Chapter 1058 Bringing Out Their Power

Within the Elder Hall, the Hall Master and the Elders were calmly looking at the screen in front of them. There were six marks with numbers beside them, and those numbers were constantly rising.

These were the total kill points of the six factions. The disciples were unable to see each faction’s total kill points, and only the people here could see them.

“The Law Enforcement Hall is truly extravagant. They directly bought an Earth Flame for Que Xinyan. This Scarlet Blood Flame is ranked seventy-third on the Earth Flame Rankings and cost three million points. With my income, hehe, I’d need three hundred years to be able to buy such a thing,” said one of the Elders with a bitter smile.

The Elder Hall did not have any corrupt people. They were incorruptible, carrying out their duties with unquestionable integrity. None of them would accept bribes, and as a result, they were all poor to the point that the few coins they had jingled in their pockets. They couldn’t help but feel emotional seeing Que Xinyan with a new Earth Flame.

The Law Enforcement Hall was different. There were many times when disciples or Elders who had committed a mistake had landed in their hands, and without paying a little extra, they wouldn’t have been released.

Who asked them to make a mistake in the first place? If that happened, all their possessions would be confiscated. And because of this, the Law Enforcement Hall had the ability to pay its disciples very well, and many disciples wanted to join them. Not only would they get a steady payment, but they would also have a powerful backer.

“Don’t whine. When each of you joined the Elder Hall, I told you that the Elder Hall is the poorest place, as well as the richest place. It just depends on how you see life,” said the Hall Master.

“Sorry, disciple wasn’t complaining. It’s simply that the Law Enforcement Hall-”

“We just have to do our own work. The Xuan Master has his own plans, and we don’t need to worry about them. All you need to know is that no matter what comes, the Elder Hall will always be the foundation of the Xuantian Dao Sect. No one can shake our position. As for the Law Enforcement Hall? Hehe, did you not see that after that little fellow Long Chen arrived, the spiritless Xuantian Dao Sect has started to bustle with noise and excitement?” laughed the Hall Master.

Everyone looked at each other. It seemed that it really was the case. How many years had it been that generation after generation of disciples had been processed according to the prescribed order without anything new happening? This was their first time seeing a marvel like Long Chen.

“This Long Chen is truly worthy of admiration. As a worker, he managed to become a figure on the level of a savior to the outer sect. I heard that practically all the youngsters treat him as an idol, and all the outer sect’s disciples have to treat him respectfully. His influence in the outer sect is astonishing,” sighed an Elder.

“The times create the heroes. The only reason Long Chen has it so good in the outer sect is because of the Law Enforcement Hall. However, it goes without saying that his charisma is powerful. Many youngsters feel their blood heating up just by hearing a few words from him. Furthermore, he truly treats his people well. We can see that he’s a good commander, but not a great one,” said an Elder.

The Hall Master nodded. “Your words are very reasonable. He has great charisma that allows all these disciples to unite. But he is affected by his emotions too much, meaning he is often impetuous. He does willful things, so he can’t count as an amazing commander.

“But you’ve forgotten one thing. Long Chen views the world from the viewpoint of a cultivator. He has to maintain that unyielding heart that advances no matter what. Being overcautious and constantly scheming will not only exhaust a lot of time and energy, but it will also make a person indecisive. We shouldn’t use our own viewpoint to judge Long Chen. We can’t try to change him into a great commander just because we need one.

“That is essentially using our own yardstick to judge others, and that creates a great deal of bias. Furthermore, once we have this yardstick in our hearts, we won’t be able to see things beyond the yardstick. That is not in accordance with the principles of the Elder Hall.”

Hearing this, the Elders’ hearts shook, especially the Elder who had just spoken. He hastily said, “Disciple was too strongly attached to his preconceptions. Many thanks for your enlightenment.”

The Hall Master nodded and smiled slightly. “I can understand what you’re thinking. You’re all hoping for someone with charisma like Long Chen to become an amazing commander. But how do you know he doesn’t have any other talents other than being a commander? Perhaps if he focused on other aspects, his accomplishments would be even greater than if he was a commander. Sometimes, good intentions are not necessarily able to create good results. What we need to do is to provide them with fertile soil for their dreams to grow and give them the help they need. But we can’t try to change them. We can’t lead our disciples astray. Other than that, the Xuan Master himself is paying attention to Long Chen. There’s no need for us to worry about this matter. Just keep a steady heart.”

“Yes!” cried all the Elders.

“Has that child Su Mo left?” asked the Hall Master.

“Yes. After sending them in, he went directly to the Infernal Devil Abyss,” said Li Changfeng.

“Su Mo and Qingxuan are good children. Amongst the talented disciples of the previous generation, they’re the only two willing to stay within the Elder Hall. Just talking about it makes me feel ashamed. Instead of giving them any benefits, we’re forced to make them win face for us,” sighed the Hall Master.

