Chapter 1062 Peak Grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir

With eight furnaces crazily refining pills and his Spiritual Strength helping Huo Long refine the Scarlet Blood Flame’s energy, Long Chen was at maximum efficiency.

His original refining speed had multiplied by eight. Refining one furnace of pills took just two breaths’ time.

That would definitely frighten other alchemists to death, because for other alchemists, refining a furnace of pills would at least take an incense stick’s worth of time.

Two breaths? Let alone refining a pill, that wasn’t even enough time to refine nine mud balls.

In the Central Plains, Quite a few people possessed Earth Flames. But there was no one who possessed an Earth Flame like Long Chen.

Other people’s Earth Flames either had their spirits erased and were refined into core flames, or they were like Que Xinyan’s, enslaved. Either way, it was impossible for there to be absolute trust between the masters and the Earth Flames.

And this exact bond had resulted in a refining speed that even shocked Long Chen. He swore to properly raise Huo Long and Lei Long, as they would be his greatest helpers in the future.

At the same time, he rejoiced that he had the primal chaos bead. It was a source of riches for him now, as precious medicinal ingredients came out of it endlessly.

Otherwise, let alone raising a huge group like the Dragonblood Legion, just raising himself would be difficult.

This time, Long Chen spent ten days to refine one million and five hundred thousand Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pills. He once more distributed them to the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors.

However, even with Long Chen’s vast soul energy, refining at such speed for ten days made his head feel like it was about to split. This exhaustion was not something a human could bear.

But it had been worth it. Blood-colored runes had started to appear amongst Huo Long’s flames. Its aura was even stronger, with half the Scarlet Blood Flame’s energy absorbed.

Long Chen was delighted to see Huo Long’s power increase with each passing day, but he was unable to bear it any longer. After distributing the medicinal pills, he fell fast asleep.

When the competition had ended, it revealed which factions were stronger. The inner sect spent quite a few days discussing that matter.

The first place Divine Beast Mansion’s disciples were high-spirited, swaggering wherever they went and enjoying other people’s worshipful and envious expressions.

As for the last place Dragonblood Legion, after the competition ended, they all chose to enter high grade training rooms to cultivate.

But after cultivating for only a day, they all had to leave, because they only had enough points to cultivate that long.

This was Long Chen’s orders. Using the training room right after experiencing a large battle was the best time.

With the medicinal pills he gave them and the effect of the high grade training rooms, their cultivation bases leaped forward before quickly stabilizing.

As for the rest of the time, they continued to drill crazily. The Dragonmark warriors felt themselves to be lacking far too greatly when compared to the Dragonblood warriors.

Even though they were all rank three Celestials, if the Dragonblood warriors wanted to kill them, they wouldn’t even need a second attack. During the battle, the Dragonblood warriors had been the cornerstones of their strength, making them all envious.

So after stabilizing their cultivation bases, the Dragonmark warriors all went to beg the Dragonblood warriors to turn them into true experts.

The other disciples all sneered at the Dragonblood Legion for being fools. Having spent all their points on the first day, what about the future?

Whenever the Dragonblood Legion’s people went out, they would be mocked. But after Long Chen’s teachings, the Dragonmark warriors were no longer as quick to anger. They were indifferent to their provocations.

Long Chen’s sleep lasted for three whole days. When he awoke, he felt completely refreshed, as if his body was brimming with energy. 

Once he was awake, he learned that the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were all in seclusion, consuming Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pills.

He returned to the primal chaos space and saw that Huo Long was in the midst of refining pills on its own. There was a pile of Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pills beside him. There seemed to be a hundred thousand of them.

“Hey, there’s no need to work all the time like this,” laughed Long Chen.

Huo Long gave Long Chen a very clear message. It said that through refining pills, it could focus better on digesting the Scarlet Blood Flame in its body.

Long Chen was dumbfounded and then involuntarily laughed. Because he had been constantly helping Huo Long digest the Earth Flame’s essence while refining pills, Huo Long had now formed a dependence on it. It wasn’t used to just focusing on absorbing the energy without refining pills.

“This is a good habit. Keep it up.” Long Chen laughed wickedly as he encouraged Huo Long.

He began to stroll through the medicinal fields in the primal chaos space. It was time to make some money. But which pill would have the greatest effect and make the most money the fastest?

Checking over all the medicinal ingredients he had, he felt a bit conflicted. He couldn’t sell the Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pills, because he didn’t even have enough for himself.

Furthermore, since the Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pill was one of the fundamental pills of the Sea Expansion realm, the Xuantian Dao Sect heavily suppressed its price, afraid of raising the price so high that it affected the disciples’ cultivation. That was why the price was only one point. That was basically the price of manufacturing it without the alchemist taking any fee.

