Chapter 1057 Drilling Formations

The three-meter-tall devil beasts flooded over them. The disciples were in a barren land that stretched as far as they could see. An aura of decay filled the air, and this barren land was covered in innumerable devil beasts.

“Eight-point flying star!”

Guo Ran shouted, and all the Dragonblood Legion’s disciples quickly formed an eight-sided formation. On each point was a powerful Dragonblood warrior.

This was one of the most important formations they had been drilling during this time. It was also one of the most foundational formations for a large-scale chaotic battle.

When they drilled it normally, they did it very well. But now that they were facing countless devil beasts, it was impossible that they wouldn’t be worried. As a result, one person’s panic led to another’s panic, and the entire formation was in chaos. Guo Ran’s expression darkened, and he was just about to scold them when he was held back by Long Chen.

“Don’t scold them. This is something they have to go through. You also had to go through countless life and death battles to temper your current will. They’re still lacking in that regard, so don’t make your requirements so demanding.” Long Chen shook his head and beckoned to Tang Wan-er.

Tang Wan-er had been waiting, and she formed hand seals. A sea of wind blades formed around the Dragonblood Legion, and any devil beasts that touched her barrier were instantly blown to bits.

“Brothers, don’t panic. There’s still time. If you’re thirsty, you can have a drink first,” said Long Chen.

Hearing Long Chen’s voice, those panicking Dragonmark warriors all felt ashamed. But the joking tone made some of their nervousness fade.

“Beauty Wan-er is mighty!” Long Chen gave Tang Wan-er a thumbs-up. Her wind blades were incredibly powerful now. Each one of them was comparable to a Treasure item, and for there to be millions and millions of them was truly powerful.

“Who asked for your praise?” snorted Tang Wan-er. But the pleased expression in her eyes proved that Long Chen really did need to have praised her.

Although the formation was chaotic below, after putting down their nervousness and fear, they quickly found their places.

“Brothers, are you ready?” asked Long Chen.

“Boss, we’re ready!” cried the Dragonmark warriors, their morale soaring. They didn’t know why, but just hearing Long Chen’s voice made their fighting spirit soar.

“Wan-er, release the defenses. The festival of carnage starts now!”


When Tang Wan-er slowly released her wind blades, the devil beasts she had been holding back immediately crashed down upon them.

The Dragonmark warriors attacked, slaughtering them. The devil beasts were cut to pieces, their black blood dyeing the ground.

“Fools, if you were going to fight like this, what would be the point of the formation? Have you forgotten how to cushion the formation? You’ll save the most energy that way and be able to fight longer!” cried Guo Ran. He directed them to make adjustments, while Long Chen and Tang Wan-er didn’t say anything.

The mission Long Chen had given Tang Wan-er was to protect everyone. If someone was accidentally injured and looked like they were in danger, she would go save them.

“7-3-5-6, you’ve already gone out of the formation! If you keep running, you’ll reach the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring!”

“8-6-9-1, as you attack, you have to take note of the others. Don’t fight over the enemies, as there’s nothing to fight about.”

“1-2-3-5-7, pay attention to how far you are from the people on your left and right. Stay close to maintain equilibrium…”

Guo Ran was constantly sending out orders from the air. Because the number of Dragonmark warriors who had joined all at once was too great, there was no way for them to remember so many names. Long Chen had suddenly thought to give everyone a belt with a number on it. That would make commanding them easier.

“Long Chen, how about I go out and kill some on my own? Otherwise, we’ll definitely be last place.” Tang Wan-er looked toward the other factions and saw that they had already charged into the distance.

There were countless high-level devil beasts there. She had noticed that the numbers on their bracelets were crazily leaping by twos.

When she killed devil beasts, she had seen that these ordinary devil beasts were only worth one kill point, and the more powerful ones were worth more. The devil beasts the other factions were killing were worth two points each.

“Don’t compete with them. For this competition, the only goal is drilling the troops. We aren’t truly fighting over rankings. The Dragonmark warriors need more tempering, and we can’t be too impatient. Furthermore, don’t you see that as they greedily charge forward, their people are constantly being killed?” Long Chen shook his head.

“I can go out on my own. We can get more kill points like that,” said Tang Wan-er eagerly.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He just looked at the Dragonmark warriors that were constantly fighting down below.

“Long Chen, are you angry?” Tang Wan-er felt like something was wrong.

“Yes, a bit.”

“Sorry.” Tang Wan-er apologized. She knew that as the commander of the Dragonblood Legion, Long Chen didn’t like others ruining his plans and deployments.

