Chapter 1056 Move Your Fists, Not Your Mouths

The inner sect disciples were gathered in the inner sect plaza. The six factions’ two hundred-some thousand disciples were all present.

Only the combat disciples were present. The support disciples and inheritance disciples were not amongst them.

After two months apart, the disciples all sensed immense changes in their fellows. They had all greatly improved during these two months in the Xuantian Dao Sect. Ignoring everything else, just the fact that they could enter the middle grade training grounds free of charge allowed them to profit immensely.

In comparison, the Dragonblood Legion’s side was lacking. Although the majority of people had advanced a level, the majority of them were stuck in the mid stage of Sea Expansion.

In terms of cultivation base, that was the bottom level amongst the six factions. Furthermore, they hadn’t gone to the training grounds, as they hadn’t had the time.

They had always been undergoing hellish training on Crouching Dragon Mountain. Although their auras weren’t very powerful, there was an icy, murderous aura present now that made them like sharp blades.

When Long Chen brought the Dragonblood Legion over, everyone looked at him. Hua Shiyu had a slightly complicated expression in her eyes. She had disliked all men in her life, but she didn’t find him so loathsome.

Beside her was Zhao Ziyan. It looked like she was enveloped in water, as if she was merged with the world.

She had clearly reached the realm of merging with heaven and earth. Hua Shiyu had spent an exorbitant sum to allow Zhao Ziyan to go through a baptism. Zhao Ziyan was no longer the old Zhao Ziyan. She now had the qualifications to be called an expert.

It wasn’t just Zhao Ziyan. Han Yunshan, Wei Changhai, and Yan Mochen had gone through the same kind of baptism and reached the realm of merging with heaven and earth. Only once they reached that realm did they truly understand just how weak they had been before.

Seeing Long Chen arrive, the three of them glared at him. Back then, Long Chen had caused them to lose a great deal of face.

“A big idiot leading a pack of small idiots. I’m looking forward to seeing how many of them die in the competition,” sneered Han Yunshan.

“Hopefully, they don’t whine and wail when the time comes. As fellow inner sect disciples, it’d be an insult to us.” Yan Mochen followed along.

“They caused their own destruction. When they exchanged their points for spirit stones, they wasted the best opportunity to raise their power. The leader is an idiot, implicating all the others. Can such a person even be called a commander?” Wei Changhai spat on the ground contemptuously.

The Dragonblood warriors were infuriated. They could tolerate it if others wanted to insult them, but as soon as someone insulted Long Chen, their killing intent soared.

Even the icy Wang Zhen frowned slightly upon hearing this. These words were going too far.

“Kill him!”

The Dragonmark warriors weren’t able to stay as cool-headed as the Dragonblood warriors. Their fury instantly erupted and they had to be stopped by Guo Ran.

Long Chen had already slowly walked forward to Wei Changhai. Seeing Long Chen approach him, Wei Changhai could feel his heart pounding, and he involuntarily retreated a few steps.

But then he quickly realized he was no longer his old self. He was also a heavenly genius who had merged with heaven and earth. Why did he have to be afraid of him?

Then thinking of how he had been involuntarily retreating in front of everyone, he felt embarrassed. Therefore, he advanced forward with a disdainful expression.

Fan Song, Hu Guishan, and Que Xinyan simply watched, waiting to see Long Chen being humiliated. This was their mission, as well as something they were happy to do.

“What? Did you want to say something? Are you not precisely garbage?” sneered Wei Changhai.

But what startled people was that Long Chen had no intention of opening his mouth. He merely raised a single hand.


In front of everyone’s flabbergasted eyes, Long Chen’s palm struck Wei Changhai’s face with great power. As for Wei Changhai, he seemed like an idiot. He didn’t even try to dodge or resist, and simply allowed Long Chen’s slap to send him flying.

It wasn’t that Wei Changhai hadn’t wanted to dodge. The truth was that as soon as he had wanted to dodge, he suddenly realized this slap sealed off all possible paths of retreat.

Long Chen’s slap had reached such a realm that it caused a misperception. It looked slow, but it actually was as quick as lightning. By the time he reacted, he had been cleanly struck.

Just as Wei Changhai had been mocking Long Chen, he was sent flying, his teeth sparkling through the air as they tumbled to the ground.

“Do you see? Learn from our boss. If you can move your fists, don’t move your mouths. You’re men who can stand while pissing, not- cough, cough.” Guo ran had just been in the midst of lecturing the Dragonmark warriors when he suddenly felt an icy gaze like two blades. He immediately became covered in sweat.

