Chapter 1062 Peak Grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir (Teaser)

With eight furnaces crazily refining pills and his Spiritual Strength helping Huo Long refine the Scarlet Blood Flame’s energy, Long Chen was at maximum efficiency.

His original refining speed had multiplied by eight. Refining one furnace of pills took just two breaths’ time.

That would definitely frighten other alchemists to death, because for other alchemists, refining a furnace of pills would at least take an incense stick’s worth of time.

Two breaths? Let alone refining a pill, that wasn’t even enough time to refine nine mud balls.

In the Central Plains, Quite a few people possessed Earth Flames. But there was no one who possessed an Earth Flame like Long Chen.

Other people’s Earth Flames either had their spirits erased and were refined into core flames, or they were like Que Xinyan’s, enslaved. Either way, it was impossible for there to be absolute trust between the masters and the Earth Flames.

And this exact bond had resulted in a refining speed that even shocked Long Chen. He swore to properly raise Huo Long and Lei Long, as they would be his greatest helpers in the future.

At the same time, he rejoiced that...

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