Chapter 1061 The Elder Hall’s Attitude

Once Li Changfeng left, other than the Dragonblood Legion, everyone began to celebrate. No matter how they put it, this was a good start, and they needed to use this time to raise morale.

That was especially true of the Divine Beast Mansion’s disciples. They were laughing with delight. Han Yunshan and Wei Changhai were even openly expressing their contempt of the Dragonblood Legion.

Long Chen smiled and led the Dragonblood Legion back to Crouching Dragon Mountain in front of the jeering from the Divine Beast Mansion, the Hegemon Hall, and the Flame Gate.

“Fuck, looking at their petty pride infuriates me.”

“What’s so great about them? We were just a bit off.”

“In truth, we implicated boss. If he didn’t stay back to look after us, we’d definitely have gotten into the top three.”

The Dragonmark warriors sighed and cursed at the same time. They hated themselves for being weak and shaming the Dragonblood Legion.

But the Dragonblood warriors were indifferent as if nothing had happened.

“Come, let’s talk. Are you very angry?” asked Long Chen.

“Boss, it’s our bad. We brought you shame. We’ll-”

“Wait, what shame are you talking about?” Long Chen interrupted.

“The ridicule and contempt of those irritating people. That shame.”

“That is shame? Then aren’t you a bit too childish? You need more tempering,” said Long Chen.

“Boss, does this not count as shame? We’re alright if they insult us, but they dare to insult you. We… feel bad inside,” said that Dragonmark warrior.

Long Chen smiled slightly and patted him on the shoulder. “Brother, I can understand your hearts. But if this kind of matter infuriates you, then you truly need more tempering. Having experienced blood and fire, you should know what honor truly is. I know you feel bad when others insult me. You wish that everyone would respect me the way you do. But think, why would they have to respect me? For them to not respect me is normal. Let alone me, not even a god will receive everyone’s recognition, or there wouldn’t be so many religions, nor would there be so many battles and so much hatred.

“Don’t be so petty. You are different from them. By getting angry, you are punishing yourself for their mistakes. That’s very foolish. The consequences of foolishness are very frightening, so learn to be cool-headed. Once you reach that realm of having a tranquil heart, if someone tries to infuriate you again, remember, don’t waste your time talking. Just directly take their life.

“You are a member of the Dragonblood Legion. You have a powerful backer, and you don’t need to be afraid of anyone. Many of those people are just trash that don’t have any beliefs, and they don’t even know why they want to grow strong. Quibbling with them has no meaning.”

The Dragonmark warriors’ anger faded. They truly felt themselves to be a bit immature. Their opponents were intentionally infuriating them, and they obediently became infuriated. That was foolish.

“Come, just now I used the few ten thousand points we have left to get some good wine and food. Let’s properly celebrate. Your display today was very well-done. You’ve finally found the calmness and steadiness you need on the battlefield, as well as how to cooperate. Our gains were even greater than the Divine Beast Mansion’s, so let’s properly drink!”

Long Chen waved his hand, and a mountain of wine jugs appeared before him. Nobody bothered with glasses and just drank directly from the jugs.

Long Chen was very happy. The Dragonblood Legion’s first battle had gone even better than he had expected.

Beginnings were difficult, but once you got a good start, the rest would be easier. This start to the expansion of the Dragonblood Legion was a good sign for the future. He would lead these thirteen thousand people and turn them into the most terrifying army that would be at the top of the Central Plains.

The thing that delighted Long Chen the most was the gift Que Xinyan had sent him.

The Dragonblood Legion started a crazy celebration, all of them drinking multiple large jugs and then directly falling asleep right there and then.

This was set up deliberately by Long Chen. Only once they were drunk to the point of almost melting would they fully relax. An intense battle followed by a complete relaxation was extremely beneficial.

Once everyone was sound asleep, Long Chen used his soul energy to expel the alcohol out of his body and chatted with Tang Wan-er.

After all, he had said some grave words to her during the day. He had to comfort her a bit, as Meng Qi wasn’t present. He was worried about her overthinking things.

Chatting with Tang Wan-er about some happy times in the Eastern Wasteland allowed her to fully put down her worries. Only then did Long Chen return to his room and enter the primal chaos space.

Within the primal chaos space, Huo Long had already completely suppressed the Scarlet Blood Flame. But to devour such enormous energy would require a certain amount of time.

Long Chen didn’t dare to let it fall into slumber at this time. He had Huo Long use three split bodies to refine alongside him. With four furnaces working, he focused on refining Heavenly Star Sea Merging Pills.

After refining for three days, Huo Long gave Long Chen a pleasant surprise. It had condensed another four split bodies, so now it had eight split bodies.