“Not… not… Not everything is worth worrying about. All you have to do is listen to boss and everything will be fine.” Guo Ran hastily changed what he was about to say, and only then did the feeling of two blades pressing against his back fade.

Only now did he dare to turn around and stealthily glance at the distant Hua Shiyu. She was glaring at him, the warning in her eyes clear.

“Long Chen, you’re asking for it!”

Long Chen’s slap was like poking the hornet’s nest. Hu Guishan, Fan Song, and Que Xinyan immediately roared and charged over, surrounding him.

Blooddrinker was already resting on Long Chen’s shoulder, and his divine ring appeared. Killing intent overflowed from his eyes. “You should go cultivate for a few more lifetimes if you want to humiliate me. I don’t care what illness you have, if you don’t submit, let’s fight!”

“Submit, or fight! Kill them!” The Dragonblood Legion also charged over, all the disciples taking out their weapons. Everyone else became flabbergasted. Was this the inner sect competition, or the inner sect war?

“I really admire you all. You’re still so bored as to fight.”

A cold shout suddenly rang out, startling everyone. Looking up, they saw a long-haired man standing in the air.

He was wearing battle robes covered in blood. He had dozens of cuts on his body where blood still continued to drip from.

“Senior apprentice-brother Su Mo?”

Everyone jumped in shock. This was the senior disciple Su Mo who had led them to the inner sect trial in the first place.

Although he was covered in blood, his aura was still steady and his expression was as cold as ever. But looking at their current state, a slightly helpless expression appeared on his face.

“I’m pressed for time. After I take you to your trial, I still have to return to the battlefield. Don’t waste my time and prepare yourselves,” ordered Su Mo coldly.

“Senior apprentice-brother Su Mo, it was Long Chen who went too far. He beat an innocent person, breaking the sect’s rules. He should lose his qualifications to participate in the competition!” said Hu Guishan.

Seeing Su Mo look at him, Long Chen indifferently said, “There was someone who dirtied the plaza with their shit. What I was doing was protecting the sect’s cleanliness.”

“Bullshit, who was taking a shit?!” roared Wei Changhai furiously.

But after saying this, he suddenly saw many people looking oddly at him. It seemed that when he had provoked Long Chen before, he had spat on the ground.

“I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense. This kind of trivial matter can be left to the law enforcers. Return to your factions. I’m going to explain the rules, and if anyone dares to interrupt again, they can fuck off,” said Su Mo slightly angrily.

Only then did everyone return to their factions. Although Su Mo was just a disciple from the senior generation, and his cultivation base was only one realm higher than theirs, his killing intent was too frightening.

He seemed like a murderous devil. It was unknown when he would start taking people’s lives. Facing Su Mo gave them more pressure than facing Elders.

Su Mo announced, “Listen closely. The competition is basically the same as your previous trial, but the number of devil beasts has doubled. I don’t need to explain what you need to do. However, this time, there is no finish line, but a time limit.

“What you are competing in is the number of devil beasts you kill. That will determine the ranking of your faction.

“First place will obtain five million points. The commander will be allowed to use a top grade training room for ten days, while the faction members will be allowed to use a high grade training room for ten days free of charge.

“Second place will obtain three million points. The commander will be allowed to use a top grade training room for five days, while the faction members will be allowed to use a high grade training room for five days free of charge.

“Third place will obtain two million points. The commander will be allowed to use a top grade training room for three days, while the faction members will be allowed to use a high grade training room for three days free of charge.

“Fourth place will obtain one million points. The commander will be allowed to use a top grade training room for two days, while the faction members will be allowed to use a high grade training room for two days free of charge.

“Fifth place will obtain five hundred thousand points. The commander will be allowed to use a top grade training room for one day, while the faction members will be allowed to use a high grade training room for one day free of charge. Last place does not get any reward.”

Everyone’s heart shook. The difference between first and second place was so immense. Was that intentional? Did they want them to go all-out fighting for it?

As for last place, there was no reward. This competition would determine life and death. Once the results of this competition were out. The difference between first and last place would be as great as heaven and earth.

“Distribute these bracelets. While you wear them, the devil beasts you kill will be recorded, and it will be easy to calculate your total points.” Su Mo tossed a spatial ring at Long Chen and the others. They were refined bracelets similar to arm guards inside. Currently, they all had one number on them: zero. It was clear it would only change once they killed a devil beast.

Once everyone put them on, Su Mo waved his hand. Runes lit up on the bricks beneath everyone’s feet, and they felt the space twist. They were transported to a dark and gloomy world.

As soon as their feet touched the ground, an ear-splitting roar rang out and countless devil beasts charged toward them like a flood.

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