Chapter 1059 Not Possessing Good Memory

“Eight-point flying star!”

Following Guo Ran’s shout, the Dragonblood Legion instantly switched formations, forming an eight-sided formation similar to a shuriken.

It was completely different from the beginning. After four hours of drilling, all the disciples were able to take their places accurately and quickly. There were no more mistakes.

“Boss, you should encourage them a bit,” said Guo Ran.

“Can’t you do it?” Long Chen frowned.

“No, when it comes to raising morale, you’re the pro,” said Guo Ran.

“Fine.” Long Chen took a deep breath and clearly shouted, “Brothers, the warm up is over. Now it’s time to show your youthfulness and hot blood. Go all-out, let the earth bear witness to your courage, let the sky feel your determination, let the world quiver because of your existence! Let those idiots who looked down on you see what a true battle is. Brothers, raise your weapons. Use the devil beasts in front of you as your stepping stones. From today onward, we advance without retreat. The name of the Dragonblood Legion will resound throughout every corner of the Central Plains. Brothers, kill!”

Long Chen’s voice resounded in the air, his voice growing louder and louder. Toward the end, it caused heaven and earth to rumble, and it was like crashing waves.

“How moving. Even I feel like my blood’s heating up.” The Elders in the Elder Hall all involuntarily felt a burst of excitement.

Long Chen’s voice made them think of when they were young, when they had fought on the battlefield.

“Kill!” The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors roared, their eyes red.

“Eight-point flying star - hurricane slaughter!”

Following Guo Ran’s shout, the formation began to spin, going faster and faster.

The formation was like eight spinning blades that slaughtered any devil beasts they encountered. Now the importance of the core of the formation was revealed. Standing at the center of the formation, Gu Yang advanced at a steady pace, setting the rhythm of the entire formation.

A huge shuriken rapidly advanced through the battlefield with terrifying killing power.

“Wan-er, the formation is complete. Go ahead with your slaughter,” said Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er delightedly summoned her wind blades, which filled the sky, and she rushed forward.

There was no need for her to do anything personally. Just the wind blades surrounding her could destroy any devil beasts around her.

Behind her was Long Chen’s Huo Long. And behind Huo Long was the Dragonblood Legion.

Tang Wan-er rushed off, forming a straight path dozens of meters wide. Then Huo Long came and widened that path to a few hundred meters. When the Dragonblood Legion passed, the path was forced to widen once more.

If one could observe them from the sky, they would see that their path was completely straight. Their efficiency was frightening.

“That Long Chen really knows how to play. How did he think of such a bizarre way to push forward?” The Elders were startled.

This method was the most effective and energy-saving way to push forward. Each bit of combat power was used perfectly without the slightest waste. The Dragonblood Legion’s kill points were jumping crazily.

“I wonder if Long Chen can catch up to the Ten Thousand Insect Guild?”

“Now that really is hard to say. If they can maintain this speed, there really is the possibility of a reversal. But the devil beasts ahead of them are much stronger.”

Just as the Elders were guessing about the results, the Dragonblood Legion had already advanced hundreds of miles from their starting point. They had arrived at the core of the battlefield, and the devil beasts here were much stronger. But their value was also greater.

“The Wind’s Fury - Exploding Blades!”

Tang Wan-er’s Blood Qi suddenly erupted as she activated her Spirit Blood. The wind blades around her became dark red.

Although these devil beasts were stronger than the ones on the edge of the battlefield, making their defensive strength extremely great, now that Tang Wan-er had activated her Spirit Blood, she still killed them instantly.

“What pure energy, and what precise control!” The Elders burst into praise.

Following Tang Wan-er, Huo Long roared and unleashed its power. Flame runes erupted from it, incinerating any devil beasts to nothingness. The main reason this was possible was because Tang Wan-er was at the front opening the path, reducing the pressure on it greatly.

The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors needed no reminder. They all roared and unleashed their full power. They knew that they had reached the core of the battlefield.

The other factions were also present, charging through this region. The Dragonblood Legion had finally reached the same playing field and were competing against them.

These people had all looked down on them previously, but now their formation was able to kill devil beasts even faster than the heavenly geniuses they looked up to, shocking them. That made the Dragonmark warriors prouder and fiercer. Their attacks grew even more ferocious.

They were like a pack of tigers and wolves. Wherever they went, the devil beasts were slaughtered. This kind of efficiency shocked the other factions.