With Long Chen’s help, it continued refining pills and digesting the Scarlet Blood Flame’s energy. The Scarlet Blood Flame was incredibly powerful, and Long Chen felt Huo Long’s power rapidly growing day by day.

Without hesitation, Long Chen went out to buy another four pill furnaces. With eight furnaces active at the same time, it would truly be mass production. As long as Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was strong enough, refining a hundred thousand pills in one day would be easy.

But as soon as he went out to buy those furnaces, he saw Tang Wan-er rushing over. There was an elder by her side.

“Elder Li, hello.” Long Chen was startled.

Li Changfeng smiled. “It’s the day to distribute the monthly rations. I decided to personally send the points to your side.”

“How could such drudge work be left to you? I’m sure you have some other matters. What is it?” Long Chen didn’t believe that Li Changefng had run over here just to bring the rations.

“Then I’ll skip to it. I came here to represent the Elder Hall in giving you two million points. After all, your defeat this time is related to the Elder Hall. This is the Elder Hall’s compensation to you.” Li Changfeng took out a crystal card.

In truth, the Elder Hall didn’t have so much money. The crystal card’s points were the result of all the Elders pooling in their resources.

He was now one of the Elder Hall’s people, and he had lost out because he had gone against the Law Enforcement Hall. It would be wrong of the Elder Hall to not show their sincerity.

Long Chen thought about it for a bit and quickly saw through the crux of the problem. He shook his head with a smile. “Disciple accepts the Elder Hall’s intentions. But I already had dealings with the Law Enforcement Hall before, and our enmity was fated. Even if I have to be used as a chess piece, I am willing. The Elder Hall owes me nothing; it’s the opposite. For the Elder Hall Master to personally interfere for me makes me endlessly grateful. I don’t need the Elder Hall’s resources. As long as the Elder Hall can stand by my side at crucial times, that’s enough. As for points, I can get them myself.”

“How are you going to get them? Don’t tell me you’re going to rob others…” Li Changfeng didn’t believe him.

“Robbing others is so coarse, lacking any skill. I definitely wouldn’t do something like that. I’m just preparing to exchange a few medicinal pills with other disciples for points,” said Long Chen.

“Hm? Although that doesn’t break the rules, if the number is too great and disturbs the regular circulation of medicinal pills, the Alchemy Pavilion will interfere.” Li Changfeng frowned.

“Tch, they can try. I’m a true alchemist, but they refused to let me join, intentionally humiliating me and keeping me out. I was trying to work for the sect, but for some selfish enmity, they refused a generation’s alchemy genius, hindering the development of the sect and rattling the sect’s foundation-”

Li Changfeng hastily said, “Stop, stop, don’t just give them a bad name. Do you have any proof?”

“Of course. Take a look.”

Long Chen handed Li Changfeng a photographic jade containing the scene of how Guo Ran had brought his application to the Alchemy Pavilion, but before he could even send in the application, the Alchemy Pavilion had locked the door and refused to see him.

There was also another scene of how in the Ten Thousand Pill Hall, Luo Bo had intentionally raised the price on him, as well as his arrogant, unbridled words. They had all been recorded.

Li Changfeng was speechless, feeling like Long Chen had long since begun paving this path for himself. The Alchemy Pavilion and Ten Thousand Pill Hall had both gone too far.

“You should know that the Alchemy Pavilion and Law Enforcement Hall have a close relationship. This time, I’m going to play with them. I’ll first sell medicinal pills, and when they come to arrest me, the Elder Hall should come out to protect me. Then it would be best if the matter continued to blow up until even the Xuan Master gets disturbed. Then I’ll release these photographic jades, and then, hehe, then it’ll be fun,” laughed Long Chen.

“You really don’t know how to be peaceful.” Li Changfeng shook his head.

“No, I want to be peaceful, but they don’t want to let me. But if it weren’t for that, where would this business opportunity come from? And without this business opportunity, how am I supposed to make money? Without money, how am I supposed to raise my family?” said Long Chen innocently.

“This matter is too big. I have to go report it to the Hall Master.” Li Changfeng bitterly smiled as he left.

Later that day, he returned and told Long Chen that the Hall Master had agreed. But the Xuantian Dao Sect had its rules, and pills sold within the sect had to be refined within the sect. Disciples could not sell pills they obtained from outside.

Hearing that, Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh. He directly bought four more pill furnaces and began crazily refining pills.

“Alchemy Pavilion, Luo Bo, get ready! I really have to thank you for giving me this way to get rich.” A sinister smile appeared on Long Chen’s face.

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