“Hall Master, don’t be concerned. In my opinion, Long Chen will also stay in the Elder Hall,” said Li Changfeng.

“I know, but that little fellow is too unreliable. If he didn’t cause any trouble for a day, I’d suspect it was an impostor.” The Hall Master bitterly smiled.

The others also had bitter smiles. Long Chen’s ability to cause trouble could be rated as number one beneath the heavens. He had already broken quite a few trouble-causing records in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“However, this time it’ll probably be troublesome for Long Chen. His faction’s kill points are far too low. They’re only at three hundred thousand,” said an Elder gravely.

The Elder Hall viewed Long Chen as one of their people now. Hu Guishan, Que Xinyan, and Fan Song had already been bought by the Law Enforcement Hall. It was fated for them to not be on the same side as the Elder Hall.

As for Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen, for now, it seemed they had no intention to choose a side for now. They just wanted to cultivate, and they were still indifferent to other people’s enticements.

In reality, the Xuantian Dao Sect had quite a few departments that were pulling in elite disciples to continue their inheritance.

It could be likened to sponsoring. The large departments would give them greater assistance, while they would also work for their respective departments.

As for the Elder Hall, its integrity made it poor. Joining the Elder Hall basically didn’t have any benefits to speak of. So for Su Mo and Mu Qingxuan to join them was already a great show of support from them.

The Dragonblood Legion’s three hundred thousand kill points were last, while the first place was already past six million. It was the Divine Beast Mansion led by Hu Guishan.

Hu Guishan, Han Yunshan, and Wei Changhai were unleashing shocking magical arts. Each one of their moves killed a wave of devil beasts, allowing their points to constantly soar. 

The second place was the Hegemon Hall. Fan Song and Yan Mochen were unstoppable as they charged forward.

Hua Shiyu’s Heaven Female Alliance was third. Although they also had two rank five Celestials who had reached the realm of merging with heaven and earth, because they were worried about their faction’s coordination, they didn’t unleash huge moves, so their kill points were slightly lower than the Hegemon Hall.

The fourth and fifth place were Que Xinyan’s Flame Gate and Wang Zhen’s Ten Thousand Insect Guild respectively.

Que Xinyan had summoned a powerful Earth Flame Beast, the Scarlet Blood Flame ranked seventy-third on the Earth Flame Rankings. It had transformed into a huge tiger and didn’t even look like it was formed of flames. Instead, it seemed to form of countless blood-colored runes.

When its feet touched the ground, blood-colored flames would erupt and wipe out any devil beasts they touched. When it opened its mouth, it unleashed huge flame spheres that blew apart any devil beasts it touched. Its killing power was extremely terrifying.

As for Wang Zhen, he had not only summoned a sea of insects, but he had also summoned hundreds of thousands of golden beetles the size of a rhinoceros.

Those golden beetles had huge pincers, and wherever they went, those pincers would exterminate any devil beasts caught in their grasps.

Furthermore, these golden beetles were covered in a hard carapace that allowed them to completely ignore the attacks of the devil beasts. The hundreds of thousands of golden beetles were like war chariots mowing down their enemies.

But despite the two of them having such sharp attacks, they were unable to catch up to the other factions. The difference in the number of rank five Celestial heavenly geniuses was apparent.

“Sometimes, just the number on the surface isn’t enough. There are more subtle numbers. Although the Divine Beast Mansion is first right now, the number of their casualties is over three hundred, which is also number one.

“As for Long Chen’s Dragonblood Legion, they’ve maintained a zero casualty count this entire time. The Xuantian Dao Sect has its disciples form factions to groom their leadership capabilities. To be shortsighted and seek only instant benefit without caring about the deaths of one’s subordinate is also not the quality of a commander.” The Hall Master shook his head.

Other than the Dragonblood Legion, casualties had appeared in all five other factions. The Divine Beast Mansion had the greatest casualties because their three peak experts had charged to the very front to kill devil beasts, while the people behind them were unable to keep up. They didn’t pay any attention to those lagging disciples, leading to casualties. As they continued to advance further, the casualties increased.

“There’s still an incense stick’s worth of time. Dragonblood Legion is still at just eight hundred thousand points. That’s eight million away from the Ten Thousand Insect Guild. Looks like there’s no suspense about their ranking,” said an Elder.

“But that’s within reason. After all, the Dragonblood Legion recruited so many weak newcomers, causing their average combat power to plummet. To maintain zero casualties is already praiseworthy,” said another Elder.

He felt Long Chen’s decision to be very wise. These people needed time to grow. Rather than throwing them into battle to go all-out, slowly tempering them was better.

Furthermore, even if they went all-out, they should consider their power. With it, they wouldn’t be able to out-compete the others, so when they thought about it, this was the best option for them.

“Hm? The Dragonblood Legion is changing formations. Are they about to attack?” The Elders’ expressions suddenly changed.

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