“Hmph, even after devouring my two Earth Flames, it’s still trash.” Que Xinyan sneered at Huo Long.

He saw that Long Chen’s flame dragon was still not very strong even after devouring two of his Earth Flames. At its current power, it definitely wouldn’t enter the top ninety of the Earth Flame Rankings.

But with Tang Wan-er opening the path at the front, Huo Long widening it behind her, and the Dragonblood Legion committing a large-scale slaughter, their battle tactic was extremely refined. It was safe, fast, and painless, making others envious.

As Tang Wan-er led them through the devil beasts, their points crazily increased. Their efficiency was extremely high.

“They’re just shy of surpassing the Ten Thousand Insect Guild.” The Elders were all watching with anticipation.

“Time’s almost up, about twenty breaths left. It’s hard to say if they can pull it off. But what is Long Chen doing? He’s not doing anything. If he had started fighting earlier, he would definitely have caught up to the Ten Thousand Insect Guild.” The Elders couldn’t understand why Long Chen was just standing in the air, watching.

If it had just been to look after the Dragonblood Legion in the beginning, that was not a mistake. However, his faction was already on the right track, but he still didn’t do anything.

“It couldn’t be that he’s too lazy to compete because he thinks there’s no chance, right? After all, they can’t see the points on the battlefield,” guessed an Elder.

“It doesn’t seem like it. Why does his gaze look a bit mischievous right now? He couldn’t be thinking of some evil plot, right…” Li Changfeng had been in contact with Long Chen the most, and he had the greatest understanding of him. Although he didn’t manage to understand what Long Chen was thinking, he felt like Long Chen was definitely up to something.

“There’s still ten more breaths! The kill point difference is just two hundred thousand!”

“Five breaths! The difference is just eighty thousand!”

“Three breaths, the difference is- what is Que Xinyan doing?!”

The Elders suddenly became enraged. As Long Chen’s side had been fighting, their faction had just happened to arrive right beside Que Xinyan’s faction.

At this moment, Que Xinyan’s Earth Flame suddenly charged toward Long Chen’s flame dragon, causing an uproar.

“Eight-point flying star - reverse heaven and earth!”

Long Chen suddenly let out a shout, and the Dragonblood Legion instantly moved. The back of the formation became the front, and they rapidly shot back.

As for Tang Wan-er, she stopped killing the devil beasts and flew back. This sudden change caught all of them unprepared.

“This bastard has gone overboard! No wonder Long Chen wanted to kill him!” roared one of the Elders.

The other Elders’ expressions were all ugly. The last trial had been a survival of the fittest, and it was to choose the elites for the inner sect. Using any means necessary was not necessarily overboard.

But this time was different. This was clearly cheating. However, Que Xinyan had the excuse that his Earth Flame had been provoked by Long Chen’s flame dragon and erupted out of his control.

This was a nonsense excuse, but there was no way to argue against it. Earth Flames were natural enemies, and when an Earth Flame was provoked, it really might not listen to its master’s words.

The blood-colored tiger roared and suddenly lit up, enveloping the flame dragon with a bloody light. Although the flame dragon struggled, its body began to shrink.

“Truly worthy of being ranked seventy-third on the Earth Flame Rankings. It knows how to use its core energy to suppress its opponent. Hehe, if you eat what’s mine, I’ll make you spit it out sooner or later,” sneered Que Xinyan as he watched.

He was delighted, feeling like he should thank Long Chen. If Long Chen hadn’t devoured his two Earth Flames, he wouldn’t have obtained this even more powerful Scarlet Blood Flame. Due to the competition between the Law Enforcement Hall and the Elder Hall, he was used as a tool, so naturally they had to properly entice him.

The Law Enforcement Hall treated him well, spending three million points to give him the Scarlet Blood Flame. Although they said they were just lending him the points, that was a lie for appearance sake.

That made Hu Guishan and Fan Song incredibly jealous, firming their decision to follow the Law Enforcement Hall. They had so much money that they were incredibly generous.

“You bastard! Que Xinyan, you really are courting death!” roared Guo Ran. This bastard was completely intolerable. The flame dragon was about to be devoured by the blood tiger, and right now, there were still two breaths until the competition was over.

“Sorry, my Earth Flame isn’t listening to my orders!” Que Xinyan laughed with a pleased expression.

“I’m the one who should be saying sorry.” Long Chen smiled slightly.


Suddenly, endless flames erupted, engulfing the sky.

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