Even if his Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pills were seven times more effective, there was no way he could sell it for seven points. No one would believe it was that effective.

This first business was extremely important. He wanted to get as many customers as possible. He wanted it so there was so much demand for his medicine that the supply couldn’t even keep up with it. He also wanted to set it at a lower price than the Xuantian Dao Sect while offering higher quality. Only then would his business proliferate as fast as possible.

“Just what should I refine?”

Long Chen pondered this question for half a day. He carefully went through all the medicinal pills sold by the Ten Thousand Pill Hall, and in the end, he decided on a kind of medicinal elixir.

The name of it was the Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir. It allowed a person to quickly enter a meditative state and expel any random thoughts. It was something everyone needed.

Due to its vast applications, people from the Foundation Forging realm, Sea Expansion realm, or Xiantian realm could all use it. Most people would have some in their spatial rings, and they would use a huge amount of it.

However, this kind of medicinal elixir was not very precious. A whole bottle could be bought for ten points. This bottle contained eight hundred drops of it, and using it at a normal rate, this bottle would be enough for over a year.

“I have the Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Fruit, and I have the supplementary ingredients. Yes, and by adding the Explosive Dragon Grass’s root, I can strengthen the medicinal effect. It’ll be at least twice as effective as the Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir sold by the Ten Thousand Pill Hall.”

Long Chen laughed sinisterly and sectioned off a large space just for the elixir’s ingredients. Growing them in proportion to how much he needed, he set up ten medicinal fields.

By pouring spiritual energy into the primal chaos bead, just a few breaths after he finished planting them, they grew to the necessary maturity to refine them.

With a wave of his hand, Long Chen pulled out a medicinal field’s medicinal ingredients and tossed them to Huo Long, who devoured them all. He gave Huo Long directions on how to refine them.

Refining a medicinal elixir was easier than refining a pill. With just a few instructions, Huo Long could refine it without any trouble.

In just several breaths’ time, he had a barrel of medicinal elixir. It practically couldn’t be any simpler.

After refining one barrel, Long Chen called over Qian Duoduo, Wang Mang, and the others.

“This is peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir. Distribute it to the outer sect disciples.”

“Boss, what are you talking about? Couldn’t this much Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir be sold for a huge sum?” asked Qian Duoduo. At the very least, this barrel was worth several hundred thousand points.

“Before selling things, the first step is to set up the marketplace. We have to let people know where the things came from and how good they are. Treat it as advertisement, but just like before, each person can only get ten drops to try it. We’ll only sell it three days from now, and the price will be half that of the Ten Thousand Pill Hall,” said Long Chen.

Qian Duoduo immediately understood now. It seemed the points that Long Chen had sold previously were all foundational work for the Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir he was about to sell.

Qian Duoduo, Wang Mang, and the others all left. Long Chen returned to the primal chaos space and got to truly refining the Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir. He alternated through the ten medicinal fields. By the time he finished the tenth one, the first one’s medicinal ingredients would be mature again. It was a perfect cycle.

Within the primal chaos space, seven flame dragons were refining pills, while one was refining medicinal elixir. As for Long Chen, he was being a farmer, constantly harvesting his field.

While Long Chen was busy with work, Qian Duoduo and Mang Wang were also busy as they spread the news of the free peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir.

Qian Duoduo, Wang Mang, and the other outer sect disciples in their group now had a certain amount of influence in the outer sect. Their announcement drew over countless disciples.

Hundreds of thousands of drops were gone in just three incense sticks’ worth of time. As a result, on the second day, countless disciples came over begging for more.

This peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir was incredible. The elixir they normally used took half an incense stick’s worth of time to bring them into their meditative state. Furthermore, if their hearts were burdened with heavy stress or other emotions, it would take even longer.

But this peak grade elixir brought them firmly into their meditative states in just a few breaths. It was practically miraculous, and the announcement said that the price was half that of the Ten Thousand Pill Hall’s.

The announcers said that they would only start selling three days later, but on the second day, people had already formed a huge line, with some prepared to buy it in huge quantities.

Qian Duoduo used the tricks he had learned from Long Chen and told everyone that in order to make sure that everyone could enjoy the effect of the peak grade Heavenly Heart Soul Calming Elixir, each person was limited to two bottles. If they wanted to buy it again, they could, but they had to line back up. As a result, the line extended for several hundred miles.

Three days later, Long Chen finally came out. When the line outside saw Long Chen, they were so excited that the cheering was like an explosion.

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