in one move so that he would never be able to extricate himself from his charges.

But since he had the Elder Hall’s support, they found it very difficult to frame him for anything. Without assurance, they didn’t dare to strike.

Now seeing that it was Long Chen selling huge quantities of peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir, Luo Bo was ecstatic.

Long Chen was doomed now. This was a huge matter that gravely went against the Xuantian Dao Sect’s rules. He would be forced to undergo a trial in the Law Enforcement Hall. And once Long Chen arrived in the Law Enforcement Hall, would there be any hope for him leaving?

So Luo Bo was very happy, flowers almost blooming on his face. He could already see the scene of Long Chen screaming miserably as he faced the Law Enforcement Hall’s torture.

“Now I’ve done it? I disagree. In fact, I feel like you’re the one who has done it. Do you think I came here to do business without any approval? You’re wrong, and very wrong at that. I never do anything I’m not assured of, so why don’t you come and take a look at this?” Long Chen extended a hand.

Luo Bo was startled. For Long Chen to be so fearless, did he really have authorization? But that was impossible. Luo Bo had always been in the Alchemy Pavilion, and he hadn’t heard anything like that.

Seeing Long Chen extend his hand, Luo Bo lowered his head to look at his palm. But Long Chen’s hand was empty. Then it began to rapidly grow larger in his eyes.

Pow! A resounding slap struck Luo Bo across the face.

Those outer sect disciples selling the elixir were scared witless. That was a King! Long Chen dared to slap him?

The matter of Long Chen beating up a teacher had been intentionally suppressed by the Alchemy Pavilion. The outer sect had received some information about it, but not very many people believed it.

After all, the disciples who listened to those classes were all trying to form good relations with the Alchemy Pavilion. If the Alchemy Pavilion wanted them to shut up, they would obediently shut up.

But now, in front of millions of people, Long Chen clearly demonstrated how to slap a King across the face.

“Long Chen-!” roared Luo Bo.

His reply was a fist to the nose. Luo Bo shot back like a shooting star, crashing into a distant wall.

Kings were truly Kings. When he landed on the same place Long Chen had stuck those loaves of flatbread, he smashed a large hole into it.

“Don’t move. If you dare to, I’ll kill you.”

Those disciples who had come with Luo Bo all became still upon hearing Long Chen’s cold shout.

The current Long Chen appeared incredibly fierce, like a bloodthirsty Magical Beast. These alchemists that lived in their ivory tower while refining pills had essentially never gone to a battlefield. They were too intimidated to move.

Long Chen shot forward. Just as Luo Bo came out of the crumbled wall, Long Chen gave him a kick to the chest. He vomited blood.

He was truly worthy of being an inheritance Elder. His battle experience was essentially zero, and he had no ability to dodge nor defend.

“Long Chen, I’ll kill you-”


Luo Bo’s roar was cut short as a kick from Long Chen struck his Dantian. The Pill Flame he was about to unleash was interrupted.

Long Chen gripped Luo Bo’s throat, and then using his other hand, he repeatedly slapped him across the face.

“Did it feel good taking my points? Keep feeling good.”

Long Chen’s slaps didn’t stop as he cursed. Long Chen felt his irritation at being cheated fading quite a bit.

The disciples watching were all dumbfounded. Just what kind of monster was he to be able to repeatedly slap a King so easily?

In truth, they didn’t know that not all Kings were such marvels. Inheritance Elders had terrible combat abilities.

They never went to the battlefield, and they rarely fought others. Even if they did fight, it definitely wouldn’t be a close-range battle of fists. That kind of coarse and low-class fighting style was too crass for them. They would compete in other ways.

“Bastard, die! Pill Flame-” Luo Bo’s face had swelled into a pig’s head before he roared furiously.

But just as runes lit up around his body, a flame dragon coiled around him. Long Chen had summoned Huo Long.

When Huo Long bound Luo Bo, the flames that were just summoned by Luo Bo dimmed and almost instantly disappeared.

“No!” Luo Bo’s expression suddenly changed.

“Sorry, those who take my points will have to repay what they took with the interest. Huo Long, devour his Earth Flame!”

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