Chapter 1060 Conned Over and Over

With a heaven-shaking explosion, terrifying flames exploded. Space was constantly quivering as countless flames runes dashed back and forth in the air. It was like the sun had exploded. That apocalyptic scene stunned everyone.

Fortunately, the two flame beasts were fighting in the air, and the impact to those on the ground wasn’t very powerful. If they had been fighting on the ground, it was unknown how many people would have died from that explosion.

“What… what’s going on?!” Que Xinyan let out a heart-rending roar and vomited a mouthful of blood.

The Scarlet Blood Flame was his spirit beast. It was connected to him, and when it exploded, he received a powerful backlash. He felt like his soul was being torn.

Que Xinyan had treated this powerful Earth Flame very importantly. He had sacrificed a great deal of Spiritual Strength and effort to place a slave mark on it. But now it had suddenly exploded.

Within the countless flame runes in the air, three huge flame dragons suddenly appeared, devouring the blood-colored flame runes. Those were the Scarlet Blood Flame’s essence.

“Long Chen, I’ll kill you!” Que Xinyan’s eyes almost tore out of their sockets, and he clenched his teeth so hard they creaked. Although he didn’t know what had happened, he knew he had been schemed against by Long Chen.

The three flame dragons devoured all the flame runes in the air in just the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, everyone’s bracelets quivered and they disappeared from the battlefield. When they reappeared, they were once more in the Xuantian Dao Sect’s plaza.

“Long Chen, hand over your life!!!”

Que Xinyan charged at Long Chen like a madman. As a result, he was sent flying by a slap in the face.

While Que Xinyan was in the air, Long Chen suddenly grabbed his hair and shoved his face down toward his knee.


Long Chen repeatedly smashed his knee into Que Xinyan’s nose. Suddenly, with a ripping sound, Que Xinyan shot back, a huge piece of his scalp staying in Long Chen’s hand.

“Heavens, isn’t this exactly what happened last time?” All the disciples looked at the miserable Que Xinyan, speechless.

They clearly remembered how two months ago, in this very plaza, Long Chen had slapped Que Xinyan, slammed his head into his knee a few times, and then tore off a large piece of his scalp. Que Xinyan had been partially bald for half a month.

Medicinal energy had helped him regrow his hair. It was a foot long. But now it was like he had intentionally grown it out to let Long Chen grab it again.

Now the same shocking scene played out in front of them again

“Long Chen, I will definitely kill you!” roared Que Xinyan, his eyes scarlet. He looked as if he had gone insane.

“If you want to fight, let’s fight. What are you shouting so loudly for? Don’t be so petty. It’s just one Earth Flame, an insignificant three million points. To the rich and generous Law Enforcement Hall, it’s a drop in the ocean. Cool down, and don’t worry. I guarantee the Law Enforcement Hall will get you another Earth Flame. You’re the partner they bought, and they invested so much in you. They didn’t feel any pain over how much they invested, so why do you have to feel pain?” Long Chen gave Que Xinyan some well-meaning advice.

In reality, Long Chen had been planning this move for a long time. Back when he had encountered Que Xinyan In Treasure Gem Island, he had sensed a powerful Earth Flame in his body. He just hadn’t known what it was exactly.

While he had been resting, he had pondered how to con Que Xinyan once more. He had thought of a kind of True Ice Ancient Pill.

That was an attack pill, not to be consumed. It could be considered a defensive pill for alchemists and had the effect of exploding ice.

This kind of pill was part of a very neglected branch of alchemy. It didn’t have many uses. Although it was a seventh tier medicinal pill, its power wasn’t enough to menace Sea Expansion experts. At best, it would be able to kill Xiantian experts, and that would be in a situation where they were caught off-guard.

That kind of pill was absolutely useless. Those who could refine seventh tier medicinal pills were at least at Sea Expansion. Only people whose heads had turned to mush would bitterly refine the True Ice Ancient Pill to kill Xiantian rookies.

But in Long Chen’s hands, this pill managed to instantly handle Que Xinyan’s terrifying Earth Flame.

The flame dragon that had flown out and fought during this time was nothing more than one of Huo Long’s split bodies. It was bait for Que Xinyan. If Que Xinyan hadn’t attacked, Long Chen really wouldn’t have had any way to handle him.

But an idiot like Que Xinyan was easy to bait.

Long Chen had first sealed the True Ice Ancient Pill in some special material and hid it within Huo Long’s split body’s mouth. Before Huo Long bit through its outer layer, it wouldn’t explode.

When the split body had been attacked by Que Xinyan’s Earth Flame, Long Chen had had the flame dragon act as if it was struggling before being devoured. Once it was inside the Earth Flame’s stomach, it activated the pill. As a result, both the split body and the flame tiger exploded.

Both Huo Long and the flame tiger were formed of the purest flames. Although they might not be afraid of ice attacking them from the outside, if such powerful ice exploded inside their bodies, it would be like pouring a bowl of water into boiling oil. And then… there was no then.