“Wan-er, you’re a good girl. Now you’re powerful, and when you see a heroine like Hua Shiyu leading her people, you want to compete with her,” said Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er immediately blushed with shame. His words had gotten right to the bottom of her heart. In truth, she was a very competitive woman. That was related to her wind attribute. She had a toughness that refused to admit defeat.

She wouldn’t compete with Long Chen, nor would she compete with Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Yue Xiaoqian, or Ye Zhiqiu. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t competitive. It was simply that her competitiveness had always been suppressed. Now Hua Shiyu’s appearance had given her a fierce desire to compete to prove herself.

“Wan-er, I can excuse your toughness. If you want to be deliberately provocative, I can forgive that too because I like you. But sometimes, you should be clear on things. Since I’ve admitted the Dragonmark warriors, that means I treat each one of them as a brother. The loss of any one of them would pain me. And if they fell because of your willfulness, then I don’t know how I would face you,” said Long Chen solemnly.

“Sorry, Long Chen. I was wrong. I’ll listen to you, so don’t get angry,” said Tang Wan-er with a trembling voice.

That was because Long Chen had always allowed her to be willful or petty. No matter what she did, he would just smile and laugh it off. He had never said such solemn words to her.

Thinking of that possibility, she felt a burst of fear. She scolded herself for not being thoughtful enough. In order to fight for ranking, she had been willing to place the Dragonmark warriors’ lives in danger.

Long Chen rubbed her head and smiled. “Foolish girl, I wouldn’t get angry with you. I’m just afraid. I’m afraid of losing you.”

“Long Chen…” Tang Wan-er teared up. In truth, it wasn’t that she wasn’t thoughtful enough, but that her wind attribute had decided this part of her character.

“Alright, foolish girl, focus on looking after everyone. Once they get familiar with the formation, we’ll advance.”

Seeing that Long Chen really wasn’t angry, Tang Wan-er smiled and wiped away her tears. She focused on looking after the entire Dragonblood Legion.

Long Chen was right to be worried. With so many new people, there would definitely be flaws in their cooperation. And the bigger the formation, the more flaws there would be.

Just this simple eight-point flying star formation was difficult for them. Learning to take advantage of the formation’s power and being able to switch from offense to defense without showing openings took a long time for them.

The battlefield could change instantly, and just one formation was not enough to deal with all situations. When Guo Ran gave the order to switch to a second formation, one that they had drilled tirelessly before, confusion once more appeared, but it was much better than the first time.

There were only a few dozen mistakes this time, and with Tang Wan-er’s assistance, those mistakes were quickly made up for. Then they began to constantly switch formations. After two hours, their formations were no longer so stiff. They became flexible, capable of advancing or retreating, attacking or defending.

During this time, Tang Wan-er played a critical role. Her wind blades were in the air, and as soon as someone was in danger of dying, she would instantly go save them. There was no need for Long Chen or Guo Ran to interfere.

At the same time, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, and Li Qi were the pillars at the center of the formation. They controlled the direction of the formation. Right now, there was no other way as they had to help organize everyone. Only once everyone was accustomed to this could they continue being the sharp blades of the Dragonblood Legion. Right now, they had to stay in their sheaths.

As for Guo Ran, he was constantly giving out directions and orders. As he rapidly changed the formations, it revealed the growth of the Dragonblood Legion. With a goddess like Tang Wan-er guarding them, Long Chen ordered everyone to begin pushing forward.

The other five factions had already begun crazily slaughtering the devil beasts. At one point, Long Chen saw a flame beast running rampant through the devil beasts. There was a familiar person standing on its head.

“So he actually obtained another Earth Flame, and it seems quite powerful.” Long Chen was shocked.

“I heard he spent three million points to exchange for it. It seems to rank somewhere in the sixties on the Earth Flame Rankings. It's so powerful that it caused Que Xinyan’s power to rise even greater than it was before. You have to be careful of him, boss,” said Guo Ran.

“How could that idiot have so much money? Did he spend all his people’s points?” Long Chen was a bit flabbergasted.

The Flame Gate had over thirty thousand disciples. If all their points were gathered, it truly was possible to gather three million. But not everyone was as loyal as the Dragonmark warriors.

“I’ve heard that the Law Enforcement Hall helped him. They seemed to have lent him the points,” said Guo Ran.

Only then did Long Chen understand. He doubted that they had lent him the points. The Law Enforcement Hall had probably directly given them to him. As Que Xinyan had lost his Earth Flames because he had targeted him, they had given him compensation to avoid him being bitter with them.

Long Chen thought about it for a moment and summoned Huo Long. He stealthily gave it a few directions, having Huo Long as the vanguard for everyone as they continued forward.

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