Chapter 1061 The Elder Hall’s Attitude (Teaser)

Once Li Changfeng left, other than the Dragonblood Legion, everyone began to celebrate. No matter how they put it, this was a good start, and they needed to use this time to raise morale.

That was especially true of the Divine Beast Mansion’s disciples. They were laughing with delight. Han Yunshan and Wei Changhai were even openly expressing their contempt of the Dragonblood Legion.

Long Chen smiled and led the Dragonblood Legion back to Crouching Dragon Mountain in front of the jeering from the Divine Beast Mansion, the Hegemon Hall, and the Flame Gate.

“Fuck, looking at their petty pride infuriates me.”

“What’s so great about them? We were just a bit off.”

“In truth, we implicated boss. If he didn’t stay back to look after us, we’d definitely have gotten into the top three.”

The Dragonmark warriors sighed and cursed at the same time. They hated themselves for being weak and shaming the Dragonblood Legion.

But the Dragonblood warriors were indifferent as if nothing had happened.

“Come, let’s talk. Are you very angry?” asked Long...

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