Huo Long had only lost one of its split bodies, and it would quickly be able to condense a new one. There was basically no damage.

A split body for a stronger Earth Flame’s essence. That was tens of thousand times the return. Long Chen felt like flowers were about to bloom in his heart. He had essentially obtained three million points, and he felt incredibly refreshed.

In fact, he had a thought that he definitely shouldn’t kill Que Xinyan yet. He was the chicken that laid the golden egg.

After devouring so much Earth Flame essence, Huo Long was doing its best to keep it all within the primal chaos space. It felt like it was about to explode from how full it was. Long Chen hastily helped with some Spiritual Strength to suppress the berserk energy.

“Bastard, if I don’t avenge this enmity, I, Que Xinyan, will swear I’m not human!” roared Que Xinyan, clenching his fists.

“You’re just a dog of the Law Enforcement Hall who knows how to speak human words. Let me just say it again, if you want to fight, let’s fight. Last time, I was the one who challenged you to a life and death battle. This time, if you really have any guts, you can challenge me as well. I, Long Chen, will definitely accept,” said Long Chen.

The hostility in the air was like gunpowder. How could Que Xinyan dare to challenge Long Chen now? He had no Earth Flame and was like a toothless tiger. Challenging Long Chen would be simply courting death.

“Long Chen, don’t go too far. How about I appraise how strong you are?” At this time, Fan Song walked over. His tower-like body released such powerful Blood Qi that it felt like he would explode.

Everyone’s heart shook. Fan Song was a vicious person, tyrannical and powerful. No one dared to go against him.

Fan Song was different from Que Xinyan. He was a brute force fighter with basically no weaknesses. There wouldn’t be the slightest bit of technique in a fight against him.

“If it’s a life and death battle, I will welcome you at any time. If it’s a game for children, I don’t have time for such nonsense. Those familiar with me know that my specialty isn’t fighting. It’s killing.” Long Chen stared coldly at Fan Song.

Fan Song was very powerful, most likely even stronger than Que Xinyan. But Long Chen felt no fear toward him. He just didn’t like senseless battles.

Since they had chosen to be enemies with him, then they shouldn’t blame him for being vicious. Long Chen had already made his determination. If Fan Song challenged him to a life and death battle, he would definitely go all-out to kill him. It just so happened that he needed a rank five Heavenly Dao Fruit.

Just as Long Chen had an urge to kill Fan Song, Fan Song narrowed his eyes. He sensed Long Chen’s desire to kill him. Snorting, he raised his status badge and was just about to drip blood onto it.

“Everyone, it’s time to announce the results of the first competition.”

Li Changfeng suddenly appeared in the plaza, making it so Fan Song could only put away his badge. He glared at Long Chen before returning to his faction.

Everyone returned to their factions and stood properly, staring at Li Changfeng. They all wanted to know the results. Just who had taken first place?

“First place is the Divine Beast Mansion at 29,370,000 kill points. Second place is the Hegemon Hall at 25,260,000 kill points. Third place is the Heaven Female Alliance at 22,000,000 kill points. Fourth place is the Flame Gate at 16,070,000 kill points. Fifth place is the Ten Thousand Insect Guild at 15,990,000 kill points.”

Hearing that last number, the Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples couldn’t help but feel that it was regretful. They had just been eighty thousand points from moving up a ranking. Then they would have gotten double the rewards.

“Last place is the Dragonblood Legion at… 15,980,000 kill points,” said Li Changfeng. Everyone let out a cold gasp.

Although the Dragonblood Legion had taken last place, no one dared to look down on them. It had to be known that they had spent the first four hours drilling their formations. Only then had they truly gone out to get kill points.

And in that short time, they almost caught up to the Ten Thousand Insect Guild. That was too shocking. And this was a group of the weakest disciples that was known as the weakest faction?

“My Ten Thousand Insect Guild owes you a favor.”

What no one expected was that the always silent Wang Zhen would actually open his mouth to express his gratitude.

At first, people were dumbfounded. But they quickly understood his meaning. From the start of the competition to the end, Long Chen hadn’t done anything. As for how he had conned Que Xinyan, that didn’t count, because that wasn’t worth any kill points. So it was equivalent to Long Chen giving the reward to the Ten Thousand Insect Guild.

“Don’t be so courteous. For this competition, we were just testing the waters. We didn’t obtain any less than you, so there’s no need for favors.” Long Chen shook his head.

Wang Zhen nodded. “If you need anything, send me a message.”

That startled everyone. It seemed that Wang Zhen was essentially forming an alliance with Long Chen. This was too sudden.

Even Long Chen was stunned. He hadn’t expected the usually silent Wang Zhen would say such a thing. He smiled to express his acceptance.

“Alright, everyone can scatter. The rewards will be distributed later,” said Li Changfeng before disappearing from everyone’s sights.

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